Political Ponerology, the STUDY OF EVIL: Examples, plus Pushback

This morning, while on our walk, puppy Shadow and I ran into an acquaintance, a woman of crone age who, I thought, until the planscamdemic infected her mind, that she was sufficiently contrarian to withstand the MSM propaganda blitz. Wrong.

Foolishly, I asked her if she wanted to come back to our Community Dinners, which we have held now for three weeks, with, BTW, some of us vaccinated and some not, and NOBODY wearing masks or social distancing.

She immediately replied, “Are you vaxxed?” Taken aback (she is the first person who has actually dared to ask that question), I replied, “I don’t talk about that.” “Well then,” she said knowingly, smirking, “I’ll keep my distance.” In other words NO, she doesn’t want to come back.

On the way back home, my mind kept running another scenario, a way I could have responded, had I not been taken by surprise: ARE YOU KIDDING ME? YOU MEAN YOU ARE STILL FULL OF FEAR? DON’T YOU REALIZE THAT FEAR ITSELF DESTROYS THE IMMUNE SYSTEM?

Next time it happens, I’ll be ready.

All of which puts me in mind of political ponerology.

Here’s how this website introduces psychopaths in the context of political ponerology.

Note especially the last sentence: “The acts that we call evil (especially on a macrosocial level) can be traced back to this deviant minority of human beings and the effects of their actions on their family, friends, and society.”


I’m still stunned by how insidiously this absurdist CV drama has corrupted the collective unconscious of humanity to the point where every single day, those of us who aim for truth and to keep our frequency high must deal with blue pilled zingers coming from any direction.

Aside from the web of lies that (truthfully) links Covid Con to the Election Scam as one overarching deep state operation, here are two more examples of political ponerology. The first is likely to have occurred to anybody who reads this blog as the primary exemplars of psychopathology: the Clintons and the increasingly long body count that follows them. Here’s the latest, from just two days ago.

Check out this comprehensive compendium of a website which, to my amazement, has still not been taken down, although the videos are gone.


Next, a relatively recent example of political ponerology, what’s now become so familiar we just call it “CRT.” This abomination is a transmogrification of the leftist Marxist doctrine of class warfare, with race as the basis of class. No wonder it seems to have started in universities! And of course, continues there . . .

By this time CRT is even infecting  the U.S. Military.

What Critical Race Theory Is Really About


In any case, here’s the effect of this indoctrination on our kids.

No wonder American Moms are activating.

No wonder states are following the lead of American Moms.

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3 Responses to Political Ponerology, the STUDY OF EVIL: Examples, plus Pushback

  1. Rich Buckley says:

    I’m always cross checking original thinking. So when I read you, read Penny Kelly, read Clif High, and others, and it’s original work, I tend to assign higher importance to it.

    Penny just posted The Big Picture on June 13th, Part 2 of 3 which doesn’t leave much out as it relates to the study of evil, https://youtu.be/NcHjbjP3j3c

    It seems to hold high correlation with a lot of trusted sources including your original work.

  2. Tony says:

    “Political Ponerology” is probably one of the most important books ever written. It’s a hard read, but it perfectly describes what happens to societies that become taken over by psychopaths. Guess who was instrumental in getting that book published? Laura Knight-Jadczyck of “Cassiopaea” fame. She is also the best source I have ever found for alien information.

    Are you ready for the “big reveal”? I’ll send you an e-mail if you are. I doubt I’ll be allowed to share it here.

    It is interesting how the real dedicated researchers always seem to eventually end up in the same place though, isn’t it?!

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