Pointings: Whistleblower news and reflections, 6/28/13: history, stuxnet and the general, Army bans the guardian, honesty now forbidden and snitching encouraged, and more, much more —

???????????????????????????????????????Whenever the news gets too overwhelming, I’m tempted to just point out a few directions that we might want to focus our attention. It’s gotten that way with the whistleblower mania. However, note that on Wednesday, June 27th, massive Jupiter transited out of its year-long focus on info-junkie Gemini to begin its once-every-twelve-years sojourn through home-loving Cancer. Not sure how that will play out during its yearlong saga through this emotional, sensitive, security-oriented, caring, tribal, but often myopic sign. We’ll see! And take note that the U.S.A. itself was born, on July 4th, as a Cancer nation. BTW: on 9/11/01, Jupiter was at 11° of Cancer at, or very near the 13° Cancer Sun of this nation. That may help us understand the endlessly-reverberating trauma this singular event inflicted on this cancer nation.

For a bit of whistleblower history, read:

The leading whistleblower of all time: Philip Agee

Regarding today’s news of an inquiry into James Cartwright for the stuxnet leak, Stephen cook, at goldenageofgaia, wonders whether Cartwright is one of the good guys working inside NSA to bring down the cabal, as claimed in June’s Mathew Ward channelling.

Former US general James Cartwright named in Stuxnet leak inquiry

Wow, if you work for the government, you’re supposed to snitch on each other. What’s more, Army personnel are not supposed to discover what’s going on “out there.”

U.S. Army restricts access to guardian website over secrets in NSA leak stories

One reflection on how the expanding National Security State subverts ethics:

Shaping Us into Robots: Honesty Now beyond the Range of Acceptable Human Behavior

A New York Times Opinion piece, today:

The Criminal NSA

This editorial concludes:

“We may never know all the details of the mass surveillance programs, but we know this: The administration has justified them through abuse of language, intentional evasion of statutory protections, secret, unreviewable investigative procedures and constitutional arguments that make a mockery of the government’s professed concern with protecting Americans’ privacy. It’s time to call the N.S.A.’s mass surveillance programs what they are: criminal.”

Literally anything that Jon Rappoport writes these days is worth paying attention to. He seems to have his experienced investigative fingers directly on the gushing pulse of the entire gunky atmospheric miasmic matrix that we currently exist within. Go directly to his blog and do not pass go.


I’ll end with this hopeful note, an interesting meditation on how to become like water, and literally wash through the walls we have collectively constructed to keep us “safe” — to keep us in, imprison us.

All in All, We’re Cracking the Wall

It concludes:

“What is the hardest thing you’ve ever done? For me, it was to look at myself truthfully, see who I really am behind the persona, and change. Become a better person. Change my disdainful sentiments, see others as equally as human as myself, and strive to become the three graces that we yearn for others to extend to us: tenderness, generosity and respect.

“Another very hard thing to do is to understand that the disintegrating world we now live in looks suspiciously like a taste of our own collective medicine. Note: everything is spiritual, including medicine.

“Now imagine millions of people doing the hardest thing they’ve ever done… change themselves. This is an epic resistance to programming and conditioning. Will it have an effect on global consciousness? The people are global consciousness… so of course.

“Having reached this point, what does my creative intelligence tell me? The rock wall will open up fully one of these days, and those who have become like water will flow into the river. This is the renewal… the change of the ages.”

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