Pointings for April 19, 2012

Today’s favored pieces seem to occupy three slots, which I have duly noted.


truthout.org: The Federal Reserve Turns Left (William Greider)

I haven’t read this whole essay yet, but even the title is unusual, in that William Greider is a long-time critic of the Fed, and wrote the book, Secrets of the Temple How the Federal Reserve Runs the Country, a huge tome that I tried to absorb about two decades ago, and failed. I simply couldn’t grasp the essential fact that “the fed” is actually a private bank; nor that what we call “money” is simply clicked into existence as a “loan” instantly and with interest owed, which institutionalizes both scarcity and the need for constant increase in the money supply to cover ever increasing debt. (Plus, as we see now, it keeps funneling money from the bottom of the pyramid to the top until finally, the whole structure implodes.) I couldn’t grasp it because I couldn’t wrap my mind around the fundamental reality of fiat money and who “owns” it, thinking, foolishly, that most people have both their own and others’ best interests at heart.

• truthout.org: How the Vampire Squid Just Captured Europe (Ellen Brown)

Haven’t read this yet either, though I know that anything by Ellen Brown (who champions both state bank s and the economic conversion of the military into sustainability projects) is bound to be worth a close read. Today’s homework.

• common dreams.org: Jayati Ghosh on capitalism since the financial crisis – the Guardian

A two minute video that purports to capture the current mood among the mucky-mucks. “There’s a wide nervousness in the capitalist system.”


•jhaines6.wordpress.com: Digging into China’s Nuclear Tunnels This is the Older Article referenced in John Kettler’s Recent Post

John Kettler’s recent post: ETs/EDs Raid Chinese Nuclear Forces–Take 1000 Missiles! So, I want to ask, and how many miles of tunnels do WE have, if the Chinese have 3000. See this. And wouldn’t you know, here’s one on this subject from yesterday:

• theintelhub.com: Where are all the deep underground military bases

Turns out, even Camp David has an underground maze right next door to it. And maybe that’s where NATO will meet, since it decided to forsake Chicago for Camp David.

• portal2012.blogspot.ca: Origin of the Resistance Movement

The resistance movement (to the cabal) spoken of by Drake and others was supposedly born in the underground subway tunnel maze of New York City!


• beforeitsnews.com: Real Estate Investor Sentenced to 97 Months for His Leadership Role in Mortgage Fraud Conspiracy

My question here: Is this the beginning or the end? Is this guy going to take the fall for all the others, or are we finally heading into that long-awaited tsunami of social and economic justice. Remember how Bernie Madoff took the fall for his personal ponzi scheme, which, we now realize, was a fractal for the global money system as a whole? It’s one gigantic ponzi scheme, or, as Paul Hellyer stated in his address to the 2012 UFO Congress: “The world financial system is a total fraud.”

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