Pointings for April 30, 2012

Ontological/Epistemological Note: I just foolishly wasted my precious time on a a 14-minute Obama talk at this year’s White House Correspondence dinner, where sycophants lick the boots of other sycophants, and whoever’s in charge is either not there or in disguise. And besides, as Terence McKenna put it: “Nobody understands what is happening. Nobody.”

Obama did make one memorable remark. In fact, it rivals Rumsfeld’s infamous “known unknowns and unknown unknowns.” Here it is: “Unbelievable. Not even a mind reader knew what they were thinking.”

Okay, once again, Pointings, after a busy weekend. Trying to “get” and “keep” “on top of it all.” Hilarious! That I still have this kind of programming hard-wired into me while free-falling through an infinite self-organizing universe laughing at all its little cells (like me) who pretend to be more than they are: cells! Itsy bitsy forms circulating temporarily in concert with other itsy bits cells to form some kind of living organ in some kind of an undulating organism that none of its parts understand as a whole! Reminds me of a fascinating post by American Kabuki recently, with a great phrase about the attitude of “holding abstract concepts like they are precious little children when they are not children they are only abstract concepts.” YES!

And one more, this from an extraordinary book that deserves my slow read, John Lamb Nash’s Not in His Image: Gnostic Vision, Sacred Ecology and the Future of Belief, p. 86: “Unless there is psychic immunity (internal force for resistance), the individual will adapt to the stress of collective imagination. It will become what it believes and forget what it knows.”

Let go of the mind, and the universe rushes through.

Okay, here goes, in just three categories, to further my pretension that things can be counted, categorized and controlled.


• zerohedge.com: Robert Wenzel’s ‘David’ Speech Crushes Federal Reserve’s ‘Goliath’ Dream

While don’t pretend to understand this speech, I sure do get the feeling tone in it. It’s still “all about money,” however, and at least in my own small life, we are busy initiating an alternative local economy based on gifting rather than exchange. Last night’s bi-weekly Potluck and Gift Circle was full to bursting. Eighteen people in my living room. We’re about to split into two groups.

• postcarbon.org: Local Dollars, Local Sense: The Hidden Power of Cooperatives

This is a long and informative article about all the ways that, insofar as we do continue to work within the money economy, we can structure its use so that it becomes both deeply democratic and locally driven and controlled. Don’t just “move your money” into credit unions. Check out relevant coops in your area and join them! You’ll be glad you did. You’ll be among friends.

• www.truthdig.com: A History of the World, BRIC by BRIC

Power politics and energy wars and currency wars are moving “messily” and “helter skelter” from a (short-lived, “hyper power”) unipolar to a multipolar world, with all bets off as to how it will come about, and despite stubborn corporate military insistence on “Full Spectrum Dominance” (of the whole world) for “U.S. Security.”


I don’t put up much about health and disease as a topic, since I’m so very far in “left field” compared to most people that I hardly know where to begin to try to either describe the difference or bridge the divide. All I know is my view of health and the body has helped me immensely in negotiating life in this 3D world of late-stage corporatized capitalism. Indeed, the only time I had health insurance was for three weeks, when I rafted down the Grand Canyon (health insurance required for a permit). Now I’ve got medicare, which I stay clear of as much as possible. And above all, no pharmaceuticals!

Instead, for the past 40 years I’ve paid full attention to my body as not only the temple of the soul, but as a primary focus, what I must lovingly attend to every single day via nutrition and exercise and spiritual practices, prior to anything else. I never say “I don’t have time” for this focus on what I call “physical culture,” for I know that only to the extent that my body remains strong and viable, will my mind and spirit be able to offer this little self in service to the whole.

Moreover, since my own near death experience in my 20s, I’ve recognized “dis-ease” as imbalance or blockage that begins in the spiritual realm which then, if not attended to, progressively concretizes down into the material realm. This means that physical symptoms are actually symbols — what the body is trying to tell me about what’s going on with my mind and spirit.

I offer here a contrast between two approaches: the first, a video, very much resonates with my own approach; the second, an anguished set of notes by Ran Prieur and his friends on the whole subject of health care, how much it costs and how it tends to make one a slave to the system.

• Martin Brofman, Ph.D., The Point of Power (video)


• ranprieur.com: his notes April 25th through April 27th.


• huffpost.com: Noam Chomsky: May Day

Chomsky, ever the wise elder, speaks about May Day, that’s tomorrow! — the day that Occupy has targeted for a nationwide strike, his words both guiding and, subtly, warning:

“If you’re a serious revolutionary, then you are not looking for an autocratic revolution, but a popular one which will move towards freedom and democracy. That can take place only if a mass of the population is implementing it, carrying it out, and solving problems. They’re not going to undertake that commitment, understandably, unless they have discovered for themselves that there are limits to reform.

“A sensible revolutionary will try to push reform to the limits, for two good reasons. First, because the reforms can be valuable in themselves. People should have an eight-hour day rather than a twelve-hour day. And in general, we should want to act in accord with decent ethical values.

“Secondly, on strategic grounds, you have to show that there are limits to reform. Perhaps sometimes the system will accommodate to needed reforms. If so, well and good. But if it won’t, then new questions arise. Perhaps that is a moment when resistance is necessary, steps to overcome the barriers to justified changes. Perhaps the time has come to resort to coercive measures in defense of rights and justice, a form of self-defense. Unless the general population recognizes such measures to be a form of self-defense, they’re not going to take part in them, at least they shouldn’t.”

• For May Day schedule in New York, see: blog.alexanderhiggins.com:

And for the good news, here’s some!

• thedailybeast.com: Occupy Wall Street has Seized Control of This Year’s Political Debate

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