Pointings for April 17, 2012

Setting the scene: Each morning, before I get up, I look at the internet on my iPhone. Then, while eating breakfast with puppy Shadow on my lap, I do the same thing with my iPad. What “sticks out” for today? That takes an hour or two. Then we go for our three-mile walk. Then I settle down to post to this exopermaculture blog. This takes another two or three hours, with time out for lunch. Then I do errands. Then, this time of year, I go into the garden.

Meanwhile, three times a day, morning, noon and night, I do of sections of my yoga/chikung/taichi practice. I haven’t always been so disciplined. Glad I sowed wild oats when young.

Now, in my 70th year, my routines help ground me, wedge my expanding multidimensional self into this beautiful earth so that I continuously move back into balance, no matter how far up, or down, or in, or out, I have traveled.

Here’s what stuck out for me this morning.

• veterans today.org: Exclusive, confirmed: American UFO over Korea

This story reverberates in lots of different directions. For one thing, from reading other stories of his, I realize that author Gordon Duff thinks all ETs, if they exist, are predatory. For another, this story is about UFOs, both fakes and real, and he claims that the one over Korea was real, and that it is ours. I.e., this may be a first confirmation of the black ops technologies that have been draining our resources since World War II. Some claim that we got these technologies from ETs. I don’t know if Duff believes that. But: it may also be that this “UFO” story is a cover for a real one, namely that ETs did take out that Korean missile, as some channels claim, as does John Kettler. One way to keep us confused and destabilized is to continue to muddy the waters. If so, this kind of story would be one way to deflect us from realizing how ET has been systematically removing our capacity to continue to make war.

• newyorktimes: A Sharp Rise in Retractions Prompts Calls for Reform

When I think how universities have been corporatized, and research grants awarded to scientists and professors and graduate students who go along with especially the ever-more profitable, lethal and precise war technologies not to mention the ever-more profitable, poisonous and sometimes lethal pharmaceuticals and agribusiness technologies, it seems obvious that ethical standards at scientific journals, as reported here, would, inevitably erode. One possible upside to this: the downgrading of scientism as a religion.

• huffpost.com: University Of Colorado, Boulder Plans Crackdown On 4/20 Campus Weed Party

I find this hilarious. Wish I could be there. Wish we would do such an annual event here. A great cause for Occupy. Pot, and hemp, symbolize all that is right about those who seek to blow open their minds open. I remember the first time I smoked it, and “got high,” back in 1969. I was astonished. I had been sitting at the kitchen table with another graduate student studying for Ph.D. comprehensive exams. He had brought some weed. I decided to try it. It was early afternoon. We were studying Leibniz and Spinoza, and having trouble groking what they were saying. I got up to put another load of diapers in the washing machine. Moving in slow motion, I found myself floating through space like it was water. What! Ommigod! It came flooding through me: philosophy is the study of space and time. Real philosophers are trying to articulate their actual living experience of space and time.

• yesmagazine.org: UN Embraces the Economics of Happiness

“Leaders from around the world want well-being—not gross national product—to guide our economic decisions.” Wow! Am I stoned? Are they? Haven’t actually read this article yet. It’s almost too good to be true. . . And maybe it is! Hmmm . . . could “they” use this kind of idea to force everyone onto prozac?

• David Icke and Alex Jones, et al: The Lunatics have Taken Over the Asylum

I love Alex Jones mocking humor here. And Icke asks a remarkably elemental question: “Why are we competing with each other?” I mean, duh!

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  1. Pamela says:

    Keep ’em comin’, Ann. Love the new direction!

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