Playing catchup with current astrology — plus Prince!

While I dearly love posting on this blog, I’m also drawn outside into spring green, and especially, to the massive springtime projects heaving into view. Plus, it appears that I have been nudged (in the ethers) to spark a sort of revolution locally here; that remains to be seen. Details way in the distance. Stay tuned.

I did want to weigh in on all the astrological indications during this time, including the fact that, while I was in Virginia last week, basically in bliss, dancing and singing with others to sacred phrases from the world’s religions, Mars and Pluto both turned to go retrograde. Pluto spends about half of each year retrograde, but Mars backs up over old territory only every couple of years. Each time, I breathe a sigh of relief; well, maybe, hopefully, at least during Mars retrograde period (until the end of July 2016) the U.S./NATO empire will not spark another devastating war. But who knows? They’ve got to do something to flog their dying economies into yet more (military) “growth.” Or maybe it’ll be the Zika mosquito, or more manchurian candidate shootings, some kind of false flag — anything, anything to keep up the distracted fear mongering. Even so, did you see that only 6% of American public now trust the media?

Mars and Pluto join Saturn and Jupiter in this “back up” operation, covering old ground, hopefully gaining new insights before turning to go direct. Jupiter will be the first to go direct, on May 9. So save your expansion plans for after that.

But what I mainly wanted to focus on here is the is the very interesting mutable T-cross formation April through June of this year, involving Jupiter at 13° Virgo, Neptune at 11° Pisces, Saturn at 15° Sagittarius (with Mars nearby) Here’s the full chart:

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 11.45.57 AM

This is definitely a time when we should expect the forces of deception (Jupiter/Neptune) to be working overtime, sternly countered by truth-telling (Saturn). BOTH. Plus, it is a time when we can put our vision and imagination into high play (Neptune), start to fill in details (Jupiter), and outline the principles that underlie what we intend (Saturn) and thereby set in motion for the future.

Meanwhile, notice that both Mars and the Moon are involved with Saturn.

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 12.13.56 PM

Mars didn’t get all the way to the T-cross before turning to go retrograde, however it’s close enough to Saturn to be lending its fierce energy to truthtellers of all kinds. The Moon however, is going forwards, as usual, having just moved into Sagittarius, and will move through the T-cross zone tomorrow, April 25, lending its brief emotional energy to that same business of truthtelling.

One other aspect pattern draws my attention, and that is the extremely volatile Venus/Eris/Uranus conjunction in Aries, square Pluto.

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 12.48.29 PM

More of the same, in terms of Uranus freedom versus Pluto plutocracy, set on Eris edge with the death of Prince which once again, demonstrates what happens when a famous entertainer steps on the toes of the cabal. Murdered? And on the Queen’s 90th birthday? Yes, the timing does smack of sacrifice.

And as to how Prince’s style ramified into the culture, check this out!

By the way, does Prince’s symbol remind YOU of a combination of Venus and Eris?



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