“PizzaGate,” and the need to excavate the rot infecting civilization

I have been aware of the pedophiliac, murdering, Satanic ghastliness at the heart of deep state false power for many years, starting with my reading of Trance Formation of America. At the time I didn’t believe Kathy O’Brien’s account. Even so, I couldn’t put it down. I then discovered Fred Burks site, wanttoknow.info, and his massive section on Mind Control, which gave context to Kathy’s account of her own young life as a mind control slave trafficked to the halls of power. Then of course, there’s courageous David Icke, who has been determined to speak of the unspeakable for decades.

As I grew more and more used to the idea that this evil at the heart of civilization was actually not only possible, but real, it became more and more obvious that, since it prescribes behaviors and attitudes that are utterly at variance with the way most people think and behave, then it could be used to blackmail anyone who had been invited to parties where drugs and children were served.

As I told the young people I live with a few days ago, it’s not just Catholic priests and basketball coaches, and Jimmy Savile in Britain. It’s everywhere, this massive infection that poisons the waters of human feelings.

Of course my young, wonderful, idealistic housemates don’t want to believe me. Who does? I don’t either. But unless we stand unflinching to face what appears more and more to be the disgustingly unfortunate truth about the malignancy that has infected the world soul, we have little or no chance of eliminating it.

So now we have “Pizzagate,” stemming from the strange contents of some of the Podesta emails. This alt-news thread runs alongside the high principles exhibited at Standing Rock, as if in parallel tracks. We simultaneously inhabit two very different worlds, one of which thrillingly calls us to our highest selves, and the other which threatens to do us in if we continue to look the other way.  Are we going to persist in our blindness to the horror, “Eyes wide Shut”? Or will we finally wake up. The jury is out.

Was the Pizzagate almost shooting a deep state false flag? If not, it sure was conveniently used to demonize alt-media and “fake news” 

Activist Angel interview with the author of the above post, Juachim Hagopian.


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5 Responses to “PizzaGate,” and the need to excavate the rot infecting civilization

  1. re Ms. O’Brian’s fantasy


    (don’t feed the Amazon Beast, for pity’s sake –in the name of “Freedom”?)

    i believe i’d recommend a close shave with Fr. Occam’s razor –there are so many other, simpler ways to explain what we’re seeing projected on the Big Screen.

    to answer your good question, ” Are we going to persist in our blindness to the horror, ‘Eyes wide Shut’? Or will we finally wake up?”

    i’d say that ignorance/”blindness” is the Default position for human beinks –doesn’t excuse it, but does explain it.

    The Trumpster is the Mother Kali of us pampered ‘Mericans (living in “The Greatest Country in the *History* of the World”).

    we owe him a great debt of gratitude, performing the Service of stripping away at least the top layer of our Illusions, with his Tweeting swords.

    Painful as that process is, in practice (the whole point: Cut Away those Attachments).


    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Have you read O’Brien’s book? Have you read another ms, Brice Taylor’s Thanks for the Memories? (I have that here as a printout, if you wish to borrow.) Have you absorbed Fred Burk’s wanttoknow.info’s Mind Control section? How about doing that before getting out the razor and casually labeling Miss O’Brien’s chronicle of her life “fantasy.”

  2. alex simack says:

    Hi Ann,

    I’ve experienced a number of the intellectuals over at NewCafe using that occam razor bs on me over the years. People do love to stay in their minds and not listen to their gut. It can’t possibly be true because it can’t possibly be true!

    Thanks for continuing the cause.

  3. hi Ann,

    no, i’ve only downloaded the O’Brian…uh… whatever from the Ruskie pirate site

    not read, marked, learned, and inwardly digested it.

    i certainly wouldn’t buy it from Jeff Bezos’ civilization-wrecking site (though, if i were a True Believer, i would definitely make a direct contribution to the O’Brian-Phillips consortium, thereby eliminating a rather Odious middleman),

    in 25+ years in the book bidness (about half a million books perused) i taught myself to form a rather sound opinion of a new book rather quickly –sometimes mistakenly, to be sure, but more often than not pretty much correctly.

    i’m not one to judge a book by its cover (would this one pass??), or by its catchy title, or by its marginally pretentious publisher (“Reality Marketing Inc.” –gimmea Brake), but rather tend to make a judgement based on evident factoids (with as little trust in my “gut” as i can muster).

    i find that the world is too full of Extraneous Noise to not keep *some* kind of razor at hand, ready for judicious application whenever one’s “gut” tends to lead one into the Ditch of irrational, hairy excess.

    the basic premise of Brother Occum’s lex parsimoniae, as i understand it (imperfectly, to be sure, as just a middevilist, not a Philosophical Ph.D.) is simply that “Among competing hypotheses, the one with the fewest assumptions should be selected.”

    sounds good enough to me, as a Working Hypothesis –a bit short on “gut” perhaps, but what is a vote for The Trumpster, if not a “gut” reaction?

    and look where that Shit got us.

    “guts” can get one in a *lot* more trouble than even excessive “intellectualism” (though i’m certainly no kneejerk fan of the unalloyed latter).

    Ms. Obrian’s “well documented autobiography” (where? by whom? don’t ask –trust your gut and grow a beard) seems to me to be the story of a rather disturbed young woman who’s been dealt a somewhat difficult hand by Life, and i truly wish her well in her healing process.

    being Traumatized by Hitchcock’s “The Birds” at an early age –to say nothing of Disney’s “Cinderella” and Merle Haggard, all at the same time– cannot have been very pleasant.

    i’m certainly not a Fan of the CIA, and nothing (much) that could be said about that nefarious (“satanic” is a pretty good word for it) organization is really _a priori_ beyond belief.

    but *why* engage in delusional fantasy?

    Reality is scary enough, just as it is.

    so, i think that i’ll leave off for now on the waddayano.info rabbit hole, and content myself with the wry humor of the really, really Bad Art on one of those Pizzagate Paranoia sites you turned me on to.

    how can you find Reality –Real Reality– so boring that you feel the need to enhance it?

    that’s a bit like preferring pornography to, you know, the Real Thing.


  4. rose day says:

    Human-Trafficking as it Relates to Public Officials

    At one point in time, this site considered a series of articles on human trafficking and it was decided that research would key in on historical aspects, focusing specifically on officially sanctioned use of children for religious rites and political/economic advantage, a paradigm that has been in place for millennia…one need look no further than the Old Testament.
    Thousands of years ago the offering of Innocents in ritual supplication to the gods was practiced by those in power and citizens were encouraged to provide the necessary Innocents in supplication to deities of the time with renumeration and step-up in social standing acting as additional incentives.
    The paradigm has morphed throughout the ages to the extent that those in contol of human-trafficking are now essentially able to literally kidnap off the street for slave-labor and sex-trafficking. Ritual practices that require infants are another matter entirely in terms of access and how this access is presently facilitated cannot be credibly vetted.
    Research on human trafficking can go only so far before one hits massive stone walls and virtual labyrinths that ultimately hit yet additional stone walls. The inablity to adequately assess the subject ends up being a primary factor in decisions to ultimately table the issue.
    Fast forward to present-day allegations of child-trafficking implicating public officials…
    In reviewing recent information regarding public officials’ alleged ties to human-trafficking and child molestation, the tenor of a purported off-the-record comment by an NYPD source rang true!… information on the subject is absolutely horrendous.

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