PHOTOS, Weekly Community Dinner: Lava lamps and bed swap


Newly moved-out, but still our treasured podmate Katarina headed up yesterday evening’s regular Thursday Community Get Together, with the announcement that the theme would be “Breakfast at Dinner” — wine substituting for grape juice . . .



For my part in the festivities, I spent part of the afternoon at the hardware store figuring out which light bulbs fit each of the two long-unused lava lamps I had unearthed while cleaning the basement. Then, when I set them up, Michaele asked if we wanted a third lava lamp, ‘cuz she wanted to give hers to us! YES! And it already had a working light.


The evening’s leisurely conversation ended abruptly about 9:30 when I asked Leah if she would like to trade out her single bed for the queen bed Katarina had been sleeping on. YES! The usual synchronicity: “I had just been thinking that it was about time I had a bed other than the one I slept on my entire childhood!” GOOD! A win-win, since that queen bed was way too big for the small room Katarina occupied.

Instantly, we shifted from casual play mode to concentrated, cooperative “work”: the fast-paced removal and transfer from one house to the other of two bed frames, box springs, and mattresses. Here’s what Katarina’s old room looks like now. It awaits its future occupant.


We seek someone who willing and eager to join us in our (newly renamed) Green Acres Permaculture Village — with all that implies! (Including, but not restricted to, urban farming.)


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