PHOTOS: “My Beloved Little Girl” morphed into something other . . .

I returned late last night from a three day workshop in Elgin Illinois, painting “My Beloved Little Girl” with eight other women, all but one at or approaching crone age. I was fortunate to be able to sit in a screened porch that wrapped around an enormous ancient tree outside in the yard.


13331060_10208395809006286_3040371382771644903_n13312642_10208149087139388_3360804430052972472_nEnded up with something unexpected — of course! Cosmic Ann, perhaps. Just eyes, surveying/immersed in the multiverse.

IMG_3403 IMG_3408 IMG_3406 IMG_3404

IMG_3407IMG_3410The teacher, Michal Shimoni, is a lovely, deeply empathic Israeli woman. This is the first workshop of its kind that she has done with adult women. However, she has been doing these workshops for 12-year-old Israeli children, asking them, like she asked us, to find and portray the wisdom of the inner child from a photograph. That she lives in the Mideast, and works continuously to create islands of peace in war zones, feels deeply significant to me.

I will write up a fuller blogpost on this event for the Baby Picture Project.

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