Photo essay: Two weeks in early 2012

During late January and early February, it had been warm for so many weeks that the crocuses started to come out.

Then I flew to Phoenix, and the 2012 International UFO Congress at a resort outside Scottsdale, for five days. See this and this, and much more in the coming weeks.

Three days after returning home, I participated in a weekend Sufi retreat with Murshid Wali Ali in Indianapolis. One squirrel just outside loved our dancing and singing . . .

That same weekend 39 people were killed in midwest tornadoes . . . the nearest to Bloomington was 80 miles away.

Then, Sunday night, after I returned home, late season snow! So Shadow and I took off for Lake Monroe again, as is our tendency whenever snow falls. (It’s easier to see Shadow against a backdrop of white when I let him off-leash.)

While out walking a woman called me on the same iPhone which took these pictures. An old friend who still lives in Idaho. She tells me her whole self is on fire. “Annie, Annie, how can I contain this energy?”

Yes, yes, how can we contain the increasing brilliance and beauty that breaks our hearts open into the Love that fuels the universe?

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