Personal Speculation as to WW Military Operations

I keep getting this feeling that there’s an enormous military operation going on right now, all over the world. That many nations’ militaries are participating. That the goal is to bring down the Deep State once and for all, that long-lived evil apparatus which has been utilizing children, both living and dead, their minds, bodies and blood, as currency for decades, if not centuries.

I just searched on duck duck go, “Is Ever Given still anchored in Bitter Lake?” And the answer is yes, as of press time this website, today.

Now we know: the Ever Given was deliberately steered into the side of the canal, grounding it for six full days. Either the captain was in on it, or the controls were taken from him. I hear the captain is not cooperating, and has been detained. I see that the Ever Given containers held over a thousand dead bodies and over a thousand live children. And yes, Evergreen Shipping is owned by Walmart and the Clinton Foundation.

Question: Why is the ship still being detained? Are U.S. Navy Seals opening the remainder of the 18,000 containers?

I read somewhere that before this operation commenced, the American military anchored one end of the Suez Canal and the Russian military the other. True? Via submarines?

And if so, you know damn well Presidential Pretender Bidan is not the one in charge.

In any case, something tells me that there’s an enormous operation already in play; that we have no idea what is really going on; that one thing’s for sure however: the good guys are in the ascendancy.

You don’t think so?

Former Navy Seal Michael Jaco and Tarot reader Janine held a conversation this morning, the first 23 minutes of which was devoted to various facets of answering this question:

“Are the U.S. and militaries of the world near go time against evil?”

Basically, both Michael’s remote viewing cum intuition and Janine’s cards agreed: other militaries are involved in the Suez operation, especially Russia with the U.S., and yet, according to the cards, there’s also “resistance.” And that two timelines are in play, but the situation is a “moving target.” That it’s important to “take it all down”, that it’s “karmically necessary” for them (deep state operators) to go, “so that we can move into a Golden Age.”

Well, I wouldn’t go so far as invoking a Golden age, but the rest of it? Yes. Meanwhile, further tending to my Telegram feed, I see this:

And yet this!

Here’s more on the above, this one synchronistically sent to me just now by a good friend.

So maybe those two timelines have now converged?

Meanwhile, here’s a big yes to “wrap-up smeared” Matt Gaetz, from the women who work for him:

Women who work in Congressman Matt Gaetz’s office speak out

And here’s a coy response from General Flynn, when asked if JFK Jr. is alive:

“He’s not at Mar-A-Lago.”

I betcha the upcoming Aries New Moon will ignite whatever storm needs to happen to get the ball rolling in a more obvious manner. And that President Trump will very much be involved in whatever takes place.

With the New Moon set for Mar-A-Lago, all but one planet is below the earth. I.e., the situation is still very much “under the surface,” with only warrior Mars above the horizon. However, fully six of the planets in this New Moon chart — Mars, Sun, Moon, Venus, Neptune, and Pluto — are closely and harmoniously configured with five planets in Trump’s chart — Sun, Moon, Venus, Saturn, Mars. Whatever is the operation, I sense it will go smoothly and surely, having been gamed out in advance, of course, to align with the greater universe in precisely the manner needed. Pluto is, of course, key, because any configuration with prime mover Pluto involved implies a deathing process followed by rebirth.






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4 Responses to Personal Speculation as to WW Military Operations

  1. James says:

    Anne, for you and all the others who have taken the bait, so to speak, with these various reports of dubious provenance claiming that large numbers of dead bodies as well as live children have been found in cargo containers on that ship that got stuck in the Suez canal – you need to watch this short segment of one of Monkeywerx’s latest sitrep. He’s legit, and he’s telling it like it is – not spinning tall tales of hopium….

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      But what are HIS sources? He does not say. However, it interests me that he says the reason the Ever Given and other ships are held there in that lake is because it’s one way traffic north of there, and those going up have to take turns with those going down. Thanks! That definitely puts a new spin on it.

  2. John says:

    Hi Ann,

    I agree that everyone needs to be careful. I do my best to gather information regardless of the source and then use my 61 years of experience and ability to use logic to solve problems.

    Everyday, hundreds of ships pass the Evergiven. You can find any number of marine tracking sites to see that for yourself. BUT! EVERY NIGHT just as night falls all traffic is halted and NO SHIPS ARE ALLOWED ANYWHERE NEAR the Evergiven.

    If there is nothing unusual going on then why are all ships prevented from being anywhere within eyesight of the ship?

    Monkeyworx is very careful not to mention that fact.

    Sites that have their comments turned off are not to be trusted.

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