Paul Craig Roberts: "Don't expect to live much longer"

If Roberts is correct, that once the wheels of war start churning, there is no way out, then it may be we will suffer a quick vaporizing end to the world rather than a relatively long drawn out one via climate change.

Either way, how shall we live in the meantime? See Joanna Macy:

On How to Prepare Internally for WHATEVER comes next

And how do we help energize Putin to be able to do what Roberts says is our only chance: for Putin speak before the U.N. about what’s really going on in this cabal-controlled world that has chosen, once again, to demonize Russia, and thus get the “enemy” the PTB needs to end Life on Earth.

Amazing, how I bike around this town and all seems “normal” on a glorious day with real clouds and no chem trails.


The World Is Doomed by Western Insouciance

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3 Responses to Paul Craig Roberts: "Don't expect to live much longer"

  1. Rich Buckley says:

    I try to reach the mind of the regional newspaper columnists that are perhaps deep in denial and focused on puff peaces. This morning I sent our local regional columnist these comments in hopes they start being more critical of our official government line. I send it direct to their personal email, not necessarily for publication but to get them to think critically of what they publish:

    “Good morning,

    “Dr Paul Craig Roberts, is pointing out the US is not being forth coming in validating the information run in your newspaper today, on Page A4, below the fold: “U.S. presents evidence of Russian strikes.” (Valley Times July 28, 2014)

    “As a person with some military experience myself, the pattern of ground strikes (pot holes) on the ground have a “best fit average trend line” running north-south, or south-north.

    “Because distance is harder to gauge than direction when shooting unguided rockets, mortars and artillery, effective fire is marched on to the intended target, usually in three barrages of fire. In the photo shown the “pattern of march” bringing the effective fire on to the target, (providing the before and after photos your paper uses, are correctly aligned north-on-top, south-on-bottom) pretty well indicates the first shots were long and hit to the south of the intended target, then marched north to the target in three probable corrections with 4 out 33 hitting the assumed target.

    “To credibly blame Russia as Sec. Kerry attempts for this artillery strike-pattern, first keep in mind no one has field artillery with a firing range of more than about 20 to 25 miles. The nearest northern Russian boarder is well over 100 miles north. If the target site photos are published upside down with South on top, then the artillery was most likely fired from the south, overshot to the north and marched back down to the target area. The point is double check before endorsing actions designed to slaughter 6.25-billion living souls.

    “Just so you know, Sec. Kerry is feeding Associated Press a line of baloney accusing Russia and your paper runs this stuff and does not offer any reasonable editorial comment to the contrary.

    “There are evil forces working to start WWIII. There is more evidence those evil forces are resident somehow in the highest levels of our own US government than in our WWII Russian ally’s.

    “Speak truth to power.”


    The thing is, when you try to make the local paper do their own analytic thinking on the propaganda they echo, put out by out unknown sources, sooner or later, it might start to sink in.

    And I am more optimistic than the good Dr. Paul Craig Roberts.

  2. Susan McElroy says:

    I really don’t mind if we obliterate ourselves, but I really DO mind taking the innocents on the planet—the animals, plants, and elements—with us. If there is such a thing as hell, we’ll burn there if we do this.

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