Parallel Realities Department: Was the SFO “plane crash” a hoax?

I didn’t get a “something’s fishy” gut feeling about the July 6th plane crash at SFO. But maybe that’s because my shit-detector was turned off? Check out the videos on this rumormillnews post. I did, and they set me wondering. Especially the contradiction between the aerial photos showing no drag marks from the plane and the long-distance views of the plane crashing and dragging/skidding a long way. Also, an obvious weirdness: some of the shots show the “crashed” plane sitting in a dirt field, others show the field as grassy. Hmmm.

Once again, these video sleuths appear to be members of young generations who are coming alive and asking us to wake up along with them.

A thread on godlikeproductions also refers to this event as a hoax.

No plane Crashed at SFO – Liars – YouTube

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Date: Saturday, 13-Jul-2013 01:17:09

I watched Field McConnell do over an hour’s explanation and demonstration of what went wrong from the Asiana pilot’s pov and I saw the posts on RMN indicating the validity of the event. It must be true that there are parallel story lines! Holding on to my sanity .


Found these dissections of the Asiana 214 crash over at Police State Radio youtube channel

San Francisco Flight 214 Hoax

No plane Crashed at SFO yesterday Liars 7/7/2013

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