Reflections: On “the soul,” and “transgender,” and back again

I can remember back in graduate school, my concern (verging on terror) whenever I thought about “artificial intelligence,” and its relationship to the human mind. I knew instinctively, back then, 40 years ago, that transhumanism (we didn’t have a name for it then) would be the inevitable direction of the technological future.

Would machines ever become conscious? Would they someday be aware, the way we humans are aware, aware of our own thinking process? To me, this has always been the essence of being human, this awareness, an indication of the soul infusing the body.

So, when I saw the “animatronic” monster at the Denver Airport, here it is again —

— and it seemed to be conscious, so quick and human-like were its interactions with passers-by, I truly freaked out, wondered if maybe it was true, that machines had now become aware, and so forget about the soul!

This morning I walked with my son Colin, and we talked about that animatronic monster, which I had directed him to yesterday. “Oh,” he laughed, “I knew in six seconds that they had a camera and microphone there, which fed to a back room where some human was interacting.” How did Colin know? “Because all other robots, at least so far, are no where near the level of instant responsiveness shown by this so-called ‘anomatronic’ gargoyle.”

Aha! What a relief! So that’s that! (At least so far!)

And then of course, yesterday I was slammed with the recognition that once again, Chelsea Manning has shown the world what it means to “have a soul.” 

While I admire Chelsea’s forthright desire to change into a woman from her original male body, and while I have several dear transgendered friends with whom I feel entirely sympathetic, even so, the entire phenomenon of transgenderism feels so wrong, and so off that it has me screaming internally, Wake up! Wake Up!

I spent a few hours early this morning watching videos (actually, listening to videos) about the gender bending business. Upset with my own tendency towards seeing in binary terms, I wondered if I could actually get my head around seeing sexuality and gender in a “fluid” manner. Answer, no, I can’t. In fact, when I came across a quote from a feminist scholar (Judith Butler, I think it was) who says the biological male and female binary is a dictatorship of nature, I got completely disgusted.

Here’s a fascinating lecture on especially how the academic world  has propagandaized millennials to beLIEve in “gender fluidity.” Just watch the first few minutes of this video (starting at 0:40) to realize how schools have brainwashed our kids. An interviewer speaks with four or five students at Seattle University, in turn, asking them the same questions, and getting the same kinds of answers from each one.

Actually, watch the whole thing. Endlessly instructive overview of how both psychiatrists (by reclassifying “gender disorder” into “gender dysphoria”) and scholars have used all sorts of new linguistic distinctions to jerk human beings out of our moorings within biologically male or female bodies.

Then watch at least the first few minutes of this next video, to understand the level of abuse that gender fluidity programs instill, creating confusion and chaos inside the minds and hearts of even small children.

Now check this out.

What’s Really Behind America’s Transgender Mania



Is transgenderism part and parcel of the UN’s “development goals?” Check this out, from

2030 Agenda Seen as Key to Global Transgender Rights


Finally, watch this, philosopher Camille Paglia, who puts the transgender movement in an historical context.

P.S. I see where Trump wants to change the legal definition of gender back to only two, the original two, male and female.

P.P.S: I wonder what each person’s soul would say about the supposed “need” to change the body either chemically or surgically in order to obey the dictates of “feelings” likely instilled by childhood trauma and/or massive cultural programming.




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While I’m wallowing in existential angst, Chelsea Manning is stepping up to the plate — again.

How paltry my concerns, given the extraordinary courage this single illuminated being continues to express.

Here’s a post I published on Manning way back in 2012.

The astrological chart of Bradley Manning: personal destiny, collective purpose

Now, well, wouldn’t you know: During this very week when transit Jupiter (for the first time in 12 years) moved onto 22° Sagittarius, Jupiter thereby now conjuncts Manning’s natal Mercury at 22° Sagittarius. This conjunction in turn sets off what might become a chain reaction of events, as Jupiter begins to cross over, after Mercury, first disciplined, structured, walled-off Saturn, then the Sun itself, this being’s startling integrity illuminating all, and finally unpredictable, volatile, eccentric Uranus. All four planets, Mercury/Saturn/Sun/Uranus, within four degrees of one another (22° to 26°) on the day he was born. And all of them crossed now, as they are once every 12 years, by the transit of lucky, generous, philanthropic, far-seeing, philosophic Jupiter.

And guess what? This Sagittarian stellium, for him, at 22°-26° Sagittarius, happens to conjunct the Galactic Center at 27° Sagittarius. In other words, Full solar illumination in Manning’s life could have galactic implications.

Manning’s gift is, ultimately, to fracture (Uranus 36°), through his example (Sun 25°), the world as we know it (Saturn 24°). And to say why (Mercury 22°). Manning is an agent of the zeitgeist, inviting the people of the world to, as Q puts it, “expand your thinking.” Exactly. Nothing less.

The timing of the Jupiterian passage over Manning’s Sagittarius stellium is as follows:

March through May 22°-24°— 22°, forwards, then backwards, retrograde, turning RX on April 10, 2019. Look for some kind of important decision or shift on or around April 10.

During these two months, Jupiter moves over Mercury (which just a few days ago turned to go Rx for three weeks), then Saturn, approaching Sun and Uranus, before backing off.

Whatever happens this first time is the setup for what will happen the second time, when the meaning of this Jupiterian passage will move from theory to reality.

The second passing and finale for this 12-year Jupiterian transit of his extraordinary Sagittarian stellium will be October-November, 2019.

So, expect publicity of one kind of another for the next two months. And then expect a larger, reverberating, public display of some kind, one that changes the nature of the game, October and November.

Here’s a small slice of the chart for yesterday, showing Jupiter’s 22° position.

We don’t know the Ascendant of yesterday’s chart, just as we don’t know the Ascendant of Manning’s natal chart. What we focus on here is the transit of Jupiter over four planets, those in that extraordinary stellium in Sagittarius, conjunct the Galactic Center, that she shares in part with those of her generation, born during that rare year, 1987, when Saturn was conjunct Uranus and old mental structures (ideologies, theologies, fundamentalisms, certainties) began to break down.

Then, in only two years, 1989, a sudden thaw began to crack open the icy Cold War.

Two more years, and the wall itself became history. By 1991, Saturn and Uranus moved from theoretical Sagittarius to real world Capricorn, while still conjunct each other. More fracturing, but this time in the material realm of Saturn/Capricorn form and structure.

So yes. Oh how well do I and millions of others remember that halcyon day in November 1991, when the Berlin Wall fell, to glorious rejoicing from both sides, after having been up for 30 years (one Saturn cycle)!

The fallout, of course, for Manning’s rare generational conjunction between Saturn and Uranus (about once every 35 years), is not over. Indeed, we are looking at more fallout NOW, over 30 years later, as pure being Bradley Manning, born during that previous storied time, grew up and slipped into the flow of current history. As she was meant to. At a certain moment. For good.

For that IS what she has done. It’s the nature of her life to do what she does. Even go to prison if necessary, unflinching, for continuing to express her integrity.

The Sagittarian planets don’t account for the unflinching character of her philosophical decisions. That character can be ascribed to the Pluto/Moon/Mars conjunction, in deep, underworld Scorpio, whose archetype, the god Pluto, goes to hell, and lives to tell about it.

At least this Plutonian figure does. Unflinching, in both words and deeds.

For example, theguardian,  way back in October 2018, quoting Chelsea as saying life in the U.S. is like being in prison.

Imagine, what we would not now know about the dark lurking shadow of U.S. militarism had Chelsea not leaked the damning videos and other docs to wikileaks precisely when she did?

Let us all learn to live as if we are learning to fully express our own integrity, every single minute of the day and night, no matter what. Let us live valiantly, and fearlessly, following the shining example of this one stalwart soul who continues to light up our world.


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Alt-Epistemology and Me: What happens when long-held conceptual forms dissolve?

Whatever it is, it’s happening to me NOW. And it doesn’t feel good. It feels icky, confusing, even nauseating; as if I’m on a roller-coaster, with nothing anchoring the machine to the ground. No ground. Every thought, plan, decision, groundless, floating in air. That’s me now.

In fact, I still “don’t know if I have a soul.” That’s how profoundly recent readings and listenings have disturbed my formerly sure-of-myself attitude. Oh yeah, I’d like to say I’m open-mindedly alt-epistemological, all the way, but then again, I’m not! — as I discover lots of strange binary fundamentalisms within myself. Especially when it comes to my revulsion to the creeping ascendancy of A.I. and transhumanism, blending, fusing, dissolving so-called “human nature” (including soul) into the mechanics of off/on switches that can be controlled by outside forces controlled by inside forces controlled by outside forces . . .

If there’s no such thing as an unvarying “human nature,” if “essentialism” is taken off the table, all the way, then, then . . . WHAT IS REAL? What is the real underneath the simulation? Or, is the entire so-called reality that we see outside and feel inside just a simulation of some alien creature that is prodding and playing us like rats in a cage? Some recent Q posts seem to point in that direction (damn! can’t find them now), as has David Icke, with his long-held theory that reptilians from elsewhere are in charge.  Icke dismisses Q, by the way, thinks it’s just another psy-op in the cyclical round and round of assuming the-good-guys-are-taking-out-the-bad guys, so what’s to worry? I agree, BTW, with Icke’s implication — that trusting Q can promote apathy. Icke says such trust does promote apathy. I don’t think so, not necessarily; in this case, I’m less fundamentalist than Icke.

A few of the formerly cemented in “binaries” that are dissolving inside me now:

My revulsion against the newly-elected Muslim women as Democrats in the U.S. House. Which means, I presume, that they “follow sharia law.”  So I looked it up. Here’s one take on it, and it’s terrifying, especially the view towards women! Huh? And these new, brash, commanding Reps are all women? Do they not feel the cognitive/emotional dissonance between the domineering role they are playing and the submissive role they’re traditionally placed in by men?

Then I looked around and found another, much less scarifying piece on Muslims in America, in short, just another immigrant group in the process of assimilation.

Islamic Law Is Alive and Well in the U.S.

Okay. But wait a minute. There’s more. For example, Kauilapele pointed me to this video, and it’s certainly eye-raising. True? Were they all chosen through a casting call?

But then, some of what they are doing, I secretly applaud. For example, going after Israel, and its influence on the U.S. Fiery Jim Fetzger does too, and not at all secretly, towards the beginning of this Joe Rogan podcast.

In short, I appreciate the young female Muslim’s disruptive influence on business as usual in American politics. Just as I appreciate Trump’s  disruptive influence. Not that they have anything else in common. The point is, folks, it’s not just politics. It’s everything. The old world is being wiped away, and we are left bereft, gasping for air.

In short,  I have a feeling that it’s not just the traditional mental structures I’ve held onto “for dear life” that are that are being thoroughly demolished. And it’s not just my Catholic family members that are no doubt enduring their own slow-mo secret catastrophic dissolution of long-held beLIEfs about the dependency of one’s “faith” in the divine via the agency of  “the church.”

I pretend that I don’t have any “beLIEfs,” but of course, I do. Deep ones, hidden ones, that I pull out when necessary to wham opponents. And these beLIEFs are being, upended, eviscerated, blown to smithereens.

Another example: my revulsion against the notion of sexual fluidity; in other words my own fundamentalism, another binary, regarding two and only two sexes. Check this out:

What Our Skeletons Say About the Sex Binary

Not that I want to slice gender into smaller and smaller siloes, not that I want to enter the politically correct fray of “identity politics” and fight over the correct language to use with everybody whose “identity” is not quite mine; no. I don’t want to do that AND, I don’t want to let go of all boundaries. I hold a gut feeling that Trump, and other “nationalists” are right, at least in the short term. That we do need borders, walls, in order to stave off the mass confusion and chaos that attends everybody mixing with everybody else, and then being forced into conformity via either sharia law or some other New World Order.

We need those walls now. Probably not in the halcyon future after humans, living in a decentralized, interconnected world, have begun to take back both their projections and their fractured minds, re-membering our participation in the biome of this good Earth, growing and sharing Her generous abundance.

P.S. Here’s another shiboleth I’ve had to let go of over the past year: my attitude towards Jerome Corsi.

I think back to when I used to listen to his daily briefs as my chief Q decoder. Just loved his avuncular voice, and his seeming sureness in figuring out how to make sense of Q’s coded language. Then, when Corsi got riled when Q called out those who are making a profit off the Q movement, I felt puzzled. Wondered why it bothered him, specifically, so much. This morning, I came across this next post. And it makes a lotta lotta sense! Plus, it helps me see how I can be bamboozled by the the best of them and the worst of them, and that I can’t even tell the difference.

In short, according to serialbrain2, Corsi was sent by Alex Jones, who wanted to bring Q followers along, via Corsi decodes, and then cut Q followers away from Q and towards his own Alex Jones platform. In other words, Q was a threat to infowars profits, and he tried to use Corsi to disarm the threat. True?

Serialbrain2 calls both Corsi and Jones “limited hangouts,” controlled opposition, since both will never bash the state of Israel, supposed controller of the U.S.A. Oops, so here we are back to the Israel connection, called out by the newly elected Muslim Democratic women.

The Long and Secret Info Wars Against Q

Okay, so where do I end up today? Whirling around, not sure of my own center (do I have one?) but planning on doing my daily practices, yoga, chikung and taichi, to help me stand at the still point of the turning world.

One of my favorite mantras: routine builds character. I perform my meditative physical practices on a daily basis, just as I also walk my puppy Shadow, for at least an hour, every morning. Yes. Two full hours of what I call “physical culture” daily. That way, no matter how my mind whirls, refuses to hold on to the tugs of its many mind-controlled? mind-imposed? anchors, at least I can return to some semblance of a brand-new beginning, every single day.

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Q, Denver Airport, Animatronic: Hmmmm. . . Notice the timing . . .

Very latest Q drop from early this am:

Now of course I, and so many many others, have long remarked on the strange, even demonic symbolism in the Denver airport murals — and that terrifying horse, the one that killed its sculptor when its head fell onto his leg during construction.

Beware of Blucifer, the Demon Horse of the Denver Airport

But oh, wait a minute, worrying about that horse, and those murals, isn’t this just another deranged conspiracy theory? Especially the idea that there’s another, much larger military complex underneath the Denver Airport that connects via tunnels to other underground complexes all across America?

D.U.M.B. and dumber: Deep Underground Military Bases

Given that latest Q post above, I found it exceedingly odd that only 24 hours earlier, another major announcement about the Denver Airport had appeared, this one just as creepy, in fact, creepier, than all the rest:

Denver Airport Adds Talking Animatronic Gargoyle to Make Light of Dark Rumors Associated with Major Travel Hub

Peering bleary-eyed in the early morning at this video, I notice passers-by, their various relationships with this AI monstrosity.  They seem embarrassed, delighted, in awe (especially the kids). It’s that strangeness that alerts me. If their responses are typical, then we’re nowhere near getting where we need to go in order to see our way through the evils that have beset us for thousands of years.

Last night, I emailed my latest post on the Q book to one of my brothers, thinking he, of all my sibs, might find the Q phenomenon of interest. Answer: “Nope. NOT interested.”

All of a sudden, I felt abandoned, as if I had received a slap in the face. All of a sudden, there I was, back in that reality where I was the only one in my entire family to red pill myself, starting with the Catholic religion, over 40 years ago. How alone I felt then. For years.  Spinning out into oblivion.

So yes, there it was again, with my brother’s response, that old feeling. The timing was uncanny. Not just for the Q notice, coupled with news of the animatronic device that appears to interact with likely mind-controlled flesh and blood humans at the Denver airport, and meanwhile make fun of “conspiracy theorists” and their concerns, but the timing for me was real, too. I wonder how much my animatronic devices — computer, iphone, ipad — are interacting with my own brain, entraining it in certain directions rather than others. Am I really myself? Do I have a soul?

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As of this morning, the new Q book is already #2 on Amazon!

I remember that I was in Massachusetts at the time I discovered Qanon. It was in early November, 2017, and I was instantly galvanized. WHAT IS THIS?

Qanon’s first post was on October 28, 2017, so I was present almost from the beginning. Proud of that now! On the other hand, I do realize that however wonderful this Q phenomenon is in terms of galvanizing the public to let go of the deep state operated MSM in favor of this brand new way of keeping track of, and making sense of, important events and plans, especially regarding the ongoing world-changing political and geopolitical drama, waiting incessantly for more Q drops can also operate as a distraction, keeping us in our seats with popcorn, rather than getting up and moving into action ourselves. Which is why I’ve been focusing so much on action lately, challenging the reader to ask “What is it that I personally, am meant to do” — during this time, I’d like to add, of tremendous human transformation? What is it that I, specifically, am meant to do, given my skills, talents, time, connections, passions, and so on. Each of us needs to ask ourselves this question, and to respond with every fiber in our being. For WWG1WGA.

Where We Go One We Go All. This Q movement, for it is a movement now, is bringing us together, and will, if taken to heart, eventually heal even the most pernicious of divides that the deep state has designed and encouraged to keep us in conflict.

I am pleased to announce that as of today, the new Q book, just barely published, has already reached #2 on Amazon’s bet seller list!

I see that the book already has 104 reviews, all of them 5 star. Not surprised. For we are getting organized, folks, and when a book needs a review, we do it. Here’s how Amazon lists this book:


Meanwhile, Joe M., who composed a wonderful video a few months ago to help red pill good-hearted folks who are not yet aware of Q, has now remastered this video and updated it to this present moment when, despite all the terrified MSM diatribes (why? if Q is “merely a conspiracy”), is now due to get “many new eyes in the coming weeks.”





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Green Acres Village: Social/Cultural permaculture practiced here!

Andreas planting seeds, end January 2019

Last Sunday I attended a concert by Dario, a PhD piano student at IU who lived here in the DeKist 2 house last year. I went with Andreas, another fabulous pianist, who is this spring due to receive his Ph.D. Andreas still lives here, and can be found not just practicing the piano, but in the greenhouse and participating in our work parties. Likewise Dario, during his year with us.

Here’s a photo of a bunch of us from a month or so ago. I’m on the left, then Annie, who arranges concerts for outlying towns, Andreas, Justin, and Gabrielle, the three who now live in the DeKist 2 house.

One of the astonishing perks of this way of life is the number and kind of people who live in and or regularly visit our little village, for varying lengths of time, enriching all of us with their specific gifts.

Justin and I attended an Andreas concert a week ago, in a church in tiny Beanblossom, Indiana, a small town near here that also sports an eight day Bluegrass Festival every summer. I’m not that “into” bluegrass, but I do marvel all the astonishing musical options that exist in south central Indiana.

Just wish they had videotaped Andreas’s performance of Rachmaninoff’s Etudes, full of astonishing rhythmic virtuosity. In awe.

In awe also, of Dario’s performance last Sunday of Saint-Saen’s Piano Concerto #2 in an I.U. concert hall. Plus, he told me afterwards, recent housemate Alex was on the bassoon! I hadn’t noticed.

Andreas and Alex gifted us with a bassoon/piano concert one evening after one of our Community Dinners. 

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Green Acres Village: Two more Community Dinners and another (likely) “OOPS”

Two more community dinners, and another (likely) “Oops”

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DJT: Are we just jealous?

About a decade ago, I noticed that whoever I “hated” or “loved” was actually exhibiting qualities of my own, in denied form. Which meant, in order to discover more about myself, all I had to do was notice the qualities of those people that I felt jealous of! Either I loved that person, or I hated that person, because I wasn’t recognizing that same quality in myself! Solution: begin to consciously recognize that same quality in myself — and if it’s something I don’t like about myself, then apply my mantra “face it, embrace it, erase it”; if it’s something I would like to like about myself, then notice the little seeds of where I already am that way, and cultivate them.

So, take the case of DJT. Notice how everyone either hates him or loves him? And it’s been going on for decades, though the stage is even bigger now.

The point is, what DJT expresses is inside all of us, whether or not we know it. And it’s time we recognize that, both the bloviating exaggerator, and the intensely focused successful “entrepreneur” We all have the qualities he carries, somewhere inside us. We can all learn from him. And meanwhile, we can be grateful that someone of such evident immensity, a superman who polarizes us so totally into love or hate and thus requires us to integrate the opposites, has taken the reins of the U.S.A.

BTW: In case you’re wondering if DJT really does have the chops to do what he does, read this long 1984 piece in the NYT —

The Expanding Empire of Donald Trump

Things I learned from reading it: he hardly ever takes notes, holding volumes of info in his head; he is both oriented towards the big picture and fanatically attentive to details; he is fearless, and gets things done; yes, he exuberantly lies and exaggerates, but in business dealings, is straight as an arrow; there’s no sense trying to best him in any negotiations.

— thanks to quodverum and Thomas Wictor

It’s Always Great to Be Underestimated

His apparent mastery of 3D life is so phenomenal and long-running, that we should NOT be surprised at anything DJT manages to accomplish as president. And, I’ve noticed — have you? — that he feeds on the response of the crowds, whether positive or negative, doesn’t matter.

Yes, truly a colossus, he strides across the world, sleeping only three or four hours per night, an archetypal fountain continuously flowing.

(The secret service calls him MGL, for “mogul.”)

Where’s your colossus? Hiding? Pretending that only Trump has what it takes? Hating him for it? Loving him for it? Take back the projection folks. Own your own magnificence. Wake up. It’s time.


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