January Ignition 2021, Day 3: Epistemological and Sociological Reflections on THE QUICKENING

Day three, and I have a sense that everybody on earth not completely zombified by drugs (pharmaceutical or otherwise), alcohol, slave labor, or chronic painful conditions, notices that something new and strange is spurring all kinds of effects on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. What kinds of effects? This depends in part on the frequency a person was running when the covidocrisy began, and how it has affected them since.

Roughly speaking, human beings tend to divide into two types: those who operate from the outside in (Lockeans), and those who operate from the inside out (Socratics).  In other words, those who look up to or rebel against outside authorities, and those whose authority is centered within.

As January’s turbulence increases, both types aare going to be stirrred further, but differently. The first type will undergo severe “cognitive dissonance,” we call it, though it also affects physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. The second type, who have learned all along to surf the winds of change by remaining centered, grounded, and balanced, will be in a position to assist and support those who come to them with questions.

And for either type, let us remember that each person, as an individual, operates from his or her own unique “point of view,” i.e., point from which one is viewing. No two points of view are alike, despite that those who seek refuge in or control by outside authorities try to cram their own unique perceptions into certain predetermined, i.e., conditioned, immutable categories mirroring the “position” (the pose) of whatever authorities they have been indoctrinated to be-LIE-ve in.

As for those who operate intuitively on inner authority, i.e., those whose right-brain, heart, and soul are communicating, functioning in tandem, these know in their bones that they need to continually discern what they want to open to physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually — and what not. Their point of view is not fixed, but expanding: since any perspective, no matter how large, has edges that are not walls, but permeable, like membranes; and since any perspective, no matter how large, can also can be viewed from afar, as a point, which when contemplated long enough, dissolves, into space, an even larger presence, which in turn births an infinity of points, perspectives . . .  Get it?

I.e., for both types, no matter who we are, whatever we think we “know,” will begin to suffocate us sooner or later.

Re: the covid: Let us remember, this is the very first time on planet earth that whoever (or whatever) runs this place has rolled out something so diabolically clever, and so able to play upon especially western materialistic culture’s ignorance of the organic nature of our own bodies, which, by the way, we are taught to think of as objects, machines, to be owned and driven solely by the left-brain, The right-brain, and its intimate attunement with the heart and the soul, is ignored or suppressed, forgotten, or seen as “crazy” — thus denying the brilliant, natural, multidimensional self-healing abilities of the body’s immune system. Indeed, these poor folks can be conned into actually fearing their own bodies, as well as those of everybody else.

And Ooooo! And now there’s another Covid virus out there, and, says Fraud-ci, he’s not surprised. Wow! Gee! That means even more tests! Another vaccine! Yes! Coming right up!

Hey folks, just who is profiting or otherwise benefitting from this ongoing, slowly unrolling, collective delusion designed to force us all, dumbed down, sleep walking, and very very afraid, into compliance on our way into the New Technocratic World Order?

Not everybody. See this (hat tip to Cindy):

Here’s a great find, from www.conservativewoman.com, an extraordinary video with transcription by a psychiatrist who is paying attention to just what happens when F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real), takes over, and grinds on and on, infecting the collective atmosphere more and more thoroughly with its strong, unrelenting currents.  The result? “Delusional psychosis.”

Fear of Covid has turned into a pandemic of mental illness

All sorts of other stuff I could report on, of course; as the numbers of sudden, surprising twists and turns in especially the presiding electiongate2020-2021 drama, make my poor eyes bug out, and my poor head nod up and down, left and right, threatening to swivel all the way around!

So I think I’ll just stop here today.

One more item of note: A nearly-three-hour video by Charlie Freak. I’m about 1/3 of the way through. It’s fascinating. He’s telling his version of The Plan and how Trump and Co. had to cut off the head of the hydra first. Which means, what we have been witnessing, since then, are the death throes of the dying Deep State.


Oh Wait! Podmate Gabby just ran in to tell me Greta Thunberg has just tweeted that she turned 18 today, and that she’s going to split from her handlers, and TELL THE TRUTH!

Wheee . . .  . . .



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January Ignition, 2021, Day 2: Reflections on “the Christmas Season,” more on Pence and JFK Jr

The “merry,” “jolly,” Christmas season, from Christmas Eve through New Year’s Day, is finally done. YES!  I appreciate this annual tradition of gifting, Christmas carols and other traditions including Christmas tree, Santa and his sleigh, baby Jesus in the manger stories, the sweet foods and liquors, and until 2020, the gatherings of family and friends.

However, let me tell you, I identify Winter Solstice, December 21, as the REAL celebration, because connected to Nature’s starry night sky, and the Sun’s annual reversal of direction, from darkness towards increasing light. And of course, the unusually close Jupiter/Saturn conjunction on that very day as the climax to 2020 felt both breathtaking and divinely inspired.

And, frankly, prophetic. Here’s how I and many, many others see this coming year, which, however, will indeed endure a very rocky beginning.

Frankly, I’m used to just powering through the “Christmas Season,” telling myself not to judge the long-time commercialization of this extended event which has blanketed it with flashing, brightly lit, technicolored fantasy, obliterating the beautifully subtle colorations of Nature at rest.

And then, of course, the Christmas Season of 2020 offered heartbreak for those who can no longer pay their rents, who are having trouble getting jobs when local restaurants are closed, and for those and other small businesses, for whom sales during the Christmas season keeps them alive all year long. Many are still hanging on, striving to stay open. They didn’t order quite as much Christmas inventory, hoping hold on to their loyal customers’ support as they imposed state-mandated distancing, masks, and so on. So hard! So very very hard.

And then, besides empathy for those who are suffering more than usual from the 2020 shut down or torqueing of just about all cultural traditions, we had the increasingly crazy leftist version of Christmas, which JP Sears has documented very well.


But we’re here now. We made it to January 2.

The final piece I put up yesterday, referring to Lin Wood saying that Pence has resigned, effective immediately really caught my attention, of course. Especially since, if true, the occasion might usher in JFK Jr., right on time to preside over whatever’s going to happen on January 6. But then, I found no other source for Wood’s info,  so held it in mind with extreme skepticism.

Until later yesterday evening, when suddenly there was a rush on twitter of posts that all said the same thing, with all sorts of interpretations. Search twitter to find them. The only post that felt like it had some “sauce” to it was one which noted that Pence arrived in D.C. to meet with Trump from Colorado in a plane with an AF number on it, and then, when he used the same plane to return to Colorado it had a different non-official number, signaling perhaps that he really had resigned from the administration? (Unfortunately, I went back through twitter, and can no longer find that particular post, or I would show you.)

But: I see now that I’m not the only one to dream big:

Lin Wood, BTW, has been tweeting up a storm, also accusing Breyer and Roberts of treason, at one point yesterday demanding them to resign by noon tomorrow.

Wilder and wilder. The man is fearless, showing us the way.


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January Ignition 2021, Day 1: Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars transits perfectly timed to dates of planned events

Well, that was a bust. Me. Fell asleep too early to even walk over to the New Year’s Dance Party held at the third house in greenacresvillage.com.

BTW: though this party was only for us and by us, like so much of our attitudes during Covidiotic 2020, all nine of us feel alternately extremely grateful to actually be living in community, so that we don’t have to be locked down alone or with just one or two others. And the opposite also: we’re “getting on each other’s nerves” more, which surges our various individual shadows to the surface, where they usually get projected, and then can be either witnessed, i.e., responded to and processed consciously by self and/or others —  or trigger even further outrage, victimization, and so on. (But not for long. Processing works!) And, as a result, we notice that we feel ourselves more connected!

Clearly, we ARE learning from these polar opposite experiences and mood swings, often occurring in quick succession, that human living on Planet Earth consists of the dance of relationships, where we learn about and begin to consciously integrate our own unconscious shadow material through noticing, and then taking back and integrating, the projections we have mirrored onto The Other.

Contrast this understanding with the very different “normal” materialistic way we spend our time, which can actually all be summed up as  “MOVING STUFF AROUND.” Of course we don’t admit this seemingly mundane purpose, nor do we usually notice it. But, I always add, “moving stuff around is always an excuse for relationship!“.

And of course, there were lots of other things to learn during 2020. For example, always looking for the silver lining, while at the same time getting (at least for me) more and more disgusted with the Medical/Political Mafia pronouncements and programs for increasing compliance and demoralization leading to, voila! The New Transhumanist World Order where our organically pulsating selves will be colonized, down to the cell, and reduced to “data streams.”

Except that, it’s not gonna happen. Too many of us are awake now, helped along by both the Deep State Draining Operations of the Trump administration, as well as our own squirming experiences with muffle masking, distancing, MSM lies, corrruption of all three branches of U.S. Gov, dictatorial mayors and states, plus our votes have been stolen!

The Election Trauma, now 59 days in, continues uninterrupted, despite the long-ago culturally created decision that December 31 is the end of one year and January 1st the beginning of the next.

So here we are, on January 1, our thoughts pressing forward to January 6 when supposedly VP Pence will do the job of counting the certain elector votes from all or fewer  state legislatures, and thus determine who actually “won” the 2020 election.

The question on everybody’s mind: Is Pence a bad guy or a good guy? His inscrutable face lends to both interpretations. Certain actions in the past seem shady; on the other hand, he does seem to have been loyal to Trump for the past four years — until now, when we’re once again wondering, this time on pins and needles.

However, no matter how strange, bad, impossible, confusing both the U.S. and the rest of the world looks now, many of us sense that it will get much more chaotic during this ignition month of January, with Deep State operatives continuing their perfidy, drumming up violence, and this, in turn, will contrast hugely with an atmosphere of  jubilance by, likely, Trump supporters who discover, thanks in part to literally thousands of grassroots whistleblowers, We the People really did Stop the Steal.

In other words, the experience of huge, clashing opposites will continue, and increase, given that both poles, at every scale, will be powered up to the max, personal, interpersonal, and political.

Astrology of January/February

The overall astrology of January/February indicates another arena of opposites. Jovial  Jupiter in January; serious Saturn in February. The infusion of optimistic, joyful, expanded, magnanimous Jupiterian energies dominating the currents running through the zeitgeist in January; will subside   — as if according to a needed corrrection —  when serious, goal oriented, disciplined, rule-bound protocol-following Saturn energies dominate February.

January: Jupiter, with Mars/Uranus

At the end of the first week of January, in fact just after the important January 6 date, impulsive, war-like, courageous Mars ends its unusually long run through its home sign of fiery Aries where, since the very end of August Mars has been battering and further crumbling, all sorts of old, visible and invisible, structures and protocols (the latest: stealing elections). This, thanks to the square between Mars and Pluto in Capricorn, along with Jupiter and Saturn from last March until the long anticipated Winter Solstice, December 21, when Jupiter and Saturn shifted into 0° of the next sign, Aquarius.

From pugnacious Aries, Mars moves into Taurus January 7-8 which, one would think would be good, since it will slow and steady the chaotic energies a bit — except that on January 8, only two days after the election is supposedly finally decided by VP Pence, Mars will begin to close in on volatile, unpredictable, volcanic, wild card Uranus, now at 6° Taurus. Moreover, since both planets will occupy the fixed sign of Taurus (Sidney Powell’s Sun sign as well: stubborn as hell!) the breakup (Mars/Uranus) of existing stuck conditions (Taurus) will be both turbulent, resistant, and likely to hang on for awhile.

Especially watch what goes on, both inside and outside the self, from January 14th, when Uranus turns to go direct (after five months retrograde), and Mars reaches 3° Taurus, closing in on their exact conjunction on January 19th-20th, exactly timed for the traditional date for Presidential Inaugurations which, due to that explosive, revelatory conjunction, will  present sudden, earthshaking surprises. Watch out, folks. The ground underneath our feet (take that as both reality and analogy) is already beginning to shake.

Once again, the Jupiter/Saturn exact conjunction (closest in many hundreds of years, due to declination) at 0° Aquarius, on December 21, Winter Solstice, 2020,  jump-started what we are already calling the formal beginning of The Age of Aquarius. And already we are noticing an influx of enormous energies that will infuse both planned events of January 6th and January 20th.

Note also that Jupiter, now at 2° Aquarius, which has already induced a high-spirited and expansively joyous energy, will reach that 6° placement and thus square Mars/Uranus from that same day when Uranus turns, January 14, and increasingly, in its closing conjunction with Mars will strongly clash with the optimistic and joyful energies of Jupiter.

One possible scenario: see expansive, optimistic, joyful Jupiter as the attitude of the  winning side in this election (likely Trump) pitted against some kind of enormous upheaval in the foundations (Taurus) — of the U.S. Constitution, that may shock everyone on both sides equally as a huge surprise.

In Sum: Mars and Jupiter are working in tandem during January, with Mars conjunct Uranus in Taurus, and Jupiter square those two Taurus planets from Aquarius. Plus: both happen to zero in on the double locus for this month, January 6th and January 20th.

February: Saturn in Aquarius 

The expansive high-spirited energies of Jupiter, which will have likely further stirred up  Mars/Uranus via Antifa and who knows what other kind of trouble in the initial 2021 month of extraordinary turbulence, will be countered in February, when disciplined, goal-oriented, form-making and serving, law-and-order Saturn will begin to rein in Jupiter’s enthusiasm and put it to use, i.e., harness it (for good or ill? by the bad guys or the good guys? or both?). The Constitution, an inspired man-made document that We the People agreed to follow originally as the foundational structure for our Democratic Republic, which includes a complex system of Articles, Amendments, and rules that generate laws, and now, interpretations with precedents that generate  “pathways” to victory or defeat in this election, will likely be front and center as Saturn slows us down enough to pause, wait, begin to figure out to to proceed, and dampen down the threatened chaos. Saturn will literally dominate this entire month, since, in response to the stirring energies of January, it will have reached that newly triggered  5° to 8° degree area of Aquarius.

BTW: in September and October, Saturn will again cross over that same degree area, but at that point, we will have more of a handle on how to utilize its energy.


Okay, my wish list remains the same; JFK Jr. joining with Pres Trump as the new V-P.

At our Halloween party, October 30, with podmate Marita as Orange Man Bad.

Several new and tantalizing hints. First, Pence apparently did something that turned many people off, having to do with a lawsuit — preventing him from doing his duty on January 6? However, interpretations of the meaning of this apparent conflict, vary, and besides, even the NYT says it was the Justice Department, and not Pence himself who did this. (Note that I’m not going to bother getting into confusing details: I’m so over lawfare!)

Next, from Ron, who deliberately set the stage?

And then  Lin Wood, who appeared to drop a MOAB. Question: is this courageous, faith-filled and exuberant, truth-telling attorney being used by the Trump administration to leak? And yet I have seen his info(?) literally no where else.


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December Finale 2020, Day Thirty-One: Can we open our hearts, despite our disgust with (the now palpable) SWAMP?

Here we are, the final day of the final month of 20-20. Our vision is definitely clearing; and, frankly, it’s getting both more boring (because so predictable, the unbelievable number of ways this election was rigged to be rigged) and more fascinating, even exhilarating (because of Trump and Co.’s obvious — what is it, 10D? chess capacity, timed to keep numerous legal balls running through numerous legal pathways, all allowed by the U.S. Constitution as the foundation of both his efforts to drain the swamp and to help us realize that our Constitution really was (and still is?) our foundational document). And yes, Trump does appear to use Sun Tzu’s Art of War as a guide, drawing out all the bad guys to show their stuff and therefore demonstrate the astonishing numbers, webs, systems, agencies, departments, governments, businesses, banksters —  not just here, but world-wide — that have held the human race both blinded and in chains, for what has it been — millennia?

Here’s a thread that addresses a lot of the evidential election claims. If you’re not yet on twitter, get there before it goes down; no matter how gross and corrupt Jack Dorsey is, we’re still managing to educate each other over time. This particular tweet spawned a large number of comments that are themselves very worthwhile.

Worthwhile,  for example, as an overview, remember the tiny portion of this graph that shows something mighty strange went on?

Expanding perspective even further:

Then there’s the breaking news from  technology expert Jovian Pulitzer (great name, is it real?) that proves the Dominion machines were connected to the internet, and thus easily hacked.


Question: is this the hack that breaks the back of the multi-pronged Deep State attempts to deny the 2020 election was rigged?

Then there’s the Nashville Op. Who did it? Oh yeah, a lone wolf white man with three names. As usual. No. He may have been the patsy, but who did it? Who really did it?  White hat? Black hat?  Simon Parkes sayst both, and his Update for December 30 of just how and why illuminates on a number of levels.

Then there’s Santa Surfing Beach Broadcast, from a young woman who drives me crazy with her silly “sammy” clips, but I admire very much her powers of discernment, analysis, and perspective. Unusually perspicacious at times, for example these two videos from yesterday, which I noticed on kpblog.space.

Santa Surfing 12-30-20 (2) VIDEOs… “Scavino Posts! IRS Direct Deposit! Seal Team 6 Reveal?” & “TRUMPSARA NEWS! Deposits are making its way! Scavino and Eagle Comms!”

Finally, X22 Report is always worth listening to, and last night’s broadcast, where from minute 27 through 31 he talks about the implications of the new Covid Relief bill for hospitals: 1000 hospitals in high impact areas will get a pool of 10 billion dollars to draw from, with each “Covid” admission worth $50,000! So, as he  says, take away the money, and what would happen? Agreed: REMOVE THE MONEY.

Dave says hospitals got $77,000 per admission in the first Covid Relief bill (back in March?). So, wow, their pool has shrunk? I imagine that that $77 K must have looked impossible to refuse, and, in fact, may, aside from the MSM blaring FEAR , be greatly responsible for the number of “Covid” admissions in the first place, and further, if the pool has shrunk, they will be scrambling to compete for the money available now. I can just see it, “Covid hospital admissions rise dramatically in January 2021; and then, when the money runs out, “admissions” fell dramatically during February.” Oh yeah, right.

It’s hard not to get cynical in this utterly phenomenal period when lies and greed and blackmail, and bribery, and egotism run rampant. Just remember however, every cynic is actually a disappointed idealist. The real problem is a way too idealistic view of human nature. Once again, let us remind ourselves:

On this final day of this massively turbulent year, when fingers point every which way but back to one’s own heart, let’s vow to open our hearts next year, and if already (we think) open, then to expand that opening to include all of creation. As we do this, we move into compassion, which must be felt, first of all, for ourselves and the rocky road each of us travels here on this Earth which teaches us, through embodiment, the results of free will.

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December Finale, 2020, Day Thirty: Boiling Frogs and Canceling Homer, but: COURAGE!

As we point our attention to the next big scene in this world-changing drama, this one starring VP Pence, on January 6th — and no doubt whatever happens truly will function as an Epiphany! —it’s time for me to take a short break. And I mean from every bit of info/misinvo/disinfo having to do with this massively, climactically fraudulent election. Meanwhile, if you are looking for a single source to get up to snuff with the our collective trauma — or to help your blue pill friends get up to snuff, i.e., those who are beginning to exhibit at least some curiosity — here are two video sources, one very very short and utterly packed, the other about 1.5 hours long.

I’ve absorbed the first one, but have only barely scratched the surface of the second one. However, since it’s put out by The Epoch Times, I have high confidence in its likely veracity.

The short video thanks to Reader Rose:


The long video probably thanks to twitter (can’t remember)::


Wild west (Montana) cartoonist Ben Garrison, as usual, mirrors the stunned recognition that many of us have as to the cannibalistic intensity — thanks to the MSM-provided and repeated thick layers of illusion that have lulled sheeple to sleep — of where we are now. The Deep State, apparently, thinks we boiling frogs are now cooked enough to eat.


Garrison’s commentary, this time, is particularly insightful. Just the title alone, speaks volumes.


It’s real and no longer a ‘conspiracy theory.’ The Swamp is composed of both elected and unelected decision makers, military men, bureaucrats, and mega billionaires who make decisions that directly impact our lives.

Also in existence are The Rockefeller, Clinton, Obama, and Gates foundations, which provide money, resources, and influence to sway citizens in favor of globalist goals. Then there are outfits such as the Tavistock and Pirbright institutes that push goals of control. Davos, the UN, the Bilderberg Group, and the CFR meet regularly and set goals that are unencumbered by something as quaint as voting. Yes, the Deep State Swamp exists. It is deep, vast, powerful, and very wealthy.

We know The Swamp and their operatives consider themselves above the law. They got away with an attempted coup against our president. They are shielded by over-paid, propaganda-spewing media giants who masquerade as leading journalists.

Silicon Valley can also be considered part of the Deep State. We did not elect Zuckerburg or Dorsey, but they think they can control our free speech. In 2020 they shamelessly censored Trump supporters, while supporting Biden by suppressing Hunter’s laptop scandal. Google makes sure controversial queries are directed toward information that they want you to believe. If you are searching for something that counters Google’s ‘official’ narrative, you probably won’t find it. You might find links that state what you’re looking for has been ‘debunked’ when it hasn’t been.


Plus, check this out, from my housemate Dan this morning: WSJ provides one example of how leftist indoctrination in academia is canceling history, and that includes classical literature!

Even Homer Gets Mobbed

Oops! Just checked Twitter, and wish I had not, because I just couldn’t help but discover and post this terrific piece of news. COURAGE!







My housemate Dan has just directed me to this utterly disgusting article, demonstrating how extreme leftist, politically correct indoctrination has taken over even classical literature taught in schools. Yuck. See cartoon above . . .

Even Homer Gets Mobbed

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December Finale 2020, Day Twenty-Nine: All across this great land we are COMING ALIVE!

I’m not going to talk about the coming Trump-called-for MAGA March in D.C. on January 6th, the day VP Pence is supposed to make things right again with the election morass. But do know that plane tickets are nearly sold out, and some hotels are temporarily closing, to try to stop what’s coming. But, not to be daunted, tents are planned, if necessary.

No, my tale is local:

A dear neighbor of ours, who we now realize has used Green Acres Village as his occasional refuge during this ongoing, but now fraying-at-the-edges Plandemic — or is it Scamdemic? —  or both? —and damn it, I had vowed not to speak further about the thick, turbulent world-circling currents of dread blasted out by MSM’s constantly repeating FEAR FEAR FEAR porn. As ever, I  assume Trump will end up victorious in this election fraud, and  thus this ridiculous twilight zone half-life will soon be over . . .

Okay. So, this neighbor, who used to participate in our many years of weekly Community Dinners, knocked on the front door yesterday evening. Usually his masked face stays outside while we engage in conversation. But last night it was cold. Of course, at the door, I asked, as usual, “Who is that masked man?” laughing, and, after a bit more ribbing from me, it wasn’t long before he came inside, sat down with us at the kitchen table, and peeled off  the drat mask,  hungry for connection. Of course we were glad to see him, and loved that he had dared to dare venture inside!

BTW: He only comes if his wife, a nurse, isn’t home; she was  working  the 2 to 10 shift.

His wife, now makes him wear a mask, even at home! He says they sit there watching television together, with masks on.


At one point in our discussion, I brought up the “PLANdemic,” as I called it, pointedly, and he immediately responded, surprising to me, since he had come in masked and, once inside, had to be coaxed to take it off.  “YES. Planned, and it’s only the first step . . .”  We were beginning to rev up . . . Oops! At that point another person entered the room who, I know, does be-lie-ve in the MSM programming of Covid-19. Okay. Mum’s the word. (I prefer not to argue).

Housemate Dan told me this morning that the two of them stepped out on the porch for a smoke, during which he dutifully, habitually, donned his mask again — until suddenly, a few minutes later, he ripped it off, cursing himself for having gotten so programmed.

And the marriage? We’ll see. He got divorced during his first Saturn Return, and, at 60, is now ploughing through the closure of his second 30-year Saturn cycle.


The so-called Covid-19 virus has yet to be actually microscopically identified (see both mercola.com and jon rappoport for lots of articles on this) and as for the “test,”, check this out.

Any test with over 30 amplifications produces false positives, due to the now visual (because amplified) presence of microscopic traces  that may actually refer to the cold or flu you had even a few years ago!

On and on, the stats on the hugely and diabolically successful mass mind programming for this so-called horrific disease doesn’t pay real attention to the very low number of deaths per symptomatic cases of supposed “Covid”; nor does it include the fact that the total number of deaths (from any cause in recent years) is staying relatively constant.

Then there’s the seeming fact that, as Covid has ramped up, actual flu cases are way down. Is the virus that smart, that it would take over the flu?

Then there’s the “germ” theory of modern industrialized, “scientific” medicine versus the more holistic, permacultural, natural “terrain” theory of Dr. Zach Bush and others.

Our friend, as he ripped off his mask on the porch, was recognizing, after spending an evening with us, that he had been PROGRAMMED. Not because we taught him that, but because our light-hearted, humorous spirit undermined his chronic fear.

Here are a few more rebellions I’ve heard about recently:


Individuals in big box stores (‘cuz the small stores have been driven out of business), are beginning to shout out to the mufflemasked ones: Lots of these. Do a search.

Various sheriffs and counties are refusing to follow their dictatorial state governor’s orders. Here’s a current one that I just heard about personally from friends who live in Washington..


Plus, the president of Belarus has announced that the World Bank and the WTO tried to bribe him and failed.

Belarusian President Claims IMF & World Bank Offered him a Bribe to Impose COVID Restrictions

Here’s another rebel:

Here’s a great meme currently on twitter:

And another meme, from Simon Parkes:


BTW: though I “follow the law” in stores, I have yet to use a mask to cover my nose. Anybody who looks at me in disapproval, I glare at. No problem. But who knows, I might soon be one of the rebels who rips off the mask and shouts, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore.”

And if I do, I’ll make sure I take along someone to film it for twitter.


Now that Jupiter and Saturn have both shifted from trying-to-stay-stuck-in-old-forms Capricorn into wild, rebellious, unpredictable Aquarius, I imagine the Archetype of  THE REBEL is going to flare up from the collective unconscious to not only illuminate Covid-19 FEAR-mongering, but to demonstrate that real courage (a word which comes from the French “coeur”: the heart) is on the ascendancy.

If our hearts have shut down in depression and cynicism, it’s now time to dare to open them. And remember, whatever both fascinates and makes us cringe in fear, THAT IS WHAT WE MUST DO (or say, or think). That‘s our “edge.” And: “the edge is where the action is.”

Otherwise, Joe M is right, this is only the beginning of using plandemics and other diabolical illusions to confuse and demoralize the sheeple so thoroughly that they shuffle obediently into compliance when forced by vax mandate that requires chip or certificate to travel, eat, go to store, doctor, bank, or even step outside the front door. The result, we will live  (“live”? — no, exist) as slaves, cogs, loosh —  in the digital A.I. Machine of the New World Order that attempts to snuff out the conscious living earth body with its false, dirty, opaque scrim.

Hey, and did you notice? Whistleblowers are emerging by the thousands, in every aspect of cultural and commercial life. It’s not just election workers who have caught the new spiritual bug. All across this land we are COMING ALIVE.




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December Finale 2020, Day Twenty-Eight: Trump just signed HR 133, the “Covid-19 Relief” bill? WHAT?!?

Did Donald Trump just kow-tow to the corrupt Congress and Senate? Especially after he said he would NOT sign the bill? That it was a terrible bill. That individuals should get $2000 relief, not just $600. That Section 320 must be reversed. That the amount of pork, especially “foreign aid” (i..e., money laundered and then returning to make senators and representatives even richer), stuffed into the 5593-page “Covid-Relief”  bill (which nobody had time to read) was shameful.

Besides, how’s this for a meme?

(Memes, by the way, if repeated, are declared illegal, unless getting their author’s permission: this is one line-item surreptitiously hidden in the new bill. What?! Furthermore: if pursued, expect a $10,000 fine!)

But all along Trump knew that there were enough people in both houses to override his veto, since the vast majority in both houses had voted for it, after, what was it, a two hour period allowed to read the bloated document? So of course, he knew his veto will mean nothing, despite that he sent it sent back to congress with the measures he wants red-lined as either needing to be cancelled or amended . . . Hmmmm . . . comms? Check this out:

So . . .

In other words, he stonewalled until the last minute, and then signed to avoid a shutdown.

Okay, so the Executive and the Legislative branches are doing what they habitually do, vie for power (as designed, using lawfare), and the Legislative branch won? Or: Is 5D chessmaster Trump just playing Congress once again, with a hidden Trump card up his sleeve, ready to be played exactly as timed long ago?

Here’s one possible card: They will go along with his requests, given that I saw somewhere (where? Duck Duck Go is hiding it?) that he has just given new AG Rosen permission to declassify everything. What does he have on at least 70% of our senators and representatives?


Tracy Beanz looked into the mysterious ICA of 1974, which, some say, Trump is using to get the best of the legislative branch. She damps down expectations.

If so, what can he pull off during this next nine months?

Or, even during January?

Notice I’m always assuming he will be re-inaugurated, either on January 20, or later on in the spring after a continuous tumultuous time.

Remember, Trump loves The Art of War. And if we think he has kow-towed to the Legislative branch in this fight for We the People, and so thus “appears weak,” watch out!


Hmmmm . . .  as I always say, once JFK Jr. is revealed as alive, everything will change. The old 3D way of ego-dominance will transform into 5D playful magic and miracle. To wit: the extreme cognitive dissonance engendered by his appearance will blow everyones’ minds WIDE OPEN. Why? Because if everyone on earth realized that beloved, mythic, iconic John John had staged his own death during the final year (1999) of the last millennium  (to avoid being killed by Killery who was then also running for the NY senate seat) and that he has been working with his old friend Donald Trump ever since, leading to this crucial, critical, Covid 19-riddled, Electiongate Trauma transition from 2020 to 2021, his appearance will introduce the WORLD-CHANGING SURPRISE OF THE NEW MILLENNIUM!

Or am I just kidding myself? I don’t think so.

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CroneCast #51 || Communities I Have Lived In, Part 4: New College (1972-73)


New College was the place where I first broached the question of “community,” as it relates to and opposes “individuality.”  This polarity, like all others, needs to be embraced and worked with as a dynamic process, lest it lapse too much into one side (commune, cult, guru or state control) or the other (anarchy, to the point of chaos).This is the rollicking story of how I first came into my own as a teacher (and the only time in my life I was salaried!) but absolutely FULL of ego, at New College of California, which ran from 1971 through its end in 2008. I was there during its second year, and the struggle between my ego (which garnered half the school’s loyalty) and another teacher’s ego (dramatized through our diametrically opposed philosophies of education), and which culminated in my being fired ignominiously, was perhaps the greatest lesson of my life.

But how does this relate to my focus on “community”? Watch this to find out.

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