BOOM-erang! Twitter Just Proved Q Is The Real Deal

Why? Because overnight, this happened, as gleefully noted by the MSM.

We humans are naturally curious. Whatever is forbidden becomes  enticing, even to those who previously paid little or no attention. Remember the story of Pandora’s Box? Now we call it the “Streisand Effect,” or, less colorfully, just one more clever “boomerang effect.”

Hmmm. Does that mean that Jack Dorsey is unwittingly promoting Q? Or wittingly? Could he be a “white hat” in disguise? I doubt it. But who knows these days when confusion is the name of the game and whoever doesn’t confess to it once in a while is likely lying.

Notice how Jack has drawn attention to the enormous number of Q-related twitter accounts. Huh? I wonder what “7000 banned and 150000 limited” translates to in terms of how many millions of people are now following Q, worldwide, after two years and nearly nine months.

Obviously, if Q were merely a larp (live action role play) there would be no need to suppress, censor, or ban outright. Rather, as controlled opposition, Q would be secretly welcomed by Big Tech dictocrats in league with the Deep State and its propaganda- spewing MSM.

In case you’re still wondering . . .


If Antifa and BLM are the military ground soldiers of the Deep State that wants Trump gone, by any means necessary, including continuously pumped up scamdemic, on or before November 3, then General Flynn and his digital soldier researcher anons are the military ground troops of those who would speak truth to power. Remember:

Hmmm . .  . is a class action suit required to reverse this travesty that proves twitter is not a neutral platform but a publisher?

If so,

How long before Q either returns to the alphabet or is joined “on the outs” by other letters in it.

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More on Meaning-full Masks

I still haven’t had to go to grocery store yet, so haven’t had to figure out “what I shall wear” for my debut event. Leaning towards just wearing my patriotic hat and a bandanna until my Trump/JFK Jr 2020 mask arrives. BTW: why did they even say at the outset that it would take until mid-august to arrive, when I ordered it on July 5th? Huh? Or, don’t they want this mask publicized until JFK Jr. appears? Don’t want to give advance notice? Hmmmm.

Meanwhile, today, I received a comment from Chris, who sent along an extraordinary little video that to me, “proves” the person I had picked out (“not Vincent Fusca”) is the real JFK Jr. Please do watch. Amazing!

Trump has now joined the maskers, or at least he appears to have joined. Might this be in order to troll the fear/rage fomenting TDS folks, so that now, not wanting to be like him, they will — quick!— remove their masks!?! Serious question!

While I like to keep a light-hearted spirit in the face of even the increasingly obvious NWO “1984” rollout that masks and other “rules” about the scamdemic present, Martin Geddes, one of my favorite twitter accounts, prefers defiance. So I add, how about light-hearted defiance? Because of course, using humor to make fun of attempted tyranny is perhaps our best shot at dispelling it. Plus, if we really can adopt and keep a humorous attitude, then we retain a measure of detached awareness. Defiance without humor is in danger or sliding into the kind of fury powering Antifa and other Soros-funded, leftist gangs. Plus: fury, folks, hurts the liver. And therefore, like all strong negative emotions (including FEAR), weakens the immune system.

A few more ideas bring us up to date on masks. First, to twitter, this: Love the lettuce mask!

And this, from BOB, who commented:

I’m stunned by the obviousness of the I Can’t Breathe idea. Puts a wonderfully ironic twist to the entire BLM/Antifa riot saga. Surprised there aren’t millions of them already. As for the other ideas? The more salacious and disgusting, the better! Nobody ever said humor can’t be disgusting.

Finally, Ben Garrison reminds us of the critical nature of the choices we make right now as those of us who are “required” sally forth, meaningfully masked, into the public eye.

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Investigative Journalist Liz Crokin, her efforts to find something “salacious” on Trump

Liz Crokin, possibly the world’s first, foremost, and most determined investigator into the horrific reality of child sex trafficking and child sacrifice, was a long-time “entertainment journalist” in a former life.

Here’s another one, from July 17th. Haven’t watched it yet.

Though most people have never heard of it, the annual Trafficking in Persons Report is actually 20 years old.

Trafficking in Persons Report 2020

Have you noticed the uptick in trafficking arrests in countries worldwide since Trump came into office? Just this year, for example:

January 22, 2020

Balkans: Operation Theseus busts human trafficking and migrant smuggling rings

March 12, 2020

Up to 450 pedophiles a month arrested in UK as internet drives “explosion” of child sex abuse

April 14,  2020

Europe cracks down on global pedophile ring

June 30, 2020

German police probe 30,000 people over child-abuse network 

July 3, 2020

Romania dismantles third human trafficking ring in four days

July 14, 2020

Indonesian police arrest French ‘pedophile”

I know it’s hard to believe, but the rumors of “human hunting parties” appear to be true.

The people who do these unspeakable acts are not like you or me. Which is why it’s taken so long for us to open our eyes, wide, rather than keep them shut in hopes the horror would all go away. The arrests and backstories of both Epstein and Maxwell have helped still sleepy Americans to wake up to this massive, long-running, underworld reality which, remember, is for the purposes of control via blackmail. Unspeakable acts are caught on film. Once. you’ve been filmed, “they” own you.

July 15, 2020

Remarks President Trump in briefing on keeping American communities safe: The takedown of key MS 13 criminal leaders




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Monday, July 20, 2020: New Moon in Cancer, directly opposite Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto

. . . and BTtW, this five-planet opposition squares Eris in Aries, creating a furious, dynamic cardinal T-cross. More on Eris later.

One way to view this extraordinary year’s ongoing, unrolling, deeply tumultuous and revealing Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn that, to me, on a collective level feels like a painful suppurating hot boil surging up from buried depths of the collective unconscious, is to pay attention to events when planets conjunct, square, or oppose this Triple Whammy that, on a collective level, is being used to “drain the swamp(s)” — global down to local, re: financial, political, educational, medical, corporate, entertrainment, Hollywood, pedophilia, Satanic Ritual Abuse, etc.

Remember, New Moon’s signify New Beginnings in the sign they occupy. Tomorrow’s New Moon in Cancer: is this to be remembered as a new beginning for the original signature on July 4 1776 of this (four planets in — home loving, nurturing, deeply caring, mothering, family and community oriented —) Cancer nation?

But, and it’s a big BUT: tomorrow’s New Moon in Cancer, sits directly across from the ongoing Triple Whammy in Capricorn —

— and in fact, this New Moon sits exactly at 28° Cancer, opposite karmic Saturn, also now at 28°. Plus, I’d say in this case, let’s pay attention not only to events, but to events we’ve been told will happen: “for the next eight weeks,” said President Trump on July 16 — the very day that the Sun, at 24° Cancer, completed its exact opposition to Pluto! — “starting on Tuesday” the day after the New Moon.

And when will this eight period end? On September 8, just prior to the anniversary of the last False Flag — 911 — that prepared a traumatized populace for this even more massive False Flag, the ongoing Scamdemic/economic debacle.


Let’s look again at the chart above. Notice the cardinal T-cross with tiny, faraway Eris, also near conjunct the Descendant of the chart set for the moment of the New Moon in Washington, D.C?

Any planet on or near the Descendant of a chart usually works by projection, or mirroring. We see coming at us a part of ourselves. In this case, the fiery roiling violence now endemic in certain (Democrat-run) cities, and especially Portland, IS our inner fury as a nation, at the moment of the New Moon.

Transit Eris, which is so far out that its cycle is 558 years, and so elliptic that its sojourn through signs can vary tremendously, has occupied Aries since 1927, and will continue to hold that sign until 2047, when it finally moves into Taurus. In other words, everybody on earth was born with Eris in Aries, and so were most of our ancestors and generations to come — all of which makes Eris in Aries more of a collective signature than an individual one, unless the person happens to have Eris on or very near an important planet and/or angle of the chart.

Like me, for example, with Eris, sister of warlike Mars, i.e., the female warrior, at 4° warlike Aries, sitting on the hidden root point of the chart, and igniting change, via nine planets, all closely aspected in a massive natal T-cross/Grand Cross integration with the Midheaven. Change is my middle name! I cannot help but function as a fiery change agent.

If you want to know the symbolism of Eris, check out this website: excellent information.

Meanwhile, recognize that this time period stretching between the late 1920s and 2047 carry the ongoing overall signature of strife and discord, since not only is Eris (or “Discordia”) a very discontented goddess, but during these 130 years she occupies the sign of impulsive Aries, which rules her brother, Mars. Which to me, makes it even more remarkable that of all American presidents in the past 30 years, over nearly four years now, President Donald Trump has NOT allowed the deep state to start yet another new war.

The 2017 movie Wonder Woman reminded us of some of her flavor.

Since Eris is exalted in the sign of Cancer, we can assume that her chief concern is for the hugely stressed and denigrated processes and dynamics of  birthing, mothering, caring, etc. on all levels. She introduces the female warrior aspect to protect and re-introduce the deep feminine energy of generation and regeneration into the coming transformation of the still-prevailing, profoundly imbalanced macho culture of money-grubbing, greed, avarice, corruption, and war.

Luckily, the integration between positive male and positive female energies is beginning to happen, but in only fits and starts, and often, unfortunately, torqued, tortured into painful caricature. One might even say that the current “politically correct” “virtue-signaling” focus on “GENDER” is a severely misguided attempt at integrating deep feminine energy with deep masculine energy, since it locates this integration in the body, rather than in the psyche.

Implication: In order to transform this culture, we are going to need to include and welcome dimensions beyond the still prevailing materialism.

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More fun with meme masks. Keep the commentary coming! Let’s do this!

Note: See recent post.

Remember that what we’re doing here is having fun with masks, since they are being “mandated” in more and more towns, cities, counties and states. But NOT nationally, insists President Trump.

(Today’s Bloomington Indiana local paper just made a long-awaited official county-wide mandate the top headline.)

For those, like me, who tend to think in layers of meaning, and always have, we recognize the “rules for plandemics” layer as located within a no-longer hidden deep state plot, meant to continuously subdivide human beings into tinier and tinier groups (race, religion, class, politics, education, etc.), all with an ulterior motive, to make us judge, hate, and, ultimately, fight one another — to the point of chaos. Only then will we be confused, exhausted, and demoralized enough to allow ourselves to insidiously and gratefully be herded into a type of  long-desired “unity” that will be, to our dismay, if we are still thinking at all, pernicious rather than welcome.

How to get this long-term operation going?

Easy-peasy. Turn the educational system into a program of indoctrination wherein socialistic “group projects” are encouraged over friendly individual competition/cooperation. This encourages people to identify with their group rather than as a sovereign individual. Voila: “identity politics.”

Then arrange so that these groups turn on each other and fight, broadcasting and utilizing the ensuing conflict as a distraction from recognizing this fighting as a near-final step in a diabolical plot to control us all, lock us down permanently in a centralized New World Order.

The dynamic is Hegelian: set up certain conditions (Action: create “group identities”) which in turn (Reaction), make people turn on each other and fight; from which ensuing chaos we then beg for relief from outside central authority (Solution). Got it?

The Victim/Savior polarity, writ large.

Besides masks, of course the deep state needs to make sure we “socially distance.” Skeptics ask, “why six feet, and not five or four, or ten? It seems arbitrary!” But maybe not. Six feet apart unconsciously reminds us of six feet under, which I sense this rule is designed to do, thus ramping up fear — since just about everybody in western culture has been taught to fear death above all else. And of course, without fear, there is no control.

“Social distance” is required so that it becomes difficult to communicate in person in a normal speaking voice.

And, notice, masks also make it so we lose most of a person’s facial expressions, which also communicate. On the other hand, masks force us to pay attention to eyes, which is a good thing. The more of us who look through our eyes from soul to soul, the more we recognize not just our unity, but our communion!

And let’s not forget the more and more detailed rules for schools, churches, small businesses, and local restaurants and bars especially, and of course make those rules difficult to interpret or ambiguous, plus alter them frequently. Each new set requires a new sign out front. Think of how sign makers are cashing in on the controlavirus!

So, though masks are only part of this gestapo-like roll-out,  it is one part that’s very easy to think of ways we can have fun, be creative, communicate even more effectively than usual — plus, and this is a BIG plus, given that the usual protocols are upended, those who usually don’t communicate, begin to do so! THE POLARITIES BEGIN TO DISSOLVE.

So yes. Let’s turn the mask mandate on its ear, as in the boomerang effect.

This is part of the Art of War, and make no mistake, we are in a war, an info/disinfo/misinfo war; and one way to make sure we stay both centered as unique individuals and connected with our fellow human beings is to make memes of our masks.

Plus, for me, the way I know this project truly IS fun, is that the whole idea continues to give me energy rather than take it away. I remember Transition Town founder Rob Hopkins saying, at some point, “If it isn’t fun, it’s not worth doing,” something like that. Yes!

Check out this current comment thread with James. I have a feeling more and more of us will start to realize that if we can’t fight ’em,  join ’em, but in our own way, turning the tables upside down and eventually making it so whoever is masterminding this most gigantic and long-running psy-op in the history of the world will want to get rid of all those durn masks, quick!

First, James sent me a truly beautiful meme mask (who says makes can’t be both meaningful and aesthetic?), see above.

When I asked him if he had his own meme mask, he responded:

And when I asked if he had worn it yet, and if so, any response? I got this. A goldmine of anecdotal information!

While reading about our official mask mandate in this morning’s paper I noticed that my neighborhood fire station, only about six blocks from here, was going to have masks to give away. Thinking I would get one and make a meme out of it, puppy Shadow and I traipsed on over there on our regular morning walk and knocked. A fireman came to the door, unlocked and opened it, expectant. I asked “Do you have any masks yet?”

“I think they’ll be downtown at headquarters.”

“Well, the paper said this fire station would have them.”

“Well, we’ll be the last to know,” he grinned, and then added, “Actually I was just reading about it in the paper myself.”

I paused, looked at him meaningfully and asked, “Do you believe in this whole mask scenario?”

He looked at me, as if assessing whether he should speak his mind, and decided not to (after all, he was in his official fireman uniform, and I sensed. him wondering if we were within earshot of the other firemen inside). He grimaced, looking anxious: “Well, ah.  .  .”

“Because I don’t. And when you do get masks here, I’m going to come back, get one, and make a meme out of it.”

I said this in a light-hearted manner, and yes, I felt light-hearted, this was not an act! I thanked him; he said, warmly, “Yes, do come back. And I guess we’ll need to have a sign outside, too.” Yep.

I left, deeply satisfied. Why?

Because I’ve long lived with what I consider a most universal and powerful motto. It’s this: “WHAT WE’RE DOING HERE ON THIS PLANET IS “MOVING STUFF AROUND”. . . . WHICH IS ALWAYS AN EXCUSE FOR RELATIONSHIP!”

Another relationship forged briefly, soul to soul.

Here’s a news story about an interesting website. It turns out the idea of deliberately obviously ineffective webby masks is taking off. The title of the piece, however, turns me off. We’re having fun with the idea! No fear, or judgment, please; since, all too often, fear turns into hate.

Anti-Mask Protestors new weapon:  wearing masks that offer no Covid-19 protection

Finally, check this out . . .

KarliQ, who posted it, comments sardonically:

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ARKCroneCast Offerings for July 18 2020: More on Capricorn, and Transforming Assumptions

New CroneCast video for Patreon subscribers this week:

CroneCast #31 || Capricorn Goals and Structure, Part 2: In Culture and Politics

Unlike Part I, which focused on individuals and was relatively straightforward, Part 2, focused on goals and structure in culture and politics, turned out to be unusually dense and complex. So much so that I had to read out parts of what I had to say. Why?

Individual and political/cultural dynamics feed one another. Plus, once you add the idea of “layering” (or: appearances and realities) to the mix, the situation gets messy, hard to talk about, and decidedly not Capricornian, which aims for clarity, focus, logical argument, etc.

I briefly discuss two examples: extreme polarization in politics and Covid’s many illusions and cover-ups, including masks.

Then, when you add the idea of “scaling up” any political/cultural structure, the complexity increases to the point of absurdity. The entire subject provokes us to consider new ways of thinking.


This week’s public offering:

CroneCast #28 | Chapter 8, Astrology Part 1 : Transforming Assumptions | 10 Tools For Transformation Audiobook

We’re now calling it an audiobook, since it’s almost done!

Free on Patreon:
Free to Youtube subscribers:

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Here’s a video well worth absorbing during these troubled and troubling times. . .

I am going to add “3D to 5D Consciousness” as a third amazing young female channeler and/or psychic whom I am very grateful to discover. The others are Magenta Pixie and. Utsava.

This particular video, which I found consistently interesting and informative, also answers a question that has been swirling around in my mind for many years, to wit: the relationship between Israel and the U.S. I am happy to add that in doing so, she exonerates both Trump and Kushner.

And yes, that is my “confirmation bias” speaking. As this woman says at the end of the video, for anyone who wants, not just to think about things, but to actually help bring preferred realities into manifestation, any amount of  “doubt” blocks the flow. I had doubt, in this situation. Now I don’t.

I have long known that rather than be “neutral” and “detached,” when faced with an either/or choice between alternatives, I must choose one or other other in order to get anything done. I must set a strong firm vision and intent, and then act consistently and strongly to manifest the vision here on earth. (How else could Green Acres Permaculture Village, now ten years old, have come into being?)

My doubt about the relationship between Trump/Kushner and Israel sat as a nagging little demon all this time running underneath all my mental and spiritual peregrinations. And now it no longer does. Grateful!

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Cancel Culture (and History). Cancel Kinsey?

The “Cancel Culture” (and History) movement, amped up since the George Floyd I Can’t Breathe drama, has inspired folks at Indiana University to demand that Jordan Avenue, Jordan River (actually a creek) and gigantic Jordan Hall undergo name changes.

6-Member Committee Appointed. to Review Jordan Name on Campus

What about Kinsey. Dismantle I.U.’s famous Kinsey Institute?

Or is exposing pedophilia not as  “politically correct” as denouncing “racism.”

This single quote says it all:

Minute 6:30: “At the beginning of research, Kinsey saw pedophilia as really beyond the pale. As he collected more and more data,  and hoped to promote more and more tolerance, he has a hard time retaining moral boundaries.”

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