With Grandkids, 1/3-4/2020: MK Ultra Survivor Cathy O’Brien’s Vision 2020 — and Bill Hicks!

The first evening I was here in Boston, Sean, Drew and I had a political conversation over dinner. It turns out that Drew has a Political Science class as a Junior in high school, and they all debate the events of the day. I asked him if he’s ever heard about how pedophilia has infected society. Conversation stopped. I went on a rant — the CIA, Project Paperclip, mind control, MK Ultra, ending up with asking him to investigate, as I always do, by starting with Fred Burks section on mind control in his wanttoknow.info site, and then Cathy O’Brien’s book (and pdf), Trance Formation of America,

I decided later to go to Cathy’s website, and look at her Vision 2020: Love the perspective of this MK Ultra mind controlled sex slave trafficked to both the White House and the Pentagon during the Reagan years. I then scrolled through other blogposts of hers, and was especially interested in her view of Ronald Reagan.

In our political conversation, Drew remembered that I had talked about “mind control” when he and granddaughter Kiera visited me in Bloomington, in summer of 2018. But his class had not discussed it. Will he now bring it to that table? He did say that his teacher doesn’t think Trump wants war, given what he’s said and done so far.

Then, last night, waiting for dinner, this time with Kiera present, we got into the subject of Bill Hicks. Kiera noticed the little “meditating ET” button on my purse, but not the equally tiny Bill Hicks button that my housemate Dan made for me. I told them about the day I was at the post office and laid my purse on the counter to put just-bought stamps on envelopes. The clerk, a middle-aged, greasy-haired woman, noticed the Hicks button and said, “Is that Bill Hicks?” “Yes,” I responded, looking her in the eye. For one long meaningful minute the two of us stared at each other, entranced by our common (and hidden) perspective on life.

As I told that story, right then and there, I plunked my ipad on the kitchen counter and played Bill Hicks most famous rant, Life is Just A Ride, for them, with Sean preparing dinner in the background.

At the end, Drew asks, “Is he Democrat or Republican?” “It doesn’t matter,” I tell him, from Hick’s larger perspective, they are two sides of one coin.”

Drew, always thoughtful, and with a very subtle and probing mind, was caught by surprise; then he asked, how we can always just “choose between love and fear?” Says that “while it’s a good idea, it’s not realistic.” More food for thought for that Political Science whiz.

And, hearkening back to architectural student Kiera’s next semester class on “Design in Space,” will she see Hick’s final words, that “we can explore space, both outer and inner,” as meaningful?

I’m deeply impressed by at least these two post-millennial generation members’ capacity to remain sane, centered, and balanced, while beginning to investigate and respond to realms of which I am only dimly aware. So grateful to be their Grannie Annie!


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With Grandkids, 1/4/2020: Swamps and Games

Once again, as the world appears to be on the brink of “World War 3” re: Iran, etc., I flew to Boston yesterday and encountered on my journey only good people of every persuasion, color, and dress. Helpful, kind, smiling, Such a disconnect from what the media, both mainstream and much of alternative, presents!

Once here, instead of worrying about what the Deep State Swamp is playing out now, or how all the so-called ‘powers that be’ are playing with us now, I go with son Sean, and grandkids Kiera and Drew to check out a real swamp in drippy, early January.

Lots of complaining. “Are we really doing this today? Why? It’s horrible out.”

“Oh come on. You can handle it. It’s fun! Best day ever!

First view, from viewing platform.

On and on, we kidded around, each one in turn threatening to balk: what are we doing walking around this (swamp) “pond” on such an awful day? but then, what do you know, we got into the swing of things. Son Sean, 17-year-old Drew, 19-year-old Kiera.

As we began our sloshy walk around the pond, Kiera told us about her dilemma. She is at the University of Colorado, a sophomore in Architecture, with an emphasis on environmental design. And this semester, she wants to take a certain course, which is only going to be offered once, via a grant. And the problem is, it’s off campus, two miles away, and she doesn’t have time to walk back and forth. Plus, she doesn’t know anyone in the class who lives near her who could give her a ride. “What’s the class?” I ask. “Design in Space,” she tells me.

Of course!


At some point, I decide to just take pics. And what a swamp it is!

This evening, they’re all watching a football game, the “decisive” game between the New England Patriots and the Tennessee Titans. Before dinner we played a nasty game of Blokus, where the goal is to invade each other’s territory by exploiting every corner and laying your own pieces down. The one with the fewest pieces left over wins. Hmmm . . . reminds me of the state of the world. As usual. And how games are designed to program us to become competitive and predatory.

Of course Drew won. He always wins. He won our Scrabble game last night, too, coming up with the word “quan.” Huh?

On our sloggy walk Sean looked it up on his phone. “Siri: define quan: ‘A female’s polite let-down during a first date using very subtle signs.’

Tomorrow, tubing down a hill, then the movie Little Women. Drew balking. Wants to see  the new Star Wars. He’s outnumbered. “Just watch it because it was made in [nearby] Concord, Drew.” Says Sean. “It’s only two hours out of your life.” We laugh and kid about a lot, around here. Takes the edge off, during this gathering Saturn/Pluto storm.

This is the only weekend the three of us are together, since both Kiera and I leave next Saturday and Drew’s back in school tomorrow.

Kiera and I plan on doing a bit of sleuthing this week on what kinds of urban permaculture projects are going on in the Boston area. Plus visit Nancy, a dear old friend of mine, now living  an hour north of here, and caring for her husband, Ray, now with dementia, and formerly a fellow student with Kiera’s grandfather Patrick, at Harvard in Architecture. Full circle, for this kid. And she never even knew him. He died after seeing her only once, at her birth.

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More on “2020”

Hard to believe that I didn’t even make the connection in yesterday’s post with 2020 as “20-20 vision”! DUH!

Meanwhile, a word of caution, brought to you from my twitter feed: When you write or type out the date, don’t use the abbreviation “20” as in 1/2/20. Instead, use the entire year, “1/2/2020.” Otherwise, scammers can add any number the 20, eg, 2018, 2019, 2014, etc.

Busy today preparing for Boston trip tomorrow.

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ARKCroneCast as the new year begins

I began ARKCroneCast on November 21, as transit Jupiter exactly conjuncted my 27° Sagittarian Sun and timed it so transit Neptune exactly conjuncted the 15° Pisces Ascendant. Predictably, the philosophical nature of the endeavor (Jupiter/Sun) is somewhat hard to fathom and/or describe, plus Neptune’s presence on the Ascendant makes the situation somewhat confusing, or messy, in its inception. “Let’s see now, what have we already put up?” “Oops, I got the Patrick story mixed up with the Phil story . . .”

But, as it is my nature to persevere, especially when initiating new ventures with no obvious precursor, and especially given that the transit Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn behemoth is, all this time, opposing my natal Jupiter in Cancer, I’m pressing on, determined to show the world what “processing experience” looks like over time, especially when one has the astrological language to help structure the widening space/time arcs  of meaning that do snap into place as completed wholes (cycles), which, in turn, help us to recognize the mysterious magical journey of human life when lived as consciously as possible.

Speaking of new ventures when there are no other models for them, when I began Crone Chronicles: A Journal of Conscious Aging (1989-2001), I got huge blowback from all sorts of people who couldn’t believe I would put “that word” on the cover of a magazine. And, a few years later, when the venture was far enough along to seek distribution to both chain and local bookstores, they had trouble knowing whether or not to take it, because there were no other magazines like it, no obvious slot or category in which to place it. So which shelf would it belong on?

Even so, Crone Chronicles did twice receive annual awards from Utne Reader, And the Crones Counsel, an offshoot of the magazine, has met yearly, since 1993. So I have had enough feedback in my life to realize that my strange ideas do bear fruit over time.

This patreon venture, which will help pay for my internet costs, and they are considerable, now has four members! Yay! None of my family has joined, however, (shades of my birthday) nor any of my close friends — except for fellow blogger Laura Bruno, who stepped up immediately! Thanks again, Laura! Pssst — It would help a lot if some of those close to me would seriously consider the idea.

Today, January 1, 2020, producer Gabby has done the following:

Put “Phenomena” up for free on youtube. Here it is:


Put “Healing Journey with Patrick” as a free video on patreon (it will go to youtube free on 1/11/2020).

And she has uploaded my new video, “My year with a ‘Bad Man’ to my four patreon monthly subscribers.

There are already a total of nine audios and videos on the ARKCroneCast patreon site. Plus, during this two week Christmas/New Years pause, I made audios of an entire manuscript, MY SECRET LIFE: Ten Tools for Transformation, which she will edit, chapter by chapter, while I’m in Boston with my grandkids and son Sean, January 3-11. I wrote that book back in 1997; the ten tools discussed are the ones I still use to negotiate my way through life.

What makes me realize, without a doubt, that this project is one I’m meant to be doing is that it’s so much fun! Each time I record either an audio of an essay or a video of a story I feel energized, rather than drained. YES!

So, if you are at all inclined, I would love to have you join me on patreon. And if you truly can’t afford to spend money that way, realize also that each of the audios and videos, eventually, will be offered free. First, after one month, on patreon, and then, a week later, on youtube.

For anyone who wants to donate to this “cause,” but doesn’t want to pay monthly, there’s a DONATE button at the top of the exopermaculture home page.

And/or, if you’d like to make a tax-deductible contribution to www.arculture.org (Association for Regenerative Culture), those funds can be earmarked for Green Acres Village (see donate button at bottom of page, select Green Acres in the pulldown menu).

And remember, once I really get rolling with the ARKCroneCast series, I will likely also   hold discussions with others, about the arcs of meaning found in their lives, too.




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Happy New Year! Vandana Shiva plus Numerology

Green Acres Village podmate Gabrielle posted this wonderful message on the Green Acres Village facebook page. Yes!

It’s weird. Even though I know intuitively, and through astrology, that the intensity we are all experiencing isn’t going to let go for some time, even so, I have an entirely different “feeling” about 2020 than I did about 2019. I look upon what we just went through with distaste and disgust. The 19, in numerology, BTW, which reduces to a 1 (1 + 9 = 10 = 1), is interesting in that the 19 is a number that contains both the beginning (1) and the end (9) and signifies the full power of creative energy expressed through learning some kind of a karmic lesson.

Well, I’d say that this nation is learning just how much karma it has accumulated since its inception. Especially given our propensity for ruining the earth with rapacious consumerism, our near- continuous wars, and our “exceptional” assumption that we can lord it over the whole world. Meanwhile, the secretive and corrupt elites blackmail each other with pedophilia, satanic ritual abuse and child sacrifice, trafficking, on and on and on. This past year has seen so very much horrific stuff buried in the mass mind finally come to the surface!

For the full numerology of 2019, add 2 to 19(1), and you get 3, the number of creativity and full on expressiveness. Hopefully some of us are actually manifesting the joy and abundance of the number 3, no matter how much junk we’ve had to haul up from the unconscious and unload to do so!

In any case, thank you, 2019.

But now, we find ourselves in a double 20 year. 2020! What is the numerological significance of the 20, which reduces to a 2? Any number with the 0 behind it also is said to have the god force working with it, given that 0 reflects the spaciousness of infinity.  Two is the number of relationship, balance, fairness, sensitivity, diplomacy — in this case, with the God force present, and DOUBLED. Whew!

Add the 2020 all together and we get 4, the number of structure, foundation. If the three is creative, then the four grounds that creativity, manifesting it into form.

Here I think of all the old, outmoded or outworn Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto Capricorn structures, at every level — from theological through governmental, down through philosophical, cultural, political, linguistic, psychological, depth psychological — that need to be addressed, possibly scrapped, or at least completely reconfigured . . . whew! Can we do it? Can we begin to act together (the doubled, god-force infused 2), using teamwork, to actually get things done? Can we let go or destroy those old forms in order to allow and encourage new forms to grow in their place? New forms that will allow the primal life force to move through, finally?

If each of us does our part, follows our own soul’s call, then together we will re-enter — and re-member ourselves within — the intricate, interconnected web of mysterious aliveness that bathes this beautiful green planet in its ever-arising and ever-decaying, winter to spring to summer to fall, birth, growth, maturation, and dying, at every level, its recycling of all that lives and loves, and then, when the time comes,  gracefully lets go.


2020: Where We Go One We Go All.

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What does the 2020 Decade portend, especially for the U.S.A.?

I’m 77 now. I will be 88 by the time the human race makes it through the coming decade.  Between 2020 and 2030 stretches a great unknown, especially for the United States of America, and especially during the first half of this decade. Why?

Because for the very first time in our still young national history, the planet Pluto, after a cycle of 248 years, will finally return to the same degree it occupied when this country was born. For the first time, we are being treated to the ramifications of how the U.S. has utilized its “power” in the past.  To wit: The hegemonic U.S. Empire seems to be on its way out, as should be.

Already, during all of 2019, we have been “treated” to the run-up of the phenomenon of the rare (every 35-36 years) conjunction of Saturn with Pluto, due to come exact only one time, on Sunday, January 12, 2020, at 22°45 Capricorn, right as the transit Sun itself, moving one degree per day, illuminates that degree. The days surrounding that entire weekend are liable to be enormously turbulent, given that unpredictable Uranus will turn to go into direct motion the day before, on January 11 after five months retrograde.

Next year will continue to feature the karmic Saturn/Pluto tie, asking each of us as individuals, in relationships, and in groups of all sizes,  to recognize and release those Saturnine structures, whether visible or invisible, in space or in time, that are impeding the full flow of the primal Plutonian life force.

Here are a three examples, from my discussions with others yesterday about their intense Christmas visits home:

A 69 year-old-woman, co-worker of a friend of mine, says her grandma woke up in 2019 out of strict Catholicism, joined the Unitarian church, and gave each of her grown-up kids the book “Slow Sex” for Christmas.

A brother of a dear friend went to jail, a karmic result of his buried rage, while at the same time their grandmother lay ill with heart disease, ready to let go. My friend, horribly disturbed by these developments, asks: “Should I bail him out? And: Is it my role to convince my family that it’s okay for her to die?”

A friend of mine, my age, convinced her long estranged husband and son to meet for a two and a half hour periods of intense sessions with a therapist for three days straight. The encounters left both of them deeply thoughtful and troubled.  As she says, “It’s a process.”  

Each of these stories can be viewed from within the Saturn/Pluto lens, as they all indicate (Plutonian) life energy that wants to move, to change, and faces, or has faced, some kind of (usually long-term) Saturnine obstacle, in doing so.

For the U.S., the Saturn/Pluto process in Capricorn, joined by Jupiter since December 3,  continues through much of next year, as we face possible impeachment trial and head into the frenzy of a presidential election year that portends to be, everyone senses, “an election like no other.”

The end of the year will see the inauguration of a major shift begin in December, as within days of each other Saturn and Jupiter both leave stodgy, stuck Capricorn,  and head into  free-spirited Aquarius. More on that later.

But what we need to fully recognize is that the big Plutonian energy will not end by the end of the year, indeed it will ramp up even further for the U.S. in the years following, given the upcoming Pluto Return.

The big Plutonian “tell” will stretch from now through 2024, and, I would add, we’ll be very fortunate if Trump does get re-elected, as I doubt there is anyone else on this entire planet who can actually thrive in the midst of the complex concatenation of enormous, multidimensional forces, all vying for dominance. Truly, the man IS a colossus, and what he says and does inspires leaders in other nations to also begin to deconstruct the long-planned, nearly completed New World Order of a centralized police state.

The big question, during the first half of the 2020s, it seems to me, is will the U.S. stay “united”? Or will it break up into regional or state, or even smaller, sovereign localities, all, hopefully, eventually, a la Aquarius, networked with one another.

But in truth, as one person commented on this blog, the turbulence which we have been enduring actually began when Pluto began to oppose the Sun in the U.S. chart, at 13°19 Cancer starting in 2014. By June 2015 Trump rode down the elevator to announce that he would run for president in 2016. Pluto was still working on the U.S.A. Sun when Trump was elected, in November 2016. And let’s face it; nothing has been the same since.

It’s tempting to think that President Trump is the “cause” of all the ruckus, indeed often ramping up into insanity (viz. the sham impeachment). But President Trump is more accurately termed the embodiment of the kind of person that would have to be at the helm while this nation rockets through this ongoing superstorm.

Note that soon after his election, the subject of “fake news” was suddenly front and center. Not surprising, since in the U.S. chart, the strongest aspect Pluto at 27°32 makes is it’s near direct opposition to Mercury, at 24°11 Cancer. In other words, the phenonemon of secrecy, hidden Plutonian power and paranoia, as manifested through controlled Mercury communications, has always been a feature of the United States birthchart. This feature, one might say, is built into its DNA.

So now Pluto is at 22°21 Capricorn, two degrees from exactly opposing the original natal U.S. Mercury as we head into 2020. Mainstream fake news does appear to be on its way out, replaced in part by the mysterious Qanon communication channel since October 28, 2017, which is in turn aided and abetted by thousands of “anons” who, often under Q’s direction and encouragement, are digging up and exposing dirt from corrupt political and business and economic practices that have been ongoing for decades (at least), as well as exposing the pedophilia, satanic ritual abuse, snuff films, trafficking of children, women, drugs, blood, organs, guns that runs on underneath the surface of what used to be known as “civilized society,” a horror-show that, as it gets exposed, stirs up people’s beLIEf systems so thoroughly that many become radically unhinged, even crazy.

Please, it is crucial that each of us, as a sovereign being, grounds and centers the self. What are your daily practices that help you ground and center? Do these practicers. Every single day. For the ride ahead is bound to be even wilder than we can imagine.

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Internet was down for nearly three days. (Did I “miss” anything?)

We have been indulging a screen-free life around here. That includes actually reading printed books!

I’m convinced screens do alter brain chemistry, since when deeply involved in screen life, especially when scrolling through Twitter, my attention span is severely impacted. The good news is that it doesn’t take long to return to pre-screen brain patterns. But what about kids who are now literally raised on screens? What if the internet goes down? And deeper: What if electricity goes down, even temporarily?

I’ve been screen-free on Sundays for three weeks now, and so the three day hiatus was not as much a shock as it would have been had I not already been observing my newly instituted weekly dopamine fast.

Meanwhile, as we head into the extraordinary Saturn/Pluto year of 2020, when each of us is being asked to identify and either reconfigure or completely eliminate Saturnine structures, walls, channels, patterns, either visible or invisible, which no longer allow the ever-arising primal Plutonian life force to flow through unimpeded.

For example: just yesterday, as she was cutting my hair, Tami (not her real name), and a mother of six, told me that she is reconsidering getting her college degree in business. She said she has been doing it, because the telecommunications company that she works for pays for it. But, she said, “Do I really want to climb their corporate ladder? NO. What I want to do is teach kids about LOVE . . . so I need to become a teacher, get a teaching degree.” Yes, Tami!

Then there’s my dear friend Perry, a retired academic, who stopped by this morning on her way to Paris (and Israel, on the day Saturn/Pluto go to exact conjunction January 12 . . .). I won’t see her again for probably a year.

She starts out: “I really consider Trump a violent person.”

I gulped, aware of what would happen next, and said, looking her in the eyes: “Well, I don’t.”

She looked at me dumbfounded. That led to a three hour discussion, with me shifting into a white-hot Saturn/Pluto heat, and her into total shock. Part of our intense discussion was within earshot of the silent AT&T man working on the router. At one point, when I was talking about CIA mind control programs and MK ULTRA, he suddenly remarked, “Didn’t the government do that with LSD?” Wow! Bingo. A red-pilled worker in this blue-pilled academic town.

Perry finally left, still reeling from hearing about not just pedophilia, but how it has been used to blackmail politicians and others in high places, plus, of course, worse: trafficking of all kinds, satanic ritual abuse, snuff films, and so on.  In her hand when she walked out,  a piece of paper with the title of Cathy O’Brien’s book, Trance Formation of America. “Read this,” I told her, and then we’ll communicate further.

Oh, but let’s not get so serious, shall we? 2020 will be serious enough, without getting a jump on it. Okay, well, how about this, from twitter. Yep, it’s all about identity, and yep, identity is newly defined, on a purely physical level, as what body one has or doesn’t want to have, or wants to fundamentally alter, etc. etc. etc. All sorts of combinations!  Yes, let’s focus on that absurdity, shall we? Candace Owen nails it. Oh, and BTW, for me to truly understand, Candace needed to say “Woman gives birth to female partner’s baby with male sperm donor.” I.e., the (biological female, who identifies as “non-binary”) partner provided the egg. The donated sperm was then united with the egg and planted into the so-called “transgender man”‘s (also a biological woman) body.” BTW: I heard that the doctor was also trans.


Or, how about this, one incisive backstory to a current cultural mind-control program to incite Climate Change alarmism to both make money off “carbon credits,” and other taxes, and, in the end, via this global false flag and all sorts of identity politics used to divide us from one another, will, they hope — and it’s probably already too late, given that Trump is leading the way by calling for nationalism rather than globalism — usher in the long planned centralized police state, i.e. New World Order.

Oops! Just got serious again. Serious and intense. Saturn/Pluto! Yep. Got to be myself. Got to allow the massive life force that fuels the universe to flow through this body, this mind, this mouth.

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Post-Christmas Update and Exhortation: FOLLOW YOUR NATURE!

I’m spending this post-Christmas week doing audios of the chapters of the long manuscript that I turned into an e-book, MY SECRET LIFE: Ten Tools for Transformation. 

These tools are the following: Death (three chapters), Walking, Processing, Journal, Dreams, Autobiography, Astrology (three chapters), and Body (four chapters).

Notice: none of my “tools” require money. Instead, they require focus, determination, dedication, and above all, AWARENESS!

Once again, I’m recognizing that whoever this was who used to write so well, all my 77-year-old self can do is admire her! And once again, I’m recognizing that what I “know” I’ve always known, ever since the moment when I woke up at 26 in the hospital bed, tubes and needles into every vein, to this command, my soul calling in a deep male voice: ‘LIVE OR DIE. IT’S YOUR CHOICE.”

All I had to do was actually make a conscious decision to live, to follow my nature, and nature would take care of me.

Meanwhile, get a load of this card. Sister Paula sent it, late, for my birthday and Christmas combined.


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