So why, I wondered, did I want to go see the movie “VICE”?

Late afternoon yesterday, New Year’s Day, I invited a friend — one with roughly similar political views — to go with me to see the biopic Vice, about Dick Cheney, perhaps my favorite villain of all time, or at least of the Bush Jr. presidency. Indeed, I remember putting pics of Bush Jr., Rumsfeld, and Cheney up on my altar, so much did I need to neutralize my own hatred and forgive them for the horrors inflicted upon the world with 9/11, the Patriot Act, Afghanistan, Iraq, on and on, the planned forever War on Terror that has terrorized human hearts ever since.

My friend and I discussed 9/11 on the way to the movie. What kind of perspective would it offer? Would the movie show Cheney as complicit in planning the attack?

I was interested in the movie more for sociological reasons than anything else. Interested in who the audience would be, whether or not there would be any audience in this liberal academic town. There was! I guess about thirty middle-aged or older people (30 is a lot, these days when everyone carries around their own private screen.) But, sitting there, waiting through the interminable previews of violent movies, I finally remembered: Oh, of course, there would be an audience! The movie itself is most likely told from a liberal point of view, since the three U.S. administrations Cheney had participated in — at first under the tutelage of Rumsfeld; by the time of Bush Jr., the teacher/student roles had switched — were all Republican.

I have considered myself an Independent all my life, and yet when I came of age in the ’60s I sided with the Democrats and my generation’s hero John Kennedy, and pretty much held that point of view all the way through the rest of the 20th century. The bloom began to fade with the Clinton administration; not just his obviously lying peckerdillos, but my reading of de-programmed CIA MK Ultra mind-controlled sex slave Kathy O’Brien’s book Trance Formation of America which named Hillary herself (later “our” first female, feminist presidential candidate) as a pedophile. That did it. The bloom was off.

Even so, it took a few more years for me to completely break the spell of my Democratic leanings. In fact another decade. Even so-called liberal Obama signing that first draconian NDAA, back in December 2013, didn’t completely cynicalize me.

Yet, by the time I stopped my print subscription to the New York Times, back in late 2010, I was beginning to recognize, very clearly, that the two parties were indeed two heads upon one ravenous beast; that both parties started wars under false flag pretenses, that banksters funded both sides, that both big newspapers and university towns like this one, Bloomington, Indiana, were biased “liberal,” on and on.

And, I began to seriously poke around the internet for alternative news of interest to me. Not even a month later, in January 2011, I started this blog.

By the time of the runup to the 2016 election, and the wikileaks release of all sorts of horrific stuff about America’s wars and Podesta’s emails, I knew I was definitely not going to vote for criminal Hillary. No longer even faintly leaning towards the Democratic party; but then, vote Republican? Equally repugnant, except that Donald Trump was the candidate. And what would that mean? I had no idea. His unpredictability both fascinated and frightened me. I took the coward’s way out and voted for Jill.

Over the past two years, I have shifted “right,” as they say, finding myself in nearly full agreement and admiration of Donald Trump and how he uses his bloviating personality to keep the virtue-signalling “left” tittering furiously about his “character” while going full steam ahead with his own agenda, the one he had promised as a candidate, which includes, as priorities, exposure of the pedophile and human trafficking rings, bringing jobs and troops back home, letting go of foreign wars and multilateral trade deals, focusing on America first, all in the interests of smashing the nearly-complete globalist plot that had nearly strangled the whole world before he came into office.

So, despite his apparent cluelessness on matters concerning the universal suffering from  pollution and resource extraction demanded by predatory capitalism’s continuing greed for more and more  “progress” in industrializing and privatizing the entire commons of Mother Earth, I have been, and remain, biased towards Trump. First things first.

Which makes me, at this point, a Republican? And if so, why did I choose to see that satirical movie which bashes Cheney, a Republican?

What interested me most about the movie was how it divided my friend and I. She couldn’t even stay to watch the whole thing, so disgusted was she by the way they skewed 9/11, making Cheney complicit, yes, but only in taking advantage of 9/11, rather than masterminding its evil design.

I can’t help but agree with her on that point, and yet I found the movie very interesting, especially the part at the very end, after all the credits, one final, unexpected scene with the hilarious “focus group.” Someone said in that group, “But what about this movie? Isn’t it a liberal bias?” Another participant demurred, no, it’s not, it’s about the facts. Just FACTS!” Oh you would say that, you libtard!” shot back the first man. At this point the entire group dissolved into a free for all, the two men and others caterwauling physically on each other.

What a perfect scenario to illustrate the Great Divide that we find ourselves in now. And yes, a perfect counterpoint to even the final scene of my friend and I as we sat in the car on the way home, she bemoaning the fact that the movie was not nearly strong enough on fingering Cheney for 9/11, and me saying I prefer to keep my mind open, because there’s always more, always. That we will never come to the end of any of our interpretations!

Perusing a few reviews, I found this one the most interesting, from Rolling Stone, a magazine I used to read voraciously, when I was a libtard.

“VICE” Review: Meet the Dubya Era’s Dark Lord

Adam McKay’s biopic of former Vice-President Dick Cheney takes on the controversial political figure, one dark, bleak laugh at a time


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Full of gratitude, on this second day of January, 2019

This early morning I padded into the living room sleepy-eyed, searching for Shadow, who had asked to leave my room in the middle of the night. There he was in the half-dark, curled on the couch, atop my favorite quilt. Instinctively, I stooped down, merged my fingers into his furry skin, seeking warmth, his endless, unconditional puppy sweetness. He opened his eyes, those dark liquid pools, acknowledging our love, our constancy, no matter what, through thick and thin. Then I stepped back, noticing how his steadfast presence swells my heart. This daily interweaving with Shadow, and all our animals who suffer us, our willies, our wiles, our inconstancy, while pouring continuous love forever, thank you!  Thank you, little ones and big ones who grace our days and nights, and thanks to Carol Rosin who sent this meditative video on the second day of January 2019.

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Julian Rose: Assessment of the Human Predicament on New Year’s Day, 2019

Sir Julian has asked me to publish this decidedly dark — and, I would say, essentially correct — overview of our growing predicament on the exopermaculture blog. This essay describes his view from Europe of what’s going down both here and there. For a single example of what’s just gone down here, see this interview with Deborah Tavares on the engineered California fires.

Both Tavares and Rose interpret events in light of the UN’s overall Agenda 21 and Agenda 30, to engineer a single centralized government for the entire planet and put us all — those of us who have not yet been genocided by poisoned food, pharmaceuticals,  electronics, and space-based weapons — not to mention water, and air; plus weather wars of wind, rain, earthquakes, fires, volcanoes — under its dictatorial control. Obviously, besides opting for nationalism rather than globalism, the ultimate antidote to this long-running and apparently climaxing evil takeover UN plan is localism, decentralization: small, authentic, bioregionally networked Earth-based human communities. And more and more of us are beginning to realize that.

Some of us are already taking action — whether through more and more defiant protests and refusal, and/or through nourishing new/old templates for a regenerative future. Both attitudes are of great value; which one do YOU gravitate towards now? Which one is yours to do now? Then do that. The time for sitting back and waiting for it all to blow over is over. It’s not blowing over. We must fight, fiercely, and we must love with abandon, for the sake of  our children’s children.  

‘The Fusion Doctrine’ A Totalitarian Take Over and State Privatization Programme

by Julian Rose

It has become increasingly apparent throughout the past decade that the nation state, and the traditional notion that it represents a culturally cohesive citizen’s platform, is no longer a valid supposition.

In Europe, countries have been stripped of their status as individual nations overseen by elected governments. They have been turned into corporatist fiefdoms having their own agendas and their own means of achieving them. The chief amongst these agendas is the domination of all spheres of the market place via the overt influence of government. And the method of achieving this end is extortion  — buying one’s way into positions of leverage.

This would not be possible, of course, if parliamentarians refused to bend to the temptation of corruption. But as we now see on a virtually daily basis, the great majority of these ‘representatives of the people’ are themselves severely lacking in moral fiber and only too ready to do what is asked of them, in order to remain in power.

But the problem goes deeper. Other institutions with a remit to inform and educate, such as the media, leaders of national education programmes and the church, also appear incapable of realizing a vision of any depth or purpose – equally allowing themselves to be led by the corporatist agenda.

An increasingly significant number of citizens now feel that there is no trust-worthy party to turn to at election time; whereas those who continue to place their faith in one or other party, allow themselves to be swayed by the ubiquitous nature of state propaganda  — and not by their better instincts. This propaganda is corporation-infused and is tied into the deliberate promotion of an increasingly “me, me” agenda. Materialistically inclined consumers and many of those reacting to the dog eat dog political agenda of the day, appear to believe that any sort of resistance to the dominant trend is pointless, preferring to think only about their own needs and wishes and how to get the best out of a bad situation.

The most recent twist in this trend has been the promotion of ‘gender bending’ or what I prefer to call ‘gender ending rights’. I refer to the deliberate spreading of a fashion to change one’s sex if one doesn’t feel ‘comfortable’ with one’s gender of birth. At the core of this sex-ploitation is a plan to do away with gender altogether and to replace human reproduction with a commercially lucrative market for designer babies. A clear mark of the perversion that underlines the coldly calculating methodology employed by a deeply disturbed and power-obsessed elite.

The corrosive affect of the perverted top down stranglehold on society is undermining the moral fiber once characteristic of independent nations, leading to a state of permanent social unease and deprivation. Throughout Europe, North America and other westernized neoliberal capitalist countries, corporate deep state driven solution to this widespread sense of dispossession — is war. The constant hype surrounding war and ‘terrorism’ keeps people in a permanent state of anxiety and placates them into accepting unacceptable solutions to the continuing state of societal malaise. A malaise that goes under the deceptive misnomer of ‘peace’.

Leading the pugilistic charge is the USA. The rhetoric comes from the President, but the heavy guns in the background are representatives of the military industrial complex with its head quarters in the Pentagon. Behind them, as more people are becoming aware, is the shadow government/deep state which ultimately calls all the shots and masterminds the timing and intensity of the war rhetoric. This war warning siren is at its loudest when there is some particularly unpleasant internal news to keep out of the spotlight.

Presently that news is that the US has just run-up its highest trade deficit for a decade — $55.5 billion — and is in a third degree phase of bankruptcy. The economy is slowing. Manufacturing orders are falling and economic conditions are reported to be deteriorating for all but the top earners. The old US pugilistic empire-building role is itself under threat and someone has to be blamed for this — so Russia is once again cranked-up as the number one villain.

Owing to the US’s vast military — and the equally vast costs of maintaining its more than 1,000 strategically positioned global bases — a crisis is looming for The American Dream and the crassly materialistic pseudo-paradise expectations that this dream has stood for over the past two centuries. But a crisis for the US is, as we know, also a crisis for Europe, since their economies are strongly interlinked, with or without TTIP in place.

The ideological battle between capitalism and communism  has historically played-out as a ‘cold war’, sucking in all of Europe in its wake. Now the hidden hands of the shadow government driving the global political and economic agenda are working to ratchet up the ‘cold war’ agenda, via pumping ever more funds into the propaganda machine whose open belligerence is directed at Putin. Here, we are all led to believe, is the number one threat to the planet and prima causa of the rapidly failing dominance of the neoliberal Western led economic and military agenda.

So important is it for those who pull the strings of world affairs to keep Western populations permanently biased against the The Russian Federation — and Putin in particular — that a military strategy has been devised in which NATO has landed the star role as ‘Defender of the West’. A role that it is hoped will be believed by those at home who worry about the US no longer properly fulfilling its job as the world’s number one despot — and as the global bringer of good tidings via its unsurpassed culinary ambassadors: Coca Cola, McDonald’s and Kentucky Fried Chicken.

With the US emphasis, backed by France and Britain, on a military solution to the long cold war, has come the strategic importance of ensuring the allegiance of Eastern Europe, as Eastern Europe is seen as the battle ground for the perpetually hyped ‘West versus East’ show-down. The ‘war theater,’ as military strategists like to call it.

Over the past decade Poland, Romania and Lithuania have become front line nations in relation to what is described — by fake mainstream news — as ‘Russian aggression’ but which is in reality US/NATO hegemonic ambition to advance Eastwards. Poland, from where I am now writing this article, has recently become the main base of NATO’s Eastern European Command and hundreds of US missiles — under NATO’s command — are stationed at various sites on Polish soil , as well as in Romania, ringing the Western boundary with Russia.

Continued attempts are being made, via the call for further Eastern EU expansion, to also gain a further Western style foothold in the Caucasus, so that yet more US/NATO missiles can be established there, to further encircle the Russian Federation as well as put pressure on China.

The EU plays a central part in the roll-out of this aggressive militaristic strategy — more on this later. But simultaneous to the implementation of its geopolitical role as chief player on behalf of the  shadow government, the EU is itself showing evidence of ever deepening fissures in its attempt to hold together ‘the Union’ as the supposed one voice socio-economic unit it was supposed to be. Cracks are appearing everywhere as the European Commission is ever more exposed as the perpetuator of a policy expressly designed for the creation of a supranational superstate; a centralized control system (based in Brussels) established to be the European blueprint of The New World Order. The purveyor of a doctrine of taking unto itself command and control of every significant aspect of the workings of the countries under its flag.

Recent examples of this are the introduction of single point centralization of all member state fiscal arrangements; secret services; banking operations; police forces and now ‘EU military unification’.  A programme announced by head of the European Commission, Donald Tusk, in June 2018. ‘EU military unification’ involves the diverting of the autonomy of each EU nation state to maintain its own independent military — into a collectivized pool under the direct command of EU defence chiefs, with back-up from NATO.

The implications of this military centralization programme also suggest an equally sinister civilian lock-down. In a recent  BBC TV interview, EU defence chief Federica Mogherini stated “We need to merge military and civilian policing functions.” This is a much more critical statement of intent that it might seem at first glance. A nation state without full control of its military and with its tax payers contributions being funneled into building an EU based military/police state — will not be able to defend itself without permission from Brussels. This is a key part of New World Order planning — and it is happening.

The fiasco called Brexit is at the centre of this political sell-out to the barely disguised fascistic ambitions of the EU Superstate. Under the guise of negotiating an EU exit, the reality is that a covert form of high treason is being enacted right under the eyes of UK citizens. British Prime Minister Theresa May is overseeing a strategy whereby the country’s navy, air force and army are being rapidly run-down to unworkable levels, in lock-step with EU military unification being ramped up.

Britain’s military, the largest independent unit in Europe, is being sold to Brussels — and the price is being kept secret. At the helm of this new EU army will be either a French or German high command.

The ‘centralization of all strategically important elements into a one point control unit, has been given the name ‘The Fusion Doctrine’ by the UK Ministry of  Defence. The Fusion Doctrine is supposedly being established in order to counter international terrorism — but actually it is to bring together different professional bodies under a war style footing so as to exert further draconian levels of control over the civilian population. Such strategic thinking comes from Chatham House, the Atlantic Council, the Bilderberger group and other similar secret society operatives.

The implications are, of course, far reaching, but completely in line with the ambitions of the deep state shadow government: all administrative functions key to ensuring the daily functioning of a nation state are to be ‘fused’ into one centralized totalitarian control system, to an agenda overseen by the 0.5% elite banking, military industrial, energy and telecommunication providers. Not forgetting pharmaceutical, agro-industrial behemoths, corporate infrastructure conglomerates, food giants and hypermarket chiefs.

The end result is to be a structure exactly in the mold of Hitler’s proposed Fourth Reich. The founding fathers of the EU always intended their project to be a ‘Federation’ — a supranational  superstate run by unelected technocrats. And this is what we’ve got.

Pumping money in behind the scenes are the International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Bank, European Central Bank and — taking a leading role — the International Bank of Settlements, based in Frankfurt. The biggest money laundering outfit in the world.

In order for this totalitarian take-over to appear to be sanctioned by the public at large, non-governmental organisations (NGO’s) are being enlisted to play an increasingly important role in smoothing the way. There are a plethora of such organisations at work in the UK, all receiving direct (but largely disguised) funding from government and industry. They are involved in military and civilian deception.

For example, UK NGOs have been revealed to have helped indirectly fund the Middle East rogue ‘peace keepers’ known as the White Helmets, who act in support of ISIS terror squads and anti Assad dissidents. NGOs have been conscripted  to play the role of putting a positive propaganda spin on secret service-backed attempts to bring about regime change and similar acts of covert interference in foreign countries, since it is believed that the public will never conceive of ‘charitable’ organisations acting as CIA/MI6 and Mossad sponsored operatives. But they do.

Within UK civilian circles a government and industry supported NGO called ‘Common Purpose’ * has taken on the remit of ‘educating’ various branches of government how to improve their public relations profiles (read: create more authentic spin) and a lot more besides. Common Purpose, like its cousins, is a propaganda machine working to undermine and destroy the traditional functions of national governments and the civil service, often on behalf of the political and economic agenda of super wealthy families such as the Soros regime, Rothschilds and Rockerfellers. The British Civil Service, once a quite respected body in its own right, has shown signs of itself being corporatised and being open to the influence of major players with ‘an agenda’.

Social engineering has become a critically important tool in spreading disinformation, and mainstream media has become the chief outlet for its dissemination. The BBC, for example, has completely failed to live-up to its reputation as an independent broadcaster of merit, becoming one of the most frequent disseminators of fake news within a veritable hornet’s nest of bought-out media enterprises now towing the toxic globalist imperial agenda.

So tight is the lid being kept on ‘don’t step out of line’ political correctness — within a world of supposed freedom of speech — that transgressing the line can amount to a criminal act; especially if it is seen as ‘dissent’ from key government policies — such as the insistence that Putin is the evil harbinger of death and destruction to the Western World.

Greens can also be found being swept along by a tide of grandiose ‘solutions’ to climate change and other environmental crises. Many buy into the Agenda 21 plan of shifting large segments of the population into ‘smart cities’ so as to allow countryside areas to become ‘purified’ zones and wildernesses. What would be left of farming, in this scenario, would consist of vast genetically modified and agrochemical dependent monocultures, coupled to hydroponic and nanotech laboratory food production factories.

Such regimes would supply the ‘hygienic’ staple diets for smart city occupants. Such so- called ‘sustainable solutions’ are actually quasi extensions of eugenics programmes popular with Hitler, and have nothing to do with actual solutions to the process of planetary ecocide still being moved forward under the central control system’s totalitarian agenda. Many ‘green’ organisations have also become dependent upon their wealthy financiers, who often harbor strong ulterior motives for supplying their financial support.

An outstanding example of a psychopathically grandiose supposed ‘green’ initiative unleashed this year (2018), is the launching of the 5G WiFi and electromagnetic microwave network, by Elon Musk, the entrepreneur behind the electric car. This scheme will up the EMF rate of mobile phone towers and street transmission installations by a drastic magnitude, at huge cost to the health and welfare of peoples, animals and the environment. It will cover every city, town and village — that goes along with it — with thousands of new microwave spewing base stations at intervals of every 5 to 8 houses in urban landscapes.

There can be little doubt that the true role of this falsely touted ‘no lag internet’  is to exert a 100% effective monitoring programme over the entire population of this planet. Not just this, but to also increase the ability to use advanced mind control techniques within areas of mass population density.**

The ubiquitous spread of electromagnetic microwave technologies over the past two decades provides an essential tool for population control. Closely allied are the extraordinary powers now being held by social media and internet giants like Google and Facebook. The fact that great swathes of the population are addicted to an almost continuous use of hand held ‘smart phone’ technologies has enabled the operatives of the central control system to exert a net like influence on the population from one end of the globe to another.

In very general terms, this provides a further string to the bow of a global dumbing down exercise. An exercise that continues to be applied via the dominance of toxic pharmaceuticals, processed, devitaminized — and genetically modified foods, chemically altered drinking water, sub standard air quality and atmospheric aerosol engineered nanoparticulates, to name a few. Coupled to these are the psychologically destabilising affects of TV fake news and so called ‘entertainment’ shows, general media hype and the huge number of war oriented and generally violent electronic computer games that cover the children’s toy market.

In the background to all this, is the constantly beating war drum, keeping society in a state of perpetual anxiety.

The Fusion Doctrine no doubt intends to take full advantage of artificial intelligence in its delivery of a fully functioning totalitarian take-over. The steady incremental growth of public addiction to electromagnetic microwave mobile phones, smart meters and associated smart technologies, has opened the way for upping the levels and range of control over the daily lives of millions, perhaps billions, of people. The advent of algorithims in computer software coupled with the multiple neighbourhood transmitter boxes with their millimeter pulsed 5G microwaves, are clear signals of ‘human side-stepping’ and non-human advancement, both in the work place and at home.

The Fusion Doctrine is what stands behind ‘the internet of everything’ and the internet of everything will be powered by 5G and the 20,000 satellites its sponsors aim to launch during 2019/20 so as to cover “every square inch of the planet.”

The breadth of the agenda which I have attempted to encapsulate in this article, is far from complete. However, it is sufficient to reveal that our precious and precarious planet is in the hands of deeply disturbed individuals, exhibiting varying degrees of psychopathic compulsion. We also see, thanks to those at the forefront of exposing the horrific abuse of children by those in positions of power, that the world of politics, religion and other institutions of supposed ‘reputation’ is corrosively flawed. We see that, amongst those we have entrusted with power, are  perpetrators of some of the worst crimes against humanity this planet has ever endured.

Given these facts, we cannot but reach the conclusion that, at the top end of the day to day management of this world, sits a cabal of deeply psychotic criminals. Crimes against humanity start with those in power. Once ‘we the people’ see that an undetermined number of our ‘leaders’ are at the centre of a club of satanic worshiping pedophiles and child murderers, we cannot turn our backs and remain passive. To do so implicates us in the crime and ensures an inhuman future for all mankind.

Humanity is reaching breaking point. A point that has come about through many millions, if not billions, of good people suffering untold torment at the hands of oppressors of all that constitutes love, unity, freedom and spiritual radiance. But at this darkest of darkest hours, a great change is in the air.

Those who have maintained a warm hearted humanitarian stance throughout this planetary crisis are rising. Rising more and more everyday.

Are we witnessing the beginning of the end of the materialistic world of cruelty?

We are approaching a major break-through of conscious awareness and actions that come from it.

The tipping point is close at hand as rebellion simmers. Rebellion of the indestructible human spirit.

Let us channel our energies into fully exposing the criminal perpetrators.

Let us get on with the work of celebrating the value of human life.

Let us be united in our determination to succeed, for the destiny of humanity.

*Thanks to UK Column News for bringing this to my attention.

** Julian Rose interviews Barrie Trower on 5G

Julian Rose is an international activist, writer, organic farming pioneer and actor.  In 1987 and 1998, he led a campaign that saved unpasteurised milk from being banned in the UK; and, with Jadwiga Lopata, a ‘Say No to GMO’ campaign in Poland which led to a national ban of GM seeds and plants in that country in 2006. Julian is currently campaigning to ‘Stop 5G’ WiFi. He is the author of two acclaimed titles: Changing Course for Life and In Defence of Life and is a long time exponent of yoga/meditation. See Julian’s web site for more information and to purchase his books

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DOUBLE WHAMMY FOR 2019: Mars reaches 0° Aries on New Year’s Eve

WOW! Until my friend Darvesha sent me this . . .

I didn’t notice the powerful synchronicity, of Mars moving from 29°59 Pisces to 0°00 Aries, thus starting a brand new cycle of the zodiac, less than three hours prior to the ball dropping in Times Square for 2019!

So yes, I’d say this New Year’s ceremony and celebration very definitely IS a double whammy, given that Mars, entering Aries for the first time in two years, operates in its own sign and thus, for the next six weeks, until February when it slows to ground down in Taurus, Mars in Aries will promote swift, sure, bold, courageous action.

Meanwhile, in this Mars in Aries ingress chart, the Ascendant sits at 29° Leo, exactly conjunct Trump’s 29° Leo Ascendant. The colossus — love him or hate him — will be on stage, front and center.

And, pay attention now: in this chart, which means on this New Year’s Eve, the Sun itself, is moving towards its annual exact conjunction with Saturn, which occurs this year at 11° Capricorn, which will occur tomorrow, on New Year’s Day. Strict, serious, disciplined Saturn, with the Sun’s eye on its goal, rolls out a Saturn plan of Mars action. Again, pay attention.

Lots of planets and points in Capricorn, some conjunct the karmic South Node: What is at issue? Karmic takedown of old, stuck, calcified, “deep state” structures.

Moon at 13°43 Scorpio exactly trines Neptune at 14°05 Pisces: Emotional Power diffuses into Cosmic Mystery. Let us feel this moment fully. And then let us pray.

I post this at 9:26 p.m., within minutes of Mars entering Aries . . .

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December 31: As 2018 closes, WHAT IN HECK IS GOING ON?

I’m no prophet. I’m just trying to keep up with various threads I’ve been following, most of them (including economic and military) also broadly categorized as geopolitical, in that they ramify throughout society; but a few threads stretch out to include what the heck is going on in the sky?

Start with Donald Trump, arguably the most famous man on Earth, though Putin comes in close second. Both of them remain essentially inscrutable, though their actions do speak even louder than their words.

Putin, with his Scorpio Ascendant, continues to present a bland face, no matter how strong or colorful, and obviously, deeply informed, his language. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, his serious, diplomatic Sun/Saturn in Libra in the hidden 12th house strives for dialogue, fairness, justice.

Trump’s manner reflects his over-the-top Mars in Leo on the Ascendant conjunct the star Regulus. I am the king! Hear me roar! Plus, of course, that Sun/Uranus conjunction in Gemini opposing Sagittarius Moon tweeting out all manner of surprising, even shocking (though amazingly accurate, it often turns out) information and perspective especially about his political foes and their absurd, contradictory, hypocritical attitudes. His obstreperous and bloviating manner continue to baffle and infuriate leftist liberals (most of my own family included) who, apparently, prefer politeness above all. I don’t get it! My friends and family  are smart and informed. I am utterly amazed and puzzled at their seeming inability or refusal to see below Trump’s fulminating persona to consider how he is actually using it to storm his way through the stuck and stultifying layers of the entrenched deep state. Tell me, how else could he go about it? He’s got to cause a ruckus, and luckily, has the personality, and the balls, and the indefatigable energy to continue, no matter how many shit-balls zing at him.

Tell me, is Trump not an “over-unity” device all by himself? How does one man wear out so many aides so quickly, and then keep going, on and on and on? Truly, a colossus. That said, Jon Rappaport’s prediction, from two years ago, feels uncannily accurate. Was Rappaport time-traveling? Or was he just paying close attention to what Trump said he would do in his campaign for president.

Donald Trump, 24 months on . . .

I was grateful to see that Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders is finally receiving her due. I’m always astonished by her ability to remain courteous and centered in the moment, while widening it as much as necessary to meet the reporter where he is and reframe his or her question, INSTANTLY.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders: Front Page Person of the Year

Reader Sue M has sent me a very interesting piece about Putin, and his economic strategy. I imagine Trump knows all about it, and indeed, I imagine the two of them are also in cahoots, at least as far as the “globalism vs. nationalism” polarity goes, despite appearances.

My question: how to cryptos figure in on this?

Grandmaster Putin’s Trap

Trump’s seemingly sudden decision to pull troops out of Syria (remember, he promised this in his campaign), followed by his decision to begin to do the same in Afghanistan, makes this next post highly relevant.

Iraq Is Next: Here’s Why All US Troops Could Be Out by End of Trump’s 1st Term

Meanwhile, back to “time-traveling.” It’s hard not to notice how many whistleblowers this year have come out of the closet, claiming to time travel back and forth. This next piece interests me mainly because it’s sarcastic, as is all material that doesn’t manage to stay within the Newtonian 3D construct (including purported ET/UFO material) — until, that is, the very last sentence!

The trials and tribulations of ‘time travelers’ in 2018

Finally, reader Tony sent me this one. UFO/ET right out in the open. And yes, “transformer accidents” just may not cut it, this time. What I wonder: is there a “war in heaven” going on above our heads? Are all the strange phenomena (including the supposed sky-flash weirdnesses connected to especially the Camp Fire in California), manifestations of this new (old?) war? I.e., is Trump’s “Space Force” already operational? Or, alternatively, are these strange, and seemingly precisely timed, electrical phenomena engineered by the deep state as a warning to Trump?


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AK Reader: I lock horns with my father-in-law (2004)

I keep thinking about all the dramas that take place during the Christmas holiday, wondering how we are all faring during them, hoping for the best. When else are we confronted with our past, forced to recognize that no matter how much we think we have left our childhood behind, it seeps back in at Christmastime, with all its unhealed wounds, and triggered by the presence of family.

In my own case, I had experienced a difficult and demanding father, with whom I did learn to hold my own, but it took many years. 

Then, in my 40s, I married a man with an equally difficult father. 

 I had forgotten about this experience, which rang very loudly at the time. My husband Jeff Joel had died the year before, at the age of 55, of a heart attack. For my account of our experience together, see This Vast Being: A Voyage through Grief and Exaltation.

This was the first of four years that I would make an annual Christmas pilgrimage to New Jersey to see Amos without Jeff. I would drive from Massachusetts, where I was visiting my son son Sean and grandkids. The situation, that first year, was fraught. As you will soon see. 

Amos Joel, “famous Amos,” we called him, four years later would have his obit published in the New York Times.

Amos E. Joel, Jr. Cell Phone Pioneer, Dies at 90

As you can imagine, Amos was a proud, difficult man, who had received many national and international awards. Naturally, he always got his way. 

So, from my journal:

February 23, 2004: Trip to New Jersey.

For the past six months or so, I have told Amos that if we drive on the highways, I will have to be the driver. But he just didn’t seem to hear me. Told him that again the day before I left to go see him last Friday. Had a slight feeling of apprehension as to whether or not he would put up a fuss, but even more apprehension at the thought of him driving. Had talked with Andy [Jeff’s sister] the night before leaving, and she said she had insisted she drive to some dinner with him and Kay [Amos’s lady friend, also 86], and when they got to Kay’s and he said, petulant but joking, “Andy doesn’t think I can drive,” Kay said “Oh hush!” to him. So I assumed Kay would support me.

The evening I arrived, I told him, in Kay’s presence, that I wanted to drive. That I had talked with Andy about this, and that it was fine for him to drive around town, but that at his age, his reaction time was slowing down, and it was too dangerous on the highways. He dismissed me once again, “No, I’ll drive. I’m used to the car. You’ve never driven it. I’m looking forward to the trip [down to Princeton].” And, to my complete surprise, Kay agreed with him, acted incensed that I should think he couldn’t do the driving. But I came right back at him. “Amos. I’m driving. This is non-negotiable.” “Nawww… I’ll drive.”

He and I got in the car in front of the building (where he had parked it to go to dinner) to go around the building to the side where Kay lives. [The two of them are residents of a large fancy retirement complex.] Inside the car, I brought the subject up again. Again he demurred. This time I got quite sharp with him. “Amos, this is nonnegotiable. Either I drive, or I don’t go. It’s fine for you to drive in town, but not on the highways. You’re too old.” Etc. etc. When he dismissed me again, saying I didn’t know the car, etc. etc., I said, “Amos, I will wrestle you to the ground for the keys. And you know who will win.”

We start yelling at each other….

“No you won’t.”

“Yes I will.”

“No you can’t!”

“Yes I can!”

“No you can’t can’t can’t!” said now to the tempo of the song from Annie Get Your Gun…

“Yes, I can, can CAN!” I sang out merrily, and we both dissolved laughing.

But the issue was clearly up; he wasn’t willing, and I was going to force the issue.

That night, and the next morning I was worried that we would struggle again, and just kept telling myself that I had to be willing to not go to Princeton at all. That I would not compromise on this issue. In the morning, I brought it up with Kay [I was sleeping in her apartment] again:

“I wish you would support me on this issue.”

“No I won’t support you! She said, heatedly. Amos is a fine driver. I trust him. You don’t know the car.”

“This issue is non-negotiable. I have talked with Andy about it and we agree.”

“I don’t care. I will not support you.”

“Okay. But will you buck me on it?” I asked her.

“I’m going to stay out of it, “ she answered. Which is what I wanted, and what she needed to do to not have him blame her for it, as well as she needed to realize that she had no jurisdiction in this area, if the directive was coming from not only me but Andy.

But throughout this situation, I was highly aware of not being the daughter, only the daughter-in-law. And I was taking on more authority. Did I dare? What was appropriate? All I knew was what was appropriate for me. I was not going to be in the car with him driving on the highway.

This all happened after Tai Chi, during breakfast. Then I took my usual long walk down to Maplewood village and drank tea in a coffee shop and walked back, the whole time dreading the time when Amos would come pick us up for the trip to Princeton and we would deal with this issue once and for all. Again, I told myself that I was willing not to go at all, and plotted out what I might do instead (which mostly involved reading a book, and walking more, and staying in at Kay’s, since his place is such a mess.)

When I returned to her apartment I told her that this issue was bothering me a great deal, that I did not want to argue with him, that I wished I could think of a way that we could have a win-win situation without butting heads, but that I was willing not to go if he didn’t agree.

Again, she said, “Well, I’m staying out of it.” And added, “You’re going to have an argument with him.”

“So be it.”

When the time came, and we walked down to the first floor side door where he was to pick us up, there he was, exactly as I had imagined in my worst nightmare, idling the car, waiting for us, in the driver’s seat.

I walked around to his side of the car. “You’re my navigator,” I said, mildly.

“I’m going to drive through town, until we get to the highway,” he said. “But why?” I asked. “Because I want to drive through town,” he said.

I suddenly realized that he had figured out the win-win, so that he could give me what I wanted and still save face. Fine. I walked around to the other side. Kay was in back. We drove uneventfully through town, with me somewhat tense, wondering when he was going to release the car to me. Then, all of a sudden we were driving up a ramp, and he was saying, “Here’s where we get on the highway.”

I was astonished. Tricked! “You said you would give the car to me on the highway. You are not following our agreement!” Really pissed, and showing it.

“I’m just going to go up here to where we enter Rt. 85.”

“But we are already on the highway, please follow our agreement!”

There were no really wide places on this very busy highway to pull over, though I would have done so easily with anyone but him to change drivers. But Amos is frail, walks slowly, carefully. I was concerned, but still determined.

Finally, after three or four miles he did pull over. Kay was upset. “What are you doing?!” “Pulling over for Ann to drive,” he answered. I got out and came around to his side, with cars whizzing by at great rates of speed. Opened the door, helped him get out, and watched in alarm as he inched his way around the car and finally got in.

Then came the three or four minutes of me trying to figure out how to get the seat up, the mirrors adjusted, etc. He was right, I didn’t know this car! Finally got it going and we eased out into traffic.

I had worried that if he did relinquish the car to me that he would be nervous, and constantly bark instructions as to how I should be driving, causing me to get nervous, and getting us into an accident! But the strangest thing happened. As soon as he agreed to give up control, everything was fine. The three of us had a lively conversation, and then, whenever he did need to say something to me (better change lanes here, or take 295, coming up on the left, etc.) he was low, quiet, calm, as if he and I had always been in this duet, and him always my navigator.

During dinner, after the service [we were there to attend a memorial service for Jeff and other Princeton alumnae who had recently died], I had to put more quarters in the slot, since we had parked on the street with a two hour limit. When I stood up to go, Carol [Jeff’s friend, whom I had invited to be with us for this event] said, “Do you have the keys?” with a sly grin on her face (I had told her about our struggle). “Oh I have the keys alright, I said, glancing at Amos, grinning. “The keys are MINE.” The three of us shared a laugh which I don’t think the others at the table were aware of.

After we returned home, as I was getting out of the car, I came to kiss him on the cheek, and he said, “Thanks for driving,” to which I answered, “Thanks for letting me.”

The next morning Kay said to me that when they to go plays in Newark, she has convinced him to go a back route where they don’t have to go on the highway….

I was mildly surprised to hear that she felt that way; that she actually agreed with me but that she couldn’t buck him, on her own, and had to wait to see how it turned out. But we all got through it. I told her that I was very proud of him. That he had internalized the shift overnight, and found a way to save face, too. And that I see now that his nature is essentially very sweet.

My friend Claudia pointed out to me this morning how much like his son Amos is. Both with their controlling aspect, and their sly, trickster aspect. And, she pointed out, this was a continuation of my work with Jeff. So many times I had to get mad at him, to directly contravene his stubbornness. Now his father proved that, like his son, he can shift too, and that in the car when he was, in a low sure voice, giving me directions, he was in his essence. His trickster receded, once he relinquished control.

That whole weekend shifted my relationship with him. We can now trust each other on a new level, having gone through that drama and come out the other side without turning into enemies.

In fact, tonight he called me, wanting to know if I got home okay. This was the first time he has done that. I told him I would call him after this, when I arrive home, the way Jeff used to call him after a trip, to let him know I was okay.











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Alt-Epistemology: A BIG secret, affecting us all, finally surfaces . . .

Side table, next to living room chair that I sit in every day.

Okay folks, let’s face it. It’s not just kids addicted to screens.

Bedside piles. Both side table and bedside piles have held the same books in the same positions, for weeks, if not months.

Yes, let’s admit it. Who among us — no matter what our age —  still reads books, real books, not books on screen, but the ones with physical pages, that carry heft and weight in the material world. I sure don’t. I try to. Sometimes I do even succeed (google “book review exopermaculture” and you will see a few that I did read). Yet my cousin Ben has sent me two books in the past month, both of which I cannot imagine reading all the way through. Oh I want to! I mean I know he sent them for a reason. And of course, I will dip into them, like I do all the books that catch my eye, or that others think should interest me. I go there for a quick fix, a stimulus to which I can respond, instantly, all the while my mind roving restlessly. What’s next? What’s the next fix?

Twitter especially has ruined my capacity for sustained attention. Twitter is like a slot machine; what’s that next tweet, the one coming the very next second, going to reveal, or induce: A state of shock? Surprise? Thrill? Dread? Fury?

On the other hand, it is my practice to notice how a particular item induces a certain feeling; I pay attention to that, that feeling — and to what “triggered” it. Which in turn, will engender the question, “Why that trigger?” What does it mean?

That’s what I always end up with, WHAT DOES IT MEAN. And always, all so-called meaning is not only provisional and kaleidoscopic, but, depending on the depth or extent of the framework I place around it (and that framework is usually unconscious, and so, once identified, worth probing, digging into, deeper and deeper down), that meaning shifts.

Actually, it’s not that I’m no longer capable of sustained attention. I just can’t seem to do it with the printed page! It might be that I (and we?) are reverting to pre-print days, when, especially in winter, we sat around in the dark, telling stories of the ancestors, building collective memory, savoring our bonds.

But wait a minute! Back then we sat around in caves, or tipis, or yurts, together, connected, in families, tribes. Now, except for Christmas and Thanksgiving, most of us sit around alone, while psychically, weirdly, connecting to the whole of humanity! What? Huh? That’s not possible, of course. Yet each of us has our own way of visualizing this massive audio event that never stops and never begins either, just drones on and on, buzzing the ear whether or not we are paying attention.

So to me: yup, alone, I tend to listen to the audio of audiovisual presentations, usually on my ipad, especially at night, after I’ve gone to bed. I must admit, I do relish this time, and remain with eyes closed, both relaxed and attentive, present all the way through — or almost all the way through; and if not, if I think it’s important, or intriguing, I will go back and listen to the part I missed, again. And, I use my ipad to fall asleep, too. Just the way I used to use books to fall asleep. And I turn to the ipad instead of a book when I awaken in the middle of the night, and search for new audios that might attract me. If I find that the audio I’ve picked does truly turn me on — if it offers something startlingly new, or an addendum to a point of view I’m already provisionally solidifying; or alternatively, if it completely, utterly — and in a compelling manner — contradicts what I thought was “real” — then I stay awake. If not, then I fall asleep, just like I did formerly, with books. I usually manage to get seven hours of sleep, despite at least two hours awake, absorbing stories, in the middle of the night.

BTW: I now find it difficult to watch a movie all the way through as well. They usually only last 1.5 to 2 hours, and at least in western culture, except for “art films,” tend to have an emotional or intellectual structure that builds, climaxes, and then fades, with of course, a little ripple at the end. In other words, the plots and character development of most regular films are so very predictable! Especially when compared to original series with four or five seasons of one hour weekly shows. So delicious, when a series is good! But movies, at this point in my life, and in the life of our culture, I usually watch for just a few minutes and then already bored, return to the ipad.

So, though movies are too predictable (because of the time restriction), I contrast that with  some screened series, especially some of the early ones, like Deadwood and Six Feet Under, both of which I found utterly compelling and fascinating all the way through. At last, character development that goes on and on! At last, interpersonal and social dynamics that offer a continuous flow of ascending/descending complexity! Like real life!  But, damn it, I decided as a matter of principle, to get off Netflix around nine months ago, because of the weird changes I noticed there. And I haven’t bothered to find a substitute.

So, it’s back to the damn ipad! That’s the kind of virtual experience I crave, apparently. And the internet, let’s face it  offers mind-boggling immensity. Billions of little silos bouncing off each other, some with walls, some with membranes that breathe. I hope my silo is one of those! Yes, like everybody else I have my favorite blogs and alt-news sources. In fact, it’s difficult for me to break into new directions on the internet, even though I know the whole wide and deep world is there, just at my fingertips, if I would only branch out and away from the familiar. I puzzle over my reluctance.

But hey! I have enough trouble deciding who to “trust” as it is! Like everyone, I’m aware that anything, literally anything, can be fabricated, that fear porn and hate porn infect all sorts of sites, that clickbait tends to rule. I try to avoid all this, of course, and choose only certain people and certain sites to “follow,” sometimes in order to see if I really do want to pay attention to them; and that depends on me being able to become at least somewhat aware of their bias, their typical “point of view,” i.e., “where they are coming from,” the specific quirky or cynical or vibrant point in the immensity from which they are viewing, scanning the skies above, and the earth below, for items of interest to them, to their perspective. I like to think I can eventually detect the main bias of any blogger or any website, and then ascertain its formation through the holding of certain values, which I do or do not share.

To me, values precede ideas; they both attract certain ideas to them and not others, and they make some ideas more meaningful than others.

If I feel that someone’s values are all too predictable, and easy to assess, then it means to me that they are shallow, not thought through, or seriously held. And, usually, polarized. Boring. I move on.

If I do sense a resonance, and feel that possibly I might share a person’s, or a website’s values (rare!), then I might follow them, at least provisionally.

If I feel that someone’s values are strange, but interesting, I might follow until I decide whether my discomfort is just because I’m too old, or stuck in my ways, or prudish, or academic, or “superior.”  And if so, I’ll probably continue, for awhile anyway, to follow their work, just to expose more fully my own prejudice! And to ask myself to decide, in that case, whether I should still hold it!

But if my discomfort comes about through a sense that they are sensing a reality larger, deeper, wider than the one I have heretofore entertained, and if what they seem to be ascertaining  intuitively excites me too, then I will definitely continue to follow them. Not because I’m interested in coming to a conclusion, but because, in their lead, my explorations of the immensity we are all swimming in opens further.

Yes, I like to remember: “Not all those who wander are lost.”

For about two years now, I’ve been well aware, scarily aware, really, how my own writing “style” has changed from decades ago. And I find such comfort in returning to the long, slow, swelling cadences of that bygone era, that I decided to do what I have learned since, thanks to a reader, Tony, to call my “recapitulation project,” which is to go back and find, sometimes even copy over, old essays, both published and unpublished, from my own literary corpus, most of them since the mid-80s, and post them on this exopermaculture blog under the heading AK Reader, plus old astrological essays that I file under the heading Astrology. There are hundreds of them to archive! Plus several full-on book length manuscripts! My intention is to share them all, either as single essays, or as e-books.

It’s my contention, and some of my readers also tell me, that reading this “old” work from the past (though on a screen, not in a printed volume) itself offers a decided balm for the 21st century human; that it helps to calm, center, and regulate the inflamed mind. Besides the ideas themselves which are very much mine, wrestled from conscious awareness of ongoing experience, it’s the way the ideas were presented back then, that counts. The rhythms, the tones, all much more flowing and slow moving than now, though not nearly as complexly multi-dimensional! For that is what I have gained since then, a capacity to go up and down the elevator of consciousness to intersect other dimensions, and then to suddenly, without warning or conscious intent, jump or cascade from one dimension to another, drawing the reader along in the choppy waves of my wake.

So yes, the ways I think have fractured into a million pieces, and continue to splinter further. How to center myself inside the maelstrom that appears to be gaining momentum and complexity hourly, minute by minute? Daily routines help. And that includes a two-hour commitment to “physical culture,” which, for me, features a morning walk after breakfast with the dogs (3 to 4 miles), and one hour of  yoga/chikung/taichi before dinner. Both. Daily. I never fail to live up to this task of paying attention to my physical body. Nor do I forget that the body itself includes the unconscious; indeed, one could say that the body IS the extension, in the material world of the unconscious — and furthermore: that the unconscious spreads out to include all and everything . . .. So, besides getting enough sleep, eating nutricious food, and staying present during daily errands, I utilize my two  “physical culture” hours to discern, absorb and integrate bits and pieces of the digital phenomena that my mind bounces off of during during hour upon hour of surfing, usually while lurking, the internet.

Of social media, I only do twitter and facebook. Twitter is new: though I joined it years ago, I ignored it until about six months ago, and it’s morphed into my go-to source for my kind of “breaking news,” or for “news” that I think is “fit to print,” or at least fit to pursue further, deeper. Which means, that my twitter sources, of course, those I “follow,” are what count. Facebook? I go there mostly to keep up with friends and places I have known forever, plus my siblings, cousins, nieces, nephews, grandkids, etc. — the photos of them and their families as they morph through time. I haven’t yet succumbed to instagram, and don’t even know the names of other social media.

And then there’s Q. I do follow Q, ever since the beginning when I discovered it just as it was popping in; and, aside for some wavering here and there, I have remained attentive to and fascinated by its cryptic message stream that seems to engage near-continuous, startling synchronicities while remotely viewing and sensing both space and time.

I used to connect posts on this blog to facebook, and once in a while post one to twitter, but I decided a few years ago that I’m not really interested in building a “wide” following; that my effect, as someone riding the edge of this culture is, and has always been, homeopathic; which is just fine. That way I can maintain relative anonymity, and yet still carry a charge.

So, as to what stimulated this post:  . . . my old activist Idaho friend (with whom yes, I connect with on fb, as well as via email, and sometimes I even see him, at family gatherings (he is step-dad to one of my nieces)) sent me this link, from, a site a regularly follow, but not so much while I was in Massachusetts. Thanks, Bill Chisholm!

Are people forgetting how to read?

P.S. Oh wow! I just saw on fb an amazing poster, and wonder if it’s true! If so, this startling information makes sense of my question, during our first, first grade lesson in arithmetic, when, as a puzzled, scared five year old, I asked Sister Bernita, a Dominican nun, “But what . . . what is a number?” And she turned around from the blackboard, and stared at me, for a long time, for an eternity!  — before answering, with finality: “That is not a question, dear.” My ears were burning. My classmates were staring at me. From that moment on, mathematics became a floating world, with no reference to reality.

This poster that connects numbers with geometric angles made by the crossing of straight lines arranged in a certain pattern, not only makes sense of my question but finally, after 70 more years of wondering, answers my childhood question. YES! A first!

So, not being able to read or write in the slow, rhythmic, thorough way the way I used to maybe gets balanced out by discoveries like this one, coming in at random, “out of the blue,” thick and fast, over and over and over. No end to it. This revelation, this mystery.


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Post-Christmas trip: A few observations on changing airport technology and surveillance

Number 1, by far: the new Indianapolis airport appears to be the only one I’ve ever been in that has the bathroom toilet stall doors opening out rather than in. So much more convenient for travelers all trying to crowd their stuff in with them and then close the stall door. DUH!

Googling the question, I came upon this, which included five possible reasons, one of which makes sense from a paranoid point of view, which of course, is the “normal” point of view, now that “terrorists” supposedly lurk everywhere.

Actually, the question of stall doors is not “number 1, by far,” though it is a comment on the current state of the way humans wrench energy into specialized forms via technology, and hold it there, causing massive convenience or inconvenience over long or short stretches of time and space.

Another interesting development at Boston’s airport: an automated system for bags in their trays. (BTW: I have NEVER gone through airport radiation machines; I ALWAYS opt out, and submit to the grope, in public.) This improved system has the empty trays pop out  from underneath; as usual, you load your stuff and send it through while going through yourself. Once past security, the trays’ assembly line doubles, with bags that TSA wants to check shunted, one by one, to the other side, where a uniformed TSA official wrestles them around to a place where he screens them again, in more detail. One of my trays was deemed suspicious enough to go through this process.

“Okay. This tray will need to go through the security line again,” he says, gesturing with this arm back to the line.

“So how do I do that?” I ask.

“You don’t. I take it to the front where it goes through again.” Which is crazy, not at all efficient, compared to those empty trays popping out from underneath.

While standing there waiting for my suspicious tray, I talked with the woman in front of me who was also waiting. She was young, with a small baby in a stroller, traveling with, it turns out when he re-screened one of her bags and found four “suspicious” bottles, Similac, a baby formula. He said he had to open all four of them. She said once they are open they are only good for an hour. This stymied both of them, until he, without opening any of them, finally said he had to take them all to his “supervisor.” During the time he was gone, she told me that she was traveling all day, that these four bottles were exactly the amount she needed to feed the baby four times. I asked if she could buy milk as a substitute, since that’s available in airports. She didn’t know. The baby has never had cow’s milk. We worked over that question for awhile, before the TSA guy finally came back, and instead of opening the bottles, inserted them, one by one, into some kind of a machine. Probably radiating them, I thought.

The final note on real or unreal advances in technology, is the new gizmo I saw at the Indy airport on the way out to meet son Colin for the hour’s drive back to Bloomington. Didn’t stop to take a pic, but I noticed two people talking, while riding bikes which charged their cell phones. Good idea. Not the first time people have thought of harnessing all the human energy that goes into the technology that creates exercise machines of various kinds.

Aha, they are called “human powered charging stations,” and the Indy Airport has been recognized for this innovation.

Indianapolis Airport recognized for human-powered charging stations

Oh yes, one more note: this one on the intersection between technology and the advancing police state: you can now pay $85 for “pre-check” that lasts for five years. (Or: if you want it “global,” then add $15. What a deal!) “I’ve got it, and it’s great!” says my former daughter-in-law Sue. “But you would hate it. You have to go through a background check and give your fingerprints.” Yep. she knows me well.

And to think that, for some mysterious reason, I had automatic pre-check status for several years up until very recently! I still wonder how that happened. Now I know why it stopped.

On the other hand, there’s another new rule, for travelers over 65, which pretty much makes up for the non-pre-check status. No longer have to take off my shoes. Whooee!

Remember, we can thank the 9/11 “event” for the Patriot Act that started the unrolling of, for the most part, increasingly paranoid automations.

Despite all this, I was heartened by the courtesy and kindness of the uniformed TSA people whenever I stopped to engage them as real people, and especially, encouraged by the many young couples with small children who form personal circles of safety and comfort inside the vast grinding machine that funnels the human race deeper and deeper into the 21st century.

Oh, and BTW: Sue and I love introducing each other to people she knows as “former mother-in-law” and “former daughter-in-law. They always looked flummoxed. “Mother-in-law” has enough bad connotations, but former mother-in-law? So much fun to defy expectations.

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