ATTENTION: This is the final post on the exopermaculture site

After an extended three day-runaround with the wp-support guys, my admin Gabby and I have decided to stop using this blog and instead, it will be saved as an archive. The new site is

and I’ve put one post up there which echoes this one.

I’ve sort of enjoyed the fact that I couldn’t post these past three days. On the other hand of course I felt impatient — so much high geopolitical drama to point to, to talk about! That I was unable to get into the site meant I could focus elsewhere, and take a needed break from the outside world.

I will be posting on the new site, within the next few days. It’s easy to subscribe to it, BTW.

I also like the fact that the name of the new website is my own name, just me. No identification with anything outside the self, even permaculture and exopermaculture! At 78, beginning the process of letting go of all but the eternal flame, burning inside.




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PhD Philosophy, 1972. Rogue philosopher ever since.
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