Is Trump’s fury with North Korea a diversionary wag the dog tactic?

An eye-raising possibility that first showed up, for me last night, via Pepe Escobar:

Is North Korea Showing the Emperor Is Naked?


A case can be made that President Trump is using North Korea to kick the 24/7 Russia-gate narrative out of the US news cycle. It’s certainly working. After all, in Exceptionalistan weltanschauung, the prospect of war and its possible rewards certainly trumps hazy accusations of Russian hacking and election interference.

Capitol Hill would never even consider an attempt to impeach a president – on top if he’s surrounded by generals – while American geopolitical primacy is in danger. Besides, Congress has already made it explicit Trump does not even need permission to bomb North Korea.

So, according to this working hypothesis, if Robert Mueller finds anything seriously damaging to the Trump brand, the president might actually consider a bomb North Korea/wag the dog operation.


This same case has been given a very human context by another writer, who helps us begin to feel Donald Trump in his impossible role as U.S. President, besieged and betrayed on all sides. And, frankly, it fascinates me that no matter how much a warmonger Trump SEEMS to portray at times, for me the jury is still out! If so, then no wonder. 

North Korea: When the truth is stranger than fiction

August 12, 2017

What’s really going on with North Korea? Armchair analyst nails it!

SOTN Editor’s Note:
The following commentary was submitted to SOTN and deserves some serious space.

It answers the question: Why is North Korea blowing up so much bigger this time?

This short explanation was slightly edited from the original submission.

Thanks to “Lone Ranger” for piecing this together.

State of the Nation
August 12, 2017

Submitted comment starts here:

North Korea: Everything points to a diversionary tactic…by you know who.

We shouldn’t even be writing about this for obvious reasons.  We will explain why we are later on.

First, let’s be clear about the ongoing drama with North Korea (NK).

It’s really all drama being hyped Hollywood-style.

Regardless of who is really behind it and why they are doing it, it’s being used by Trump.


He’s being forced to change the daily narrative any way he can.

The “Russia collusion” story has been used to distract him and his team.

His agenda gets throttled daily because Deep State is wasting his time with false allegations and fictitious events.

The media ties him up hourly with fake news about Russia.

The intelligence agencies pile on with leaked this and leaked that.

The many spooks in the West Wing make mischief at every opportunity.

When you add it all up, they are preventing him from serving out his term as POTUS.

The quickest and easiest way to throw a wrench in the Deep State machinery is to replace their fake news with fakier news about NK.

As soon as NK allegedly made its new round of threats, Trump jumped on it like a cat on a piece of hot tuna.

He couldn’t have been handed a better distraction to change the media focus away from the fake news about Russia.

They’re even talking about nuclear war.  And, that many Americans are actually fearful about the prospect.

The media loves talking about nukes and nuclear war.  It also sells newspapers.

Showman Trump has done a great job milking this NK cow for all its worth.  But he really has no choice.

Because as soon as NK dies down, as it always does, the crazies in Congress will saber rattle toward Russia yet again.

Now many patriots are thinking about getting off the Trump train because of the constant warmongering.

Sometimes a leader has got to do some crazy things to change the conversation.

He’s got to out-crazy the crazymakers.

This is what Trump is doing today with NK (another crazymaker).

And it’s what he’ll have to do with other crazymakers (both foreign and domestic) in the future.

It’s his only hope if he is to outsmart the craziest neocon crazymakers who run Washington like it’s their whorehouse.

Trump is moving through very dangerous times, personally and as president.

He can’t be too careful.

What he can do — whenever it makes sense — is distract, divert and misdirect.

This provides cover for him to get something — anything — done for the American people.

The Trumpsters need to understand this, even if it looks like he’s triggering a war.

He’s NOT.

If war does break out on his watch, then Trump lost to the Deep State crazymakers.

It’s important to support him during this precarious period.

He will do a lot of things that don’t square with his campaign promises.

Not only is he practically alone in the White House, many secretly conspire against him and his stated agenda.

Donald Trump really needs moral support from the patriots and Trump movement. August, September and October promise to be rough going for him.

As for who is really behind Kim’s temper tantrum.  And why they are triggering him.

That’s “you know who”, of course.

Lone Ranger



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Our Alaska Adventure

Just returned from a week-long adventure with my kids (Boston-based Sean, with grandkids Kiera and Drew on the left) and Colin (next to me). Shown here on our final day, with sister-in-law Jeannie, at lunch before Sean and kids left for two days and nights at Denali and Colin and I for Jeannie’s house, where we would wait three hours for our red-eye flights (three of them) home to Indy Wednesday night/Thursday morning. All of us look both relaxed and a bit exhausted here, and no wonder!

The week was filled with non-stop activities, gatherings, walks and hikes, dinner parties.

All of my siblings had gathered for the momentous event of brother John’s and Jeannie’s oldest daughter Hannah’s marriage to Chris, the love of her life. They are both 30 years old. They met when they were 15. And frankly, I never have seen such a beautiful, freshly loving couple as these two, despite their long history! As they say, there wasn’t a dry eye in the place during their ceremony, held on a mountainside ski area overlooking Anchorage, where they both grew up.

That was Saturday. On Friday, we went up there to hike, and found a huge crew — their friends — setting up for 160 guests. They are both ultimate frisbee players, on national teams (his father is one of the founders of ultimate frisbee as a sport), and so are all their friends, apparently, each of them beautiful, fit, athletic, and clearly connected to each other in a vast network that seems to include all of Alaska and beyond. Though Jeannie and John paid for the venue and the food, the entire meal prep was supplied also by friends, all gratis. No labor costs for this wedding. The spread of hors d’oeuvres was the most lavish and unusual I’ve ever seen. At least 30 different offerings, each one labeled “Alaska”: Alaska reindeer wrapped in bacon; Alaska goat cheese with local blueberry jam (I made both of those up, but you get the idea).

And that wasn’t even the main meal! We were all astonished that we still had room for this:

On and on, wonders never ceased. Of course the toasts were to die for. It seemed like all of Chris’s friends from his college days at Carleton College in Minnesota made the trek to Alaska for the long-anticipated event. Eleven groomsmen, seven bridesmades, and all of them, as I said, gloriously beautiful, healthy, vital.

Oh my! Apparently the culture of generosity and reciprocity is very much a part of Alaskan tradition. As Jeannie’s brother-in-law told me, during yet another dinner that was “thrown together” on the spur of the moment and lavishly for a party of what? 30? two nights after the wedding, “the world is round in Alaska.”

On the very day after the wedding, brother John (who runs three resorts for a Native corporation in Alaska) told us that we all needed to take the train to Whittier and get on a boat to see the glaciers in Prince William Sound. Okay! So the eleven of us that were staying in an Air B&B near John’s house did just that, booking a five-hour, 50 mile boat ride on which we were promised to see 26 glaciers. And did! The excursion included an unusually delicious salmon chowder lunch.

A few of the glaciers:

Having already traveled to Alaska twice (and even ridden in a bush plane to deliver mail to tiny villages, again thanks to brother John who was at that time the mayor of Nome as I recall — or was he a disc jockey?), I was not quite as astonished by the wildness and beauty of Alaska as were others in our party.

And the train ride itself? Well, wouldn’t you know, it reminded me of Siberia, from which I have just returned.

Lest you think Alaska is paradise, remember that Prince William Sound was the location of  the Exxon Mobile Oil Spill in 1989 to the tune of 10.8 million gallons of crude oil. Indeed, oil and gas are what built non-Native Alaska.

The evil HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) facility sits 200 miles east of Anchorage. Missile sites sit atop a mountain across from the wedding site, aimed, of course, at Russia. And on the afternoon of the otherwise glorious wedding itself, we were treated by an unusually thick display of chem trails.


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Towards a Post-Penis Paradigm

Back in the early ’80s, when I was a (mentally violent) peace activist, I used to compare missiles to penises. At that time, my comparison shocked audiences. No longer. Now nothing shocks, not even the idea of actually contemplating nuclear war! I have seen so many “bomb shelter” articles in the past few days that I’ve lost count. Even here, in my fair city of Bloomington, Indiana!

And hey, just found a map for “nuclear targets” in Indiana! Bloomington isn’t even listed! Oh wow! Great! But wait . . . doesn’t nuclear fallout spread EVERYWHERE?

“The unthinkable” truly is that, or should be. Not even during the good old Cold War MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) days did we actually contemplate “doing it” like we are now.

Meanwhile, as far as I’m concerned, the only response to such drastic (and what could be more drastic) fear mongering, is awareness, centering, daily meditative practices, kindness to self and others — plus: engaging, fully, passionately, intensely creatively in whatever you personally are meant to do or not do on this beautiful planet. Yes. Let’s be present. Fully alive. Here. Now. All of us together.

You know the drill! NOT a bomb shelter drill. A HUMAN drill. Remember, the word for our species, homo sapiens, actually means, “man, the wise.”

If there was ever a time to wise up, it is now, while we are still here, still absorbing the extraordinary intelligence and beauty of (despite all our depredations, still somewhat) intact Nature. Let us listen to Her, be with Her, love Her, for She will let us know exactly how to reconnect with the magnificent integrated differentiation of the continuously evolving forms of the infinite conscious cosmos that loves us all, beyond measure, and forever.

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Russia/China forging a peace deal for Korea/U.S.?

This morning’s post on the latest incendiary drama between humans who, like little boys playing with dynamite, seem to be intoxicated with nuclear power —in this case Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump — was forged out of despair at how our “leaders” can manage to hold the entire biosphere hostage to their preening “masculinity.” And yet, and yet. Take note of this possibly hopeful sign that reminds me of Russia’s adroit intervention re: Syria in August 2012 when Obama had drawn his “red line in the sand” and the entire world was hanging in the balance. Remember that?

Confrontation is never a good idea.

Lavrov: There is a Russian/Chinese Plan to Defuse the Korean Crisis

Or if not that, then at least this:

U.S. and North Korea already talking through back door channel at UN

Oh yeah, and BTW:

Ron Paul Institute: “Only Morons Believe What the U.S. Gov Says about North Korea”

Remember, governments lie. They always lie. About everything.

Meanwhile, Mercury stations to go retrograde tomorrow, August 12, to remain until September 5. Hopefully, during these three weeks, the rhetoric will wind down, turn around, and become more reflective. Above all, we need to learn to listen to our “enemies,” to stand in their shoes, to recognize what they need, if we wish to defuse a situation that Trump, just this morning, via tweet, ramped all the way up to “locked and loaded.”




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Is the U.S. about to Destroy North Korea AGAIN?

June 25, 1950. I will never forget that day when I learned that the Korean War had begun. I was seven years old, walking home from the library, my young feet dragging with worry, that familiar, sinking feeling of DREAD in my solar plexus, the impossible weight of the world on my skinny, narrow shoulders.

Of course, I did not know the real story of the Korean War. All I knew was I felt the horror for three long years, until the war was over and a “truce” was called.

Nor did I know that North Korea has hated the U.S. ever since that terrible war. A war that, as usual, was never taught in school. Nor, of course, were we taught what really went on in that war. Did YOU know that they lost fully 20% of their people to American bombs? Now, regarding latest iteration of American determination to foment regime change, I recognize that the current vitriol foaming from the North Korean leader’s lips (more than matched by Trump’s fiery rhetoric) would not be surprising to the Korean people. And furthermore, that there is good reason why, in a survey taken early this year, that more than 24% of the respondants said the U.S. is the greatest threat to world peace.

Why Do North Koreans hate us? One reason: They remember the Korean War


For the record, it was the North Koreans, and not the Americans or their South Korean allies, who started the war in June 1950, when they crossed the 38th Parallel and invaded the south. Nevertheless, “What hardly any Americans know or remember,” University of Chicago historian Bruce Cumings writes in his book “The Korean War: A History,” “is that we carpet-bombed the north for three years with next to no concern for civilian casualties.”

How many Americans, for example, are aware of the fact that U.S. planes dropped on the Korean peninsula more bombs — 635,000 tons — and napalm — 32,557 tons — than during the entire Pacific campaign against the Japanese during World War II?

How many Americans know that “over a period of three years or so,” to quote Air Force Gen. Curtis LeMay, head of the Strategic Air Command during the Korean War, “we killed off … 20 percent of the population”?

Twenty. Percent. For a point of comparison, the Nazis exterminated 20 percent of Poland’s pre-World War II population. According to LeMay, “We went over there and fought the war and eventually burned down every town in North Korea.”

Every. Town. More than 3 million civilians are believed to have been killed in the fighting, the vast majority of them in the north.

How many Americans are familiar with the statements of Secretary of State Dean Rusk or Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas? Rusk, who was a State Department official in charge of Far Eastern affairs during the Korean War, would later admit that the United States bombed “every brick that was standing on top of another, everything that moved.” American pilots, he noted, “were just bombing the heck out of North Korea.”

Douglas visited Korea in the summer of 1952 and was stunned by the “misery, disease, pain and suffering, starvation” that had been “compounded” by air strikes. U.S. warplanes, having run out of military targets, had bombed farms, dams, factories, and hospitals. “I had seen the war-battered cities of Europe,” the Supreme Court justice confessed, “but I had not seen devastation until I had seen Korea.”


I wonder if Vladimir Putin has read Naomi Klein’s Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism and John Perkins’ Confessions of an Economic Hitman? These are the two books I recommend as essential reading for those willing to re-educate themselves re: American “foreign policy,” i.e., regime changes the U.S. foments in one country after another — and why. But then, Putin doesn’t have to read these books; he knows first hand that of all the countries the economic hit men would like to get their hands on, it’s Russia itself, by far the largest, nearly-pristine, untapped land mass in the world.

Here are Putin’s views on the current sword-rattling over North Korea:

PUTIN: North Korean Crisis Is False Flag to Start WWIII

PUTIN:  North Korea Doesn’t Have Nuclear Weapons, It has Trillions in Minerals

Meanwhle, Steve Pieczenik views the Korean broohaha in a larger context — as a Trumpian strategy that echoes the way Pieczenik says Trump works his business deals:  pretending that it’s one thing when it’s really another. In this case, according to Pieczenik, the current crisis has more to do with China and India than it does with North Korea. 

Dr. Steve Pieczenik: Full Interview at Infowars 8/09/17

I see this morning that, if Pieczenik is right, then China knows too.

China Warns Trump: “We will prevent a North Korea Regime Change”



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Green Acres Village News, plus: OFF TO ALASKA!

Son Colin and I will, by late tonight, join son Sean and teenage grandkids Kiera and Drew from Boston — all touching down in Anchorage to meet up with my seven brothers and sisters and spouses for niece Hannah’s wedding to her long time partner Chris. I counted last night in bed: Wow, I’ve actually managed to attend eight of my nieces and nephews’ weddings. Not too shabby!

So that means I will be off this blog, again, entirely, until probably August 11. Will post more on Siberia/Mongolia on my return, especially concerning the subject of shamanism, which, after all, was the real point of the journey!

Here’s the latest from Green Acres Village, which just keeps humming along, despite the comings and goings of  its various members — especially me! Much gratitude!

GAV News, August 3, 2017 . . .




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Larger Context Department: Medvedev throws down the gauntlet to Trump, and meanwhile . . .

Well, if there was ever a communication designed to “get Trump’s goat,” it’s this:

Russian PM Medvedev: “The U.S. just declared full-scale  trade war with Russia”

Especially this astonishing dig —

the Trump administration demonstrated complete impotence by transferring executive power to Congress “in the most humiliating manner”,

— a gauntlet thrown down to this new, still politically naive (though learning fast) president whose warlike Mars in Leo sits just behind his 29° Leo Ascendant, conjunct the royal star Regulus.

And note, please: the upcoming August 21 solar eclipse that crosses the entire U.S.A. will also fall exactly on Trump’s Ascendant. Clearly, the destinies of the U.S. and President Donald Trump are inextricably intertwined.

And note please also, that today, this very day, August 3, unpredictable, wild card Uranus (which conjuncted Trump’s Sun at birth) turns to go retrograde at 28° Aquarius, closely opposing both Trump’s Ascendant and the solar eclipse — And, BTW: the U.S. 28° Aquarian Moon, symbol of “the public.” I see here the beginning of some kind of walk back, of let’s not take the bait now, but later — after Uranus turns to go direct again? Which will be on January 2, 2018.

Meanwhile, starting August 13, Mercury will also turn to go retrograde, for three weeks. Time for reflection, folks. All this warlike talk, so typical with Sun conjunct Mars (since July 23) needs to — and I predict, will — ramp way down.

So I ask, will Trump take the Medvedev bait now, even so? Will he blush with such rage that he phallically “rises to the occasion”? And what would that mean? Clearly, he had no choice but to sign the stupid bill slapping more sanctions on Russia (while, and even more telling: crippling his own ability to negotiate independently) that nearly the entire mind-controlled, pay-to-play, compromised Congress and Senate had voted for; not signing it would have made his relations with the legislative branch of the USG even more fraught. On the other hand, is he a multi-D chess master? I’m counting on it. And counting too, on his continued relationship with chess master Putin, even though that personal connection now has to be conducted decidedly sub rosa.

One thing to always keep in mind:

NASA halts contact with Russia except for International Space Station

In other words, no matter what the dramatic, theatrical squabbles on the ground, up in space we all get perspective, and ignore geopolitical posturing on Earth. In fact, scheduled for tomorrow:

Russian Soyuz Spacecraft to carry three astronauts to International Space Station


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What? Humans aren’t “red in tooth and claw”?

— Not in our essential nature, no.

Alaskan Town’s Entire Police Force Quits, Doesn’t Devolve into Lawlessness

[Or might this town’s experience be an argument that healthy human settlements should not be over 1000 people? Good question.]

— Unless pushed against a wall.

Just in the past few days, these stories:

Chicago’s Homicide Count Hits 400

Baltimore Hits 200 Homicide Mark for 2017

I know that the PTW (powers that were) want us to believe, and have drummed it incessantly into our heads forever through newsmedia, film, TV, etc., that humans are bad, evil, selfish and mean, when left to their own devices; that a Hobbesian world of “all against all” is what we face if we don’t have “police protection” — which, unfortunately, looks, in many places, more and like police militarization as this strange summer drags on.

Anarchy in America: Shot down like dogs in the Street

Luckily, thanks to our technology, we do have ways to counteract police brutality, or at least show it in action. Until, that is, one of those bills that makes it illegal to film police in action actually makes it onto the books. What happens then? Are we to just shut up and obey? Somehow, I doubt it. Which is probably what unnerves the PTW. And which brings me, once again, to Howard Beale, and the movie Network. From 1976! What’s changed? Answer: Everything’s changed. WE ARE WAKING UP. 


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Pedogate News, plus context: Joseph P. Farrell connects dots — the “gold” of drugs, human trafficking, global finance, slavery

An addendum to the most recent post on pedogate — and check out insightful comments below that article.

This one thanks to Rose, for the tip.

Lord Blackheath Surfaces Again, But This Time It’s Not . . .

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Young alt-journalists Sather and Yanaros join forces for the common good? If so, terrific!

The longer I listen to some young alt-journalists, the more secure I feel and grateful to be leaving our poor sorry world in their very capable hands. To Jordan Sather’s posts, “Destroying the Illusions,” here’s the latest —

I now add Theresa Yanaros, “Divine Frequency” — and BTW: thanks to UFO conferences they have both recently attended, it seems as if these two unusual young ones have now joined forces, though they are being somewhat coy about telling their audiences. See these two pics from fb.

“King and Queen of tinfoil hats.”

“Moving Day”








Yanonara’s  analysis of the rift that has developed in the alt-media re: UFO/ET is very similar to my own — that it’s a battle between those who prefer to remain in 3D (with 3D types of “empirical” proof) and those with access to higher dimensions, where 3D notions of “falsifiability” do not apply. Dark Journalist’s unusually snarky interviews with Bill Ryan and the strictly “scientific” views of Richard Nolan, who also interviewed Bill Ryan, are examples of the first — with Nolan’s attitude towards others who may not agree with him more charitable.

I especially appreciate Yanaros’s alt-epistemological discussion of “proof” in higher dimensions —

— though, frankly, I would rather not even use the word “proof” beyond 3D, but instead call it what it is, a growing, evolving “universe of discourse” utilized by those who name, describe, consider and evaluate agreed upon phenomena within a certain subset of a given language. I would add that filling in any particular “universe of discourse” with more and more conceptual and imaginative (and emotional!) material doesn’t ever constitute “proof” (even in 3D!) but instead just indicates more and more clearly the edges, and the horizon, beyond which one not dare go and still remain connected to others within that conversational and/or dimensional niche.

But maybe she figures she needs to use the word “proof” just to satisfy all those 3D’ers who still need to be persuaded to come along into these more inclusive dimensions?

I am reminded of my doctor father’s conversations with his friend, another doctor father, at family picnics when we were young. I would listen to them nod their heads in agreement, and have absolutely no idea what they were talking about, since the “universe of discourse” they occupied was utterly unfamiliar to me. What I was noticing was the psychic atmosphere within which they both spoke, and which they both took for granted. That’s what fascinated me, and still does. The various atmospheres that we humans concoct to hold ourselves in communion with one another.

Likewise here. There are those who speak of things which others would consider utter nonsense — unless and until they are initiated and/or indoctrinated into the same world-view.

They key point is, as I’m sure the (newly coupled?) Sather and Yanaros would agree, that we learn keep our world-views, our personal “belief systems,” — and, in their case, their most likely evolving interpersonal belief system — open and permeable to the mysterious universe. I.e., let’s not get locked in, not go around the world thinking we-know-it-all, or if not now then soon! — as we swagger about, heads weighed down by “foolproof” conceptual helmets that keep us in and the wider world out.

In other words, let us remain ready, willing, and available, for whatever comes down the pike next! For surely it will, and it’s best to be prepared, by which I mean centered, feet anchored to the ground, head open to the sky, arms wide and welcoming.

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