Chris Wallace-Crabbe poem evokes the ineffable . . .

I’ve had screenshots of this poem parked on my desktop for months now. Time to post them, and a bit about the author, Chris Wallace-Crabbe, now 85 years old, whom I have never heard of until this poem which still holds me, despite the two Australian words that I had to look up — “dinkum,” (honest, true) and “Lasseter” (the discoverer of a rich gold mine in a remote region of central Australia) — in a sort of Neptunian trance, enchanted, spacey, bewitched. The way I am every time dark shadowy figures dart through space in the outside corners of my eyes; or when I sense, or dream, my deceased husband Jeff’s presence; or my Mom’s, or Dad’s or sister Mary’s; or as now, when two old friends, Georgia in Bloomington, and Deidre in Jackson Hole, have recently died, and I feel each of them, at times, hovering, will-o-wisp, just above, or settled within.

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How might we consciously utilize the Saturn/Pluto energy? One example.

But first: Can you see Tiger kitty? (One eye is showing, and this tabby sits slightly above center in the photo.)

I took the above photo this morning during our regular Friday morning work party, this one devoted to digging up unwanted little trees.

This followed last night’s regular Thursday evening Community Dinner, which brought out, as usual, lotsa people —

and food —

and which graced us, afterwards, with the original guitar and voice music of Logan Carithers, a dear young man who used to live here.

So that was last night. This morning, earlier than usual, we convened for our Friday morning work party in order to make room, at 11 AM for one of our rare pod meetings. We had decided we would brainstorm for about an hour as to what’s next for

How to make this place truly sustainable? By which we mean, how to move forward in a way that brings more and more of our individual and group energy to bear upon creating a regenerative economy within our porous borders (three homes within a suburban neighborhood), one which utilizes every talent and skill that each of us has in concert with the earth underneath our feet? More on this prospect in future posts.

But first, before we talked about our grand goal, I talked about the forming Saturn/Pluto conjunction, and its impact upon individuals. See yesterday’s post. 

I then went further than usual into what I consider to be the ultimate result of this Saturn/Pluto collision, during this chaotic time when the old Saturn structures that have held the Plutonian life force within them are crumbling, detonating, self-destructing. It’s as if, during this last 35 year period (i.e., since the last Saturn/Pluto conjunction, then in Libra), each of us (probably unconsciously) created structures, or forms (routines, goals, plans, organizations) within which the fuel of the universe could both reside in us and be funneled through into the outer world. But now those forms are stretched tight, and the funnel, especially, feels WAY TOO CONSTRICTING. Imagine a garden hose, spraying water; now imagine a spewing fire hose, how much larger the nozzle, how much more force, for what is contained to pulse on through.

In other words, by undergoing this Saturn/Pluto conjunction, we are undergoing a painful birthing process. The cervix must widen, hugely, in order to accommodate the new energy. And this process, this birthing process, takes time. By the end of next year, hopefully, when Saturn moves in Aquarius (along with Jupiter), I, you, we, and the collective “we” will have begun to experiment with new Saturn forms, large and strong enough to accommodate the massive energy that wants to come through humans now.

Right away, during our pod meeting, we zeroed in on old business, which happens to be that we have never advanced beyond the structure of “Ann paying for everything, whenever an extra expense comes up.” This structure no longer works. I’ve run out of extra resources. We must move beyond the kind of enlightened feudalism that has held the atmosphere of this place so far.

And to do so we are going to have to begin to get grants, to be funneled through a non-profit, ARC, with which we are aligned.

And to get grants, we realize, we need to have a more formal structure, one with a vision statement, a mission statement, etc. This need has been on the books for years, and we’ve approached it periodically. But now, as Saturn and Pluto near their exact conjunction, we’ve decided to take the bull by the horns, and meet on the very day that Saturn and Pluto make their exact conjunction in Capricorn, January 12, 2020, which happens to be a Sunday. We plan an all day retreat to hammer out the invisible structure which we collectively decide will hold and fuel the burgeoning life force within this little template for another way of being human on this planet, one which includes both individualism and community, both me, and us, equally, in balance. What will this look like? We don’t know now. But we are all excited to see what we can do with the Saturn/Pluto energy when we apply ourselves consciously to creating a new (Saturn) structure for the Plutonian life force that will, ideally, engender a circular economy —

— and make it so that individuals will be able to “make their living” right here on this land, rather than to have to fan out into service jobs across Bloomington in order to “make it.”

The impossible awaits us. We’re up to the task.

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Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn: So how’s it going in YOUR life?

Saturn and Pluto  now sit within three degrees of one another in Capricorn: Saturn at 18°29 and Pluto at 21°35. The boiling cauldron — of corruption, fury, shame, guilt, revenge, horrifying memories — that has been sitting, “safely” walled off, underneath, is starting to blow. Saturn’s walls can’t hold Pluto off any longer. The time of eruption is at hand.

As I’ve pointed out earlier, not everyone is going to be personally affected by this upcoming conjunction. Those who have planets in about the 15° to 25° region of the cardinal signs — Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn — WILL be affected, “triggered,” in most likely, all sorts of ways, depending on sign and house, and the aspect pattern made by the entire chart.

Take myself, for example. I have Jupiter, (the ruler of my chart, since I am a Sagittarian) at 23° Cancer in the 8th house. Normally this position of Jupiter signals that I receive financial and emotional help from others, especially people whom I consider to be “family.” But: that means transit Saturn and Pluto are opposing this natal position, moving through Capricorn and the second house of my chart, that of my own self-worth.

And what has happened? Well, first, I underwent a terrific financial scam earlier this year, so powerful and horrifying that I have yet to tell the story on this blog. Not yet ready to trigger the PTSD that still festers inside.

Then, I found out that one of the houses in this three-home permaculture village needs a lot of work, to the tune of many many thousands of dollars. Where is this money going to come from? Still unknown. Long story here, again not to be told yet.

Another example: one of the people with whom I am in close daily contact, who has his natal Moon in that degree area of Libra, within the past month has discovered that his brother is a horrific control freak who erupts with such violence that he is endangering his young family, including newborn twins. My Libra Moon friend is thrust into the position of mediating among various family members.

Yesterday, I received a call from a dear old friend, my age, who also has her Jupiter in Cancer in the same degree as mine. She has just gotten out of the hospital, having had her gall bladder removed! We talked about what led up to it, her tremendous fury at the unfairness of a situation that involved her daughter — with resulting frustration, emotional “bile” that she had unsuccessfully attempted to repress, erupting in a powerful gall bladder infection.

Two old friends, one here, and one in Jackson Hole where I used to live, have just died, and when I compare their natal charts to their death charts, I see that Saturn and Pluto were both involved.

On and on it goes. Around here, we say, “How has Saturn and Pluto been activating YOUR life? I.e., what old buried gunk is starting to erupt? Buried gunk that you know damn well, at this point, is down there and waiting to be “triggered?” In fact, at our pod meeting for Green Acres Permaculture Village tomorrow at 11 A.M., I hope to look at everyone’s chart with the Saturn/Pluto conjunction in mind. That might help whatever interpersonal conflicts are bound to arise over this December, and especially January, when the planets make an exact conjunction only one time, on January 12, 2020, though the aftermath, the fallout from that conjunction, will continue through much of next year.

Now to move to a different level, in discussing this Saturn/Pluto time. First, let’s start with a synchronicity (we used to call them miracles):  I was sitting with one of my housemates, Camden, the other night, discussing Saturn/Pluto, and he asked me if he could borrow a thick book that I had just purchased, Cosmos and Psyche, by Richard Tarnas. I said sure, that I had gotten the book as a research tool, for when I look at certain periods in history astrologically, and seek to note and recognize events correlated with the planetary signatures involved. That this book would tell me.

He picked up the book, flipped it open, and began to read. Well, wouldn’tcha know!  He had opened it to page 257, the very page happens to discuss the Saturn/Pluto conjunction! “We see during Saturn-Pluto alignments a greatly increased collective tendency to confront the moral shadow of humanity . . .”


I’ve long been interested in the Saturn/Pluto in Leo conjunction of 1947, since it featured among other things, the birth of the CIA. Part of 1946 through 1948 were also the years when many of the so-called “leaders” of my Pluto in Leo generation, including both Clintons, and Steven Spielberg, were born.

Okay, let’s look at what’s going on today! Finally, in all sorts of ways, the long-buried reality of  the horrific global phenomenon  — in religion, politics, Hollywood, entertainment, big business — pedophilia, satanic ritual abuse and sacrifice, blood, organ and child trafficking and slavery — is actually beginning to surface. As quick examples, think of the John of God, NXIVM and Epstein sagas, not to mention what is perhaps the most telling metaphor of this age, “draining the swamp.”

We’re in the midst of it, folks, and nowhere near done. And each of us, if we have those degree areas of the cardinal signs in our natal chart, is personally involved. It’s time for each of us to own up to whatever shadow forces have been bedeviling us; time to acknowledge, and begin to heal by integrating the hated/feared/denied/projected opposites within. As in the Chapter title to that page 257 in Richard Tarnas’s remarkable book:


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“Phenomena” now available for Patreon subscribers

For Patreon silver and gold subscribers:  another Wednesday offering from my new weekly CroneCasts is now up. this one an audio rendering of a chapter from my book This Vast Being: A Voyage through Grief and Exaltation. I chose the chapter called “Phenomena,” for this reading, hoping that it might help others to see, feel, and honor the paranormal experiences that attend the death of a loved one, and especially a vast being, like Jeff! There were lots of phenomena present before he died as well, but his death wrenched me open to the multidimensional universe. Grateful!


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Alt-Epistemology: What does “Trump’s black horse” MEAN?

If ever there was an example of the relativity of perception and perspective, this is the MOST brilliant twitter thread I’ve ever come across, and illustrates all too well, the extreme “group identity” splits in our decomposing civilization.

The Most Hilarious Twitter Thread of the Year Shows How Social Media Reacts to Anything Trump Does


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Two penetrating analyses that caught my attention, seemingly unrelated. But are they?

One concerns the now archaic power-mad institution called NATO, which meets today. The other the cultural rot that has infected the U.S.A. Both essays are extremely hard-hitting, as should be. during this Saturn/Pluto time.

QUESTION: what does war-making have to do with civil society? Can they co-exist? Or does the first inexorably infect the other?

But first, check this out. Thanks to Fred Burks, the email list:

America has spent $6.4 trillion on wars in the Middle East and Asia since 2001, a new study says
November 20, 2019, CNBC News…

American taxpayers have spent $6.4 trillion on post-9/11 wars and military action in the Middle East and Asia, according to a new study. The report, from the Watson Institute of International and Public Affairs at Brown University, also finds that more than 801,000 people have died as a direct result of fighting . Of those, more than 335,000 have been civilians. Another 21 million people have been displaced due to violence. The $6.4 trillion figure reflects the cost across the U.S. federal government since the price of America’s wars is not borne by the Defense Department alone, according to Neta Crawford, who authored the study. Crawford explains that the post-9/11 wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Syria have expanded to more than 80 countries — “becoming a truly global war on terror.” The longer wars drag on, more and more service members will ultimately claim veterans benefits and disability payments. “Even if the United States withdraws completely from the major war zones by the end of FY2020 and halts its other Global War on Terror operations, in the Philippines and Africa for example, the total budgetary burden of the post-9/11 wars will continue to rise as the U.S. pays the on-going costs of veterans’ care and for interest on borrowing to pay for the wars,” Crawford writes. In March, the Pentagon estimated that the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria have cost each taxpayer $7,623 through fiscal 2018.

Note: Note that $6.4 trillion divided by the 320 million in the U.S. equals $20,000 spent for every man, woman, and child over the past two decades. For more along these lines, see concise summaries of deeply revealing news articles on military corruption from reliable major media sources.


Meanwhile, please notice that Donald Trump is the first president in 40 years not to have embroiled us in a new hot war. 


Here’s the NATO article, arguing basically, that it has outlived its so-called usefulness, and should be demolished.

Power Mad NATOs Deep and Pervading Crisis Is Foisted Upon the World

And here’s the cultural article, asking a deep penetrating question that makes me, for one, cringe.

Could America Survive A Truth Commission? 




And here’s one possible conclusion we can draw from the rotting corpse that is supposedly the great “exceptional” nation we call the U.S.A.


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Hmmm . . . What was Ukraine funding?

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President Trump: New Book, New Cartoon

Might the TDS tide be turning? Probably not. Sure would be fun to watch this video and check out this cartoon with one or more who is easily “triggered.”

I found the video enlightening, even at times, riveting. Especially author Wead’s remark, “I can’t help but think that everything is strategic,” when  referring to the supposed “chaos” that reigns in the White House. See at about the 11 minute mark:

“I had read that the White House is very chaotic. Sun Tzu wrote that  chaos leads to opportunity. That’s surely what happens with Trump . . .. He just stirs up all the pieces, and . . . well, I came out of the White House thinking that everything is calculated! It doesn’t happen just once in a while. It happens all the time!”

No surprise that Trump’s Gemini Sun/North Node conjuncts unpredictable, “wild card” Uranus, moving into the future (North Node) by stirring up all the cards to break up existing patterns (Uranus). And yet, his Sagittarius Moon/South Node sits across directly from the Sun/Uranus/NN conjunction. His philosophical perspective on the unfolding political and geopolitical drama is large (Sagittarius) and old (South Node). In fact, he’s been saying the same thing for at least 30 years. 

Also found fascinating Wead’s conversations with and views of especially Jared Kushner and Ivanka.

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