February 2021, SECOND MARKER will be Day 26: This scripted movie appears to be on track

See Sword of Damocles post.

To hardly anyone’s surprise, the Supreme Court let the sword fall on its head. Did they realize what they set in motion by doing so? Remember Juan O Savin’s remarks that these two days in February, the 19th and the 26th, are the final markers that could signal a new script might be in the offing. But no. Unless the Supremes reverse themselves on the 26th, the final act to this movie is about to begin. Which means:  all “lawful” options exhausted, it will finally become obvious to (at least most of) the public why it’s necessary to have the military in control.

Supreme Court Dismisses Slew of Presidential Election Lawsuits

Here’s technofog’s perspective on why it happened this way, namely that John Roberts, in an effort to depoliticize the Court, has politicized it to the max. (He didn’t mention the pedophilia corruption swirling around Roberts and possibly others.)

THE SUPREME DODGE: Some questions must not be answered

Yesterday, Gab delivered a pithy post by Ezra Cohen-Watnik. Precisely and succinctly, ECW summarizes the intel I’ve been picking up from diverse sources. Screenshots:


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GREEN ACRES VILLAGE LIFE: Monday morning Work Party, Upcoming Music Festival, Our Story

While I tend to keep my Sagittarian head in the beguiling and confusing clouds of both covidiana and the post-election political theater that has all of us “digital warriors” following each other on the internet, meanwhile, thanks to this potent little place, Green Acres Permaculture Village, I’ve finally landed, even grounded, my Taurus Moon happy as a clam to be living close to and of the Earth with friends.

Even during the “dead” of winter, we podmates hold two work parties each week, on Monday and Friday mornings. Since mid-January we’ve been both starting the planting process and “getting shit done.”

Planting news

At this point, I count eleven trays of seedlings, all of them doing well in the greenhouse which, despite a foot of snow on the roof, has been greening the little ones up quite nicely. (Notice the blue heat mat under the tiniest ones).

This part of the growing season is what Andreas, our resident professional pianist, likes to do best, aside from piano, work with seeds!

This morning he was placing tiny seed starts in tiny soil blocks into larger soil blocks, so that their roots may continue to grow.

Dan and Annie take turns, morning and evening, misting the seeds.

Uh oh. On the way to the greenhouse to get pics —

— I see that the entire path is lined with dog shit. Not surprising, given that during the worst of it, dogs could do nothing but shit on the path. Snow too deep. Cleaning it up will have to be another work party.

Which segues to . . .

“Getting shit done!”

In the back part of the garage turned greenhouse, Annie was busy sorting and organizing the piles of tools, nails, screws, and other detritus that has piled there, for years.

Marita, in foreground, who was in charge of our work parties last week, organized us all into cleaning and oiling all the gardening tools, both small and large. This morning, besides mixing more soil for starts, she’s mainly keeping both Andreas and Annie company while they all listen to classical music.

BTW: Marita is the secretary at our twice-monthly meetings and takes notes so interesting and descriptive they will someday serve as the history of this little experiment in “growing community from the ground up.”

Meanwhile, down in the basement of the Overhill house (the only house of the three with a basement), we’ve been holding a number of work parties this winter. Starting with macro organization, and now narrowing down to micro-organization over the past several weeks. (At least 40 people have cycled through this little experimental village since it began in 2009, so there’s plenty of stuff (some of it surprising, as in “what is that? who brought that in?) to sort through, recycle, repurpose, and sometimes, even throw out.)

Ever since the Texas freeze, Gabby and I have decided to pay attention to our survival supplies. What do we have? What do we still need? What’s out of date? What no longer works? On and on. Gabby was deep into this process today, and will be joined by young Ethyl soon to get all of it catalogued and organized.

I spent my work party time looking through and sorting Green Acres Neighborhood and Village archives. So many iterations over the years! Including phases with the Transition movement and a Time Bank that started up in this town, too early, we realize now. Who knows when we will need it to kick in.

Meanwhile, check out this website. Annie and Andreas decided early on to use their Covid down time wisely. Result? Annie is now Project Director, and Andreas Artistic Director of an ambitious new (annual?) multi-day Chamber Music Festival in nearby, and very picturesque, Brown County, August 17-22.  Save the date, if you live anywhere in the midwest.

And if you come, we’ll offer you a tour of our little village, a new template for life in the suburbs that both dissolves chronic suburban loneliness and returns us to our Mother Earth.

Here’s my latest version of our story, published recently in Inhabit magazine:






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Wow! On our walk this morning, puppy Shadow and I passed by at least 15 people, and only one was wearing a mask — this one a woman, striding along with a man who was not masked. (Hmmm . . . do they live together? Do they argue about the need for masks when outside?)

However, note that this walk took place starting at 8 AM, so earlier than usual, plus we were walking on a trail in an urban park. Both these factors may have affected results, so that, of course, even though I love to generalize — hmmm, one out of fifteen, that means not quite .07% of Bloomington folks wear masks outside. Wow, wouldn’t that be loverly, to go from 20% to .07% overnight! (See yesterday’s post.)

Do you see where this is going? Statistics lie. Statistics, no matter how finely-tuned, can never mirror reality exactly. By choosing a certain boundary, and only certain factors to consider within that boundary, we arbitrarily limit our findings to only those factors within that boundary. Duh!

I would generalize here, to say that there are no closed systems (no absolute boundaries) in nature. (And we humans, lest we forget, are part of nature.)  All systems, at some level or scale, are open — to flow, to interpretation, to choice of “factors,” and especially, to visible and invisible, multidimensional stuff of all kinds (most of which we have yet to recognize or name) squishing through holes of any size no matter how strong or seemingly impervious the edges meant to close and maintain them.

Sometimes that’s obvious to anyone who thinks. Masks, for example, no matter how thick,  cannot prevent the two-way spread of all sorts of stuff. Especially a nano-sized “virus”!

But duh! The problem is that F.E.A.R. destroys rationality. We stop thinking. Our minds paralyzed, fear is all we “know.” And especially here in the western world, especially in the U.S.A, where fear of death, dying, grieving, and aging constitute a strong cultural constant.

Ultimately, this “virus” is “mapping” — or better, is a potent symptom of, our cultural Fear of Death, or put another way: our refusal to recognize the second half of any life-cycle. Which is not surprising, since we view time as linear, rather than cyclical. Our entire world-view is Newtonian, left-brained, way to tiny and artificial to even recognize, much less capture, or mirror, mimic, the essential, infinite mystery, the underlying, overlighting Presence within which all spatio-temporal phenomena rise and fall.

Yep, the old adage is true:  the map is never the territory.

This Covid-19 scam has, of course, been using fake statistics all along to drive humanity into F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real). Fear prolonged, results in demoralization, making humans easy prey for anyone or anything that falsely promises “safety,” no matter how controlling the measures adopted. Yep, once again, just as with 911, which I knew, intuitively and immediately, was an “inside job,” the visuals playing over and over again on telLIEvision to drive in F.E.A.R, so did I know, intuitively and immediately, that the extreme and ongoing media hoopla surrounding this “virus” (which, BTW: has yet to be isolated) indicates it’s  another “inside job.”

This “virus” baloney is separating the fearful from the fearless, letting us all know just how many are still susceptible to fear.

Yep, I forgot to mention that on my maskless walk this morning, I did see one man driving along in his car with the windows closed, masked. So even my .07% must be adjusted to this new factor . . .

Bullshit! It’s all bullshit!

Unfortunately, it appears that most of us are still being driven like sheep, over the proverbial cliff via this latest “virus,”  into the New World Order oblivion. Or, most of us seem to be.

Check this out:

The World is Suffering From Mass Delusional Psychosis

Oh wow, but check this out — lots of references here to world-wide rebellion.

COBRA INTEL: Planetary Situation Update

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Covid Chronicles: Fear is the Real Killer, and “the virus” is a Profit Center

See the post that discusses the vast difference in world view between the standard scientific “germ” and the permacultural “terrain” theories of disease.

See the videos of, especially Dr. Zach Bush, for his wisdom on this subject.

Re: the point I always make, that F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real) stresses the body enormously, to the point where it goes completely out of balance, and creates dis-ease to bring itself back into balance.

Check out this  recent post by Coreys Digs with the title:

Covid-19, pt. 5: Psychologists, scientists, and the CIA tell us fear is the real killer

Now it turns out I’ve contacted not just two, but three old friends who, surprising me no end, have all taken the vaccine. And the third one shocked me the most. But first:

Today, on my morning walk with puppy Shadow, out of twenty people out walking, I saw four people without masks. Would love to generalize that by claiming 20% of this entire leftist academic town are beginning to wake up, but of course that this one experience is way too circumstantial to do that. Indeed, it may even be a fluke. With each one I resisted saying “thank you for not wearing a mask.”

Okay, so on to the third person: Yesterday, I spoke with another old friend, I’ll call her Marianne, a still-practicing herbalist and acupuncturist of long standing. In fact, she was my mentor for many years in the ways of earth and how she grows all that we need to heal from any ailment.

I did not bring up the subject. She did, starting out by saying, “I stay away from western medicine.” But of course! I thought. Why did you need to say that? “Then, after wrestling with myself, pros and cons, I decided to take the jab.”


She then told me how her decision had come about. She was treating a woman who had just flown back from somewhere Marianne heard is “a hotbed of corona virus. And when I asked, this woman claimed to have been very careful the whole time. But I know this woman; she is not careful. She’s obese, messy, and generally cannot be trusted to do what she says.”

Her remark about a “hotbed of the virus” really got to me. Is Marianne, of all people! — not immersed in the terrain theory of disease? But I didn’t say anything.

Next: she went on to say, “I simply can’t get sick. I live alone. If I get sick I wouldn’t even have anyone to care for me, or even, to walk my dog!” So she took the jab, twice, and after the second one she said, ” I’ve never been so sick in my life.” For how long? I asked. “27 hours.” However, luckily her niece just then needed to stay at her house because of a flood where she lived, and so the niece cared for her and took the dog on walks.

I was listening to her story incredulous. First of all. Alone? But you have neighbors. Do you not know your neighbors?

Then, obviously, she could have called upon her niece, who used to live with her. Interesting that the niece needed to come stay with her at exactly that time!

But I didn’t say any of this. Just by what she had said so far I knew WE LIVE IN TWO DIFFERENT WORLDS.

I presume that Marianne has not paid any attention to the reports of terrible, even terminal consequences, in some cases, re: this “vaccine,” which is really not a vaccine, but an experiment with human DNA, that may, according to some, present extreme difficulties three to six months down the road.

On the other hand, I’ve heard that Trump wanted the vaccine as a placebo, to quell fear; that at least originally, there was nothing dangerous in it.

In other words, there are competing ideas about just how dangerous this vaccine is, compared to any other; and of course competing theories about just how or how not dangerous, vaccines are in general.

It may be that Marianne gets her “news” from only mainstream sources.

I hesitate to conclude that this old friend, who is immersed in the natural healing world, and who when she was a child, played daily in the woods near her home so much that she figured out which plants she could eat for lunch! — has succumbed to the powerful FEAR virus that destroys rationality as it continues to course through this world.

Meanwhile, for more on two different worlds and world-views, check this out:

The Psychology of Empire

Two excerpts:

The life of the earth functions in its balanced way because each being lives according to its particular nature. The decentralized power of all life resides in each being. In contrast, the pattern of empire culture is to centralize power over life and consequently the natural patterns disintegrate.

The life of the earth functions in its balanced way because each being lives according to its particular nature. The decentralized power of all life resides in each being. In contrast, the pattern of empire culture is to centralize power over life and consequently the natural patterns disintegrate.

In this vein, I’d say that The Culture of Empire produced the “coronavirus” as a falsely patentable commodity that drives profit for the medical industrial complex which itself, is a subset of the long-running foul globalist plans to corral all into the New World Order.

Check this out, backstory on corona viruses.

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February 2021, FIRST MARKER, Day 19: Supreme Court — Sword of Damocles?


Juan O Savin says there are two dates in February that will serve as markers, to let us know whether the courts are entirely corrupted. Can’t remember where he said this, but he said it several times, and both recently. These dates are  February 19 and 26.

Here’s the first one, scheduled for today.

Breaking: US Supreme Court Schedules Pennsylvania Election Case, Sidney Powell’s Michigan Case and Lin Wood’s Georgia Case for Feb 19 Conference

And here’s the second one, for February 26.

BREAKING: Sidney Powell posts on Telegram about Supreme Court scheduling Wisconsin & Arizona for Conference on February 26

So a total of five cases, involving election fraud in five swing states, are now to be “considered” by the Supreme Court. Does this mean the Supreme Court will decide whether or not to hear these cases? And, if they do, will they do on the merits of the case, thus admitting the evidence needed to show massive election fraud, which vitiates the election altogether? See this and this.

The stakes could not be higher, in terms of final legal attempts to get the 2020 election back on track.

Meanwhile, according to Robert David Steele, in a riveting interview with one of my new favorites, Scott McKay —


— says that as far as he’s concerned, there are only two justices whom he trusts to do their job. Alito and Thomas. That even Amy Coney Barrett is corrupted. What?! Why? Because she clerked for Scalia, who, RDS says, was corrupt, a satanic pedophile.

Note: Lin Wood has claimed that not only is Chief Justice Roberts implicated in Scalia’s death, but that Roberts is a pedophile and that the two Welch children he adopted, with the help of Jeffrey Epstein, are for the purpose of being marketed to other pedophiles.


Re: Barrett again: Steele says he doesn’t trust these multicultural adoptive families (Barrett and her husband have seven children, two of them adopted from Haiti); that they can be nests of pedophilia themselves!  This, after saying that any organization that starts out aiming to help children ends up being run by pedophiles — Boy Scouts, Child Protective Services, etc.

McKay was floored by Steele’s pedophilia intel on Scalia, though frankly, I remember hearing about it awhile ago. And did wonder what he was doing down at that ranch when he mysteriously died in bed (with a pillow over his head?) and no autopsy performed. Remember: world-wide pedophilia, trafficking, and worse, are practices that undergird the deep state’s massive power, both by being an extremely lucrative source of income for the CIA and other black projects, and by holding blackmail over the heads of anyone implicated. Blackmailed Justices decide cases in line with their handlers’ instructions. Period.

It appears that today’s decisions as to whether or not to take the the cases involving the first three swing states, puts the Supremes, and especially John Roberts, already under heavy scrutiny, cowering? under a very sharp Sword of Damocles.



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RIP Rush Limbaugh: Astrology of his Life and Death

I remember being “triggered” by Rush Limbaugh, when he called us “feminazis” and my father-in-law, long a Rush Limbugh fan, called attention to it. Of course I was furious. Disgusted. Correctly labeled!

I can say that now. That was back in the early ’90s, when I was still a Hillary-loving, break-the-glass-ceiling Democrat. From that moment on, I hated Rush. Of course!

Fast forward to two years ago. I was driving along somewhere here in town, when Rush Limbaugh came on the radio. I couldn’t help but pick up on what he was saying, even though, reflexively, having not investigated him since my own exit from all that I had “stood for” earlier,  of course I still hated him. Then . . . what? I was astonished. This man spoke truth, and I knew it, with every fiber in my bones.

I no longer remember what he was talking about. But it doesn’t matter. In my responses to him (only two in my entire life), I thus document my own complete change of mind and heart.

A friend of mine noticed that Rush died on the very day that Saturn squares Uranus, exactly, and mentioned how perfect that was.  What a way to remember this day! The irreplaceable Rush Limbaugh, whose decades-long speaking truth to power discourse on the battle between the forces of hoary tradition (Saturn) and the forces of rebellion, even revolution (Uranus), spanned many decades on talk radio, a now proliferating genre that he basically invented.

I decided to set up his natal chart, and to see how the astrology of this morning, when he finally let go, helped him to pass.

Notice that his Venus, at 5° Aquarius, was within two degrees of transit Saturn in the ongoing Saturn/Uranus battle that characterizes this year.

Notice that his Ascendant, at 0° Aquarius, was impacted, exactly, on December 21, 2020, the day Jupiter and Saturn conjuncted for the first time in an extremely close manner for hundreds of years and ignited, what we all now recognize as the advent of the Aquarian Age.

Notice that his Sun at 21° of naturally conservative Capricorn, has been pounded by transit Pluto for a number of years now, pulling him down into the deathing/rebirthing process.

Notice especially this: his natal chart contains a powerful fixed T-cross that involves Mars at 22° Aquarius, Pluto at 19° Leo, and his Midheaven (public path) at 21° Scorpio. His views were strong, original, even shocking (Mars in Aquarius), drawing energy from his self-expressive  “me generation” Pluto in Leo (1935-1957) to recognize, examine, and undermine the hypocrisy of how political power works (Scorpio governs Pluto). For example:

Another quote feels extremely relevant this week, when the Biden administration is set to  release 25,000 illegal immigrants into the U.S.

Many say that he tenaciously fought his lung cancer until the very end. That he did not want to let go. That he should have been dead months ago. So guess what? His soul waited until transit Mars at 21° Taurus, completed the natal T-cross by turning it into a grand cross:  opposing his Scorpio Midheaven and squaring both natal Mars and Pluto.

Transit Mars pushed his physical body (Taurus) to let go of what he had been tenaciously holding on to, power, the power of his own life force (Pluto in Leo). Finally, he let go. That strong Mars aspect was the specific trigger for completion of his final dying process. However, starting in spring of 2020, spiritual, formless Neptune had begun, for the very first time in his life, to activate his north node in Pisces, itself conjunct within three degrees to his natal Piscean Moon. Many people noted his Piscean kindness to everyone, despite his strong, contrarian, even nasty at times, views. That north node/Moon activation helped him let go let go let go. Since his south node was in Virgo, he had always been very good at analyzing (in his case, political) situations. But allowing his own immersion into the ineffable came harder. The north node is what we are meant to learn in this lifetime.

In short, over this past year he had begun to immerse himself into Neptune’s mysterious realm, but it took transit Mars in Taurus, for him to let go of both ego (Pluto in Leo) and his often shocking, politically incorrect (Mars in Aquarius) opinions and punch his way out of that exhausted body.

RIP Rush Limbaugh, an extremely influential and, everyone says, utterly irreplaceable soul. May each of us attempt to live out the purpose of our own lives the way he did his. From 1988 he was unstoppable, talking off the cuff for hours at a time (though having studied apparently in order to do so), and influencing anyone who wasn’t, like me, brainwashed by the progressive left, on a daily basis.

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Covid Chronicles: The TWO DIFFERENT WORLDS of two of my friends. An apology.

Note: See post of two days ago.

In what follows I speak of recent conversations with two dear old friends, whom I shall call Evelyn and Cate.

I called Evelyn last night, after many months of no contact. I’ve known her since even before we both lived in yurts in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  She was steady as a rock, and very intuitive, not only into natural medicines, but creating tinctures and salves from wild-crafted healing plants.

Now we’re both in our late ’70s. Her husband is in his late ’80s. He has CPD and who knows what else. She lost her hearing years ago and has had one hip replaced. I’ve got my nervous system to deal with (tremors, excitability, for which I do lots of daily meditative practices to slow and steady my own body).

We discussed the vaccine. She’s going to take it, not because she believes it works, and despite that she realizes it might even be a slow-acting poison, but because “I just want my life back!” After all, she emphasizes, over and over again, at our age, “how much time do we have left? Ten years? Fifteen?” She wants to travel again — to see her kids, mainly, and assumes that airlines will soon require a vaccine certificate.

Both her sons, who are my sons’ ages, have absorbed their mother’s views of natural healing, and are constantly building and maintaining their immune systems through vitamins and other supplements. One of them, an airline pilot, was thinking about taking the vaccine, but then his sister, an M.D. somewhere in Massachusetts, suggested hydroxychloroquine! She sent him a prescription. He went to four pharmacists before finding one that would actually fill it.

(P.S. Remember when HCL became a no-no? After Trump mentioned it as a possible therapeutic, way back in March 2020.)

His wife had been very sick, languishing “with Covid.” But what is Covid? This mysterious “virus” still has not been isolated in any lab. So let’s just say she was sick with a particularly virulent flu. She began to take the HCL (and Vitamin D, and zinc, and something else) and within 36 hours was completely healed. His sister-in-law, the M.D. suggested he keep HCL on hand, in case they need it.

Evelyn does not know about the front-line doctors, who have been using HCL to heal and very public about it. Some of them have lost their jobs. One almost lost her medical license. I wonder if his sister-in-law, the M.D. from Massachusetts, uses HCL in her medical practice; or does she only refer it to relatives, lest she lose her job.

I saw somewhere that either the AMA or the CDC (or both?) are now agreeing that HCL is an effective remedy for “Covid.”

But what I want to convey here are the TWO DIFFERENT WORLDS occupied by me and my dear friend Evelyn. Not because of our world-views, but because of the fact that she wants to resume her old life, and if the state requires her to take the vaccine, well then, she will take it.

I, on the other hand, plan to refuse any test for “Covid” as well as any supposed vaccine for it. If I don’t travel again by plane, then so be it. To me, this matter, of  authority over my own body, is primary. For me it’s a matter of principle; for her it’s practicality.

Neither position is “wrong.” I can fully understand and sympathize with her decision.

The situation with my other friend, Cate, is even more interesting to me, in terms of the Two Different Worlds we live in.

From the beginning, I saw Covid-19 as a deep state psychological operation meant to place the entire population of the whole world into F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real), as a major step towards demoralizing the public to the point where they would bow to more and more severe measures of state control over every aspect of life. Presto! NWO.

P.S. It’s working.

At least it’s working in this academic town.

My other old friend Cate, however, has an entirely different point of view. It’s one I didn’t understand at all at first. I just thought she was indoctrinated, and shook my head in surprise and dismay. But no. A more recent phone call with her helped me realize that because of her own childhood, she has an entirely different view of infectious disease.

As a child, she was asthmatic and extremely allergic to a huge number of substances; so much so, that her parents moved the family to a new location hoping it would help. She did “grow out” of the extreme sensitivity to the point where, by the time she was adult, normal life was possible. However, her body remains much more susceptible to disturbance from outside influences than does my own.

My usual admonitions, EAT RIGHT, PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR OWN IMMUNE SYSTEM, GET ENOUGH SLEEP, CARDIOVASCULAR EXERCISE EVERY DAY, simply don’t apply to someone as sensitive as Cate. I stand corrected. Not all bodies are alike; some, like my own, seem to be much more capable of being fortified to the max, so that they can harmonize outside influences.

Cate plans to get the vaccine.

I’m still instinctively judgmental of those who do not follow my own regimen for maintaining health, even into old age; and yet, I’ve been forced (thank God!) to modify my own fascist stance. Simply: each of us is an individual, and, at some level, any two of us live in TWO DIFFERENT WORLDS.

I know this philosophically. Indeed, it’s one of my primary understandings, that we must continuously and dynamically balance the two poles of individualism and community.

I know this, and yet, in practice, I fall short. Way short. Mea culpa!

Even so, I still see this little cartoon (need to watch the whole thing on twitter) very instructive.




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Covid Chronicles: “TWO DIFFERENT WORLDS WE LIVE IN . . .” Germ Theory v. Terrain Theory

Actually, we don’t live in two different worlds; we just think we do. And as Descartes pointed out, “I think, therefore I am.”

In actuality however, our left-brained rational mind has been conditioned since childhood by parents, schools, media, and the general public, to beLIEve in a world-view that, once we are adult, we don’t even realize we see through those invisible glasses, so obvious does the atomistic world they portray seem to us.

However: I have a strong hunch that, after all is said and done, meaning after all this Covid-19 nonsense has passed, and the so-called “variants” of Covid-19 have also stopped blaring from the MSM propaganda arm of the Globalist NWO Deep State that aims to depopulate the world of its “useless eaters” — that’s most of us, including you and me — that the germ v. terrain debate will become front and center, and in fact, result in overturning the entirety of standard medical education as part of our civilization attuning to much more systemic, holistic, permacultural ways of comprehending the world both within our bodies and beyond.

And yet, menawhile, what better way to subtly force humans into compliance with what the “experts,” the “authorities,” tell them, than to play upon people’s F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real) of their own (and others’) bodies?  Scare propaganda, repeated, drummed up, ramped up, to the point where it’s just normal now, to be constantly, chronically afraid, this emotion stressing our immune systems way beyond anything else we could do to ourselves to make sure we DO get sick!  (for confirmation, search “fear and the immune system” on duck duck go . . . lots there to chew on.)

Yep. We’re used to it now, the way people say to one another, upon leaving, “Stay Safe!” Indeed the masked ones, more and more prevalent — perhaps even obeying the fake Fauci, masks doubled up, tripled; masks worn inside, outside, on bikes, running uphill, in cars with windows closed, on and on and on. Many more masks it seems to me — at least here, in this leftist academic town — than during the months when the MSM first began to pump up this massive, hugely successful psy-op.

Gotta get this T-shirt . . .

Today I was at Aldi, waiting to check out. Without thinking, I moved in on the person ahead of me, and then, involuntarily, bitterly humorous sarcasm running like acid from my lips, I began to rant, on and on . . . “Oh! I got too close to you! Oh! Need to back up!” (while doing so dramatically). The guy in front of me, I could tell, even with his mask on, got off on my eruption, but the checker? I felt sorry for him, knew he didn’t know what to do if I had continued. So I stopped.

But geez, did that feel good!

Here are two references that anyone who has not yet succumbed to the propaganda on “the vaccine,” should at least consider. The first, by Sherri iTenpenny, one of the whistleblowers who has been sounding the alarm all along.


And check this out:


I think that all of my blood brothers and sisters have had the first shot of the vaccine so far. I know that one of them was sick for about a week afterward. I shudder to think what the second shot will do to him.

Funny how, just a few days ago, he asked, via email:

And yet, on our zoom calls, I say nothing, while they congratulate one another for having taken the vaccine.

I just hope we all live to have another in-person reunion!

Meanwhile, please, if you have not done so already, educate yourself on the difference between the prevailing germ theory of disease, and the holistic terrain theory of disease. Only one of them is permacultural. Guess which one? The other is the standard medical, scientific way of looking at anything, by dissecting it to its smallest parts (in this case, the germ, either bacteria or virus) and then aiming to kill it. Sound familiar? Likewise, when growing a garden, if a “pest” invades, then spray it with some kind of noxious chemical. Kill the fucker.

In contrast, the terrain theory recognizes that living systems of all kinds naturally work to keep themselves in balance. Consisting of myriads of parts, only some of which we can either identify or understand, they are in constant communication with one another, harmonizing, rebalancing, integrating — so that anything “foreign” can be either assimilated and rendered harmless, or else eliminated naturally.

The body, your body, is utterly brilliant. Knows exactly what to do when stressed to the point of imbalance. Do you naturally find you need to rest more? then do so. Do you find yourself hungering after some kind of food, that you realize later, offered an antidote to whatever you were doing that was undermining your immune system? Pay attention to the body’s cues as to what it needs.

For example, back when I was a smoker (like at least a pcak a day), I used to also devour six to eight apples a day, cores, seeds, and all. Only later, did I discover that apple seeds contain some kind of antidote to nicotine. Hmmm. . . can’t find that info anywhere now. Maybe the cyanide in apple seeds? In any case, the point is real: pay attention to the body’s cravings. It may not just be signaling an out of control addiction, but something quite different, and in fact, life-enhancing.

Here’s a great set of memes that help explain the germ vs. terrain theory:

Terrain Memes by Bob Stagnitto


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