My new Letter to the Editor . . .

After the new editor of the local paper, the Herald-Times, commented on two recent letters to the editor questioning the rationale for the unproven experimental gene therapy  erroneously called a “vaccine,” I couldn’t stop myself from writing my own letter to the editor. And was utterly amazed when she published it, with no edits, no commentary, and an appropriate title, only a few days after receiving it, and on an appropriate day when the paper had lots of headlines referring to Covid-19. Of course, she also published a letter under mine that decried “vaccine hesitancy.” And that’s good — thus illustrating my point!

I tried to publish a letter about a year ago that made mincemeat of  Covid-19 claims, pointing out skewed statistics, co-morbidities, and distinguishing between “dying of” and “dying from” and more —but it never saw the light of day. That was under the previous editor. So thank you Jill Bondi!


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Takes nine precious minutes of your scarce time. Share it everywhere. How our entire military is being fatally undermined.

This, thanks to the long term plan of the Deep State, using the CCP as stealth means to infiltrate politics, government (local, state and federal), entertainment, business, medicine, media, academia and other institutions, all climaxing with Covid and the vax, which assisted the (usual) fraudulent (s)elections, accompanied by the hysterical drumbeat of “woke” propaganda: yes, all the above, which paved the way for the planned evisceration of our military, via a required vax mandate for September 1 that, unless enough citizens wake up and take action, hinges only on FDA approval.

As the friend of mine who alerted me to this thread put it: “This is an attempt to kill off 35% to 75% of our military without firing a shot.”

It begins:

BTW: if and when the vax pushers come onto this property, here’s what will await them:

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Divine First Strike? Or: Time to Cancel God.

Of all the streets in Toledo Ohio, of all the buildings, of all the walls of buildings, this bolt of lightning happened to strike precisely on the so-called martyr’s face.

Juan O Savin keeps talking about the hand of God needed to intervene and reset the seemingly rapidly deteriorating global situation. Might this very precise hit be the divine first strike? Or is it time to “cancel God.”

Mural Honoring George Floyd in Toledo, Ohio Destroyed by Lightning Strike

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MEME MEDLEY: Laughing at Fear . . . and Beyond

Laughter is the very best antidote to the FEAR demon that has infected — what percentage, 50%? — of the global population. And for some, those both vaxxed and masked, the FEAR has turned chronic. I feel for them. What must it be like to live inside a horror movie?

But then, maybe we all do, if this truly is a genocidal effort on the part of the globalists, which, yes, it certainly does seem to be.

Even so:

So here goes. Meme time. But first, a cartoon, Ben Garrison’s, from some time during those first few months of the 2020 tribulation. Much comprehension of globalist methodology is packed into this simple cartoon.

Okay. So many memes about going to great lengths, including elaborate gas masks, full body armor, etc., to NOT “get” the virus. Here are three simpler ones:


Hmmm . .  .

Weird, the “excitement” that infected the fearful ones as they approached the vax that is not a vax.

But will it do the trick. Will it ever be enough?” How about the new, and more deadly , “variants”? Need boosters! Every six months? Oh wait a minute, problem solved . . .

Weird, the contradictions . . . .

Weird. The lack of critical thinking, perspective . . .

Weird. The extreme politicization . . .

Let’s face it . . . F.E.A.R. is

Let’s turn it around . . .

Let’s kick fear in the ass . . .

More and more . . .

But . . . Hold on! NOTICE:

Hmmm . . . might this be the larger divine purpose behind the “lockdowns,” the “social distancing.” Sure seems like it . . .

And I now know a number of people who, in the past few months, have given the finger to  fear, thrown caution to the winds, exited their former life-denying job or partner or place or attitude, and and stepped off the cliff into the waiting arms of the loving universe.


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Two Worst Case Scenarios

Note: These two, thanks to two  friends of mine. And, if you tend to get discouraged with this kind of news, check out Project Veritas at CPAC!

First, are you aware that the murdered Haiti president did not allow anyone in Haiti to get the vaccine? He joined three other nations’ leaders in both their rogue perspective and their sudden deaths.

Second, How’s this Memo for what “they” have planned, IF we the people go along. P.S. We won’t. P.P.S. the infamous Neil Ferguson wrote the memo.

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James O’Keefe of Project Veritas has succeeded in magnetizing an expanding cadre of Big Tech and MSM whistleblowers, thanks to both the example each one sets for the others, and their own innate moral courage. As several of them noted, they would be unable to live with themselves if they did not speak up to call out and oppose their employer’s dark agenda to control and direct the way people think and behave.

We can also thank Project Veritas for protecting its whistleblowers.

The more of us who stand up for what our conscience tells us is correct, the faster we transform our hellish world into heaven on earth. For that IS possible, once enough of us turn our minds and hearts in that precious direction and open to the flow of the universal life force.

Next up, for Project Veritas? Making hay with its lawsuits against various Goliaths: look for the “Deposition Tapes,” starting with the NYT.



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Thanks to @BenjaminRVA on twitter.

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Suddenly Spotlighted: Just WHO is Darryl Cooper (@martyrmade)??!?

This person’s entire twitter thread was read out loud by both Tucker on Fox News and Dave of X22 Report last night. Plus, I noticed that Trump hailed it during his speech last night at the CPAC convention. WHEW!

Here’s the thread:

And here’s how it starts:

Conservativetreehouse comments on this thread, saying that while it’s spot on, it’s not inclusive enough in regards to the range of those who comprehend the magnitude of the . . . what? election fraud? take over of the entire U.S. government? capture of all relevant institutions, including the press?

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