Charles Eisenstein: THE CORONATION

Wow. Just yesterday I found myeself wondering if Charles Eisenstein would weigh in. If you recall, in 2011, the year of “Occupy” —remember that? That brief light in the darkness? — he authored the wonderful book, Sacred Economics, about the new, cooperative Gift Economy in what he calls “the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.” Eisenstein captures  what we here in Green Acres Village strive to practice on a daily basis. From a goodreads review:

A broadly integrated synthesis of theory, policy, and practice, Sacred Economics explores avant-garde concepts of the New Economics, including negative-interest currencies, local currencies, resource-based economics, gift economies, and the restoration of the commons. Author Charles Eisenstein also considers the personal dimensions of this transition, speaking to those concerned with “right livelihood” and how to live according to their ideals in a world seemingly ruled by money. Tapping into a rich lineage of conventional and unconventional economic thought, Sacred Economics presents a vision that is original yet commonsense, radical yet gentle, and increasingly relevant as the crises of our civilization deepen.

When I search  “Charles Eisenstein and Exopermaculture,”  I notice that I’ve focused on Eisenstein at least 25 times in past years!  Here are two of them, both from 2013.

Charles Eisenstein: Permaculture Obliterates the Myth of Scarcity

Charles Eisenstein Visits Bloomington

And so, guess what? He did weigh in, and I found the essay early this morning.  Yes!

The Coronation

It begins:

For years, normality has been stretched nearly to its breaking point, a rope pulled tighter and tighter, waiting for a nip of the black swan’s beak to snap it in two. Now that the rope has snapped, do we tie its ends back together, or shall we undo its dangling braids still further, to see what we might weave from them?

Covid-19 is showing us that when humanity is united in common cause, phenomenally rapid change is possible. None of the world’s problems are technically difficult to solve; they originate in human disagreement. In coherency, humanity’s creative powers are boundless. A few months ago, a proposal to halt commercial air travel would have seemed preposterous. Likewise for the radical changes we are making in our social behavior, economy, and the role of government in our lives. Covid demonstrates the power of our collective will when we agree on what is important. What else might we achieve, in coherency? What do we want to achieve, and what world shall we create? That is always the next question when anyone awakens to their power.

For those who would rather listen than read, here you go.



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NEED AN UPLIFT? Children’s choir sings Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah

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Mars enters Aquarius, conjunct Saturn: We now enter the FINALE of the Pandemic Psy-Op

Though Trump announced last night that “social distancing” will be extended for one more month, let’s not forget that the big push is right now. Mars entered 0° Aquarius TODAY,  exactly conjunct Saturn, both at 0°.

This entire week, and especially, on April 4-5, Jupiter exactly conjuncts Pluto. I imagine that if there are to be three,  or ten, Days of Darkness (no internet, no cell phone) they will likely fall between April Fool’s Day and April 10.

So, settle in, shall we? Here’s some of what I’ve been paying attention to.

Fred Burks, of, traces the history of these viruses and how they are used to make more money and gain more control over the public.

Fred Burks What’s Going on with the Corona Virus

Here’s a long and very interesting post, done two years ago, that reminds me of the Q material. Introduced by a larger-than-life iconic rendition of Donald Trump.

Protocols of the Illuminated Suns of the Golden Dawn

(The author, in the comment section, says he was deliberately echoing the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, a very famous conspiracy book.)

Speaking of Q, I wrote a post on Project Looking Glass last November when I saw that Q had referenced it.

What was/Is “Project Looking Glass”?

Then yesterday, somewhere on twitter, I picked up on Bill Wood again. He’s the one who introduced me to the project, way back in 2012, when Kerry Cassidy interviewed him.

I post this section of their extended interview because of a very interesting new update by psychic Magenta Pixie, and I quote: “We are in an unprecedented Great Awakening.” Yes. This extended time out/reset of our entire civilization does tend to make even those who usually have absolutely no time on their hands, wonder what in hell is going on and even start digging into some of the rabbit holes that those of us long thought “crazy” have been deep down into for many years.

Magenta Pixie, in this communication, says that the world switched timelines at the end of 2012. Back in 2012, Bill Wood said in the above interview that Project Looking Glass no longer worked as expected because multiple possible timelines had reduced to one, and that it was NOT the one the NWO controllers wanted.

In other words, Magenta Pixie in 2020 echoes Bill Woods in 2012.

Start at about minute 30 and this part ends at minute 57. Haven’t listened to the entire video yet, but I will.


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The Light of the Soul Shines through Dark Times

This morning, my brother John, who lives in Anchorage and used to live in Nome, sent his many siblings an inspiring 2012 article (updated 2016) about a friend of his (married to John’s wife’s sister) who I remember seeing, and being in awe of, during John’s daughter Hannah’s  2017 wedding. I found myself devouring it. What a perfect kick-in-the-pants for those of us who still tend to feel sorry for ourselves during this seemingly endless, timeless quarantine timeout/reset period during which I realized, the other day, that I needed to do laundry again. “What? But it’s been only three days!” Nope. it had been eight days.

How did I know? I ran out of underpants.

Life’s Good for Alaskan Who Lost Face in Grizzly Bear Attack

A number of inspiring sites now present a time-honored essay from Clarissa Pinkola Esta, offering the soul’s context for discovery of who we really are. As I keep reminding myself and others, “Don’t forget, on a soul level, you signed up for this.”

We Were Made for These Times

Here in Bloomington, Indiana, besides all the stepped up cooperation to make sure everyone gets fed,  there are people out walking in nature or on paths, greeting, nodding, saying hi to everyone they pass by. The energy among us is palpably alive, ensouled. We are lifting each other’s spirits.

Each day now, when I read the local Bloomington Indiana Herald-Times, there’s at least one story I’m eager to devour. Today, two of them.

Letter to the Editor, by Alexandra Lynch

Notice that lately people are nicer to one another?

Like the fellow behind a lady in Kroger line who heard her say, “I couldn’t find eggs,” and he handed her his box of eggs.

People talk to one another more — certainly by phone but also face to fac — at a distance. We’re all in this together. With just a few peoople driving,k guess what? Less gas used, quieter, less pollution.

All told, let’s count our blessings.

Commentary from the H-T Editor, Rich Jackson:


As the Herald-Times moved from reacting to looking forward, we added a feature called “Kindness in Crisis” because the worst times inevitably bring out the best in us. . .

Stay aware of the smiles you’re getting now that you didn’t used to get.

Think about how we might apply this post-virus.

Our fellow Americans are not our enemies.


Early this silent morning, lying in bed, I heard an owl just outside. Sounded like this:

Great Horned Owl! What a perfect symbol for this sacred time of facing and embracing the more shadowy parts of the self, of relationship, community, nation, world. YES.

Let us wake up. It’s time.






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To the Editor: “When did we become a nation of whining, whimpering crybabies”?

This Letter to the Editor was published two days ago in the Bloomington Indiana Herald-Times.

Please, go on living

To the Editor:

I am 82 years old, have heart disease and diabetes, so am high risk for COVID-19.

When did we become a nation of whining, whimpering crybabies who need to have every facet of our lives controlled and cared for by some form of government. We used to stand up and meet our troubles head on.

Yeah, I might die but what would be worse is the destruction of our economy and the future of the young due to a virus.

The hysteria needs to end and life go on.

We are all born with an expiration date and that day we’re departing be it COVID-19, a car accident or falling down stairs.

Please, everyone, come to your senses, wash your hands, don’t hug, keep a little space and go on living.

Jean Furlong




Unionville is a tiny town north east of Bloomington.  Male? Female? Doesn’t matter. Is one of those folks in a generation who remembers when life was really hard, and everybody learned how to make do with what they had and help each other through hard times.

And as my mom, aka Lady Renee, used to say, when one or all of her eight children were in the middle of some big drama: “REMEMBER. THIS TOO, WILL PASS.”






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Belated ARKCroneCast News for March 19th: BABY PICTURE PROJECT!

CroneCast #13 | The Baby Picture Project

Updated post now Public on Patreon:

And to Youtube subscribers:

Both have links to producer Gabrielle’s recent baby picture post on the BPP blog.

Please send us your own “original innocent self” baby picture. The one that reminds you of who you really are underneath parental, educational, and social conditioning. And send us a story to go along with it! Ask yourself, why that picture? And let us know, too.

Plus: We’ll have offerings of print-on-demand tees, mugs and buttons — all with your baby picture on them — in the future, if you’d like to participate this way in the Baby Picture Project as well!


P.S. Let’s do this. The times, they have already changed. After this coronavirus quarantine is over, we’re not returning to the life we led before. No matter what happens, this time-out from our usually overloaded schedules has given us time to reflect, to uncover our real values beneath all the usual distractions, to ask ourselves how we would live our lives if there were absolutely no obstacles.

As the Raven cawed to me in the dream that ignited Crone Chronicles, back in 1989:


That dream spurred me into action slightly more than one Saturn return (29-30 years) ago. Life cycles back round every 30 years, reminding us to tune into our original selves and become fully who we really are, unfold our original natures from birth through death.

Remember: When you follow your nature, nature will take care of you.

The quarantine, if we allow it,  releases us from old habits and trivial concerns, ignites our full aliveness.

We are here, on this beautiful Earth, NOW, meant to enjoy and express our full capacity in concert with others.

Our baby pictures remind us of who we really are. If we wear them on our person in public, they remind others, too. Just imagine, two people meeting for the first time, both daring to wear their baby pictures! Both daring to show their full selves! Their beautiful, vulnerable innocence!

What would happen next?






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And just when we thought all was lost, Dylan releases his first new song in 8 years: MURDER MOST FOUL

Just listened for the first time to Dylan’s elegaic 17-minute dirge about the JFK assasination that, during this coronavirus time-out, returns especially those of us old enough to remember, back to when the madness began. Traumatized, uncomprehending, we Americans have been living in its foul shadow ever since.

These three events have shaped my lifetime of 77 years.

First, JFK death.

Which spawned the Vietnam War, murders of RFK and MLK, Kent State and more.

Second, 9/11.

Which handed us “The Patriot Act” Department of Homeland Security, and more wars.

Third, coronavirus “pandemic.”

The first global psy-op that brought human Life on Earth to a full stop.


BTW: The number “17” is gematria for “Q.”


See lyrics in comment section below the youtube video. As usual, with Dylan, worth pondering. As are the comments, in this case.

Meanwhile, a few days ago, the JFK grandkids released their own song, a rendition of “Timber.”  Please note that the secret service code name for George H.W. Bush, a high ranking officer in the C.I.A. at the time of the JFK assasination, was Timberwolf.

The kids released their song to Instagram on March 20.

Dylan released his song today, March 27.

Only one week separates them.

Mainstream media is already picking up on the Dylan song.

Perhaps this New Dylan song will unify us even more than the Fear psy-op did.

If so, then BOOM.

TIMING, is everything.



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We are so lucky! Thank you, universe.

Spring has sprung. The birds court each other with song, the daffodils rise up and  bloom, the trees push out leaf buds, on and on. The Sun rises and sets morning and evening, in tune with the Moon. Nature doesn’t give a hoot about our human-made crises. She just continues in her regular annual cycle of birthing, growing, dying, rebirthing.

Housemate Dan and I were remarking yesterday on how very fortunate we feel to live here in Green Acres Permaculture Village during this unprecedented time of Mandatory Quarantine. We have each other (“fewer than ten”). We have the Earth. And we have our communion with Earth who inspires and supports our many outside projects. YES!

Here’s a really wonderful post that graphically depicts and discusses the many benefits of having an ongoing intimate relationship with the Earth mother. Who would have thought that it would appear in Vogue? Maybe even high-fashion magazines are beginning to get the message. What counts, what really matters? Food. Water. Shelter. And Communion — with each other and all that is.

Why We Turn to Gardening During Times of Crisis


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