Note that I just changed the title of this post from “Courage Continues to Ramp Up.” This is to be one of a series; hopefully many readers will join me in sending good news in your local area: how we are rising up as LIONS to defeat the momentous finale of the long-running plans of the cabal.

Note: see post from yesterday.

More signs of trouble ahead (for the bad guys). And as I list those I have found with only a cursory look through, mostly, Telegram, remember: there are only two authentic emotions: one is Fear and the other is Love. When we fear, we shrink back, in alarm. When we love, we boldly stride ahead, like LIONS, attuned to, and trusting the universe.

I’m happy to note that my adopted state of Indiana (to me: InDiana, goddess of the woodlands), was the location of the most viral post I came across last night, by an extremely articulate and passionate local doctor, in Mount Vernon, Indiana. Looking it up later, I discovered that this little town of 6,000 people occupies the extreme southwest corner of my adopted state. Just think, little old Mount Vernon, now famous, thanks to one of its good doctors SPEAKING TRUTH to his local school board.

Dr. Destroys the Entire Covid Narrative

And, piggybacking on the Alberta man’s insistence that he be shown proof of the existence of the virus, this:

BREAKING: Irish Government Admits COVID-19 is a Fake Hoax Scam which DOES NOT EVEN EXIST

Okay, here’s a good one. How much of a lion are you? Are you willing to go into a jab center and question the jabbers about Adverse Reactions and Deaths?

The White Rose, on Telegram, hearkens back to the original White Rose, in its nonviolent resistance to (this time, medical) tyranny, via leaflets, back then, and stickers, now.

Hmmmm . . . stickers, easy to make, plus tiny, nearly innocuous, with pithy truths that entice the passerby to take a closer look.


I’d like to make one that says: FEAR IS NOT A VIRTUE.

Here are their suggestions as to how to go about making the stickers.

Then there are billboards. But that’s a much bigger production. And requires crowd-sourcing. Stickers are cheap, easy, and fun.

Meanwhile, courage ramp-up is shown in that more and more networks of the courageous are forming:

Saw this, just today:

Please remain aware. Stay focused and centered; put into action what YOU are meant to do during this magnificent turning point time in human history.

And remember:


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News from yesterday’s New Moon in Leo LionsGate: one local charter school, with an attorney on its board,  has decided to refuse to comply with the new county-wide mask mandate. In the print version of the local Herald-Times, this news was spread all over the top of the page.

An Indiana charter school is defying its county COVID mandate, making masks optional

Can you imagine how many other schools and school systems will be checking in to see how this one school’s refusal to go along with the new directive is proceeding? Cheers!

Then there’s this. Whew!

St. Louis Taxi Company Rejects Masked or Vaccinated Passengers

And this:

And this!

Hopefully, each of these inspiring stories of people standing up like lions will inspire countless others. Each of us, following our nature by opening the heart to our soul’s specific directive, activates, on diverse levels of society, what each of us alone, given our particular talents, training and passion, can usher into the world.

As Dane Rudyhar, a modernist composer who also used his talents to fruitfully and single-handedly re-imagine the ancient language of astrology, pointed out:

Remember, the United States of America is the only nation in the world in which its Declaration of Independence, its Constitution and its Bill of Rights enshrine the sanctity of the God-given freedom of the individual. Our freedom is our responsibility. What we the people do here at home, during this chaotic time of total opportunity, inspires not just other Americans, but citizens of this entire planet — and, possibly, beyond.

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Here’s How We Shift the Entire World into Unity

I’m going to begin slowly here, with a larger perspective on today’s New Moon . . .

This year’s New Moon in Leo also happens to coincide with what is known as the Lion’s Gate portal. Below, a few leads as to what that means. Essentially, it indicates that not only is this New Moon, as usual, important as originator of a new lunar cycle, but this particular New Moon, coming on 8/8, also coincides with an annual star arrangement known as the Lion’s Gate.

And, of course, the animal that best signifies Leo IS the lion.

Here’s someone who sees this Lion’s Gate portal/when in conjunction with the New Moon, as extremely special.

Judith Kusel: Expext Rapid Changes

Notice the rose in the above image. The rose is another symbol for the heart. Heart, in French:  “coeur.” The heart, when open, is courageous!

When I was a kid I used to go out in the back yard where roses grew along our entire back fence, and “stop to smell the roses.” Indeed, I would fall into a trance, each time, a swoon that released me into another world, one of loving communion with all of creation.

I stop to smell the roses now, and usually, they have no smell.  Why? Are today’s roses genetically modified? 

Ever since Covid started to put most sheeple into an even deeper sleep and to wake up those who knew that unless they became lions the world was lost to the globalists,  the symbolism of lion has roared in, front and center for our collective awareness.

Are you a sheep, or a lion?

(Notice, BTW: that so-called “delta variant” signifies the deepest level of sleep!)

In the body, Leo rules the heart. We say, “He has the heart of a lion,” when referring to someone who is fully alive, radiating his or her own expressive loving heart energy into the world.

Okay. Now here goes:

I’ve known for some time now that I wanted to compose a post that focuses on Love, the Heart, and the Soul. Then, what got me going: a few days ago, (inside this year’s Lion’s Gate, which began July 26), I listened to a provocative discussion from 2011 between Kerry Cassidy and the (somewhat imperious) founder of, Laura Knight-Jadczyk, wherein she stated that people who are convinced that humans do not have souls and people who are convinced that humans do have souls may both be right. That those who don’t think humans have souls, don’t have souls; and those who think humans have souls do have souls.

Obviously, whether or not a person has a soul — or, I would argue, is in touch with his or her soul; both types may be roaming this world — speaks volumes about whether or not that human being is able to experience empathy for another. Without that ability, “Do unto others what you would have them do unto you,” makes no sense.

Thus we have the psychopaths, the sociopaths, the (soul-less) clones, and who knows who else, who, as shown in spades by both the scamdemic and the scam election, appear to still be running things here on planet Earth.

Or they were.

Ensouled humans are waking up to our divine mission, which is to express the infinite love of the universe through the open heart, itself the vehicle of soul in this incarnate life.

Ralph Waldo Emerson, transcendental poet, philosopher, and champion of American individualism in the mid-19th century, knew how the ensouled heart’s LOVE transforms the world.

Excuse me, but:


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New Moon in Leo, 8/8/2021: Will we finally get clear on what’s been going on? Plus, BIG SURPRISE!?!

I usually set up new and full moon charts for Washington, D.C., since whatever weirdness has been going on there is still going on . . .

This New Moon, set for 9:50 AM EDT, when both Sun and Moon occupy 16°14 Leo, may signal the actual start of whatever has been working behind the scenes so that it may actually come forward into the light. Sun/Moon opposes Saturn at 9°42 Aquarius and squares Uranus at 14°44 Taurus, but, notice, both these aspects are waning, i.e., their exact aspects have already occurred. Reading “behind the scenes”: the ongoing tension between Saturn and Uranus, operating in earnest since they began to square each other in late March 2020 and the ignition of the so-called pandemic, continues, and ramps up, given that the Sun/Moon combo squares one of them and opposes the other, to create a T-cross in fixed signs. The tension of the T-cross is released through the sign that is unoccupied, namely Scorpio. That’s where the arrow is aimed from Uranus in Taurus.

Scorpio: the deep underground gunk that has corrupted our entire civilization.

To recap a bit: Saturn and Uranus squared one another, thus setting up a terrific fixed tension between Uranus in Taurus’s sudden, periodic, unexpected changes in the material realm —  signifying mother earth, money, plus all our “stuff” which, pre-Covid, used “to matter” (we used to value) so much, and various groups’ and society in general’s efforts to contain and structure what has proven to be a highly unpredictable fractious public, with half vaxed and half not, half red-pilled, half blue-pilled, etc., re: the plandemic, the 2020 election fraud, and how these two diabolically intersected.

Saturn and Uranus first got into that fighting square in March 2020, then let up on it somewhat when Saturn went back into Capricorn and again approached Pluto — (remember that they conjuncted each other for the first time in 35 years in mid -January 2020, setting up the larger context for the breakthrough/breakdown drama we are still undergoing) — in late Capricorn, signifying further lockdowns on society at large, which remained through the end of the year. In late December, Saturn returned to Aquarius and what has turned into a full on struggle, between the eruptive, floor-dropping-from-under-our-feet tendencies of Uranus in Taurus, and Saturn’s now-in-Aquarius determination  to give form and structure, to contain that eruption, no matter what the cost.

The most exact time for this ongoing Saturn/Uranus square this year, 2021, occurred during May through early July. On May 23rd, Saturn turned to go Rx and has been moving backwards since, in some kind of mop-up operation.

Uranus, which went Rx on January 14th, soon after the “Insurrection” of January 6, will turn to go direct on August 20 at 14°47 Taurus. I wouldn’t be surprised if that may be the time when we will begin hearing about what has been decided behind the scenes re: either the plandemic hoax and/or the election fraud ever since January.

So, since this is a New Moon, but since this New Moon occurs during a waning fixed T-cross, whatever new beginnings shall transpire is likely to be just the revealing of what has been going on behind the scenes. The Sun opposed Saturn and squared Uranus exactly on July 5th and 6th. What events took place then, the fallout from which begins a new cycle now with tomorrow’s New Moon? I checked back through this site, and here’s my post from July 7th. Perfect! What IS true? I have no idea.

Also note in the New Moon chart Mercury at 23°39 Leo, heading towards an opposition with Jupiter at 28°42. This is a forming aspect, unlike the others, which are waning; in other words growing stronger — as it heads towards exactness on August 11-12. Hmmm . . . just when Mr. Pillow Guy’s big reveal is to come out. Mercury, the mind, joining with Jupiter, which enlarges whatever it touches, promises what might be another overwhelming download of information.

I know there are other events promised on or about August 11-12, but can’t remember what they are. Arizona audit results? Too overloaded at this point to even think! Especially to think!


Oops! Just had a hunch I needed to check the Ascendant of Trump’s corrected natal chart. Glad I did! 17°34 Leo! EXACTLY CONJUNCT this New Moon. Hmmm . . .

Or, as Dan Scavino shared, about a week ago . . .






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Red-Pilling Society — and Beyond: 3D to 5D, and Wheeee . . .!

Truth bomb from international podcast star, Joe Rogan (his massive subscriber base is what, 100 million?):  Until 1776, every nation-state was ruled by a dictator or king. The United States of America was the very first nation in the entire world to hold elections, and to guarantee individual freedom to create one’s own life.

Sorry, you’ll need to go to twitter for his right-on rousing rant.

Meanwhile, do you still wonder why people all over the world are looking to America now? Will We the People succeed in breaking the stranglehold of the globalist totalitarian push?

Here’s a pithy little 21-minute film (still on youtube!) on Mass Psychosis, describing how the degeneration into totalitarianism occurs. (For me, both the ongoing plandemic as well as the stolen election drama come to mind).  Plus, from about minute 16 on, five ways to both undermine the New World Order’s horrific planned future (where “you will own nothing and you will be happy”) and ultimately, to break through into a transformed future of freedom and blessings for all.


I paid close attention to these stated five ways, wondering how well I, personally, am doing! And it turns out, at least according to this film, I’m doing well.

  1. Sovereignty:  over your own mind. Break through the mass delusion matrix. Let go of MSM indoctrination into fear and how it is used to control your mind. (Yep, since my twenties.)
  2. Truth: share far and wide whatever you find that helps others to wake up. (Yep. This blog, and more.)
  3. Ridicule. Simply laugh at globalist antics, rather than take them seriously as something you should obey. (See e.g. final offering, below.)
  4. “Parallel structures:” to offer inspiring examples of another way of life. I was especially interested in this phrase, one which was promulgated by Czech hero Vaclav Havel.This fourth way is what I have termed, over and over again, little lotuses (intentional communities of one kind or another) springing up in the mud of our decaying western culture. Exactly what we’re experimenting with here in

5.  Group action: i.e., cooperation, networking — among those who are bringing in the new way of life. Plus, of course, mass protests. And mass action to alert our “elected officials” when necessary. And especially, notice what others are doing that works, and emulate it locally. For example, the man who freed Alberta from lockdown, masks, etc.,  by asking for “proof” of the virus, inspired a man in Vermont to call his health officials and ask for the same “proof.” (Damn, can no longer find that reference . . . one hour later, aha, found it!)

BTW: notice how leftist ideologues all move in lockstep (after all, they’re socialist!), but that we “on the other side” tend to compete and fight with one other (after all, we’re capitalist!). This is an interesting sociological observation (I saw it first here) which, to me, indicates that both socialism and capitalism, when taken to extremes, kill. Rather, let us experiment with forms that attempt to inhabit a space larger than both, a space that can hold both what is good about socialism (caring for others) and what is good about capitalism (individual freedom) in dynamic equilibrium. This analysis/synthesis can be applied to any polarity, all of which help define the 3D world. For example, “shadow and light,” or “unconscious and conscious.” See yesterday’s post. It’s this, the integration of the opposites, the acknowledgement of paradox, which we don’t know how to do and remain in 3D. Well, guess what! We don’t have to remain in 3D. Once we reach 5D, we have learned how to play with polarities, appreciating the best of both worlds.

“The opposite of one great truth is another great truth.” — Neils Bohr

Understanding the 3 States of Consciousness: 3D, 4D, and 5D

Hey, speaking of humor as one of the ways to blast through the controllers’ nefarious plans for us all, how’s this? LOL.


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Shadow Work as Key to Peace on Earth

Developing Jung’s imagination for Evil is the doorway to our light.

Paul Levy, who elucidated the Native American’s notion of “wetiko” as a soul sickness among those who would conquer them and Mother Earth herself, sends the same message, this time invoking Jung, during what seems to be humanity’s final hour, when “archetypal evil, which lies hidden within the dark side of the human psyche,” surges relentlessly to the surface.

And how does one discover his or her own shadow? By observation, an inner commitment to observing the self in action. By waking up in the present moment, over and over again, noticing ourselves thinking, speaking, relating, acting.

Can you step back from your own mind and thus understand all things? Giving birth and nourishing, having without possessing, acting with no expectations, leading and not trying to control: this is the supreme virtue.”  — Lao Tzu, ca. 2500 years ago.

I personally discovered this awareness technique, of learning how to open space within the self, so that I may witness my own “monkey mind,” while reading a book about Gurdjieff by Ouspensky, back in my mid-20s. He talked about the practice of “self-remembering.” I decided to try it out. Would it help to relieve my continuous horrific stress?

The practice: Whatever I am doing or thinking, make it a habit to wake up, NOW! As in: “Aha! I am brushing my teeth. . . . while looking in the mirror . . . and grimacing! ” Or: “Wow! Geez! Now I am hating my father again, obsessing on what he did to me way back then . . .” Or: “I just realized I am walking along the street and the birds are singing and I am so preoccupied with my thoughts that I do not hear them!” On and on. So much to discover when we wake up, moment by moment, to simply notice the movie we have been playing — directing and starring in — since we incarnated here on planet Earth.

And once we wake up? The world is born anew, blooms into continuous surprise. The usual polarities no longer rule. We live larger than that, accepting and integrating both sides of any polarity rather than needing to crush one or the other.

In Green Acres Permaculture Village, we view shadow work as the foundation of living together with others. Starting with the shadow within the self, which arises when we feel anxious, out of sorts, conflicted. Widening to include the shadow between the self and another — which arises in any interpersonal “conflict” (what am I projecting here?). Widening further to the shadow within the group (who is functioning as scapegoat?). Widening even further, to the shadow between the group and the neighborhood — on and on, always noticing: where am I personally projecting an unconscious part of myself onto another — or onto the whole world? What does that part within me look like. When did it begin? How can I accept and integrate it?

A personal example: way back in the 1980s, I saw myself as a “peace activist,” working frantically to prevent the placement of Reagan’s MX “peacekeeper” missile in Wyoming.  I was the lonely hero, traveling the state as well as states nearby, speaking with passion to local groups and invariably stirring up trouble. Why did people not realize that what I was saying was true? That what I was demanding was utterly necessary if humanity is to survive the insane doctrine known as MAD (Mutual Assured Destruction)? Why did people recoil in my presence?

At some point, after many months of subtle and noisy altercations with, not just my audiences, but with other peace activists! — a sudden realization poured through: “Oh my god! I am a VIOLENT PEACE ACTIVIST.” The awareness of this glaring contradiction between what I preached and what I practiced slammed into me like a freight train. Overnight, I stopped missionary work, moved into a tiny yurt across from the Tetons, and stared into the fire for four months, encountering memories, dancing in the flames of my own mental and emotional violence. All this, I began to realize, started way way back. In fact, I could not remember a time before both my terror of war and the nuclear blast inside me did not loom like a ticking bomb.

Peace on Earth? Let it begin with me.

Ever since then, I have personally viewed shadow work, or: the taking back of unconscious projections, as possibly the most important practice we can cultivate if we wish to create peace on earth.

Paul Levy is right. The current upsurge of extremely toxic shadows that have hidden for centuries within humanity’s collective unconscious — what Levy has brought into public awareness as “wetiko” — mirrors the upsurge of the shadow within each of our own lives. Rather than blaming anything on the outside for a world gone wrong,  let each of us work, here, at home, precisely within the self, to notice, accept, and integrate our own shadow equally as continually and dynamically balancing with our light.

After all, in this material 3D world, every light throws a shadow!

And the stronger the light, the stronger the shadow!

Let us honor and integrate both shadow and light, both good and evil, equally, within ourselves. Let us become whole. Let us rebirth the world.



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On the Covid Con: Have we reached “the darkest hour just before the dawn”?

Just home from walking with puppy Shadow, sitting down at computer . . .

A good friend from afar, who supplies me with tips regularly, most of which I utilize, and only seldom thank that friend, has just sent me this, remarking astutely, as usual:

Medscape has started a public discussion for medical professionals about adverse events related to the COVID shots. 1040 comments so far. No wonder 60% of my mom’s medical staff is willing to get fired rather than take a mandatory shot. The doctors know….

Another friend, the famous/infamous Carol Rosin, who doesn’t mind being outed here, texted me this, via facebook, concerning the rollout in New Zealand:

I have not yet listened to or pursued either of these offerings, but hopefully some of my readers will!

Meanwhile, the BIG NEWS is that a regular ol’ “deplorable” Canadian, in Alberta, Patrick King, representing himself in court, has won his crucial case against the covid con by asking one question: SHOW ME THE ISOLATED VIRUS. The other side couldn’t produce the “evidence.” Thus, no “proof” that the virus exists! Result? Alberta has now dropped all restrictions, treating Covid as just another flu.

We’ve been hearing rumors that this so-called virus has never been isolated for some time now, from many directions. Seasoned independent investigative journalist Jon Rappoport, of, who’s been on to Faux-ci’s predatory games since way back in the AIDs era, has been hammering this idea home ever since the fear-mongering Covid Con was first rolled out by the MSM, in March 2020.

Here’s today’s post. Remember: now that the CDC has finally confessed that the fake pcr test can’t distinguish between covid and the flu . . .

Turning Flu Cases into Covid: Easy as Pie

Plus, from yesterday:

Three Quarters of New Covid Cases are in Vaccinated People — CDC Study

The word “cases” has itself come under scrutiny. What does “case” mean in the Cunning Covid Con-text? It means that a pcr test showed up as “positive.” And this, whether or not the person was symptomatic. In fact, the Covid-Con is the very first disease in which asymptomatic people can spread the disease to others! Exciting, huh?

Oh, but wait . . .

And back to that drat pcr test. Remember, everything depends on the number of amplifications of itsy bitsy stuff on the swab that was jammed way too far back into your nose, as in:

Amplify the cycles high enough, and all sorts of toxic gunk, including coronavirus and bacterial specks from colds and flues suffered or naturally defended against years ago, show up in everybody. Any pcr test above 35 will guarantee lots of positive “cases.” The higher the amplification, the greater the percentage of positive “cases.” Ergo: the pcr test is perfect way for globalists to ramp up the collective F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real) when it shows signs of waning. Just ratchet up the pcr cycles.

Then, there’s what might be on those swabs that they insert much too far up the nose . . . Oh geez, let’s not go there . . .

Despite the continuing skullduggery from whoever is running this Covid-Con Show, that one Canadian might have just turned the corner for all of us. He demanded to see the evidence. And they could not produce it.

Meanwhile, “court cases around the world are, one by one, establishing the case against vaccines.”

Is patience a virtue? Only if we continue to spread the word to those who have not yet succumbed to the jab while we await court results.

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I don’t wear a mask in public because . . .

I value natural free expression of both myself and others, and that includes facial expression to help convey meaning and connection.

I open my heart to the universe, and in exchange the universe pours love through my heart infusing all whom I encounter in the world.


Love is at ease in the world. Fear is dis-eased. 

Love expands.

Fear contracts.

Love relaxes.

Fear stresses.

Love conquers all.

“Fear has no agency.” Dr. David Martin

Indeed, fear is not a virtue, even when the toxic woke brew called “political correctness” disguises it as Community, Empathy, Humility.






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