Presidential Address, and Aftermath: Hope for A Softening?

Note my post last night, where I sketched in a few of the configurations that spoke to me ahead of time (and note Laura Bruno’s comments, as well):

The Astrology of this Evening’s Presidential Address

Immediately following the eight minute speech, which began two minutes late, I posted this on twitter:

I was pleased to note that Trump’s actual talk emphasized that dharmic North Node’s Cancerian tone: warmth, love, home, family — these were the takeaways, at least for me. Note the Cancerian focus on empathizing with the feelings of those whose loved ones have been murdered by illegal aliens, and the invocation: “this is a crisis of the heart, and of the soul.”

Think of the Capricorn/Cancer dichotomy: hard vs soft, structured versus formless, public vs private, wall vs womb. The dominant tone of this era is clearly Capricornian, given the extreme Pluto/Sun/Saturn/South Node focus in that sign. But the antidote to Capricorn is its opposite, Cancer.

I can’t imagine how difficult it was for normally Sun/Uranus out-of-the-box President Trump to stick to an already prepared narrative. But it’s good he did, and I’m sure he knew that he must.

This address exhibited very best public use of his Venus/Saturn in Cancer. Lindsay Graham said later that this speech was Trump at his “most presidential.”

Given Trump’s soft, sustained, caring focus on safety and security for the American people, and that he did not declare a state of emergency (yet), what were the Schumer and Pelosi duet to do? No way to counter Cancerian feelings without coming across as insensitive and ridiculous, which they did.

The actual time of the address began two minutes late, at 9:02 p.m. Here is the corrected chart, which adds one degree to the swiftly moving Ascendant, from 6° 53 to 7°17 Virgo.

AHA! Note the Sabian Symbol for 8° Virgo (7°17 translates to 8°): A GIRL TAKES HER FIRST DANCING LESSON. Time to get up and dance on that rug! Trump’s bear is sure to join you there (see Sabian symbols from last night’s post).


Note that for the next three days, the Sun travels directly over Pluto: I wouldn’t be surprised if these three days will see power plays like never before regarding this issue. On the other hand, Jupiter, at 13° Sagittarius in this chart, is closing in on a square to Neptune at 14° Pisces through the end of January, offering perhaps a generous (Jupiter) way of softening (Neptune) the difficulty seemingly set in stone by egomaniacal polarization. Notice that both Jupiter and Neptune are in the signs they rule, rendering this aspect unusually strong, and perhaps setting the tone, or atmosphere for successful negotiations..

The point is, Trump must help his opponents in their efforts to “save face,” now that they have been seriously outmaneuvered. The signs are auspicious for that. If they do take up Trump’s offer to meet at 3 p.m. today, wherein, he claims, they could solve the problem “in 45 minutes,” then here’s the chart for that upcoming event, and note one very interesting shift during that very hour, and at the Midheaven, where it is most prominent: The Moon, which, during the presidential address, had been in fractious Aquarius conjunct Lilith, has just moved to 0°08 Pisces. Yes, a softening! Meanwhile, the 3:00 p.m. hour puts 22° Gemini on the Ascendant, exactly conjunct President Trump’s 22° natal Sun, opposite his 21° Sagittarian Moon, both of them conjunct/opposed also to his natal Uranus. EXPECT, as usual, THE UNEXPECTED.


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The astrology for this evening’s Presidential Address

The lead-up to this evening’s first ever Presidential Address has been so intense and so fraught with aversion by the MSM and, no doubt, so thoroughly hated and baited by neo-liberal leftists, that I decided to do a chart for the expected moment of its initiation. And yes, it’s a doozy.

First of all, notice that the Sun at 18°  is still traveling, one degree per day, between Saturn at 12° and Pluto at 20° in Capricorn, heating up and illuminating globalist plans (Saturn) for total centralized control and power (Pluto). And, for those who have not yet caught on to the globalist agenda: one of the principal methods for achieving the long-planned “New World Order” is to open all nations’ borders in order to encourage massive, unchecked, unregulated immigration. This onslaught will destroy long-nurtured cultures and invoke maximum chaos; which in turn will prompt the public’s perceived need for authoritarian clamp-down. Get it?

But what I paid attention to, especially, in this chart, is the position of the Moon, which, in a collective chart, signifies the public mood. The original U.S.A. chart has the Moon at 27° Aquarius, signifying a fractious, determinedly independent bunch of souls that have always populated this nation-state. That 27th degree of Aquarius is, BTW, exactly opposed Donald Trump’s Mars in late Leo. So no wonder he’s the target!

Tonight’s address will add fuel to the fire. Not only is the Moon in Aquarius, at 21°17, but it sits adjacent to Lilith, at 22° 20 Aquarius. Lilith signifies the female principle that is not Eve, not nice. Rather, she shrieks. And shriek she will after this address, igniting even more fractious energy than is currently present. I think especially of the freshman leftist female congresswomen here . . .

But: let’s notice the Sabian Symbols for these two degrees:

First, the Moon at 21° 17 (which translates to 22°) Aquarius:


Imagine: Trump is going to “throw down the gauntlet.” Let’s look upon this gauntlet as a rug of a certain size and comfort level. As long as the girl children remain on the rug, they will be okay, no matter how wild and unruly their play.

Next: Lilith at 22°20 Aquarius (which translates to 23° Aquarius).


Yep. I see Trump as the Bear, sitting centered in the middle of the rug, swatting the little girls down when they get too unruly.

Notice that the Moon/Lilith combo sits exactly sextile (60°) to Eris, at 22° Aries, another female symbol, this one the “discontented goddess.” Notice also, that Eris makes a wide conjunction with unpredictable Uranus at 28° Aries, and that both energies fuel a T-cross with the lunar nodes, at 26° Capricorn (south karmic node) and 26° Cancer (north dharmic node). This position actually makes me wince. The key to resolving the difficult fractious energy that we are currently involved in as a culture is to return to the Cancerian nourishment of family, home, community. I wince because Trump’s natal Venus/Saturn is at 23°-25° Cancer, close to that dharmic north node.. His own family must feel, and is,  threatened during this scarily tumultuous time, to the max.

And to pull in even more energies: notice that the Moon/Lilith sits semi-sextile to the Sun/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn, which in turn, along with that south node, sits square to Uranus/Eris. This triple configuration which here includes a semi-sextile, a square, and a sextile, forms what I call a “triangle of continuous growth.” Let’s hope so. Let’s pray that this be the case. That we wake up during this evening’s address to remember that we are, and remain, despite our current, seemingly fatal, ideological divides, as “One nation, Under God, with Unity and Justice for All.”

Meanwhile, BTW: notice the very next Trump tweet, truly the sweetest message I have ever seen from him or any other politician.






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2019: The horror belches to the surface

And this includes specialized “assasination pistols” that were buried in a big pile in Vietnam all those years ago, after having been used to genocide, one by one, 40,000 suspected “Communist sympathizers.” Kevin Shipp, ex-CIA agent, tells it like it is.

Dark Left Starting Soft Civil War – Kevin Shipp

Anyone who follows this blog knows that it’s not like me to run two nasty, depressing posts in a row:

A Dystopian View of 2019


2019 Begins: YUCK!

And yes, this post makes three. Why?

Something’s making me do it . . .

Hmmm . . .

Am I mind-controlled? NOPE. But I have a feeling lots of people are. Indeed, the entire culture may be subliminally and otherwise “programmed,” via TV and MSM media to “be-LIE-ve” in only certain narratives, those that best fit the agenda of what, during 2018, became commonplace to call the Deep State.

Q’s drops continue to run thick and fast since January 5. The next day, yesterday, Q posted a reference to an article on mind-control that reminded me of all the stuff I’ve read about MK Ultra over the years, ever since waking up via the biography of ex-mind controlled “presidential level” sex slave Kathy O’Brien’s Trance Formation of America.

Here’s the Q post:

Here’s a long post re: MK Ultra, considering the false flags, assasinations and mass shootings perpetrated by, usually, “lone white males” who often speak of “hearing voices in their heads beforehand.”

I HEAR VOICES: MKUltra? A Worrying Trend Of Mass Shooting Suspects Throughout History Before Committing Horrific Murders


Then there’s Kim Dotcom, who has another prediction to make, for 2019.

“The Criminals Who Run the Deep State Will be Exposed:” Kim Dotcom Teases “Next Round of Leaks”

But hey, best to know what’s really going on, right! Take heads out of sand! Get a good clear look at the muck that we have allowed — thanks to our determination to remain innocent, and thus ignorant — to continue for way too long!

Yes, let’s reverse Jung’s famous quote —

— to read: The darker the shadow, the brighter the light!

Here’s Luke of We Are Change, talking about the good, positive things that are also happening.



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2019 begins. YUCK!


In keeping with the ignition of fiery energies that I noted in two astrology posts within the this first week of January 2019 —

DOUBLE WHAMMY for 2019: Mars enters 0 degrees Aries on New Years Eve


DOUBLE WHAMMY, January 5-6: Partial Solar Eclipse, Uranus turns direct

— here are a few notables:

Recall this photo of the newly ordained member of the House which has been blasted all over the internet, and illustrates so perfectly the amped up fiery energies as we head into 2019: 

Here’s a very interesting thread:

Re: the rumors of military tribunals, check this out. If true, then the first case is a suspect from the 9/11 attack:

Military Tribunals Begin — DOD invites Press to Cover Hearings at GITMO Expeditionary Legal Complex.

Meanwhile, the same day that this possibility got a lot of press (google “military tribunals January 2019”), Q re-entered the increasingly frenzied zeitgeist, after an unusually long 14 day absence, in a flurry of ten new posts. Check it out!

Meanwhile, the more I think about it, the more I think a partial government shutdown is a very good thing — and in the case of some departments, the longer the better! Reader Rose sent me this, and commented: “Good points herein and makes me wonder if the ‘shutdown’ is the ruse that will initiate a (long overdue) exposure of  bureaucratic redundancy in what could well be yet another Political Chess ‘Trump’.”

The Shutdown Proves How Redundant A Lot of Government Is

We’ve got to remember that the raison d’etre of any bureaucracy is stay alive and continue to expand. Likewise, all the rules and laws continuously enacted by top-down bureaucracies, to the extent that no matter what you do or don’t do, somebody can likely find an obscure law against it! Couple that with universal surveillance of everyone, the possibilities for entrapment are infinite.

Meanwhile, the Catholic Church is increasingly under fire, or maybe I should say, underwater, with pedophilia charges everywhere, from the Vatican, continuing through  long lists of pedophile priests in various U.S. dioceses, on down to lowly nuns. Just google the subject! But do check out this one, notably on mainstream CBS news:

The Secret Not Yet Told: Women Described Alleged Abuse by Nuns

Of course, the same could be said of Hollywood, politics, orphanages, “Child Protective Services,” music, entertainment, sports, now being dragged into the light, including how bribes and blackmail have been used to control the perps.

Finally, SOTN has several new posts that are, you might say, “required reading.” Start here:

2019: The Year Deep State Gets Demolished

Somehow, I think maybe we’d better not set a deadline . . . The cancerous, suppurating  infection of the body politic has been eating away at our world for a very long time, and will most likely take a number of years to heal.

Meanwhile, where do we begin? Answer: INSIDE THE SELF!

What in me is corrupted? Where am I projecting hidden unwanted parts of myself onto others out-there in the world? Take those projections back. Own up to my own internal ugliness. There is no one alive who has not been touched, and most likely, penetrated and poisoned, by the pervasive evil.






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A dystopian view of 2019

This just in from John Robb of Global Guerrillas, an anonymous and decidedly dystopian view of the near future. The antidote? There is one, but it requires that we let go of our fractured, ideologically concretized minds and return to our similarly beating hearts. Why do you think I’ve been so focused on what I call “alt-epistemology“? THIS is why. To change the way we think about our own thinking process is key to the dissolution of warlike human behavior. In other words, I sense that the anonymous author is correct. Since most people are still mentally reactive, rather than heart-centered and responsive, 2019 will most likely prove to be an exceedingly difficult year.

The Long Night Is Coming

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DOUBLE WHAMMY, January 5-6: Partial solar eclipse, Uranus turns direct

This is the second time I have recently noticed a concatenation of two events that struck me as synchronous. The first Double Whammy happened on New Years Eve, the midnight bong that fell within hours of Mars ingress into Aries, beginning a new two year cycle of the zodiac for that planet, and, echoing New Year’s Eve, firing up the cultural atmosphere.

Now, only a few days later, we have another Double Whammy, furthering the 2019 ignition: The year’s first New Moon (also a partial solar eclipse visible from part of the earth), which initiates a new monthly cycle of feeling, happens to coincide within 19 hours, the turning to go direct of unpredictable, volatile Uranus in the final two degrees of impulsive, courageous, warlike Aries.

The New Moon’s position, at 15°25 Capricorn, sits sandwiched, nearly midway between Saturn at 11°58 and Pluto at 19°45 Capricorn. Closer and closer, Saturn is inching towards Pluto, to reach exact conjunction in January 2020 and directly affect the U.S. chart. (More on that later.) At this point in time, nine degrees from exactness, we already begin to feel Saturn’s pressure, its guarantee of karmic comeuppance for the Plutonian Deep State structures and systems that have kept 99.9% of the human race in bondage for so long. Especially will we feel this vice grip now, while experiencing this New Moon that yokes Saturn and Pluto together.

Rumors of military tribunals abound.

Trump starts to withdraw troops from Syria, Afghanistan, and Iraq, says Iran can do its thing! That the mid-east is on its own! We’re coming home! (Check out his long, free-wheeling press conference two days ago. Very instructive.) What?, brays the MSM propaganda arm of the Deep State. Impossible! We’ve got to keep those wars going, those weapons and bribes flowing!

Uranus, with its 84 year cycle, left Aries for Taurus in mid-May 2018, correlating with the eruption of the Hawaiian volcano: Earth (Taurus) erupting (Uranus). It then ploughed slowly through early Taurus until mid August, when it turned to go retrograde, slipping back into Aries on November 7, just in time for the mid-term elections. Fiery, uncompromising Arian energies have dominated ever since. This week, when Uranus turns to go direct, signifies a time when those fiery energies amp up greatly, though briefly: Uranus will return to steady, determined Taurus, and a seven-year transit through that sign, on May 16, approximately one year after it first entered Taurus. This time, it will not back up into Aries, but continue on through Taurus. Whatever has been initiated will now ground down and in. Further eruptions from Mother Earth are to be expected, as are fracturing of Deep State structures.

Meanwhile, for the next little while, Uranus in late Aries is joined by Mars, just starting its run through Aries through mid-February, holding our feet to the fire. I can’t help but think of the new, young, female democratic Reps in the House, how they are gleefully stirring up the fires of impeachment. Do they not realize that the new (53-47) Senate will put a stop to their shenanigans?

Image result for we're going to impeach the motherfucker

“We’re going to impeach the motherfucker!”

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How I got bamboozled by what turned out to be fake news: and the GOOD that came of it!

Monday morning work party, May 21, 2018, Green Acres Permaculture Village and Urban Farm

Way back in 2003, my husband, Jeff Joel, had just died of a heart attack. He and I had moved from a yurt community in the Wyoming Tetons to a small ranch house in Bloomington, Indiana, for him to attend law school at Indiana University. After one semester, he suddenly died, abandoning me here, all alone, in a brand new town.

A few months later, though still in shock, I decided to attend an “Intentional Community Conference” being held in nearby Yellow Springs Ohio. Who knows? Perhaps now would be the time for me to actually join an intentional community, a long term goal that had been squelched by Jeff’s reluctance. Though our yurt community was one example of such, not everyone there was “on the same page,” with the same reasons for joining or staying. I wanted a place that I could both call home while pursuing some kind of larger ideal through a group process. What would that look like?

While at this conference, I watched the movie The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil, about the collective emergency that suddenly developed in the early ’90s when the Soviet Union collapsed.  All of a sudden, they stopped shipping oil to Cuba. Overnight, Cubans lost the energy that powers modern industrial civilization. The average person lost 20 pounds that first winter. People had to walk or bike; farming returned to horse-drawn ploughs. The government offered free land to anyone who wanted to return to their rural roots and remember how to grow food organically. Gradually, the people adjusted to their new normal, and even began to grow serious food inside the city of Havana.

On the way home from the conference, feverishly imagining truck and rail lines interrupted, bringing our just-in-time modern civilization to a sudden stop, with not nearly enough energy for heat and light and local food to support any community, I saw in my mind’s eye a Mad Max scenario (yes, conveniently pre-programmed into the culture via CIA-approved and sponsored, fear-mongering films): roving gangs of thugs causing havoc everywhere and people hoarding whatever they had left with guns to keep others away.

The infamous Hobbesian nightmare writ global:

No arts; no letters; no society; and which is worst of all, continual fear and danger of violent death; and the life of man, solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short.

Quick, I thought to myself, body tensed, fearful fingers gripping the wheel, get to an intentional community outside a city now, NOW. Close the gates! Man the barricades! Circle the wagons!

It was just then, just when I had worked my mental/emotional system into a frenzied intensity, that I heard a little voice in my right ear:

“No need for that. Just change perceptions in your neighborhood.”

And thus, a few years later, was Green Acres Village born, first as a neighborhood garden, and then fully fledging as a potent little human community in communion with our Mother Earth. It has been evolving, organically, for over decade now, starting on the mental plane in 2007, when I took the permaculture design course, and was astonished to recognize in its principles real hope for a transformed world; by late 2009, the vision had grounded into the material plane when I purchased the house next door that had a large sunny lawn that we turned into the garden. I purchased it with my dwindling inheritance from Jeff, and then, nearly ten years later, with the remainder of the inheritance, purchased another house, the one in back of both of the first two, so that we now have 6/10 of an acre altogether (not much!), with three greenhouses and winding paths among the yards, all turned into gardens plus a large patio commons.

In other words, because I saw the movie “The Power of Community,” I ended up a permaculturist, getting my PDC in 2007, and right away began to put my new philosophy of life into practice by founding Green Acres Village as one template of a nourishing, regenerative lotus growing up inside the mud of crumbling industrial civilization.

A few years ago, I began to hear about “abiotic” oil, in other words, oil that is not made from fossils, and so not limited to what is already in the ground. Instead, according to this theory, Mother Earth is constantly replenishing her oil from deep within.

The theory of Peak Oil, it turns out, was a theory, not proven. In fact, its main assumption, that oil is a scarce and limited resource, because made from ancient fossils, has now been proven to be, according to William Engdahl, demonstrably false.

After all, think about it:  The Earth is a living being, and oil is her blood. Just as our own human bodies, through their own mysterious and very efficient processes, continue to manufacture blood, so too does Mother Earth continue to replenish her own blood through equally mysterious processes.

There’s lots of oil. We have enough oil to continue to pollute the earth and air and water for centuries! Not that this is a good thing. Indeed, we do need desperately to shift to clean energy, and eventually free energy, drawn elegantly from the quantum field which nourishes all of life. Meanwhile, I am grateful that “Peak Oil” became my mantra long enough for me to ignite another way of life, one much more in tune with both with my fellow humans and our dear Mother Earth. Permaculture is now my way of life. I invite you to join me, and the thousands of others, mostly young people, guided by mostly old hippie elders like myself, two generations who relish the same music and philosophy and see eye to eye and heart to heart and soul to soul on this most vital of topics: the conscious communion and interweaving of humans and all living beings with each other, with our planet, and with her cosmic home.

It turns out that energy scarcity is not the problem; what we do with energy is. The real energy crisis, folks, is IN US.

William Engdahl: Whatever happened to Peak Oil?

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So why, I wondered, did I want to go see the movie “VICE”?

Late afternoon yesterday, New Year’s Day, I invited a friend — one with roughly similar political views — to go with me to see the biopic Vice, about Dick Cheney, perhaps my favorite villain of all time, or at least of the Bush Jr. presidency. Indeed, I remember putting pics of Bush Jr., Rumsfeld, and Cheney up on my altar, so much did I need to neutralize my own hatred and forgive them for the horrors inflicted upon the world with 9/11, the Patriot Act, Afghanistan, Iraq, on and on, the planned forever War on Terror that has terrorized human hearts ever since.

My friend and I discussed 9/11 on the way to the movie. What kind of perspective would it offer? Would the movie show Cheney as complicit in planning the attack?

I was interested in the movie more for sociological reasons than anything else. Interested in who the audience would be, whether or not there would be any audience in this liberal academic town. There was! I guess about thirty middle-aged or older people (30 is a lot, these days when everyone carries around their own private screen.) But, sitting there, waiting through the interminable previews of violent movies, I finally remembered: Oh, of course, there would be an audience! The movie itself is most likely told from a liberal point of view, since the three U.S. administrations Cheney had participated in — at first under the tutelage of Rumsfeld; by the time of Bush Jr., the teacher/student roles had switched — were all Republican.

I have considered myself an Independent all my life, and yet when I came of age in the ’60s I sided with the Democrats and my generation’s hero John Kennedy, and pretty much held that point of view all the way through the rest of the 20th century. The bloom began to fade with the Clinton administration; not just his obviously lying peckerdillos, but my reading of de-programmed CIA MK Ultra mind-controlled sex slave Kathy O’Brien’s book Trance Formation of America which named Hillary herself (later “our” first female, feminist presidential candidate) as a pedophile. That did it. The bloom was off.

Even so, it took a few more years for me to completely break the spell of my Democratic leanings. In fact another decade. Even so-called liberal Obama signing that first draconian NDAA, back in December 2013, didn’t completely cynicalize me.

Yet, by the time I stopped my print subscription to the New York Times, back in late 2010, I was beginning to recognize, very clearly, that the two parties were indeed two heads upon one ravenous beast; that both parties started wars under false flag pretenses, that banksters funded both sides, that both big newspapers and university towns like this one, Bloomington, Indiana, were biased “liberal,” on and on.

And, I began to seriously poke around the internet for alternative news of interest to me. Not even a month later, in January 2011, I started this blog.

By the time of the runup to the 2016 election, and the wikileaks release of all sorts of horrific stuff about America’s wars and Podesta’s emails, I knew I was definitely not going to vote for criminal Hillary. No longer even faintly leaning towards the Democratic party; but then, vote Republican? Equally repugnant, except that Donald Trump was the candidate. And what would that mean? I had no idea. His unpredictability both fascinated and frightened me. I took the coward’s way out and voted for Jill.

Over the past two years, I have shifted “right,” as they say, finding myself in nearly full agreement and admiration of Donald Trump and how he uses his bloviating personality to keep the virtue-signalling “left” tittering furiously about his “character” while going full steam ahead with his own agenda, the one he had promised as a candidate, which includes, as priorities, exposure of the pedophile and human trafficking rings, bringing jobs and troops back home, letting go of foreign wars and multilateral trade deals, focusing on America first, all in the interests of smashing the nearly-complete globalist plot that had nearly strangled the whole world before he came into office.

So, despite his apparent cluelessness on matters concerning the universal suffering from  pollution and resource extraction demanded by predatory capitalism’s continuing greed for more and more  “progress” in industrializing and privatizing the entire commons of Mother Earth, I have been, and remain, biased towards Trump. First things first.

Which makes me, at this point, a Republican? And if so, why did I choose to see that satirical movie which bashes Cheney, a Republican?

What interested me most about the movie was how it divided my friend and I. She couldn’t even stay to watch the whole thing, so disgusted was she by the way they skewed 9/11, making Cheney complicit, yes, but only in taking advantage of 9/11, rather than masterminding its evil design.

I can’t help but agree with her on that point, and yet I found the movie very interesting, especially the part at the very end, after all the credits, one final, unexpected scene with the hilarious “focus group.” Someone said in that group, “But what about this movie? Isn’t it a liberal bias?” Another participant demurred, no, it’s not, it’s about the facts. Just FACTS!” Oh you would say that, you libtard!” shot back the first man. At this point the entire group dissolved into a free for all, the two men and others caterwauling physically on each other.

What a perfect scenario to illustrate the Great Divide that we find ourselves in now. And yes, a perfect counterpoint to even the final scene of my friend and I as we sat in the car on the way home, she bemoaning the fact that the movie was not nearly strong enough on fingering Cheney for 9/11, and me saying I prefer to keep my mind open, because there’s always more, always. That we will never come to the end of any of our interpretations!

Perusing a few reviews, I found this one the most interesting, from Rolling Stone, a magazine I used to read voraciously, when I was a libtard.

“VICE” Review: Meet the Dubya Era’s Dark Lord

Adam McKay’s biopic of former Vice-President Dick Cheney takes on the controversial political figure, one dark, bleak laugh at a time


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