Psychiatrist Steve Pieczenik: On the mad men who pronounce Trump crazy.

I saw that pronouncement from psychiatrists at a Yale conference as to the state of Trump’s mental health —

It’s Official: Top Psychiatrists at Yale Conference Warn That Trump Has A Dangerous Mental Illness

— and frankly, was appalled at the arrogance. Glad that psychiatrist Steve Pieczenik has called them out, and roundly. Not that I “believe” in either Trump or Pieczenik, but I sure do wonder about anybody — anybody! no matter what their “credentials” — pretending to judge somebody else’s “sanity” in this clearly insane culture still bent on totally destroying both our Earthly home and our natural trust in each other.

Thanks to Kauilapele.


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Green Acres Village News: Community Dinner (Chinese!), Tunnel Project news, Mariella’s big move with a little help from her friends

See new post,


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Hmmmm. New Tool in My Toolbox: Google Search Trends. FUN!

This morning, thanks to the technique employed in one of Melissa Dyke’s Truth Stream Media’s memorable posts,

How Reality Is Being Manufactured

I finally tuned into google search trends. Hmmm. Of course, it might all be skewed in one way or another, given that we’ve discovered that google might be “evil” after all; even so, I found myself running with this technique.

Melissa found trends that showed periodicity over time. Hmmm. Very interesting! Wonder how often that holds true? Meanwhile, I decided to do some trend searches myself. For example, I am aware that “deep state” is now a meme that suddenly appeared recently in the public consciousness, after having been invented by Peter Dale Scott for his 2014 book The American Deep State. Here’s Part 1 of a a recent six part interview with him:

And here’s how it shows up in google trends.

Deep State: Yep. This one flew in from nowhere in December 2016. (Go to the actual url to see the actual timing. I’m just taking screenshots.)

Okay. How about False Flag?

Interesting. False Flag peaked in April-May 2013.

BTW: I don’t know if you’ve been paying attention, but please do notice how we in the alt-media have evolved from taking weeks, then just days, to figure out that any particular destructive event was a false flag. In the past year or so, it seems like we’ve only needed an hour or two. And now, this year, we downright expect one or more false flags as part of the predictive code of the cabal. For example: with so-called Gotham Shield, supposedly on now and for the next two weeks, we’re all just waiting to see if and when what part of this supposed drill will “go live.”

Okay, let’s google search trend Gotham Shield:

Hmmm . . . this one seems to have peaked in October 2014. Why? Oh sure, a TV series. Wouldn’t you know. Predictive programming? 

Okay, now let’s turn from the ugly stuff to what really interests me, permaculture. Well, hey, it’s trending up, slightly. . .

Okay, let’s compare permaculture to organic gardening. That will tell us where we are, in terms of educating the public about this more-than-organic, whole systems approach — to not just growing food, but living on earth in community. Oh wow! The news is good!

Hey, what happens if we add non-GMO to the mix? 

Hmm, non-GMO tracks with organic at a low level. Okay, how about comparing all three to local food?

Aha! Bingo! Permaculture and local food go together in the public mind. YES!



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On Earth Day: “make of your very flesh a great poem. . .”

“This is what you shall do: love the the earth and sun and the animals, despise riches, give alms to everyone that asks, stand up for the stupid and crazy, devote your income and labor to others, hate tyrants, argue not concerning God, have patience and indulgence toward the people, take off your hat to nothing known or unknown or to any man or number of men, go freely with powerful uneducated persons and with the young and with mothers of families, read these leaves in the open air every season of every year of your life, re-examine all you have been told at school or church or in any book, dismiss whatever insults your own soul, and your very flesh shall be a great poem and have the richest fluency not only in its words but in the silent lines of its lips and face and between the lashes of your eyes and in every motion and joint of your body … ”
-Walt Whitman

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Financial whistleblower Ronald Bernard, whose conscience woke up and refused to allow him to complete his training as a psychopath

INTEGRITY: consistency in thought, word and deed. Remember this simple definition. It is also an instruction.

For if there is only one 39 minute slot free in your precious time today, please take that time to watch this video, an extraordinary story of one smart young man with entrepenurial skills who was enticed to join the world of financiers who manage huge flows of money that circle the world. In order to agree to learn this new and exalted “trade” which would bring him much more personal wealth than his old import/export business, he was told  he must put his conscience in the freezer and keep it there, 100%. Being young and foolish, he laughed and agreed. What follows is a riveting tale of how the money matrix world works, connecting  the dots that lead from gigantic money flows all the way through to the Luciferian religion and its sacrifices of young children. As he says, he failed at becoming a psychopath. Why? Because the freezer broke down; he simply couldn’t stomach performing the murderous acts through which they would have blackmailed him, thus ensuring his compliance, forever.

His conscience had come back to life. Which meant that he could no longer “do his job” easily. He began to refuse assignments. Had trouble pretending to be who he used to be. Finally, his body broke down from the stress. And when it did, he found himself looking down upon his body from a corner of the Emergency Room. This awareness, of his existence beyond the body, woke him up further to what lay beyond the world of not just money, but matter itself.

Extremely interesting and articulate, even though it’s hard to watch in translation, with subtitles.

With this one biographical story, the entire sleeping world could wake up.

Revelations from a Former International Financier: “I was training to become a psychopath, and I failed”



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Iran, Russia and China all want war with the U.S.! PROOF!

Geez! The nerve!! Look how close they put their countries to our military bases!!!

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Let us embrace this eternal dance between left and right brain!

Way back in the mid-1960s, I was juggling wife and motherhood while diligently studying for a Ph.D. in philosophy. In order to “accomplish” all my “tasks,” I had to “make lists and plans,” “schedule” rigorously, and “make sure it all got done.” These are all left brain functions. But then, in a Scientific American magazine article, I came across the idea that we actually have two brains, a left brain and a right brain, with the “corpus callosum” between them. Right brain is intuitive, spacious, colorful, connected, questioning, loving, exploratory of worlds beyond worlds, worlds within worlds. In other words, utterly unlike left brain problem solving, right brain is attuned to mystery, both inner and outer.

Well, that turned me on. And I never looked back. Even my graduate school mentor couldn’t stop me, though he tried, denigrating intuition, because, he claimed, whatever it comes up with can’t be “proved.” On the other hand, as he would acknowledge, when pressed, nothing can be proved, not even scientific theories! Since the bottom line assumptions of any theory cannot themselves be proved, then all of our theories rest on nothing, nothing!

Of course he was full of contradictions. We all are. But he didn’t like to notice his. How many of us do? Indeed, according to the “rules” of formal logic, contradiction must be avoided at all costs because, as another professor sputtered, red-faced, when I asked, in all innocence, “but . . . but . . . what’s wrong with contradiction?”


Exactly! The possibilities are endless. There is no end to mystery, and to what can be conjured up and/or dissolved within it.

Let us learn to see and feel contradictions (including those experienced over time, for example, the “bipolar” swings between “manic” and “depressive”) as growing nodes.  Every time we consciously identify and span both poles of any duality (black/white, male/female, yes/no) we can thus recognize the contradiction between them as what links them. Each contradiction can thus be fruitfully viewed and experienced as a tiny potent seed, seeking to burst new life into form. So, I learned, the best way to move forward is to both acknowledge polarity (for example, left/right brain) and to integrate and encompass them.

Do I contradict myself? Well then I contradict myself. I am large. I contain miracles. — Walt Whitman

The opposite of one great truth is another great truth. — Niels Bohr

Over time, I learned use left brain logic as an instrument within right brain spaciousness. Whenever I want to create something specific from within the infinite void (e.g., a book, an  experimental community, a narrative line) I call upon left brain powers of discernment, analysis, identification, naming, deduction, induction, and so on. Left brain functions create boundaries; right brain functions dispell them. That’s our life, here on Earth. Moving from one to the other, juggling, playing with emerging, disintegrating forms. Living large, while refusing to take anything seriously; and yet thinking, imagining, speaking and acting, in all seriousness!

What matters? It all matters and nothing matters. There is no single “real world.” There are only the multidimensional realms of our imagination, populating the boundless spaciousness in whatever realms we can conjure up.  THOSE WE (UNCONSCIOUSLY) CONJURE UP EN MASSE CREATE THE CONDITIONS THAT WE SEE AROUND US AND THAT WE LIVE WITHIN.  Ergo: It’s up to us to wake up, i.e., to make the unconscious conscious and burst through the money matrix. We dreamers lead the world to unravel the stuck, competitive, destructive dynamic of scarcity while co-creating the abundance of nature’s mutual co-operation and gifting. Thus do we evolve from a culture of complaint to a culture of creativity, each of us both unique in our expression and dissolved into oneness, the one LOVE that fills, fuels, and flows through the multiverse.

I tell the above story because I just came across another wonderful Jordan Sather post on fb. No wonder he and I resonate across the generations! Here goes:

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Swampland News: Afghanistan caves and U.S. congress

Bernie Suarez hits hard, claiming that now ISIS has supposedly moved to caves (remember the MOAB?) they’ll never be eradicated and the MIC can go on destroying Earth and earthlings forever.

ISIS Script Shifts to Caves in Afghanistan: Longevity Now Guaranteed

Gordon Duff, according to reader Rose: “may have reached his tipping point as this is one take-no-prisoners read. For example, he has taken his past allusions to John McCain’s less than stellar tour in Nam to a level of citing specifics. Duff can generally back-up his allegations and McCain (among others) cannot be happy with this exposure…(we truly are in a time of ‘revelations’).”

The Strange Case of Tulsi Gabbard, and Other Tales of Terror

Basically, we must ask, will Tulsi be allowed to live?

Meanwhile, there’s her spiritual sister, Cynthia McKinney, demonstrating how Congress is run.

Also, a Congressional whistleblower from Colorado claims that

Congress is Corrupted by Dark “Corrupting Influence”

and this includes massive “dues” to sit on committees.

Here’s another article from 2013, that claims the same.

Congress Charges Secret Fee to Land Top Committee Spots

So it appears that our corrupt “elected representatives” are blackmailed (pedophilia) and/or bribed (by lobbyists, by revolving door promises), and/or must pay to play.

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Elder John Pilger’s pessimistic lament v. Young Jordan Sather’s hopeful analysis

Pilger is on for the first 17 minutes. Deeply disturbed, as are all those who still possess their sanity, by the continuous morphing of utterly alarming geopolitical events.

On the other hand, here’s young independent thinker Jordan Sather, on the same concatenation of events. He reads into it a narrative thread that is, or could be positive, and I’m glad to see, pays real attention to the fact that, in the aggregate, how we IMAGINE the future to play out is how it WILL play out.

As one whose philosophical training was in the field of epistemology, my only caveat to Sather’s analysis is that we must remember that all facts are “cherry-picked.” Or, to put it another way: there are always “alternative facts.” Not that facts don’t “add up;” however, facts are as numerous as every single teensy point on which we decide (consciously or unconsciously) to train our attention. The field of possibilities, let’s face it, is infinite. And we are the ones who determine, en masse, what actually happens, by identifying and stringing together the “dots” (facts) on the a narrative “time-line” that then unfolds.

When the field of possibilities is infinite, only limited by what we allow ourselves to imagine, let us pull ourselves beyond both despair and hope . . .

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Fearless Girls stand down the bull(shit)

Way back when, sometime in the 1980s when I my mental and emotional attitude was (I now regret) that of a “violent peace activist,” I fantasized about somehow resurrecting the ancient Lysistrata Action, from the Aristophanes “comedy” about Greek women refusing to have sex with Greek men until they stopped the Peloponnesian War.

Now I discover that this action is well known, and BTW, can be successful.

10 Real Life Sex Strikes Generated Lots of Action

Meanwhile, this year, the “Fearless Girl” sculpture set in front of the Wall Street Bull on International Women’s Day feels peculiarly iconic.

Iconic: especially given that wars and banks go together (banks finance both or all sides of any war). And iconic especially especially: because John McCain is one of the rumored pedophiles “about to be arrested.” We’ll see about that. Meanwhile, if true, McCain is automatically blackmailed, just like reportedly 1/3 of the U.S. Government, for pedophilia.

Boo hoo! The sculptor for the Bull complains that the Fearless Girl changes the meaning of the Bull. You betcha!

Here’s one of those fearless girls, all grown up, laying her blistering TRUTH on Senator McCain. Glad to see that he can look a bit uncomfortable. If so, at least maybe we can say he’s not a psychopath (in that he does exhibit emotion). Thanks to Alex for the reference.


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