43 days until the most consequential election in U.S. history — what is your role and mine?

For our July 4th celebration during Covid-time, rather than a big Community Dinner here at Green Acres Permaculture Village we gathered, just eight of us who live here, to sing a cappella three patriotic songs, the lyrics of each reminding us of this beautiful land upon which we are privileged to dwell. A few days later I posted this. Please read the intro!

THIS REVOLUTIONARY MOMENT: Here, for each of us to grab hold.

Last night I came across this little video, which spoke to me so clearly of the light and love that flows through the young when they are truly energized, rather than robotically, demonically, acting out antifa-style violence.

I remember being struck by another little video from a month or so ago, which I can’t locate now, showing a young man who began to energetically sing and dance so powerfully that he ended up transforming what had threatened to become a violent confrontation during a BLM protest. Soon, rather than hating each other, people were moving and singing to the same rhythm.

The point is, during this prolonged, agonizing period when Mars in incendiary Aries (conjunct “discontented goddess” Eris and “bad girl” Lilith!) squares (fuels) this year’s ongoing Saturn/Pluto/Jupiter in Capricorn purgation of all the gunk that lies at the bottom of the collective unconscious, let us become energy transformers, each of us, in our own way. Much is at stake, which, BTW those who fought to free this land from the British realized; in fact, they were “willing to die standing.”

(Are we willing to die standing? Is full-on regeneration of this magnificent nation even possible? What do we need to learn from the completion of the first 248 year cycle of Pluto in order to start over again in a transformed manner? See the above post.)

Here’s the moving story behind The Star-Spangled Banner,” one of the three songs we sang here, on July 4th.

Tomorrow, we will gather again, just us again, this time bundled up, to celebrate Autumn Equinox on the patio, at 9:00 AM, for a 24 minute meditation heading into the moment of Equinox (9:30 AM EDT) — before heading to the living room of this Overhill house for brunch.

For our ceremony, we plan to listen to a guided meditation by Jean Hudon. Join us!


And check this out:

Might this lead to something? Via Rose Interesting that it comes from buzzfeed, which I think of as a leftist source, but pretty even-handed here.


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Reflections on RBG legacy, and (timed?) passing

This is just an impression, so take it for what it’s worth. My sense is that RBG featured greatly in extending to women the same rights and privileges as men, and for that she deserves immense gratitude. However, over time, it appears to me that she went way too far in this direction, and so helped set the tone for the linguistic, educational, and increasingly, surgical and pharmaceutical smearing, of the two biological genders into one another, thus contributing to the extremely confusing and “politically correct” current division into how many is it now, 58 different genders, all with their specific pronouns?

Then there is her much bandied about view that the “age of consent” for sexual activity be lowered to children under twelve, thus helping to set the stage for current attempts to “normalize” pedophilia.

Her endorsement of the landmark 1973 Rode v. Wade decision during her confirmation hearing in 1993 is another case in point.

While I agree with those who decry abortions of near-term or full-term babies as actually murder (done for profit via selling of bodies and body parts), I refuse to agree that letting a fetus go during the first tri-mester should be re-criminalized. Believe me, no woman who gets pregnant without meaning to or wanting to, finds it fun to have to abort that pregnancy. First tri-mester abortion needs to be seen as a necessary evil, to be avoided if at all possible, via birth control, abstinence, and so on.

What is missing these days seems to be any nuanced discussion of any disagreement. Instead, we are all thrown into (or throw ourselves into) various warring camps, with every “hot button” issue viewed in “black and white” terms (please, oh you thought police, don’t call me a racist for using such a phrase, okay?)

As for her death announcement. I found it mighty peculiar, given its timing during the final phase of this crucial presidential election year. I know I’m not alone in intuitively sensing that something smells. But what? Not sure. Did she really die back in January 2019, like Fox News first (mistakenly?) announced? And have there been doubles and/or clones “keeping up the appearances” ever since? No idea, but at this point in our continuing covid 2020 drama, I know that anything’s possible, anything.  

Three other strange, possible, clues, that the timing was staged.

Here’s a post from sotn.co, a website that often features strong, strange points of view, this one multiple perspectives on the timing of her death:

RBG Passing: An October Surprise, Black Swan, Cosmic Curveball, Divine Intervention, or all 4?

Sorcha Faal, who I usually read with a very large grain of salt, also has an interesting perspective. And I appreciate the background information on  the apparently leading Scotus contender, “top constitutional scholar” Amy Coney Barrett: of her seven children, two of them were adopted from Haiti.

But: Would Scotus Barrett roll back all gains for women?  (I doubt it. Her own life as much more complicated and ambitious than “wife and mother” is a counterexample to the implications of the tweet below.)

“Largest October Surprise That Ever Happened” Firebombs American Presidential Race

BTW: I saw somewhere that the funeral for RBG will be private? (Not enough time until the election for drawn-out funeral event(s)?)  And that she will be buried at Arlington National Cemetery, next to her husband.



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This beautiful morning, sudden surprise on Griffy Lake Trail!

Puppy Shadow, shown here with kitty Tiger, in rare harmonious propinquity —

— and I decided that today we would drive to Griffy Lake —

and hike the trail up and down the hill, then over to the creek that runs into the lake.

But what to my wondrous surprise, is this? After only two hair-pin turns on the way up?

A tiny meticulously fashioned altar!

Instantly, I think, “Kiera (granddaughter) would love this!”

Hiking further, I come upon a perfect geometrical form, made by an amazing spider, lit by the near-equinoctal mid-morning Sun.

Instantly, I think, again, “Kiera would love this!”

Memory started nudging . . . where and when have I seen exactly that form of spider web before? Aha! With grandkids Kiera and Drew, in early August 2018, when we hiked the Griffy trail with their uncle Colin. Notice, not one but two photos of the same kind of web . . . And notice too, from the photos, how luxurious the growth was then, and here we are, two years and one month later, already inside the season of decay. So much drier this month than last!

Grandkids here! First morning: Griffy Lake hike

Once Shadow and I got to the creek, we discovered it was dry as a bone. So Shadow and I walked the creek bed for awhile . . . which again, reminded me of that time with the grandkids, when we walked the edges of the still flowing creek bed, looking for geodes.

This time, I photographed a root system that has always fascinated me,

while Shadow sat and waited patiently, way up ahead. See him (off center in the creek bed)? He’s the color of tree bark.

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ARKCroneCast offerings for 9/19/20: Video, From “Security Systems” to Real Security; FREE audio, The Great Divide

Today’s Patreon post is another audio chapter from the manuscript, My Secret Life, 10 Tools for Transformation of the Self.

CroneCast #40 | Ten Tools, Chapter 14: Body, Part 4  From “Security Systems” to Real Security



Now free on Patreon and to Youtube subscribers, video:

Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/posts/41001229
Youtube: https://youtu.be/OEBNA8Hypcg

CroneCast #37 || The Great Divide

As this Covid saga continues its preposterous journey, I look at the utterly astonishing fact that I go around the world knowing that everybody, including myself, is seriously, even rabidly, divided in one way or another, from at least one person, and/or small or large group that we have to work very hard to not think those opposing us are either stupid, evil, “conspiratorial,” or just plain wrong!

How did this come about? And on what levels is The Great Divide appearing? Political/cultural/economic — and worst, PERSONAL. My own evolution, plus three very recent personal exchanges with three dear women whom I have known for a long time, and all of whom floor me now, with how our “world-views” have morphed in such divergent directions.

But, do we really live in ‘two different worlds?”

No. We just “think” we do.

Note: Ann meant to say Walt Whitman, not Emerson at the end! Thanks 🙂

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JP Sears: The Pandemic Hotline

What better way to highlight the interstices of scamdemic absurdity? This man is an astute sociologist. And can you imagine how JP must be screaming inside? “Stop! Stop! Can’t you see what ‘they’ are trying to do to us? And succeeding?”

Laughter truly IS the best medicine.

P.S, Added benefit:  JP’s body language showcases just about every “character” imaginable in this crazed culture.

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On New Moon in Virgo, details surface: Who funds Antifa, and why do riot arrests get dismissed? Same answer: GEORGE SOROS

On today’s New Moon, it’s time for massive, month-long analyses of Virgo detail downloads, for example, re: kingpins like George Soros.

BTW: this New Moon at 25°01 Virgo, on the Ascendant of the chart set for Washington D.C., and so very prominent there, trines (120°, harmonizes) with the Jupiter/Saturn./Pluto behemoth in Capricorn and inconjuncts (150°, stress, constant adjustments) Mars in Aries, now retrograde until mid-November. And remember: Mars, via its 90° square, continuously fuels eruptions of the Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto complex through the first week of January. Expect a long, hot siege.

However, since the the above three aspects are operating during this New Moon, all these planets (Mars and Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto and Sun/Moon) form what I call a Triangle of Continuous Growth, a healthy sign for what is meant to be the focus for this next lunar month: digging down into (Mars Rx) and analyzing details of (Sun/Moon/Virgo) of the Deep State (i.e., unelected bureaucratic Capricorn) morass (Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto) that has made mincemeat of the intent of the founding documents of the United States of America.

One example, and perhaps even the kingpin example — could he be the keystone of the entire Deep State edifice? — Globalist George Soros, whose NGOs have been infiltrating social, legal, political and cultural structures of the U.S. for decades.

Now his agenda is bearing fruit. Just yesterday, this was all over my twitter feed. Newt Gingrich tells it like it is, and finds out that the truth is “verboten.”

How does this happen? See yesterday’s post, and Soros links to America’s Color Revolution. 

An unholy alliance yokes Government agencies and programs and NGOs, public to private, and it’s time we recognized it. Our sanctimonious, apolitical, philanthropic “non-profits” are rarely that.

Background? Worth watching.

Soros tentacles reach across the globe and into the interstices of a myriad of political, cultural and social institutions.

So when we discover that court charges for Antifa rioters are being dismissed by (chief prosecutor) district attorneys, should we be surprised? No. Soros has been infiltrating our justice system for decades as well.

Rather than allowing the artificially contrived “politically correct,” “social justice” divisions through which our indoctrinated educational system has unconsciously enflamed us, how about we consciously return to what it means to be an American: A nation of equals, like no other, where individual freedom of expression and opportunity are not only allowed, but encouraged and celebrated, inspiring the tremendous innovative entreprenurial attitude, exploration and discoveries for which this nation is justly famous.

The whole world awaits the outcome of the upcoming 2020 election. Others, in countries not so free, are eagerly intending that their nations follow America’s sterling example.

What better way to consciously recognizing our beloved United States than to begin to celebrate the coming Pluto return to its own natal place for the very first time in America’s history?

Here’s a tweet that signifies just that.









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What is a “Color Revolution”? And Why Does It Matter, NOW?!?

Only 47 days until the November 3 election, and more and more we hear of  mail-in voter fraud, prolonged, disputed election results, using the military to oust trump from the White House “when he loses” (or when he wins?), Nancy Pelosi as the third in line to take over. . . on and on. I haven’t paid much attention to any of this palaver, other than knowing that November 4 onwards will likely feature civil unrest like never before seen.

And now I can put my “knowing” in context, thanks to our fiery truth-teller Tucker Carlson’s latest interview.

So. If you,  like me, have vaguely begun to hear the phrase “color revolution” without ever bothering to find out what it means, please watch this eye-opening Tucker Carlson (unfortunately cut-short) segment about the “Color Revolution” Playbook being enacted this year in the Leftist coup designed to oust Donald Trump from office, before, during, and after he wins re-election.


We might call this a form of whip-lash karma, for the same strategy and tactics that the U.S. Empire has used to “nonviolently” overthrow regimes it doesn’t like abroad now boomerangs home. And, engineered by the very same people!

For a much fuller treatment of the history, meaning, and application of so-called Color Revolutions, read through this next post. It is long, takes a while, and VERY worth it. Revolver.news claims to be the new Drudge, which yes, very definitely, did lose its way a few years ago. Not sure whether Darren Beattie, the person Tucker interviewed, is the same one that wrote the story in Revolver, but likely.

Revolver Exclusive: Meet Norm Eisen: Lethal Hatchet Man and Central Operative in the “Color Revolution” Against President Trump




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Okay, Fellow Hot Heads, BREATHE!

Now that Mars has turned to go retrograde (September 9 – Novemberr 15), its fierce, action-oriented impulse certainly does seem to have churned up the fearful atmosphere to the point where the roiling boiling of all and everything seems totally off the charts and out of control.

Qanon dropped hints recently that September 15-19 and 22-26 (i.e., weekdays of these two weeks) are to feature big Booms, re: Justice. But hey, did Q figure in large earthquakes? The entire Pacific Northwest Plate Slipping?

9/15/2020 — Multiple Large Earthquakes – New deep M6.4 – Pacific Northwest PLATE SLIPPING NOW

Next question: are the earthquakes and the slippage natural events, or designed, planned, timed, like so much else is or seems to be during this phenomenal Saturn/Pluto/Jupiter year when everything, simply every personal, social, political, cultural form we’ve taken for granted for years, decades, centuries, is either crumbling to dust or morphing out of recognition, to the point where, our thick stuck Saturnine EGO containers finally give up and let in the Mystery:  Literally anything is possible, anything!

Furthermore, who knows how far back any so-called “chain of causation” goes?

As my favorite philosopher, Ludwig Wittgenstein, once put it: “It’s difficult to go back to the beginning, and not go further back.”

Next question: is linear, billiard ball  “causation” all part of the Newtonian and left brain logical circuitry that we need to learn to burn through with our field-aware right brains and open hearts? Is this what we mean by 2020 vision?

Maybe so: Consider this brilliant cartoon: Does it not seem familiar to the inside of your (left) brain? It sure does mine: full of rage, fury, but at what? What “caused” what? What? Lots of answers. Not enough questions.

Might we begin to consider anyone’s naive, biased, and/or expert opinion of “what’s really going on” as inevitably, stupidly, partial, incomplete, and in any case, changing, moment by moment.

I’m reminded of the Buddhist phrase, which I remember as  “co-dependent arising.” I.e., rather than linear chains of causation, let us learn to see everything (including all bits and pieces of info/disinfo/misinfo called “news,” faked, spun, or otherwise) as conditioned by and complementary to everything else, and all of it rising and settling at once, inside and out, of you, me, each of us breathing eternally in concert  with the inexhaustible living source of all that is and is becoming.

The Central Concept of Buddhism: The Teaching of Interdependent Co-Arising

Okay, fellow hot heads, BREATHE! In, out, in, out, forever and ever, Amen!

let go let go let go


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