ORIGIN HYPOTHESIS AFFIRMED: the “virus” (any virus) is MENTAL, first

Way back in mid-January, when I once again pointed out that the extremely strong and rare (every 35 years) Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn would be exact on January 12, with its intense, resonant and dramatic effects  — destroying old structures, both visible and invisible (Saturn) in order to release the full power of the primal life force (Pluto) — who would have thought that a hyper-dominant new “narrative” would arise immediately, “Coronavirus.”

And who knew that this invisible “structure” would then precipitate, not only a medical “pandemic” but also an economic one? — causing the propped-up stock markets to lose more than one third of their propped-up “value” in the last three weeks?!

Well, as we all know by now, lots of folks did know this was coming, witness both Senators and Representatives who attended a secret meeting on January 24th, and then dumped millions in stocks immediately afterwards.

And of course, President Trump, a big businessman and probably the world’s most experienced expert in bankruptcy, knew the markets were inflated; he was, and is, trying to prop them up long enough to be able to take the economy into a controlled implosion after the re-lection, a soft landing instead of a hard collapse, as we changeover from debt-based fiat money owned by the Fed to Treasury-based currency backed by gold. (JFK was going to do the same thing, until he was assasinated.)

And lots of folks realize that “pandemic” was the next tool his Deep State enemies would use to bring down President Trump, after both the Mueller investigation failed last summer and the Impeachment trial failed on February 5.

China reported the first death from the new coronavirus on January 11. But the Impeachment imbroglio kept the American media distracted until it was over. And then, whammo! Pandemic fears arose immediately, and have been promoted ever since, over and over again, by every mainstream media outlet, to mind control the public into fear and panic.

This, to me, shows that the real pandemic, at least at first, was mental, not biological; of the mind, not the body.

From the beginning I was paying attention to especially Jon Rappoport, his amazingly comprehensive and detailed analysis (and debunking) of all the various things humans are taught to beLIEve about viruses, disease, healing, etc. — especially all doctors, who are mind-controlled from the get go with all their training, done under conditions of chronic sleep deprivation.

Here’s his latest:

Epidemic: quaranteeing real science

From the beginning, I assumed that the real pandemic is F.E.A.R.(False Evidence Appearing Real). The more fear, the more stress; the more stress, the weaker the immune system.

But then, when? Not sure. Maybe two weeks ago? One day I came home from a walk and rather than continuing to poo-poo the virus, I started to see/feel it in the air. Wow, I thought, the virus DOES exist, and it IS threatening to completely poison the cultural and political atmosphere. It was at this point that I began to think: WE, OUR FEAR, has brought this Virus into manifestation. Weaponizing human emotion has yielded fantastic results.

The entire phenomenon reminds me of “loosh.” Remember that one? Here’s what I wrote in 2014.

Let’s lose the loosh!

“Loosh” is human emotional energy, what, some say, negative ETs feed on — especially strong emotional energy, like fear and hate.

And now, in the past year or so, all as a result of the slow-motion public reveal of the worldwide underbelly corruption of pedogate — and worse, a term that is related to “loosh” has risen into prominence: “adrenochrome:” adrenalized blood from terrified babies and small children who have been tortured to death in Satanic Ritual Abuse circles.  We’re told that the Cabal Illuminati Deep State “elites” drink adrenalized blood to remain forever young. The public’s “Eyes Wide Shut” have suddenly and traumatically, OPENED, as one more movie, supposedly fiction, turns out to be fact.

Adrenochrome — the secret drug all the Illuminati Use

So of course! Once the failed impeachment was over, the order was given to ignite the third attempt at a coup. How? Simply ramp up public fear to the extent that it takes over all rational thinking. Even though this “virus” is simply the next one (they always appear during Presidential election years), this time was different. Media-driven fear itself made this virus (bio-engineered or not) pop into bloom. The more an individual, or group, or entire society FEARS it, the faster the “virus” replicates, and then precipitates, into matter.

I’ve been saying this, that at first I didn’t think there was a virus, but later I suddenly did — not because I thought I had been wrong, but because conditions had changed. (It appears that President Trump went through the same evolution, both times relying on his Sagittarius Moon’s gut instinct. People made fun of him to his face: I have a feeling they made fun of me behind my back, since whenever I mentioned my theory I was greeted with looks of shock and barely disguised contempt.)

Then last night, I came across Kerry Cassidy’s latest, and it blew my mind. She agrees! Listen to the first fifteen minutes of the video below. According to her, the virus begins as a “meme” and then ends up as a disease present in the body.

In other words, I had begun to recognize that, though the “virus” had been a mind-controlled cover story, a distraction from who knows what, a hoax, in the beginning, as the fake news MSM constantly repeated it, day after day, with urgency and warning and scary tales of death and dying, I couldn’t help but one day suddenly realize:  There IS a virus now. It’s in the atmosphere, just waiting to jump into the next terrified person. and suck him or her dry.

The virus feeds on human fear, The virus also feeds on adrenalized blood. We might as well say, the virus feeds on “loosh.”

Solution? Keep your frequency high.  The higher the mental frequency, the less likely FEAR can inundate the system.

Kerry Cassidy

Ann Kreilkamp

And, let me add, in the current miasmic collective cloud, we notice bright bursts of energy here and there, as various supernovae flare forth, light up the darkness, show evidence of brilliance, and imagination, and vision, and experimentation, to come. From Capricorn to Aquarius. That’s where we’re headed. And the road is long and hard and arduous. Capricorn holds on to old structures, that is the nature of Capricorn. Form, Habits, Structures. Old, hierarchical centralized systems of control will inexorably give way to either a technoocratic transhumanist society controlled by AI, or to loosely networked webs of autonomous sovereign creators — all relying on relationships, connections, networks, mutual aid. Both are possible. Both are Aquarian. Which do we choose?

The old rules are thrown out. No more standardized testing in schools for the rest of the semester! (Or maybe forever?) Yay!

So are the old rulers. Just today both co-founders of Google stepped down, to join hundreds of others CEOs.

Daily, we hear of wondrous gifts humans are handing to one another. For example, my housemate Dan (who had worked a second job as a server), told me yesterday, that Jeff Meese (a very successful entrepreneur and restauranteer here in Bloomington, Indiana) has announced that he will offer one full meal each day to all servers and bar tenders and kitchen workers for as long as the local restaurants and bars are closed. (This story is so new, that I don’t see it anywhere in local news.)

We’re now beginning to realize that the Right and the Left don’t have to be so far apart. In a crisis, everyone with a conscience turns into  a socialist. And this is a crisis, and the federal government, instead of bailing out the central banks, like in 2008, plans to assist individuals and small businesses at the bottom of the food chain. But to do so with alacrity, massive centralized federal powers are being invoked. Will they be willingly relinquished later? Therein tells the tale of our future as a species. Of course, David Icke doesn’t think so. Problem/Reaction/SOLUTION rules, he says.

So let’s get to the Kerry Cassidy video. Kerry has been doing extended taped interviews of whistleblowers in various positions, both on and off planet, for nearly two decades. And she seems to retain everything the hears, using her own personal discernment while keeping an open-mind and an attitude of trust, until a whistleblower shows he or she can’t be trusted. A very different attitude than the “nature red in tooth and claw” that the founders of this Republic apparently had of human nature. That all men are naturally greedy and selfish, and serve only themselves, unless held in check “by the rule of law.” See:

Two speeches Contextualizing Corruption, one Philosophical (A.G. Barr), the other Experiential (Sydney Powell)


Listen to the first 15 minute especially, because even those who are still blue-pilled might be able to see through the matrix, given how she presents her understanding, a summary of the various playing fields she sees within the various dimensions, all operating in the same polarity-based time/space illusion that is embodied life on this planet.

Kerry says we’re on Battlefield Earth now.  This title might have looked way overblown even as late as two weeks ago. No longer. Welcome to the second full day of Spring, Vision 2020.

I will end this post with a wonderful poster that appears on the front page of Project Camelot Portal. Read it, and remember. Re-member yourself. Put yourself back together again, into who you really are. Your original essence, underneath all the conditioning we received to rob us blind and reduce us to slavery. Use Kerry’s words to inform you. Then, ACT in a way that is yours and yours alone. For each of us,  individually, and for all of us together, IF WE FOLLOW OUR NATURE, NATURE TAKES CARE OF US.

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  1. Remi says:

    Thanks, Ann… just what I needed this morning! <3 Your posts always have some special magic in them. =]

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      And thank you. Sometimes I feel all alone in my concerns. So hearing from people like you helps a great deal!

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