Opportunity! Free, from Gaia University: learn how to “reshape societies for ecological regeneration and social justice”

Here’s something to sink one’s teeth into, and just might address issues identified in the “elephant in the permaculture room” post.

Via permaculture teacher, Keith.


Join us in celebration of our 10th anniversary!


Begins: May 3rd, 2016

Goes for: 4 Weeks

Expected Time Commitment: 4-6 Hours / Week

Embark on creating your regenerative enterprise through developing special competence and attention for ecosocial projects. Gaia U supports courageous leaders capable of new thinking and novel actions to earn their living doing what they love.

Practical theory, thorough documentation, peer review and professional mentoring all designed to support your learning and unlearning through action in the world – that’s us at Gaia U.

Together we’re a growing community of actionists intent on reshaping our societies for ecological regeneration and social justice.

In this element we start with “Lean” enterprise modeling and give this young, zestful field some friendly ecosocial critique. Then we invite you and your colleagues to use it to discover your learning and unlearning edges around project praxis (the blending of theory and practice).

We use case studies to show how this proficiency can lead to regenerative, high leverage livelihoods. Add on some useful scholar skills designed to bring easy efficiency to your reading, remembering and resilient documentation.

Through participatory webinars, readings and forums we support you in developing life-long learning and earning skills.

Altogether a potent bundle of life-skill takeaways you can put to use straight away.

Meanwhile we outline the topics contained in the upcoming 24 week Gaia U Certificate program. This prepares you for sustained engagement with peer and pro-reviewers, advisers and mentors to ensure you have the long-term support required to rise to the challenge of making a regenerative living.

Earn a degree, get support for your projects, make a living, all at the same time. That’s the Gaia U way.

Sign up for “Creating Regenerative Livelihoods”! It’s a FREE 4-week course starting May 3rd.

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