Open Our Minds Department: Russia/US cooperation in space; inside North Korea

Ever since the early ’90s, I have been in touch with Carol Rosin, having regularly featured her writing about her work with Werner Von Braun to make sure we don’t weaponize space in Crone Chronicles, A Journal of Conscious Aging — a magazine I founded and published from 1989 through early 2001. People would ask me, why do you keep featuring one writer? Especially, why do you feature writing that doesn’t pertain to “crones” — conscious older women, and their concerns? Well, the answer remains true today: unless we enlarge the context of our understanding to include the space within which our beloved Earth lives and moves, we will remain myopic, blinded by our own tiny concerns.

Since then, a large alternative news industry has arisen having to do with space, through especially the UFO community. In the past few years there have been disputes over what exactly IS going on in space — not to mention multidimensionally, and interdimensionally. “Secret Space Projects” supposedly abound. Ben Rich even pronounced, famously, that “we have the technology to take ET home.” Dark Journalist Daniel Lizst along with Bill Ryan (Of Project Avalon) have drummed up controversy by calling out supposedly Secret Space Projects veteran Corey Goode, plus David Wilcock and gaia tv, as shills, liars, disinfo agents.

I don’t want to get into any of these disputes. But what I have noticed, and noticed all along, is that despite the incessant Russian fear-mongering in the U.S., the ISS sails along with both cosmonauts and astronauts aboard, seemingly “above it all,” and perhaps even laughing hysterically at silly territorial disputes down here on planet Earth.

Carol has just sent out an email with several interesting posts.

First, as pointed out in two British publications:

NASA and Russia Reveal Plan to Build Space Station Orbiting the Moon


Russia and US agree to cooperate on building first Space Station orbiting the Moon

Notice this news does not make the corporate controlled media here in the U.S. It would conflict with the Big Bad Russia meme needed to continue funding the Military Industrial Complex.

Carol also sent two pieces referring to journalist Eva Barlett’s recent trip to North Korea. Our brainwashing re: this beleagured nation has been so profound that not even I wondered what was behind and beyond the Iron Curtain MSM media has  erected and continuously reinforced in our collective mind. Thanks to one intrepid journalist, we now have the capacity to see through the official propaganda.

Eva Bartlett in North Korea — Going behind the media iron curtain

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  1. Rich Buckley says:

    Be the Change:

    Our best path for peaceful global prosperity, freedom and perhaps even awakening, is to implement spirit guided CE-5 CSETI protocols, and bypass the Deep State and Secret Government all together:

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