OOPS! JFK Jr. did not appear in Dallas on the 17th: WHAT DOES IT MEAN?

JFK Jr. Hmmm . . .

Am I disappointed that he didn’t appear — as expected, as hoped for, as longed for, as fervently desired in order to “solve all our problems” —  on the much anticipated date of 10/17/20? Nah. During this year’s phenomenal and powerful WAR of words and images, we are always being “played” by all sorts of forces: I tend to prefer to choose to intend that the most miraculous and most desired future WILL come to pass. 

But then, when it does not, what happens?

Not only am I not discouraged, in fact, it’s all part of the fun of guessing that when I guess wrong, I must either feel bad, ashamed, guilty, stupid, etc. (all having to do with “how other people see me for being wrong”) OR: I can not just get off the floor and dust myself off, OR:  not fall down in the first place and instead, remain steady, centered (always, no matter what happens) while I, once again, experience the thrill of EXPANDING MY PERSPECTIVE. 

YES. I still, very much, feel that JFK Jr. IS alive, and that he WILL make his appearance when the time is ripe. Whatever that means!

Yesterday Q appears to have scolded us anons about the whole “JFK Jr. is alive” rumor that has been building since at least March, as I recall.


“Do you see how it works?” I.e., do you see how you have been played? And now look like you have mud on your face?

BUT: the final enigmatic remark, “When do you expend ammunition”  — what meaning to give it? The “normal” way to interpret this remark would be to say that all those who hoped and expected JFK Jr. to show up this close to the election, and when he did not, were so disappointed that they gave up and just slunk back into their basements, discouraged, cynical, and likely, medicated or drunk or stoned — were total fools.

Or, at the very least, Q was showing us how his non-appearance would divide those who were aware of the rumor into (at least) two factions:  the lofty “I told you so”‘s and the basement slinkers.



Notice however, there are other ways of seeing the final remark in the Q post above. For example, just who has been played? It may be that the deep state has been played, because they figured the non-appearance will demoralize General Flynn’s “digital soldiers,” and so “expended their ammunition,” which was to seed false info that JFJ (Jr.) would appear in Dallas on October 17th, etc. etc. Here’s another person thinking the same:

Remember, Trump DID appear at a Dallas rally on October 17  in 2019. The Dallas Morning News clip I screenshot and put in this October 16 post must have actually been from 2019, and had the final “20” in “2019” pasted on top to make “2020”? I’m not good at figuring out what’s real in photo scams. Mea culpa! Mud on face!


I watched a clip from Trump’s performance at yesterday’s Michigan (or was it Wisconsin?) rally, and was utterly stunned into laughter when presumably a male hand and arm were shown from the left reaching out and handing Trump a Trump hat, as he says “Thanks, John. You all know John?” You’ll have to get on twitter to actually see the clip . . . it’s hilarious!

One of the twitter folks I tend to trust is certainly not discouraged. She uses gematria to make her point. Again, you’ll have to go to twitter to see her entire thread.

Then there’s Utsava, who, as I recall, said she didn’t really know when he would make an appearance, and that it might be after the election . . . In other words, let’s not tie JFK Jr. taking over for Pence as VP to whether or not he is truly alive.

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3 Responses to OOPS! JFK Jr. did not appear in Dallas on the 17th: WHAT DOES IT MEAN?

  1. Kerewyn says:

    Q once mentioned: Once JFK senior passes then Junior becomes JFK. So no, JFK Junior is not alive…

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      I thought I remembered that, and almost said it in today’s post, but then took it out. I couldn’t remember where I had seen that idea. You sure it was Q? I could also check George Magazine . . . Aha. The farewell edition has his photo on the cover with the name JOHN KENNEDY.

  2. Kerewyn says:

    Thank you! So much info from so many resources I can’t keep track of it all! Certain things do stick out and that was one of them.

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