Oops! Is that "economic-paradigm-changing video" real after all?

What a question, eh? And how often we we ask it, during this internet age when anything and everything comes at us in endlessly proliferating forms. For the background to this post, see this.

Well, well. I listened to a live session last night with Steve Beckow and his “An Hour with an Archangel,” as channelled through Linda Dillon, during which he confronted Archangel Michael with the disappointment that many “light workers” feel about not having gotten the Christmas presents we so desperately wanted. These are 1) UFO/ET disclosure (on the order of, say, a giant mothership landing on the white house lawn, covered by all the MSM media, with the President finally announcing that yes, ET is here among us!) and 2) the inauguration of a new, good-for-everybody, economic system (NESARA) that would forgive debt and distribute wealth equally. Both of these had been promised, by AAM and others, by at least the end of 2011.

Beckow (and many many other websites) recently published a video that claimed to be the beginnings of this new economic system, which I reposted here. Then I heard from several folks who thought the video was disinfo. Then Beckow was told by David Wilcock that it was disinfo, because it didn’t come from the group that is supposedly creating the new economic system, called the “Monoco Accords.” If you’re confused by now, you might need to read all the background stuff on Wilcock’s site, and on Beckow’s site (or search “David Wilcock” on this site). And even then, if you’re like me, you’ll still be confused, especially after either listening to or reading the transcript of that session last night, when AAM said the video was not disinfo, but a small, subtle way of beginning the process.

Beckow says that “light workers” are wanting “hard evidence,” i.e., what this third dimensional reality would call “hard.” That has not happened. Even so, Beckow seems to be sticking by his archangel source, and frankly, I’m more likely induced to “believe” AAM than I am any human. But that’s just my otherworldly bias.

I’d rather go back to what I have been focusing on all along with this exopermaculture site, to sit in the place of unknowing, while endlessly curious and even fascinated by the play of polarities as expressed through words, ideas, theories, imagination, not to mention dimensions — all vying for attention while obsessively gripping the human psyche during this final year (?) (“2012”) of the seemingly “End Times” of at least one eonic cycle of the Mayan Calendar, certainly the American Empire, and most likely the Industrial Age itself.

As an astrologer who works with the “local system” that is our solar system, I knew all along that the “(revolutionary) Uranus square (evolutionary) Pluto” geometric aspect of 2011-2015 would trigger whatever these years were to portend. I’ve written a number of Uranus/Pluto posts on this site, and reposted others. (See for example, this most recent.) So I’m not surprised. What does continue to astonish me however, is the infinite ways the symphonic spatio/temporal chords of the universe play out among us. This Uranus/Pluto aspect is the first, opening “square” (90° angle) following the conjunction between these two planets in the late ’60s. And we know what happened then. The seeds of the fabled “’60s” did take root. And now they peek above ground, on their way to flowering.

Yes, “something is happening, “and even Dylan’s “Mr. Jones” is beginning to know what it is. As the old world crumbles from within, something new is being born, and though we think we have clues as to what this baby might look like (or what we hope he/she will act like — kind, generous, all-one with creation, etc.), we simply don’t know. Nor do we know just how hard or long the labor will be, or how well we will do in birthing this baby “naturally.” Will we continue to zone out on our addictions to promises and expectations, plus materialism, electronics, entertainment, distraction, food, liquor, psychotropic drugs, whether legal or illegal? Will we elect to do surgery to get it over with? Or will we, at least we as individuals among the masses, be capable of remaining centered and serene, and in doing so, serve as both refuge and beacon, for others.

I call upon the mothers among us who remember our Lamaze training, where we learned to breath into the tension of what we, when tensed against it, experienced as pain. For when we do surrender to that involuntary muscular wave, tension morphs into intensity, sheer, clear, sharp, sustained, and then ebbing away like a tide. Breathing, and breathing again, riding each wave with all senses alive, attuned, at one with the flowing current of the now.

At least that’s how I experienced the birthing process of both of my babies. Never before or since have I consciously undergone such an extraordinary transformational process that synched my body/mind/soul into communion with the primal creative power of the cosmos. All is one. I know it. I went through it. And I lived to tell the tale. Twice. Very few want to hear it. Even fewer take it in. Why? Is it too scary? Is it too scary to feel the living god of creation moving through us, utilizing every cell in our body/mind/soul as integral to its living, birthing, growing, dying revelation, over and over and over again, this endless, spiraling dance?

Just as there is no end to the creative power of the imagination, popping into muscle tension which then, unfortunately, when we go unconscious, when we drop out of awareness into the mind, i.e., most of the time, gets instantly transfixed into ideas, feelings, habits, ways of being and moving and caring — or not. Mostly not.

It helps if we can pause, in that space between the muscle tension and our mind’s instinctive habit of turning tension into something to worry about; yes, just pause there, breathe in and out there, into that mysterious space of awareness. Then we realize: anything is possible. Everything is possible! Anything we can conceive of has or probably will happen in some universe or other. We are, each of us, a tiny manifestation of the sheer creative joy of the universe endlessly birthing itself.

It helps if we care. It helps if we feel connected. It helps if we recognize that even immortal AAM is a tiny evanescent point in the flow of the multiverse endlessly differentiating and and coalescing into even more if itself.

So, back to that video. Is it real? Does it matter? What matters is that we take something like this question about this particular video, and run with it, in our own way, while recognizing that we are each of us conditioned by all sorts of considerations, most of which we are unconscious. And that, ultimately, we can never get to the bottom, because there is no bottom.

What matters is that it all matters. What matters is to surrender to this new world aborning with the sheer, exotic exuberance of an innocent child.

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2 Responses to Oops! Is that "economic-paradigm-changing video" real after all?

  1. sylvia says:

    yes, world change begins at Birth! Trust your bodies, Women, and take your power back!

  2. Kimmie says:

    Fascinating, Ann, as usual. Many thanks for all the mind-expanding inspiration last year. Looking forward to more of the same in 2012!

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