OOPS! I just “unmasked” myself . . .

When I was a young mother, newly separated from my husband and wanting so much to figure out my real self, my dreams kept on being full of masks. By this time I knew that I was playing a role (i.e., wearing a mask) as “mother,” and had been in another role as “wife,” and yet a third role as “doctoral student in philosophy.” But who, really, am I, underneath all these masks I wear, these roles I play? What happens when I take off all the masks and come forth into the world as my real self?  This was (and is) my driving passion.

Over the past several months, as the “jobs” people used to define who they are disappeared, or were put on hold,  perhaps never to return, many people are finding themselves asking the same question, “Who am I, really?” underneath the roles I. am playing? —  including for example: Do I want to continue this marriage, which has been pro forma for way too many years already? And even more common: do I want to return to that old job, where I was either paid a slave wage for labor I don’t even like to do, or else paid well, often as a bribe to continue unethical behavior of some kind? Furthermore, what is my real work, an expression of my real self? What direction should I go in life that would make me feel both useful to others and filled with joy?

Ironically, just as many people are using this Great Pause to look hard and long at the inauthentic metaphorical/social masks they have been wearing, especially in public, they are now supposed to be putting on an actual material, physical mask, either out of genuine F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real) of the bogey-man virus, or to pretend, by playing the role of the “good citizen,” during the much balley-hooed CV-19 plandemic.

(Hey! At least we are now being addressed as “citizens” rather than as “consumers”! Remeember President Bush after 911: “Go shopping!”? That single change in itself is extremely significant, and brings us much closer to who we really are as a people sharing both a Constitution and a land mass in common.)

Okay. Now don’t you find it a bit strange that the mask theme is not only prominent, going on and on and on (around here are even some folks who wear masks out hiking in the woods with no one around!), but that this theme is now doing double duty? To wit:

First, there are the masks that we are all, if we are good boys and girls, supposed to continue to wear into the hazy future. Notice, BTW: that Trump never does? Even Dr. Fauci, who was just the other day “self-quarantined,” is back onstage with Trump again today, but this time, for the first time, masked.

Hmm. Read the last line of this Q drop, from today:



Then, there’s the recent “unmasking” (i.e., “revealing”) scandal involving General Flynn, which also threatens to go on and on, now that the judge who was supposed to sign off on the DOJ decision instead brought in another judge (Obama-appointed) to “help” him figure out whether Flynn was “guilty”???!  Let’s face it, these Deep State players really know how to play fast and loose with the rules of the complex government game that includes both politics and justice.

So we’re supposed to wear masks to protect self and others from the invisible enemy “virus.” To not wear a mask, or to tear the mask off one’s face, is to disobey “strong guidance” — and in some cases, including, now, Los Angeles, “requirement” to always wear one’s mask in public.

Then there are those brave enough to wear a mask and to announce right on it, what they think of the whole idea. For example this, from a reddit thread:

Which brings me to the Letter to the Editor that I decided today to submit to my local Bloomington Indiana paper. As an academic town, this one of course leans left and is riddled with the TDS virus. So of course, anything Trump says or does is automatically Orange Man Bad. That he doesn’t wear a mask? Case in point.

Let’s see if this unmasking of me in my local town gets printed, and if so, what happens next. Be of strong heart, Ann!




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4 Responses to OOPS! I just “unmasked” myself . . .

  1. Rich Buckley says:


    This Message Has 3 Components:

    I’ve been researching alternative media posts on CV-19.

    (1) Build up a strong immune system before this SIP is over. So you have a fighting change at what comes next. Of course run this by your personal medical adviser. I have no medical training.

    Daily Prophylaxis for protection: to give your body above average levels of Vitiman C and Vitamin D3 plus Chaga Mushroom Tea/Coffee. About Chaga https://youtu.be/AycH2_oYZKM .

    (2) I appear to hold fundamentally divergent views of what sort of platform best serves community interest in disaster response. My community survival thesis supports a quasi-governmental platform for open, transparent disclosure by willing participants, to allow free flow of information. The trajectory of such a platform will self-correct as people will not waste time reviewing poorly referenced posted data. Of course any such new concept is resisted. During this modern era, we are in a process of releasing much of the old and transitioning to the new. We need to allow room for some aspects of the unwanted old ways to phase out. Most everything structured top-down is changing. We have been captives in a controlled information system of controlled mainstream media, fake contrived news, parsed and separated, demonized for our alternative opinions regardless of how well referenced, and corralled towards a preservation of a status quo by elite, satanic deep state interests with which POTUS must contend. Yes there will be mistakes but the thrust of this new direction will find ways to prevail. Local Government can help by providing such open transparent space for divergent views. Allocate space on each city website for community input and give it equal prominence of exposure. If this were done nationwide, city-by-city and structured with city-by-city interconnectivity, it would seem to enhance our survivability through this form of open-sourced intelligence.

    Notice also that there are government health agencies are sending out arrest warrants that your police and sheriff departments need to know do not come for the Governor. At the top level there appears to be malfeasance and criminal culpability that is being suppressed by compromised medical researchers. The narrative of the safety of vaccines is rapidly changing as the materials in item (3) below cover.


    I made you a little video.

    (3) The Cookie Jar Virus


    He was highly regarded child who never fully developed emotionally.

    He just could not keep his hands out of the cookie jar.

    It became an obsession. Obsessions never end well.

    The original long science papers can be viewed here: https://youtu.be/ynCYggioBLc

    If you go to all the trouble to watch this, please contact The White House and ask for them to investigate Fauci. The President needs to have people around him that will help him change the narrative. This information concerning the risks of this rush to market vaccine will not stay hidden much longer. No power on earth can hide truth forever.

    God Bless

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Excellent! And probably a more considered response than what I did. Wasn’t in today’s paper; we’ll see about tomorrow. I really like your ideas about getting a discussion going handed to your city officials. YES!

  2. Marlena Fox says:

    Fauci & Gallo promoted the lie Aids was caused by a virus – it was a conspiracy that is getting rehashed & divulged to a whole new group of redpilled folks! Yay there. The MSM is following its playbook and the coaches are TPTB, enough said. Loved your saucy LttE, but honestly will be surprised if it’s published. Just rest assured there are many many of us out here who agree & acknowledge the validity of your comments. With that said, still hope they feel they have to provide some diversity within their op-ed page & print it! You rock!

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      They had a 200-word limit. I used exactly 200 words. Haven’t printed it yet.Thanks for the affirmation!

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