One man moves his vision into action: "Beautiful new world" video

This video is wonderful. Simple. Heartfelt. And ultimately, arousing.

Echoing the hand-held educational signs and mic-check methods of OWS, Mathew Hart strings together tiny bits of information slowly enough to help us slow down our thoughts and move into our hearts. Below the video, there’s info from Hart from the youtube page on how his video came to be and the world-wide meditation event on January 21 that for him (and us?) is next.

Thanks to for the pointer.

On December 31, 2011, I woke in the middle of the night with the message in this video. When I posted this message two days later on an FB group, I was invited by Pearl Lee-Ora Landsman to use it as the basis for a world-wide visualization/meditation that she had in mind — thus, I went ahead and created this video to spread the message and to promote this event.

Regarding the January 21st visualization/meditation, assuming you have some experience with this kind of activity, you will begin with your regular grounding preparations. If you are new to visualization/meditation, we recommend that you begin by asking Source/the Universe/God for protection, healing and guidance. Then, you might wish to read the vision statement from this video (see below) to focus and align your energy.

Once you have done that, Pearl has suggested that you imagine a boardroom — a room for executives in heaven — and you invite into this boardroom experts in the particular field that you would like assistance with. If at any time during your visualization/meditation, you hear the names of experts, either those who have gone before or those who are alive in the world with us today, welcome them, thank them for joining us, explain the issues that concern you, whether personal or global, and ask for advice. Of course, be prepared for a response — whether that response is visual, emotional or auditory, though, please know that having no response is perfectly okay too.

Your participation is more important than getting/sensing immediate results! And remember, Source/the Universe/God has the right to veto any and everything that you may request that does not serve mankind.Please note: If the time of this event doesn’t work for you, feel free to participate any time you can. We are connected beyond the confines of time and space after all!

Love to you all,

Mathew and Pearl


A Facebook event page has been set up by Hester Aira for this event at

To join a community of like-minded, like-hearted souls, you can find Mathew, Pearl and Hester on the The Beautiful New World Facebook group page at

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