On what’s scripted, and what can’t be scripted

I’ve long noticed that not only are MSM controlled “newsworthy” events prepared for by “predictive programming” — through movies, TV shows, half-time shows at sports events and other entertrainment media, but also that acknowledging the “truth” about these events comes way, way later, so late that the people alive no longer care or remember.

For predictive programming, I regularly check out Jay Dyer, who has specialized in uncovering the symbolic and futuristic implications of films, as, for example, in this interview with another favorite of mine, Katherine Austin Fitts:

Top Ten Mind Control Movies

For predictable 30, 40 and 50-year time lapses that occur before the so-called “truth” of any particular MSM controlled “newsworthy” event is acknowledged, see this latest by Bernie Suarez:

Deep Inspection of State Sponsored Propaganda Reveals Truth about Information War

Let us remember, however, that all “streams” of so-called “cause-and-effect” exist as linear lines, or chains, within an all-pervasive quantum field that is infinite in nature and responsive to human attention. Wherever we look, whatever we choose to focus on, “reality” organizes itself to meet our “expectations.”

The operating word here is “choose.” We can choose to follow mainstream media’s narrow, blinkered, proscribed version of what is and is becoming; or, we can choose to attempt to find alternative media that does the same, with their own “points of view;” or, we can choose to realize that wherever we are standing is the center of the universe, and that this singular and unrepeatable point from which we are viewing opens to reveal worlds within worlds within worlds. There is no end to the discovery process, no “belief system” that can capture what is and is becoming.

Likewise, there is no end to possibilities for active interaction, each moment a choice point that, if leaned into, creates its own linear stream of “events,” which in turn, can be changed at any moment, if we remain “on point,” centered in the NOW, and open to the endless unfolding immensity.

P.S. Back in the late ’70s, I published a community magazine called “OpenSpace.” I did and still do imagine openspace as a verb: opening space, my life’s motto!

Now I see that there is a “technology” called OpenSpace, with four principles:

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 10.52.00 AM

Hard to argue with. I’d add a fifth principle: whatever comes next, will.

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