On this very day of the Full Moon in Scorpio/Taurus . . . WATCH THE WATER

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Whatever has been buried so deeply that the ego, for its own protection, has refused to see/feel, is doomed to surface now and over the next two weeks, slowly slogging its way from the deep dark, where it has been encapsulated in gunk, upward to the light.

Here’s a photo from yesterday. Sun shining, from chemtrailed skies, on dark water. WATCH THE WATER: Q.


I took this photo while on my first visit, yesterday, with Green Acres Permaculture Village podmates Marita and Andreas, and two dogs, Shadow and Butch, to a deserted old limestone quarry, about 15 driving minutes from home. Hard to believe that in nearly 18 years, despite many invitations, I have not really taken the idea of swimming in a quarry (made famous by the film “Breaking Away“) seriously, until now. However, I will prepare by getting sandals to protect feet, in case abandoned fish hooks lie in wait.

The cold water in this abandoned quarry looks both black and clear, its bottom so far down that it cannot be seen from above.

Q’s famous phrase, “watch the water,” has felt unusually relevant during these long, slow months since the November 2020 (s)election. The Ever Given ship in the Suez canal; the lost submarine; cracks in the gigantic Three Gorges Dam; water supposedly flooding the tunnels beneath D.C.; “watermarks” on real ballots, Maricopa audit? — on  and on; and today, on this day and for the next several weeks, much that has been buried in the muck below our conscious understanding is to dramatically surface. This, thanks, in part, to not just the course of human events, twisted into agenda-driven spin and/or sheer falsity by the constant “wall of lies”  mainstream media maintains to keep the diminishing herd of sheeple corralled into a narrow, truncated, and/or demonstrably illusory view of a multidimensional interdimensional reality that, if we stop, and breathe, and manage to let go of the mind, rushes through from everywhere, fueling and filling our beings, spreading into the vastness. For a split second, we experience ourselves as utterly connected, disappeared into all-and-everything, divinity in action.

We are not alone. We are all-one with Earth in this powerful cleansing of the waters of both her embodied life and of human feeling.

There is no end to the mystery of the breath, of the heart beat, of the will, of human desire. All of it, all of embodied life teaches us, or it can. That’s why we are here! As embodied souls on Mother Earth! Each of our bodies an antenna for this vast mysterious ensouled, conscious, planetary being that we stand upon, trembling with both fear and fascination at all that She shares and teaches.

Last night I listened to another Tarot by Janine reading. Her reading turned into a (more literal than psychological/sociological) confirmation of a channeled reading “from the trees” by another psychic, J.C. Kay, who views nature as our one “incorruptible” source. J.C. Kay’s reading feels profoundly relevant now, as the Scorpio Moon pulls up for recognition, integration and release, whatever ugliness, shame, guilt, fury, not to mention deep deep Love, has been buried and left for dead. It is not dead. The Plutonian life force that powers Earth and her cosmic surround continues to move energy into and out of both visible material and invisible etheric forms, over and over again, one after another, with all waste as food. Forms emerge, grow, bloom, mature, weaken, dissolve, their composted remains fertile soil for whatever wants to rise forth from the muck next. There is nothing new under the sun except that thinking makes it so. 

Solution: stop thinking! At least for that single millisecond of profound awareness that can spread into forever.


BTW: In her reading for this Full Moon, my friend Laura noticed that Pluto turns right now, during the days just following this Scorpio Moon, which, remember, Pluto rules. The turning times of a planet are most intense. Today’s Scorpio Moon then, besides being one of two most powerful full moons annually, besides being larger than usual, and heralding Sun’s coming conjunction with explosive, eruptive Uranus in Taurus, is magnified by the turning of its ruler Pluto to go retrograde, after nearly seven months in forward motion. In other words, not only will already stirred-up gunk surface from the deeps for recognition, integration and release, but we must dive deeper, ever deeper, over the next five months, Pluto spirals down to find more, more, even more, that needs to be illumined by the fierce, fearless light of awareness, and to which we must adjust, no matter what the cost.




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  1. Mary says:

    Timely post! Think Fukashima and the Japs wanting to disperse radioactive water into the Pacific. Extinction event? Maybe it was alteady…whatever, some very deep currents rising to the top! Thanks for the words of caution.

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