On the west coast in June? Check out this upcoming conference on the Secret Space Program.


Via Janet, who was alerted to Carol Rosin as one of the speakers at this conference which promises to be very interesting, especially in that it mixes speakers not normally found in the same place. Investigative journalist Jon Rappoport, for example, along with historian Richard Dolan and defense contractor whistleblower Carol Rosin. Google “Carol Rosin Crone Chronicles” for various juicy articles that will make your jaw hang open. Here’s one, which was picked up by another website.

Meanwhile, Carol, as the speaker with the wild head of long, curly white hair, has gone on to be featured on all sorts of youtube videos, for example, this.

P.S. Janet was in charge of the art that went into the 12-year-long, quarterly labor of love, Crone Chronicles: A Journal of Conscious Aging (1989-2001). I featured Carol Rosin’s story (at that point considered literally “outlandish” by most people, and now, revealed in hindsight as, unfortunately, too damn true) in just about every issue of that potent, prescient little magazine, from the time I heard her speak at the original Women of Vision Conference in Washington, D.C. Not sure the year, 1995?

Speakers for upcoming Secret Space Program Conference

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