On the verge of December: . . . GHW Bush dies, and the fake tributes begin.

Woke up in the middle of the night to find the news on my phone. How disgusting. Not that this evil one died, but that his no doubt extended state funeral will interrupt/postpone whatever was going to happen this week. Plus, can you believe? Timing so exact! Funeral scheduled for December 5, when Huber was scheduled to testify. Plus,  Trump has also declared December 5th a National Day of Mourning..

Check out Bix Weir’s response. He uses MSM headlines to detail GHWB’s evil history.

But: did he really die yesterday? Or did he die earlier in the week, as signalled by a Comey tweet. GHW Bush’s secret security code name was Timberwolf. Wolves are genetically connected to dogs. Joe M picked up on the possible meaning of that tweet.

Hmmm . . . so the elder Bush dies, of old age, mid-week, and the news is kept on hold until it will have maximum impact on next week’s scheduled rollout exposure of deep state shenanigans? But we should expect that. Both “sides” do that. We are being played, always, and big time, don’t ever forget.

A few more reactions, from my twitter feed:

Of the evil old guys, whose next? Soros (85)? Kissinger (95)?

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