“On (the morning of) the 1st Day of Christmas”: 12.12.12

At 10:10 AM on 12.12.12 I noticed a video on rumormillnews that befits the first day of what I’ve declared as the Epochal 12 Days of Christmas: 12.12.12 – 12.23.12. Amazingly enough, I put up this video on a morning when, for the second day in a row, I detect no chem trails over Bloomington! Exceedingly odd. Maybe it’s still early. Or is it too cold? I’ll keep checking.

Please, please, pay attention to this sad, sordid, continuous desecration of our skies — our lungs, our water and air, our Mother Earth. [P.S. Any “contrail” that doesn’t disappear quickly is actually a chemtrail].

If 911 and the many assasinations didn’t wake you up to the nastiness of the current “world order,” chemtrails might.

Oh, yes, and BTW: there was another most-likely mind-controlled “shooter” (or two?), in Oregon, yesterday. Only killed two (so far), besides himself. Of course, it would happen at a shopping mall during the Christmas season. How better than to mainline the required continuous dosage of F-E-A-R to keep the “sheeple” controlled.

Even permaculturists, who focus so beautifully on how to regenerate Mother Earth, need to pay attention to what one of the founders of permaculture, Bill Mollison, said about the situation — in 1983! Even more true, now. Thanks to nextworld.tv for the pointer.

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