On the de-materialization of the world

As I watch flames engulf Mountain McMansions in Colorado and notice that JP Morgan trading loss may reach 9 billion; as I read about small town cops stocking up on stupid, useless military gear and experience personally shrinking income, rising food and utility costs; as I read how the internet is enabling us to let go of our own computer capacity and store our files in “the cloud” — now expanding to enable shared office space for micro enterprises . . . I realize that this world, folks, is de-materializing!

So that’s what “Ascension” is all about! Just let it go, whatever it is that’s holding you up, holding you down, holding you back! You don’t need to “own” stuff or money to be of value. Nope. That is so yesterday.

For years now, I’ve been standing on clouds, viewing us little ants on Earth, bemused: how we all scurry around, looking down, our hands full of stuff, exchanging stuff, worshipping stuff, getting encased in stuff, and wondered, is this all there is?


When my sons were small, I once asked them what they would want if they could have anything in the world.

My older Taurus son Sean said, immediately, “A million dollars.”

My younger Aquarian son Colin thought for a moment, then piped up, eyes ablaze: “A magic wand!”

In that intuitive leap, Colin moved from 3D to 5D. Where we’re all headed. Finally, we’ll be able to let go of all the weight, to look up, to remember ourselves as cosmic citizens, to realize that we are all one, and that it’s all good, all of it, even these searing, wrenching losses that we are all experiencing as we leave behind our former preoccupation.

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