On the day after the profound Scorpio Full Moon, all is not lost!

So. What happened yesterday?

This! To me! All is not lost!

I had a hair appointment, which I forgot until she showed up at the door with her hair-cutting bag.

Timi, who used to be a neighbor, who has cut my hair for 15 years and who has six kids while working full time, IS GOING TO RUN FOR THE MONROE COUNTY SCHOOL BOARD.

YES! This 53-year-old, who strongly believes in the right of each child to grow up in his or her own way, is impassioned, articulate, and exactly what we need at this time when school children are still forced to wear masks, even outside during recess.

Check out Tucker’s rant last night on this very subject.

Instantly, I told Timi I’d be her Campaign Manager. This gal is AWAKE. And fully alive. 53 years old, she’s just getting started.

After we were done, I told her I had a gift for her.

Went and got one of the five supposedly gold and silver plated Trump coins that I sent for,  on a whim (free, except for postage), and handed it to her.

Wow! Then turned it over . . . she doubled up in laughter, and you will too.

As General Mike Flynn, Juan O Savin, and others put it, “we’re going to have to take our country back”  — and not just from China — starting at the grassroots and on up. Full Moon in Scorpio, with Pluto turning: POWER, empowerment, opening our hearts, minds and souls to the primal life force.

So, how many Timis are out there? Ready to do their part?

Well, for one, Timi tells me her sister-in-law is also going to run for School Board, in a suburb of Indianapolis. Yes again!

One more bit of paraphernalia . . . got one of JP Sears teeshirts, to wear in this politically correct, masked, socially distanced academic town.

Here we go!

Oh hell! One more.

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