On September 16, 2019, President Trump enters a new 30 year cycle: Progressed New Moon in Early Virgo

Donald Trump Astrology last half 2019-early 2020: Progressed New Moon, plus!

I find it interesting that this cycle begins on September 16, just past the anniversay or 9/11 and only six days after Trump let go of arch neo-con John Bolton as National Security Advisor. Finally. Just who he chooses next for this position may tell us much about the initiatory energy of the new progressed Moon cycle to come.

I was reminded yesterday, of this new cycle by another astrologer, Kelley Hunter in New England.

Both of us used to write for Welcome to Planet Earth, an unusually penetrating, but short-lived astrological tabloid, way back in the late 1980s. She contacted me recently. So good to renew old connections, to knit together nodes through space and time. I’m convinced that this is what will save us from the continuously fracturing digitization of our dying culture, this weaving together of interlacing webs of connectedness that yield richer and richer lodes of  meaning. These relationships that arc through time and space ground us into the here and now, helping us to begin again, over and over and over.

BTW: The three gatherings that I attended in the past few months — the Ozark Sufi Camp in MIssouri, the Southeastern Permaculture Gathering in North Carolina, and Crones Counsel in Tucson (see last two posts, not yet archived) —  all featured about 100 attendees, many (most?) of whom go back decades. And each of them, moreover, came into existence almost three decades ago. These intergenerational “family reunions” are all are reaching their Saturn returns, when the meaning of what has been gleaned over time becomes more and more palpable, all to be composted for the next Saturn cycle to come.

So grateful to have shared these gatherings during this crucial moment in U.S. and world history, as we head into the Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn (exact January 2020), prelude to the first return of Pluto to its own natal place in the U.S. natal chart (2021-25). These next few years will tell the tale. Ultimately, we must begin again or die trying.

Yes, each of these three gatherings  lives on in my memory. Each of them buttresses my own aliveness in unexpected ways. Each of them yields untold riches, both subtle and profound, that will leak out over the coming years when I expect us to be tested, both as a people, and as individuals, like never before.

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