On Julian Assange, stuck in a tiny room, smack in the eye of a nation-state storm of dueling “laws”

As this morning’s news brings us the showdown between Ecuador and the U.K. over Assange, with the U.K. justifying it’s stance by appealing to “law,” and Ecuador doing the same with another “law,” I have to laugh. Or cry.

In case you haven’t seen it, here’s how the NYT framed it up a few minutes ago. Notice, not just the “unflushed toilets,” but the snide reference to Putin at the end.

Ecuador Grants Asylum to Assange, Defying Britain

Yesterday’s post by Matt Taibbi on why Goldman Sucks was not prosecuted really brought home to me the fact that the collective human fiction known as the “nation state” will do anything it wants, and always find “laws” of some kind to justify its actions, whether beforehand or afterwards. That’s what they pay the expensive lawyers for! To decode the fiendish legalistic language and ferret out those “laws”!

Meanwhile, the old adage that “ignorance of the law is no excuse” becomes meaningless at best, and Kafkaesque at worst, when you consider the millions of “laws” that continue to spew out of so-called “governing bodies” of so-called “nation states,” many of which, of course, contradict each other!


Well, well. We sure chose to “live in interesting times,” eh? I hope Julian Assange can keep that perspective as he plays out his mythic role in the whole shebang, despite the lack of sunlight in his tiny quarters. Let us all shine our heart light on this human being who is shouldering so much for so many.

Here’s a recent commentary by Gerald Celente, whose so-called extreme views are looking more and more reasonable as time goes on, or maybe I should say, as time winds down (to December 21, 2012) — and starts up, all over again, hopefully in a new way.

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