Okay, who overnighted this 91-page booklet to me?

Cuz I want to say THANK YOU. I’ve only gone through about a third of it, but already it feels like a condensation of all the massive and complex concerns that those of us who are awake and alive have been utterly and devastatingly crippled by internally for decades, as well as the endearing tale of a seven year old who, as soon as he learned to read and write, made a business card, calling himself



So very grateful for this welcome surprise. Now a question: did you, whoever you are, overnight this booklet in response to the post I put up yesterday at 2:30 p.m. about my latest video, only for patrons right now? I titled that video “Living the Catastrophe:  Part I” and right below it, in the description, I said, “Or, Expecting the Apocalypse.” Gabby looked at the Amazon tracking number on the package, and deduced that it was sent from somewhere in Ohio, at 3:30 p.m., which is why I ask.

If not, even more of a fun synchronicity!

Oh! I just this minute realized: The author of this booklet (translated from the German) is Boris Forkel, whom I already featured, not even two months ago, in this extraordinary post:

Boris Forkel: How Permaculture Can — and Must, If we Wish to Avoid Apocalypse — HEAL THE WORLD

Check out his website:



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