October 23 Solar Eclipse and Divine Masculine and Feminine Rebalancing, Take 2: “Has the atmosphere on Mars changed?”

On my walk with puppy Shadow this morning, I realized that I needed to do a Take 2 on the upcoming October 23 Solar Eclipse.

For yesterday’s article (Take 1) see:

Does this October 23 Solar Eclipse ease the relationship between the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine?

I wrote that piece in a white heat, even more so than usual. On the other hand, I must confess that whatever I’m going to say in response to something I see on the internet or in the world is usually unknown! I just get a feeling — a sort of uncomfortable”knot” in gut and heart and awareness — that needs to unravel. I can’t help but allow it to do that, word by word, phrase by phrase, sentence by sentence, without my knowing what the next word or string of words will be. This kind of writing requires enormous trust, obviously! And when it comes in a white heat like yesterday, I sometimes wonder if I really am crazy. As usual, all I could do to maintain my center during that rushing river of words was opt for grace and balance while falling through the rapids. (BTW: It helps that I do Tai chi daily!)

That said, I realize that my style, and my consciousness, naturally inclines to sketching out big perspectives in broad strokes (“Like a cartoon,” one of my professors once commented, and then added: “But you’re largely right” But was he right?). Especially does this kind of inspired? infused? ignorant? writing come now, impulsed by whatever’s going on regarding transit Mars and the Galactic Center and my own natal Sun, all lined up at around 27° Sagittarius!

I mentioned late last week —where? When? Aaaah. It was in commentary to the Jessica Murray post on October 17th —

On strong, disturbing Mars transits to the U.S. chart now through mid-December

— that a once-in-a million-year comet — whooee! What’s the import of that?!— would whiz by Mars on Sunday, October 19. To me, this exceptionally rare Mars event adds extraordinary punch to the idea that not only our experience of Mars (male energy), but the physical planet Mars itself (after a million years?) is being slam-banged into a new configuration.

Here’s a post from today about Sunday’s event and WOW!

Sliding Spring Comet Causes Huge Explosion on Mars

Huge is an understatement. The flashing seems to cover at least 2/3 of the face of Mars. Note the commentator’s question about the explosion: “Did it change the atmosphere”?

Yes, and did this physical explosion on the surface of Mars herald a change in the atmosphere of the way Mars energies work on Earth, inside human beings, a transformation of the way Masculine energy works, from unconscious to conscious? From the mind-controlled “soldier” who kills and destroys to the independent, self-aware “warrior” who protects and guards with his very life the Divine Feminine from whom new life is born and nurtured?

In yesterday’s white heat, I forgot to mention the connection between the Sun/Moon/Venus Solar Eclipse at 0° Scorpio with the fact that when Mercury turned to go Rx on October 4th, it was at 2° Scorpio, just barely past that same 0°. It retrograded over 0° Scorpio again on September 28-29, and kept going, back into late Libra. On October 25, only two days past the Solar Eclipse, it will turn to go direct at 16° Libra, and then retrace the same ground again until it reaches 0° Scorpio and on to 2° Scorpio, where it finally passes out of the “shadow” of the retrograde period.

I sense that this area of Scorpio, 0-2°, will be highly charged during that period, echoing both the solar eclipse with Venus sextiling Mars, and Mercury’s own backtracking period of coming to terms with what it knows.

Just today on facebook I saw where a sweet young woman, daughter of an old friend of mine, has finally decided, despite eight heart-wrenching months of couples counseling, that their partnership is at an end. She tells the world, and is admittedly very sad about this recognition. How many other relationships are coming to terms with the completion of their cycles — or their regeneration? Both are possible.

And how many of us are consciously reworking the alchemical relationship within ourselves of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine during this storied time?

And what will be the fallout collectively, over the years, and decades, and centuries, of these rebalancings, both internal and external?

And just to add one more punch to this idea, check out a new jhaines post today that also references the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine.

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