#occupywallstreet: "Thank God for RT"

From a broadcast yesterday, October 3rd:

“They’re not just marching. They’re holding General Assemblies. Where they’re sitting down and letting everyone involved help them assemble a list of demands.” [Old Russian saying:] ‘If you drive Nature out of the door, she will rush back in through a window.’

“This movement is being joined by unions, student organizations . . . people are frightened and have no confidence in their structures.”

The police response: “Many of these people that are now hurting are starting to feel the wrong end of the billy club, or their kids are. So what they say before as something alien to them [is no longer].”

“Thank God for RT. . . The coverage here has been horrible, like a football contest, or violence, imputed to the protestors. The [U.S.] media has already spent [its] capital, over the last ten years dealing with Iraq and Afghanistan . . . The [mainstreet] media doesn’t matter anymore.”

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