Nuclear News: Fukushima, the U.S. and worldwide

This just in:

Former-PM Admits “Future Existence Of Japan Was At Stake” As Mutations Appear In Fukushima Forest

Meanwhile, Bob Nichols in veteranstoday has just published his 46th weekly report on radiation levels in U.S. cities. I skipped back through earlier reports, and it’s been about the same all along, at least 200 times “normal” in many cities he cites. Whether this radiation is from Fukushima and/or our own nuclear reactors, and/or the changing Sun, is anybody’s guess.

Your Radiation This Week: No. 46

And what about eating fish from the Pacific?

We’re eating Fukushima radiation

And what about all the mass fish and mammal deaths washed up on Pacific beaches?

Fukushima? 10,000 dead squid wash up on Chile beach

And all the dead birds in the northwest?

Thousands of birds found dead along Alaska shoreline

And what about the rising rates of cancer worldwide?

Rising Global Cancer Epidemic

BTW: I’m not saying that radiation is the single cause of cancer. Of course not. There are many other poisons that we humans have emitted, especially since the beginning of the industrial age, and all of them have pernicious effects on the immune system of humans and other earthlings.

The question remains: what do we do with this kind of environmental information? And if it tends to paralyze, given what may be the hopelessness of our situation, should we pretend or deny we know about it?

I tend to feel that we should know about it, we should look at everything in the face, close up, and then respond in some way, hopefully, with as much awareness and compassion as possible. To do so is to prepare extinction protocols, perhaps, and/or perhaps it’s to shift into a collective mind meld where we realize and atone for what we humans have done and continue to do to our home planet — and in doing so, begin to right it. Somehow. We don’t yet know how. But we do know that nobody, but nobody, has a handle on the future. That the planetary and cosmic situation is just way too complex for our puny human minds to encompass.

One response to our growing predicament, at least for me, is stay in the heart. Let the heart be my guide.

Don’t run away from grief, o soul, Look for the remedy inside the pain, because the rose came from the thorn and the ruby came from a stone. ~ Rumi







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