November 5, 2019: Final day for Mars square Pluto. What’s the ACTION?

Welcome to the annual remembrance of  V for Vendetta’s  Guy Fawkes day!


What a fitting conclusion to Red October and Mars fueling, by 90° aspect (square), the forming Saturn/Pluto conjunction!

So. What’s happening on the final day when the Mars square Pluto aspect completes and begins to wane?

Well, I took the dogs out for a walk this morning, knowing that the story everybody is waiting for, from Project Veritas, would be on at 9 AM today. Yup!

Then there was Rand Paul, at the Kentucky rally last night (dwarfed by beefy Donald Trump), exhorting Republicans to muster up their (Mars) courage and let the Democrats and RINOs know that it is NOT okay to pretend to use “Ukraine” (and the Bidens) to try to impeach a sitting president for purely partisan motives. Reminds me of the day not too far back, when Republicans finally mustered up their Mars courage to storm into Shifty Schiff’s secret SC IF meetings under the Capitol building.

Notice how Trump introduces him as “a great warrior,” also referencing the combative energy of Mars.

In his short speech, Rand Paul referenced Trump’s courage in facing the corrupt media every day.

Then, there’s Hannity, on fire last night. (Mars is a fiery planet that rules the first, cardinal, fire sign, Aries).

Meanwhile, taking a more cosmic perspective, did you realize that five asteroids  zoomed past, uncomfortably close to Earth, in the past few days? How perfect a metaphor for all the dangers that keep zooming into and then past our hungry reach.

Incoming: Five asteroids flew past Earth Friday — one twice as big as the Empire State Building

Let’s all stay tuned for further NEWS on this final day of the Mars/Pluto drama. For me, that means checking my twitter feed.

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