Notes on Amy Coney Barrett’s astrology: Is she “up” for next week’s nomination drama?

We do not know her birthtime, so the houses of the chart as shown are meaningless. However, the geometric energy configuration among the planets is known, except for the Moon, which moves one degree every two hours. So with those caveats, let’s go.

What stands out most for me: ACB has a grand cardinal cross with Mars at 21° Aries, WITHIN ONE DEGREE OF WHERE MARS, MOVING RETROGRADE, SITS NOW. In other words, she was made for this time — and next week’s nomination drama for Supreme Court Justice — or maybe it’s the other way around: this time was made for her.

Before I continue to delineanate her cardinal grand cross, notice that the Sun, today, is at 16° Libra, within two degrees of exact square to 18° Jupiter.

Since the Sun moves one degree each day, then Sunday, October 11, through Sunday October 18,  for those ten days, the Sun will be illuminating the ongoing (between late July 2020 and end of first week January 2021), extremely strong and fulminating, frictional square between warrior Mars Rx and the Jupiter/Pluto Saturn power struggle  — by creating a T-cross with it, which shoots its energetic arrow to the other side of the chart, the missing cardinal sign, that of Cancer — which holds four planets in the chart of the U.S.A., and which is featured in Donald Trump’s chart (see yesterday’s post). And, as everybody knows, what’s up for liberals and feminists is Roe v. Wade. Will the historic ruling on abortion be upturned if ACB takes RBG’s seat?


In Coney Barrett’s chart, besides her Mars at 21* Aries (conjunct transit Mars NOW), the other cardinal signs in her grand cross are the following: Uranus, at 18° Libra (only three degrees from direct opposition to Mars), Moon in Cancer —th0ugh it says 17°, we’re not sure what degree, remember, since her birthtime is unknown; we do know it’s in Cancer somewhere, and likely part of the Grand Cross —and Mercury, at 24° Capricorn, directly conjuncting the current 2020 Jupiter/Pluto/Saturn stellium.

Given her natal T-cross with Mars/Uranus and Mercury, I have a feeling she’s no stranger to strong argumentation, and operates as a female warrior (Mars), capable of sudden, surprising (Uranus) moves. Given that her Sun (plus North Node) is in Aquarius, and so rules Uranus, it makes the Uranian energy even more prominent.

What struck me at the Rose Garden announcement of her nomination, was that this woman does not seem to operate on ego. Which, for me, means: she has clearly moved beyond her South Node in Leo and operates, I would argue, as one member in a group of equals dedicated to the good of the whole.

Her Moon in family-oriented, nurturing Cancer, the sign it rules, so again strong, by position. Are we surprised? She and her husband have seven children, two of them adopted from Haiti, and the final one with special needs.

Two other very interesting planetary positions in her chart: Saturn, at 29°35 Taurus and Jupiter, at 28° Sagittarius. Saturn in Taurus: stubborn, steady, grounded, not easily swayed or thrown off course; the 29th degree is karmic; meaning, she has spent lifetimes holding a steady course, and came into this one to complete the job. Jupiter is in the sign it rules, and likewise in a very late degree. I’d call it karmic as well. Furthermore, Jupiter rules Sagittarius, so is at maximum strength in that sign. Most important here: her Jupiter is conjunct the 27° Galactic Center within one degree. Given this position of her Jupiter, I doubt it’s her first lifetime in “law;” I have a sense that she holds an enormous philosophical Sagittarian overview of the meaning, function and purpose of the Constitution of this United States.


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