Notes from Burning Man 2013: “In 18 years on the playa, I’ve never seen a more aggressive police presence than what’s been going down today. Deeply upsetting, outrageous stuff.”

Burning_Man_2011I recently featured Burning Man as a model for the kind of brilliant, fun, deeply resourceful and regenerative society we can evolve into, once we re-ignite our imaginations, express our full, hilarious, highly creative and inventive selves both individually and in groups, love each other and the Earth, and leave no trace.

It appears that Burning Man is now faced with the same issues that the rest of America is dealing with, a clanking, more and more militarized police presence. Yet with their usual good humor, peace-loving Burning Man folks say they will construct a “Donut Camp” for the police if they would just calm down.

“If the cops would leave their badges and guns at home and just be burners like everyone else in BRC, we’d welcome them just like we welcome anyone else. We’d even build them a Donut Camp! We’re not against cops necessarily, we just don’t want outsiders doing law enforcement in our city. We have everything we need to take care of it ourselves without any outside help!”[2]

State and Federal Police Crack Down on Burning Man in Unprecedented Show of Force

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