Note: my (inner) internet down —

— for past 24 hours. Just now getting back up to speed. Meanwhile, I got a bunch of stuff done that I had been putting off, and otherwise relished a mentally slowed-down day, especially since I’ve been feeling frazzled lately. (Transit Saturn conjunct natal Mars/Uranus, moving toward opposition to Saturn . . .) Did my fried state fry the internet?

My friend Ted from Oakwood offered to do an “attunement” with me today, 2 p.m. All I have to do is lie down and let go. YES.






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  1. richbuckley7 says:

    Interesting Term: Inner Internet. The subconscious seems to know everything going on, is running all sorts of vital programs, trying to communicate back to us and our conscious self, even terminating our physical bodies if we don’t get “their” subconscious messages to our conscious self, but it seems to take a master of meditations to understand the subconscious messages. I think I found a way to hack the :Inner Internet” through QHHT-Sessions:

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