No privacy (for the 99.99%); privateering as a way of life (for the 0.001%)

Interesting: on the one hand, we’ve discovered, thanks to whistleblower Ed Snowden, that we’ve all lost our personal privacy; and on the other hand formerly public services are being privatized, i.e., sold off to privateers, who “turn a profit” by draining value from what remains of the commons and the common good.

See, for example, this (thanks to John and SueM for the pointer) from

Time To Decide: Concentrated, Privatized Wealth
Or Shared Prosperity And Economic Democracy

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. philosophersstone posted a TED talk by undercover researcher and investigator Charmian Gooch, who describes how, “in a globalized world, corruption is a global business.” Utilizing big banks, anonymous shell companies, and companies with hidden ownership, the .001% is busy draining what remains of the global commons into their greedy, bejeweled little hands.

BTW: Gooch offers a ray of hope at the end.

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  1. This total unconscious exposure on the part of the general public may backfire on those who would controll the masses through information management. When the bat becomes bigger than the batter, the backswing could be the undoing of the entire system? Nature does seem to have a way of righting itself. When tortoises get overturned the majority of them right themselves. I believe that righting is occuring now.

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