No matter how cynical your view of the voting process, vote for Bernie anyhow.

I voted today. BTW: we now have paper ballots!


Young Bernie Sanders Supporters are a “Mobilizing Force that Could Change the Country”


 Sanders makes a public plea for Democratic Super Delegates to switch allegiance


The Case for Bernie Sanders Running as an Independent if Clinton is the Nominee

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4 Responses to No matter how cynical your view of the voting process, vote for Bernie anyhow.

  1. Doreen says:

    All presidential candidates are “actors” applying for a job of a corporation called the United States.

  2. Doreen says:

    By SOTN

    John F. Kennedy Set The Bar Very High.

    There are only TWO directions any of the presidential candidates can take toward a successful GOP nomination. Before those directions are delineated, it’s very important to first understand the following conditions and qualifications that ‘every’ president after John F. Kennedy was forced to meet and comply with–without exception.

    First, that every serious candidate, from both of the main political parties, are compelled to sign a contract not to prosecute the war criminal U.S. presidents who have served before them. This stipulation is both non-negotiable and binding throughout their term, should they be elected. Every U.S. President is actually recruited for their ability to sell American warmongering the world over. This type of salesmanship is, BY FAR, the single most important trait that a presidential nominee can possess. How will any of them respond?

    Funding and voting for politicians make voters complicit in their improper and/or offensive actions.

  3. Doreen says:

    The U.S. Electorate Has Been Tricked Into Voting For Criminally Insane Psychopaths

  4. Shodo Spring says:

    You have paper ballots? No wonder Bernie did well in Indiana. Everywhere you can see what’s happening, he does well. (caucus states, for instance) Probably not actually true but close enough.

    We are seeds.

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