New photo and story for Baby Picture Project. YES!

For the past five years, I’ve known, with every fiber in my being, that the Baby Picture Project is by far the most valuable contribution I have to share with the world. But the project has languished; not surprising, given all the other projects, emergencies, etc. that have been unrolling regularly since then. Besides, this particular project depends on readers sending in their photos and stories! So come on, folks, let’s do it!

Find the photo from your early life that exemplifies who you really are underneath the conditioning that you received from family, schooling, culture, etc. In other words, find your original self, that beautiful innocent being that you came in as, prior to when your  persona or personality began to be formed and take over so that you could “get along” in the world.

Find that photo, and then send it to me. Write a story that illustrates, for you, why that photo is the one that you hold dear to your heart, the one that let’s YOU know, so that you will never forget who you really are.

Can you imagine, more and more of us beginning to remember, to re-member, put ourselves back together again, as our original selves? What would happen then?

What if everybody in the whole world began to wake up to who we really are?

Carol Marak: Sweet Inquisition


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