NEW MOON June 10 2021: America Activates, via “the synthesizing power of the mind”

Note: And please see next post! I forgot something crucial . . .

The extreme Info flood continues (see this and this ), again disgorging from the shadows (12th house) formerly secret levers of abusive power of all kinds. Note that Mercury is Rx, retrograde, only one degree away from, and transiting backwards, will cross over this New Moon degree during the five days following the New Moon.

On June 22  Mercury will turn direct, and, this time, moving forward, will again cross over that same degree area, 19-20° Gemini, during the July 4th weekend . . . Trump at Mount Rushmore again? Will JFK Jr. reveal himself this year? (Some of us were led to believe he would on July 4th 2020).

(In other words, these two upcoming time periods are connected. Keep track of info revealed during those five days and correlations to events of July 4th weekend.)

Also during the five days following the New Moon, on June 12th, Mars, at 29° Cancer during the New Moon, will enter Leo. Cancerian emotionality shifts for each of us, personally; we begin to move the levers of power in our own little corner of the world (Leo).

Neptune, at 23° Pisces, near the Midheaven (echoing its Midheaven position in the U.S. natal chart: aka “The American Dream”), squares (in friction with) the June 2021 New Moon plus Mercury, rendering the info flood messy, confusing, deceptive, hard to discern real from fake. (As usual!)

Notice the Ascendant in the New Moon chart, 4°55 Cancer, sandwiched between Venus and Jupiter at 3-5° Cancer in the U.S. Natal chart! I show that section of the U.S. chart here. And note that Venus, at 9° in the New Moon chart, transits between Jupiter and Sun in U.S. natal chart, and is only a few degrees from its natal position there.

Here’s the whole chart:


I’d say that this strong Cancerian focus portends a massive movement towards paying attention to home and family, community, locality, safety and security systems of all kinds. The inherent protective, patriotic, American home-loving DNA is surfacing, expressing into the world.

Putting the two together, Gemini with Cancer, I’d say the flood of hidden information is awakening the U.S. people to our original values, and making us want to protect our motherland from the globalist and deep state players who would dismantle the U.S. and all other nations in their drive towards a centralized, fascist, locked-in, top down, police state New World Order.

Oh yeah, and what is perhaps most important of all, the New Moon with Mercury  conjuncts Mars in the U.S. natal chart! This ongoing info flood stimulates both the fury and the alacrity of the U.S. temper, making us decide to activate, everywhere, to take our country back.

Moreover, in the U.S. chart, Mars and Uranus straddle the Descendant, accounting for both sudden warlike actions of the U.S. and/or its (projected) “enemies” throughout its history, and the brilliant, innovative, experimental, American inventions that have led the way for the entire world.

(Combining Mars with Uranus, I think of Matt Walsh, who set up a go-fund me for AOC’s abuella, thus exposing her hypocrisy. Talk about innovative!)

On the down side, this same aspect pattern may also indicate increasing deep state cyber attacks, power outages, and other sudden, hostile maneuvers of great consequence.

Sabian symbol for New Moon 20° Gemini:

A modern cafeteria displays an abundance of food, products, of various regions.

Keynote: The assimilation of multifarious knowledge through the synthesizing power of the mind.

Learn. Know what’s at stake. Take fearless action to protect whatever arena of life is your personal domain and will respond to your unique talent and expertise.

The stakes could not be higher.


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