New Moon in Aries: Take the Initiative

In alignment with today’s New Moon in fiery Aries, flanked by Sun, by Mars, Uranus, Mercury and Jupiter, this great Aries stellium opposite Saturn in Libra and square Pluto (that fabled cardinal cross of 2011) — we are being propelled from within into action.

For example, how about this initiative, that seeks to mirror long-standing anti-disclosure business networks by creating pro-disclosure business networks? Imagine what would happen if businesses that understood the connection between free energy and disclosure were to link up world-wide!

The Aries time for individual initiative is upon us, and what it calls for is creative ways to spur global networks of all kinds that are in alignment with our people-power values. We are only victims of the tiny malevolent cabal that is running the world if we deny our imaginations, our courage, and our interconnectedness — not to mention our vast numbers!

What is your initiative? What is yours to do? What burns a hole through your heart, you want it so bad? What is the specific, unique action that will galvanize all of your talents, interests and skills into a streak of fire that lights up the universe? Use it. Be it.

New Moon in Aries, April 3, 2011. The future is now.

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