New Interview with Cobra . . .

. . . held my attention all the way through. See this and this for Cobra’s latest transmissions on his website.

BTW: I’m not saying that what Cobra says is “true,” just that it held my attention. Most messages of this type, either channeled or not, which pretend or claim vast perspectives on current geopolitical and spiritual dynamics, don’t hold my attention. I experience a sort of internal thrumming when something does hold my attention. That may just mean I’m deluded in a my own special way! In any case, something BIG is going on behind the scenes; the astrology of these times, with Uranus/Pluto and Saturn in Scorpio, guarantees that. Just how to parse it is the question. In any case, what’s really of importance is to continually demonstrate, to oneself and others, the new path through to creation rather than destruction. To dare to love, rather than contract into fear. To follow in the giant footsteps of all-too-human beings like Mandela and not look back. To build, in this 3D world, energetic and physical structures that reflect and encourage our new and connected way of being, our joyful and authentic aliveness.

galacticconnection via rumormillnews

Cobra and Alexandra Meadors transcription for December 3, 2013

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  1. Very well and beautifully expressed Ann… your premise. Maybe it’s the tea I’m sipping. Haven’t gotten to the 2012 main article yet. Sweet.

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