New frigid winter storm reveals propane emergency in Ohio. Implications?

The title below is unusual, in that it says what needs to be said, draws out the implications of not sourcing most of what we need locally.

Showing how truly reliant most Americans are on outside sources, a new propane shortage in Ohio has caused a State of Emergency

Too bad that this wasn’t an MSM headline. (It’s intellihub).

In declaring a State of Emergency, the article says the governor put the National Guard on stand-by.

Okay, now let’s look at further implications.

We could view the National Guard’s presence as ominous. (Yeek! The police state!) Or, we could be grateful. (Oh good, the police state will take care of us). Or, we could be paranoid (Yeah, the police state sets in gradually through problem-reaction-solution).

We could see the so-called frigid “Polar Vortex” that causes (or at least precedes) the shortages as possible geoengineering (HAARP, plus chemtrails, plus?). Or not. It may be that the propane supply chain was accidentally or deliberately interrupted. Or, more telling: it could be Mother Nature’s wake-up call to announce, once again, in no uncertain terms, that she she does not belong to us, no; the tables are turned: we belong to her, she who both gives life and takes it away.

And then, of course, we could view global climate change — not just warming, and not just cooling but weirding as man made, or not. Some think the entire solar system is changing, and/or going through a particularly intense part of the galaxy. And so on. Lots of “explanations,” at various scales, for unpredictable psychological, social, political, and geophysical phenomena. None of them provable. All demonstrating human imaginative flair fanned by a fierce desire to know what’s happening in order to try to control it.

Fat chance! It appears that the die has been cast. But it’s too soon to say just which way the winds will blow. And it may be they will blow every which way — randomly? — or depending on each being’s location, in time, space, and dimensionality — including the vast being we call Earth, nested in the vaster being we call the Milky Way Galaxy, and so on, out into infinity.

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