New claim as to what, or who, really stopped the Syrian War: A group within the Pentagon?

imagesThis post is an interesting example of the usual linear 3D logic that I, and everybody else I know, tend to get caught up in. We carve out of the endless flux a certain “event,” and then seek “causes” for this event as an “effect.” Arguments arise as to which “cause” is the “real” one — round and round, with no end and no realization that round and round is . . . well, round and round!

Much more interesting, to me, is the Buddhist (and larger dimensional) idea of “dependent co-arising.” Phenomena rise and fall like waves in a sea, or the turning of a wheel, all of a piece. We are inextricably in relationship to all of life. To pretend to pull out strings of cause-and-effect, and to insist “this,” not “that,” is to narrow one’s view and experience of the infinite, mysterious heaving of life to a minuscule slit in what Thich Nhat Hahn calls “interbeing.”

So, in this story, I’d just say I’m glad some Pentagon people are moving in the wave with us.

A Handful of Constitutionally-Minded People within the Pentagon Stopped the Syrian War

December 12, 2013

Washington’s Blog

Pulitzer-prize winning investigative reporter Seymour Hersh (who uncovered the Iraq prison torture scandal and the Mai Lai massacre in Vietnam) revealed in the International Business Times that there is more evidence for the Syrian rebels than Assad being the culprits behind the sarin chemical weapons attack in Syria.

Image: Pentagon (Wikimedia Commons)

This has been known for some time.

What’s new is that Hersh says that the main reason Obama backed down from war wasn’t Putin’s brilliant chess move – or even the overwhelming opposition of the American people to war.

Rather, Hersh says that it was strong opposition from a handful of patriotic Americans within the Pentagon which caused Obama to back down:

[Obama] didn’t do it [i.e. pull the plug on war with Syria] because the American people said no. He [backed down] because he didn’t have a case. And there was incredible opposition that will be, one of these days, written about, maybe in history books. There was incredible operation [sic] from some very, very strong-minded, constitutionally minded people in the Pentagon. That’s the real story.

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