(Neptunian) "Invincible Defense Technology" — say wha'?

1001655c673678e8489a1486be8035edI googled the phrase in the title above after eagerly beginning to read a very interesting post arguing that if we can establish “fields” of harmony then we can end the chaos in the mideast. Three-quarters of the way through the article —


Peace in the Middle East Is A Real Possibility

— the author slips in the phrase Invincible Defense Technology (IDT) . . .

Here are the relevant paragraphs:

If US Commander-in-Chief President Barack Obama has the courage to deploy a proven, advanced military technology on US Mideast carrier battlegroups and/or in nearby military bases; then, peace and prosperity will become the characteristic of a region of the world known for its constant warfare and huge pockets of impoverished citizenry. Invincible Defense Technology (IDT) is a scientifically validated approach. Extensive in-field military experience, coupled with peer-reviewed research shows that IDT can effectively, efficiently, and quickly end the current turmoil, and eliminate the rising spiral of violence.

If the US military quickly deploys this statistically-verified approach it will not be necessary to base US defense operations on guesswork or to risk the lives of US and Mideast citizens. This IDT approach to reducing stress and violence is already part of the training of America’s future commanders at Norwich University, and has been field-tested by foreign militaries. It is validated by 23 peer-reviewed studies carried out in both developed and developing nations. They include the Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia, and Latin America. Independent scientists and scholars endorse it, based on 25 years of research.

Well yeah, okay. We certainly practice the idea of setting into place harmonious fields here in the Green Acres Neighborhood Ecovillage and the GANG garden, knowing that it’s the atmosphere that we establish which allows a certain range of possibilities to arise. In fact, I see my job on the ground here in Bloomington Indiana as mainly “atmospheric,” helping to induce a strong, subtle field of allowing and innovation into place. Strengthening it. Noticing when it “goes off,” ferreting out how and why, and then subtly nudging it back into resonance. At this point, our common approach to harmonious living is paying off in spades. The six people who live in the two adjacent houses that form the first “pod” of the Ecovillage participate in a vibrant, peaceful field of aliveness.

So, can the same thing be done on an international level? No doubt, and the author is probably right, mainly through the use of meditation. This is all the realm of the planet Neptune, by the way, which governs invisible realms, smears and erases boundaries, blending, spiritualizing, diluting all hard edges into the field of Oneness. And when Neptune moves through its ruling sign, oceanic Pisces, as now (2012-2026), its background influence on foreground events needs to be taken seriously as a given. Never underestimate the exquisite, ethereal, trickster power of Neptune.

Let’s face it. Visionary Neptune’s power is not always “idealistic.” In fact, Neptune can, and does, entertain, entertrain, wave magic wands into shifting, illusory “new age” utopias or drug- or alcohol- or consumer-addled addictions in vain attempts to soften or escape the blows of hard-edged “reality.”

So yes, Neptune is not always “spiritual.” Neptune can also be “weird,” subtly deceptive and seductive, especially when we try to centralize or order or command a certain (Neptunian) field to be created or controlled “from above,” say globally from CentCom in the U.S. Military Empire. In that case, we might discover that our good-faith global meditations are actually being used to gradually fuse us into a “oneness” that operates as a hive mind rather than as a vibrant, creative field where every highly individualized being (human and non-human) counts as of equal value. Indeed, given the unusual agency of Neptune during its Pisces years, this is where we could just slide on into Agenda 21, without even knowing it!

Let’s not. Let’s keep focusing locally. That way we stay in touch with what’s happening in our own “field,” and, given the way we’re experiencing both the sharing economy and open-source networking, we can be assured that others around the world are doing the very same thing in their own local neighborhoods. Not because anybody commanded it. Because it’s the next evolutionary step that shows itself as obvious when we personally and interpersonally integrate our seemingly interlocking and impossibly difficult concerns about the unraveling planetary emergency and, working cooperatively and with sheer unbounded delight! — spin them into a creative way through.

Stay bottom up; don’t even think about letting any top-down “solution” smear us all into a fake oneness that can then be commanded in any way “they” please.

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  1. barbk says:

    Hmmm, this really does sound like (U.S. progressed) Borasisi! Bokononism, the religion that pacified the natives in Cat’s Cradle (which had a Sun called Borasisi) achieved the same end as Invincible Defense Technology aims to do. Your mention of “commanding” a certain field to be “created and controlled” sounds awfully like a Saturnian idea and when Saturn made his conjunction with Neptune (in the degree where Pluto transits today) it was only 3 degrees behind the Moon at 14+ Capricorn who was square the U.S. Sibly Saturn at 14+ Libra (and opposite the U.S. Sun at 13+ Cancer). If the Moon can be a symbol of “the People” then it would be natural for Saturn to consider Neptunian means to pacify those people. A key word for Saturn is “use”, but as you pointed out, trying to “use” Neptune can be a mistake.

    Earlier, I neglected to mention that in the chart (3/3/89) for the Saturn-Neptune conjunction, the centaur Pholus was at 8+ Gemini and squared the nodes; the south being at 4+ Virgo and the north being at 4+ Pisces and conjunct Venus at 4+ Pisces. An expected result from the cycle of Saturn and Neptune then could be reaching a turning point or cross-road point (due to Pholus being in the north bending of the nodes), with Venus (values, love) making the north Pisces node the more attractive choice. The presently transiting Neptune will station direct at 4+ Pisces next month after the election in the U.S.

    This leads me to feel that after that election, when transiting Neptune triggers the Neptune-Saturn chart’s nodes something that starts out small could lead to something out of control (Pholus in the cross-hairs). Add to that the Pholus of the Neptune-Saturn chart is in the same degree as the U.S natal Uranus, 8+ Gemini (and also where Neptune and Pluto made their last conjunction). Yes indeed, never underestimate the “exquisite, ethereal, trickster” power of Neptune. Thanks so much for sharing this news.

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