NEPTUNE’S DAY: Climate Change? False Flags? Where are we? What’s real? Better yet, WHAT MATTERS?

NASA image

NASA image

Today is the day that Neptune turns to go from retrograde to direct motion (this happens about once a year). Neptune, the planet of unconditional love, atmospherics, confusion, delusion, spirituality, visions, addictions, pretense, imagination, appearances — all the stuff that dreams are made of, some of them nightmarish. As we, who live here on Earth, discover.

When a planet to turns to go direct it appears to sit there, motionless, in the heavens, radiating its energy more strongly than usual for that day, and a few days prior and afterwards.

And, wouldn’t you know, Neptune at 7°01 Pisces is moving its subtly powerful formless energy towards the 90° square position with strict, form-giving Saturn at 6°02 Sagittarius. Neptune is less than one degree away, and will be exactly square Saturn on Thanksgiving Day! The woozy planet meets up with the policeman, who orders her to “walk a straight line.” Impossible! Neptune will always escape or dissolve even our most regulated rules, control systems, “new world orders”.

Of course I’m unclear why, but on this Neptunian day I need to yoke together two subjects usually not viewed in one frame: climate change and false flags.


Regarding climate change, there seems to be a complete disconnect between those who “believe” in global warming (or weirding) and those who do not. And I notice that, on this subject there are many in both “camps” who are reasonable, astute people who bring an array of “reasons” to “justify” their “belief,” pro or con. It’s hard to hold both camps in mind and yet this is what I, we, must do. We must learn how to spread our minds out wide to encompass all possibilities that appear now and in the future. Because of course many more possibilities will appear. Hold them, too!

If you want an even larger possible point of view, check this out (I could do without the “ominous” music):

One wonders: what if delegates at the upcoming 2015 UN Climate Change Conference in Paris watched this or a similar video? What would happen to the participants? Would they still insist that filthy human industry is the main driver of climate change? (Yes, of course! — say some of those who don’t believe in climate change: because they want to get their carbon cap ‘n trade taxes to fund their New World Order!!!!)


The whole question of “false flag” events, however, doesn’t seem so equally weighted in both directions. Rather, there’s a clear dichotomy, but with an evolutionary progression from one to the other. Here, the world is composed of those (still in the majority) who are still asleep and the others, us, who are awake! Sleeping people still “believe” in controlled mainstream media and the rest of us do not. Among those who do not, we (and this WE is expanding daily) put forth a number of possibilities for each event that MSM “news” hypes and that we have deemed (almost immediately these days) a “false flag.” We in the alternative media gather info, theories, open-source all of it, sometimes we even call it that. See, for example the latest corbettreport.

The Paris Terror Attacks: An OpenSource Investigation

In the case of what we call “false flags,” there’s the “veiled” reality and there’s the actual reality behind the veil. The veil is relatively easy to poke through, and to even dismiss with a laugh. (What? Yet another miraculously found passport that points to the desired nationality??!) The reality on the other side is, however, as we discover when we start poking around, a yawning rabbit hole that collapses into other yawning rabbit holes, on and on, all of them tending in the direction of trying like hell to answer one question: “Who controls this planet?” God? The Devil? Ghosts? Off-worlders? Illuminati? Archons? Other bad guys?”

Does it matter? WHAT MATTERS?

Well, we say, these false flags do, because if they are such, then we’re being snookered. And we’re pissed! Furious! We ask, incessantly, who does them, how and why?

But then, if we’re really really really awake, we begin to realize that each time we ask these questions, we are already too late. We’ve just spent our wild and precious time analyzing in detail the perfidious acts of those who we would not wish to emulate rather than showing them and everyone else another way altogether. In other words, “they” are history’s actors, while we are reduced to “studying them,” each time poring over what just happened rather than being ourselves agents of history.

Do I exaggerate? I think not. Here’s a quote from a new book on Kissinger:

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 10.09.53 AM


What I take away from the above quote is the following:

Live my life. Create a transformed reality in contrast to the chaotic violent one they are trying to foist on us, capture us with; don’t get triggered by anything. Instead, LOVE. And of course, do permaculture! On every level, local, decentralized, encouraging wild abundance and interconnectivity of species — plant, animal, human, planetary, cosmic! For that, folks, is the beautiful direction we need to sail clear of the astounding mess we humans have gotten ourselves into — or been gotten into by others: which? I have no idea.

Bernie Suarez has a great article up that summarizes what’s happening worldwide.

Is ISIS Now the Lifeline of the New World Order?

His article also includes three steps needed to not get triggered by continuing false flag and murderous campaigns designed to terrorize us into accepting their silly, impossible New World Order. He concludes:

The final goal should be to become so immune to mainstream media lies that the next time you hear of a new false flag attack you will no longer react to them at all. Our goal is to find that mental place where mainstream media lies can’t penetrate, leaving you completely unaffected. Once you truly reconcile this mindset you can then help others truly awaken to this new level of human awakening and almost divine power. Complete insensitivity to mainstream media is a worst-case scenario for the controllers. So, if you have arrived at this level, realize that you are the embodiment of the solution. Now share this information with the world.

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